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Shastakine chapter 88 . 10/30
As a former WoW player and warrior, I would like to go on record and say I LOVE this. I am actually LOLing in my living room.
kiddy.t.wolf chapter 104 . 10/29
This was soo awesome! I hope you're still taking promos?! :3 could you do another one of male model Zoro but he suddenly looses his drive to give the absolute best photos and Sanji helps him get it back?! D
Guest chapter 104 . 10/21
Swordporn holy shit
killtrafalgarlaw chapter 54 . 10/21
awwwwwww god this one was my favorite!
darkdragonalucard chapter 104 . 10/21
I wonder if sanji is ever in his mouth like wado and how does he feel about that. Do he secretly like zoro and is that why he was feeling himself up at the end there?
AnyMoreBrightIdeasGenius chapter 104 . 10/21
This is now officially one of my favorite prompt drabbles. Hands down the best. Sanji being a sword and getting jealous of Sandai Kitetsu and Zoro and Sanji pushing each other in battle like if Sanji is human, oooooh this is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing your writing! Love Love LOVE it!
sweetkakes35 chapter 104 . 10/21
Seriously. Jow do you come up with such interesting ideas? Sanji's so awesome, even as a mostly inanimate object :)
Gilje chapter 104 . 10/21
Woooow I give 20 out of ten for this one, I love it!
zosanlaw chapter 12 . 10/21
Zoro runs XD
bakayaro onna chapter 104 . 10/21
Sanji as a pissy yet deadly katana? PRICELESS! You are amazing, unda!
zosanlaw chapter 5 . 10/21
Oh God... Kawai nee! XD
krito1389 chapter 104 . 10/21
This one is amazing really!
The idea of Sanji as Zoro's blade is wow. They would be instopable together...Zoro would totally kick Mihawks ass.
Damon you! Because now I need a fic where Sanji is cursed and turned into a blade and only able to change back and remove the curse by finding the right person which is Zoro by the way and romance! I can totally picture Zoro falling for his sword now imagine it when Sanji changes back to human and cook of their crew
stellar2011 chapter 95 . 10/7
please make a sequel?
HollyWoodFix chapter 1 . 9/24
This was the cutest drabble ever! And hot damn there is 102 more to read! If they are all as cute as this I don't think I'll make it out of here alive XD
LSP chapter 103 . 9/24
Hey, I just started reading this fic and I have to say you are a talented writer, I was wondering if you could also do a romeo and juliet take on zosan, where zoro is romeo and sanji is juliet, I know its weird but I'm a sucker for forbidden love, so if you could do that I would appreciate it : )
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