Reviews for A Sacrificial Vow
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 29 . 4/16
They are soo cute.
The way you write it makes me able to imagine everything.
Pretty much down to the very last detail.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 28 . 4/16
Hermione will now be able to be with Severus even in school!
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 27 . 4/16
What kind of look did Snape shoot Hermione?
An annoyed look?
Or something else?
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 26 . 4/16
Hermione care more of Severus than her own "parents"!
Because she thought of him as she fell asleep.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 25 . 4/16
I hate it when people don't notice the others feelings.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 24 . 4/13
Will Hermione remember the contraption charm?
Or is it in the form of a potion?
hatebelow chapter 30 . 4/13
Hermione is so caring with Snape. She always knows the right thing to say. Looking forward to an update.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 23 . 4/11
I've never read Sherlock Holmes,
But I plan to.
After I finish my other books.
You see, I have a book list that I am trying to read through.
And there's a lot of books on there.
Might take awhile...
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 22 . 4/11
Just tell her!
All you need to say is the L-word.
It's not that hard!
Or is it...
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 21 . 4/11
Then in the morning they will wake up in each other's arms.
Also Snape a Chemistry teacher?
I know it's the excuse for a potions teacher,
But you could have at least said, Science teacher.
Is there even such thing as a Chemistry teacher?
I've never heard of such thing.
(This was a message to Snape, not you keelhaul-rose)
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 20 . 4/11
It must have been boring.
Staying in a cabin like that.
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 19 . 4/9
Why is she crying?
Is it because of Severus or Ron and Harry?
Guest chapter 17 . 4/6
Draco isn't that bad...
callalily32 chapter 1 . 4/8
I so enjoyed this first chapter! You've done an excellent job! But i'm scared because I see that this hasn't been updated in a year! Do you think you'll pick it up again or am I bound for a cliffhanger? ;)
Owl-Girl-0072 chapter 16 . 4/5
But what if you don't lose her?
What if she doesn't go?
Ever thought about that?
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