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Doggyband chapter 110 . 3/17
This literally drove like three knives into my heart and twisted. My chest legit hurts. Why.
Please, give Sanji a happy ending. He does not deserves this ;-;
~from a heartbroken little fan~
FFFG chapter 110 . 3/16
"You're so hot you changed my sexuality" is, I feel, the feeling surrounding Sanji and Zoro at all times. Excellent update! Stupidly hot Zoro, pining Sanji, what more could a girl ask for? KTN
Ashlielle chapter 110 . 3/16
Awwww Sanjiiiiii nooooooo ;-; THAT'S SO SAD! Nami is a turd!
Also I wonder if Robin actually won a bet. And what it was? It's probably really obvious and I just can't tell -.-' lol
*hands you a cookie* Thank you for this chapter! T-T Even though it's so sad, poor Snooji. I can't wait until next time! Good luck with your writing!
Fridoline chapter 110 . 3/16
aaah no this was beautiful but also heartbreaking ;_;
please I need a continuation of this chapter
stream hesitates chapter 110 . 3/16
Oh gosh that hurt, my heart aches for Sanji.. But beautiful and true and just uuughhh. Would you consider writing a sequel short chapter to this one day? Either what happens next, a few days later. Or the same thing but in Zoro's POV? thinking about Sanji? Sorry! These are just ideas This is great as is and def doesn't need to be elaborated on! I always enjoy your writing and everything you write! Thank you for sharing! Such a pleasure to read :,)
Guest chapter 110 . 3/15
I really love this one.
Could you make an other chapter out of it?
Vince chapter 110 . 3/15
Wheres the rest of it? D: sanji needs a happy ending and so does my heart lol
zosanlaw chapter 110 . 3/15
That hurt so much. *cries* I hope Zoro doesn't bring Bonney back home, he is not the type to do that, right? Maybe drop Bonney back at her place? Oh! What if he drunk texts Zoro? Omg. I hate Nami and Ro for doing this to him... He'd have faced the feelings when he was ready, I'm sure.

Beautiful writing, as usual. So happy that you updated the beginnings of a new mini series... Tho the absence of tbc scares me. Are you going to leave us hanging? Thank you for the hardwork!
Kakashi's Library chapter 110 . 3/15
Omg please make a part 2 for Suits! This was so heartbreaking for Sanji but I can't help but love Nami and Robin for making him go through this and coming to terms with his feelings.
Thank you so much for this update and I can't wait to read more from you!
SunnyDe chapter 110 . 3/15
This is so real. I understand this situation completely and I'm glad it ended on somber note. It feels more realistic. I loved it.
Guest chapter 73 . 2/8
I just reread chapter 73: "sic"
And i totaly love it!
It is just so heartwarming and endearing and cute and ...
Well you get my point so I thought like could you maybe if you have the time and the fun to do that (between all your other awsome fanfictions) than could you maybe write human zoro with sanji as a dog?
Guest chapter 101 . 2/8
Ur fics are amazing! First one I saw was fluency and I got hooked pretty much instantly XD just found this today and omg I never knew it was just a short Drabble sort until now haha but please update often the suspense on these drabbles is killin me
shittygomu chapter 109 . 2/6
"Wow I can't believe I'm so incredibly attracted to this man. Too bad I'm straight." - Sanji PLEASE
Ashlielle chapter 109 . 1/31
So... Is this the last one? XD Go home Sanji, you're drunk. *throws a cookie at Sanji's face*
I love it though omgggg :D Thank you so much for writing these! They're awesome!
*hands you a cookie* :3 :) Is the third place loser thing about the whole thing with his siblings...? Poor Snooji though I just wanna hug him and give him cookies D:
Thank you again! :D Good luck with your writing! And I can't wait until next time!
Guest chapter 109 . 1/31
I love your imagination.
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