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the accidental horcrux chapter 17 . 8/20
hdjsjdn thank you for this masterpiece
Tempest's Rain chapter 15 . 7/7
Well that was definitely interesting. So, I hope the memory or soul separation won't remain an issue for long. I love the family that Gabriel's built. I love your version of Loki and I'm extremely glad that he is with them now. Steve and Tony's bond is also quite beautiful. I also assume that Tony will be able to save Bucky when the time comes.
WatUCWatIC chapter 1 . 5/21
Im not sure that ive ever read this story on ffnet before. I dont really comment or do anything but give kudos on ao3. I would just like to mention that ive been a fan of this series for years, and that its what started me watching supernatural (though, even wo prior knowledge of the show, its written very well). Its a fantastic story, and its probably shaped a lot of what i headcanon in the avengers (its all in the mind has also done this for me). Ive read somewhere that official comic books are really just fanfiction written by professional. This, i believe, is what my preferred comic books are generally like. Love the story
YeTianshi chapter 10 . 5/14
It wasn't the death of the kids that got to most of us I think, it was the experience you put them through. I mean, they were basically tortured, with the mentality of a 6 year old, that's really scarring.
YeTianshi chapter 9 . 5/14
Yeah... I'd understand why you're in your bunker... Fuck... That was a cruel thing to write. I was really attached to those kids, how could you let them experience that. Jesus this isn't even real and I felt sick to my stomach when I read what happened...
I guess that's props to you as a writer, to be able to invoke such emotions in the reader but still... that was cruel T_T
Flenwa chapter 5 . 4/30
This reminded me of something I saw online, if you can live forever but have your first purpose in the world taken away, would you? Such as if you were to die, and your death would inspire millions and eventually because of your death someone would find a cure to cancer and other diseases. But if you could, you could live forever but your existence is null.
Tony/Gabriel kinda has that problem now but, you took his character perfectly and reflected it back to how he actually was. This feels like it's canon. While most would give up and slum off, their purpose gone. Tony/Gabriel basically decided if his first purpose is gone he'll make a second one and help people.
That's why I love these stories, (another was Gabriel was human, Harry Potter, but he remembered everything) angels when made human become more moral. I'm sure if Lucifer and Michael were forced into human bodies and no memories until they regain their powers later it would make them realize how amazing and truly spectacular humans are.
Anyway, I really like this story and how even if you aren't purposefully trying you're making a world that is amazing.
Thanks for the story!
EternalRestOfPerpetualMotion chapter 15 . 3/28
Well fuck. First of all, i fully acknowledge that all of my grief from reading this fic is entirely self imposed. I, on my own free will, decided to read it till the very end, even though I could have dropped it around chapter 4, when implications of the "fusion" disclaimer hit me in its fullest. And i definitely should have bailed out at chapter 8, when it suddenly got very dark and very weird. I mean there is serial killer rampaging through what basically is Tony\Gabriel backyard and he was just sitting on his ass doing nothing - whats up with that? I kinda understand why he couldn't just arbitrarily end all of the humanity suffering, but when it something that right under your nose, what kind of monster you have to be in order to just ignore it? I get it that he is Archangel, being incomprehensible and alien to humans and our morals, but it was told to us that his stint as Tony changed him "for the better", and so i have to wonder - wtf?
All in all in the beginning it was shaping up to be somewhat light, humorous, "slice of life" kind of story story, about ridiculously powerful celestial being, who just had his life-changing moment and then suddenly found himself in the midst of very strange situation. He is Tony Stark(genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist), sudden father of 4 children and consequentially a blasphemer, then he came to be an Iron Man and "consultant" for Avengers initiative, and in the same time he is Archangel Gabriel, Messenger of God, one of the oldest and most powerful beings in existence, he probably seen and done some very heavy shit. And he needs to balance it out, without outright reviling to the world who he is. It could have been hilarious. But instead we got ourselves "something completely different" and far less enjoyable. And sequels seems to be even worse than this. From the looks of it, they just ridden with angst, in the worst possible way, where suffering is employed just for the sake of suffering. IMO if this series had continued in the vein of funny, light-hearted storytelling, with occasional "hello" from Gabriel dad in form of people from his original creation, just to spice things up a little bit, it would have been much more enjoyable reading experience.
Not a fan of slash-y stuff in my fiction without prior warnings and you got dangerously close here.
Regna of the forest chapter 15 . 3/15
always love re-reading this story 3 3
RPG247 chapter 17 . 2/22
When I first came across this story a while back, and bookmarked it for future reading, and... I'm incredibly disappointed. ¶

I found it, and read what there was at the time, and it read as a simple humor/character-insertion/slice-of-life fic. It changes abruptly, and I don't think the story earns the tone shift or all the character changes. ¶

I guess it's a competent Supernatural fic in that sense: it makes the same mistakes Supernatural made after the first few seasons. Characters change behavior on vague motivations, else we're told that they've changed somehow, but often without meaningful introspection. Stakes ramp and plunge abruptly. Awkward pauses between story-important parts drag on a little too long. ¶

On top of that, it looks like there is a weird pseudo-romance between Steve and Tony that I was both not warned of when I first found this story, and also significantly bothered by. I get there's an inversion of characters that are usually self-tormenting loners, but I once again don't feel the change was earned. If you start from an interaction that is out of character without first clearly outlining the changes to the characters, any OoC development feels forced, and I personally have trouble accepting it. ¶

I guess I just feel swindled. This was plot oriented, and even had a climax (anticlimactic as I found it), but started out with multiple chapters leading the other way. This had some sort of romance, but Tony/Gabriel was set up as the all-loving, distanced benefactor. This seemed like it would be lighthearted, but abruptly had dark moments and character deaths. There was also "subtle" commentary that veered near SJW territory, but was not well integrated (which I think negatively affects the impact of said commmentary). ¶

As for something that will probably affect my readership more than most of this fanbase, I have been turned off of this series thanks to the knowledge of a future recurring OC. If I've understood that announcement correctly, then I am thankful for warning me before I stumble another bait-and-switch. If not, I'll probably take a look anyway just to be sure. It's just one of those things that doesn't fit my personal tastes.
yukio00 chapter 14 . 1/16
I'm a crying mess right here.. TT q TT
rachel.weck.5 chapter 17 . 12/28/2016
I enjoyed the story but because of the way the site has your stories i am not sure what order, or just to make sure i see them all, the other titles for this series. Its well written and i think i would like them. If possible can you pm me the titls? If not thankyou anyway (for writing)
Caticature chapter 6 . 11/16/2016
Jarvis. The sass master.
Ireland Scott of BROH chapter 1 . 11/11/2016
sierra.steinbrecher chapter 3 . 11/10/2016
I'm just waiting for you to bring back Sam as Bruce. Seriously, doesn't that fit his character? They can be science buddies! But I just love what you did with the 'bots. Every time I read something about them, I burst into giggles at the sheer amount of cuteness and love floating around. Soooooooo adorable!
Satan Pellegrino chapter 16 . 10/30/2016
I have just finished this fanfic and saw that you have so many sequels, and all I can say is this: I wish I started this sooner in my four-day weekend.

Your story is unique, and it is so expertly written; then you drop the bomb that you've barely watched any Supernatural up to this point except the main Gabriel episodes (which is smart, good thinking).


I mean, I understand that you had Supernatural Wiki, and any fanfiction that can help you piece together what happens (like I have, considering I'm on season 6 and understood all of your references to future seasons), but come ON! You have to be freaking magical. You weren't even halfway through the Supernatural storyline when it came to the show but you had me looking at everything suspiciously for leviathans, I was so terrified.

You sounded so WELL-INFORMED, I never in a MILLION YEARS expected it. I mean, how old are you? I wouldn't be surprised if you were a young bright mind creating a masterpiece here!

I'm telling you, I have never made a review like this, ever. I give feedback all the time, I've been on here for a couple of years and I've read so many Avengers fanfics it's UNREAL.

But this? I'm BLOWN AWAY. You are such a good author! You update regularly, from what I can tell, and you have many stories that you've written that I don't doubt are of the same quality of this one. You are literally everything I would want to be as an author.

With this, you have me hooked. I will continue to devour 'The Last Arch Angel' until I have finished my hunger for it. I found you through your, 'The Winged Soul', and I salute you through this series. I am eager to read the many sequels and any other works of yours that I can find.

- Dean's Trench Coat Angel
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