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SakiHanajima1 chapter 94 . 4/24
I am not sure I like how much this deviated from the actually events of the show...
SakiHanajima1 chapter 86 . 4/24
Oh, hot damn. You actually redeemed yourself a bit. Now I snooped to see if there was a sequel to this and I see that there is so! If they get married once dean gets back from hell. I’ll actually change my mind about this story.
Only if!
SakiHanajima1 chapter 79 . 4/24
Oh you poor baby. You’re whole life built on lies!
Maybe you should STOP TELLING LIES ALL THE DAMN TIME AND MAYBE YOU WOULDN’T be on the receiving end!

like seriously. All the lies floating in this is making me sick. One thing Dean thrives on is TRUTH AND TRUST! Not lies, that seem to come pouring from her damn mouth every 5 seconds.

I really don’t like your character.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 77 . 4/24
Can she please stop LYING! My god!
SakiHanajima1 chapter 71 . 4/24
And now we have a bitchy, PMSing, immature, little girl. These stupid stuck up emotions you keep having your OC do is getting old! Like really, really, annoyingly old!

I seriously don’t know if I can continue reading this childish emotional BS.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 64 . 4/24
You know, if I was reading this whilst you were writing it. I’d say you had no idea where you were goin with your OC. She’s all over the place and so is the jumpin around and cutting to different people and scenes and everything else. It’s becoming a headache to read. I’d suggest going back and editing all this to make it more clear.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 62 . 4/24
Omg she’s a nephilim isn’t she? Yet, she has no abilities of one. Have you thought her through all the way?
SakiHanajima1 chapter 60 . 4/24
You know. With the whole “I have a year to live.” It would be better for the two TO FINALLY QUIT THE BULLSHIT AND GET TOGETHER! I have 37 chapters left. I seriously freaking hope that happens and the bullshit stops.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 51 . 4/23
Definitely an angel. Yupp. Most definitely.
Ooohhhh! Which angel I wonder
SakiHanajima1 chapter 50 . 4/23
What the hell?
My first thought was either Demon or Angel.
Whiiichhhh I’m going to assume is her REAL daddy.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 44 . 4/23
I really hope the more I read the less melodrama I’m going to read with our lovely OC and Dean. I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around them saying they love each other and then go back to screwing everything that walks near them that isn’t each other. It makes wanting them together as a couple so much less appealing. I really hope all that crap gets better as I read.
SakiHanajima1 chapter 35 . 4/23
Oohhhhh. I would have done more than just punched him the eye. Knee to the groin would be a follow up!
Bad dean!

I bet he did that on purpose. Stupid Winchester
SakiHanajima1 chapter 29 . 4/23
The thing I hate about some of this. The whole I’m-A-To FB-Girl and I-show-no-damn-emotions. It doesn’t kill to actually have someone be a little bit of a chick flick. Not a hard ass that acts like a guy with the emotional range of a teaspoon.
ButterflyAlley chapter 1 . 11/27/2017
so, no joke I just read The first two stories in a week. I am so so In love with Charlotte. she is perfect for Dean and I love her incredible personality.

Im going to go review the other stories now, but I didn't think you were still active on here so I didn't bother to review as I read!
Guest chapter 8 . 11/7/2017
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