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davycrockett100 chapter 33 . 1/26
foureyesfreak27 chapter 32 . 1/18
I love this version of GS. Keep up the awesome work!
JumpingToaster chapter 32 . 1/16
Good story that I like. Though I am mildly bothered the whole KiraXCagalli thing since that means Kira will likely not have a romantic relationship with anyone (unless there is a sequel to this and he hooks up with someone). Still, this pairing does show the close bond developing between two people and that is always welcome.
Starfreak chapter 32 . 1/12
My question is do the Eurasians have Dagger-types (Strike, 105, Duel, Gunbarrel, Buster, Long) or just Cosmograspers and Moebius units in addition to the Gundam? I assume that they probably do have Mass Produced MS due to the fact they have a Gundam-type unit.
Just a Crazy-Man chapter 32 . 1/13
Very nice and very logical. Still worse case we have the reserve 8th Fleet and Deadalus to fall back just encase...still the Eurasians likely restored Artemis already as its still a good position plus beats having to rely on the Alliance for too long so no worry there as their 1st Fleet standing watch with their reserve space forces not that they at war with the Alliance over Alaska its vital they defend their last stronghold in space.

Still a resistance group in the Alliance could try to steal the Dominion out of dry dock.
edboy4926 chapter 32 . 1/13
Good chapter.
By the way, in your opinion, if you were to stop ZAFT from stealing one of the original four G-Weapons, which one would you choose? I would choose the Blitz because in the long run, having the Blitz gave ZAFT the stealth tech, which lead to the construction of GENESIS without nobody noticing it.
By the way, Lord Edric's nuke idea sounds good.
davycrockett100 chapter 32 . 1/12
mfmxxx chapter 16 . 1/12
I take it Cagalli will be more protective of anyone who disdains his coordinator side from now on?
northernlion196 chapter 32 . 1/12
Poor Cags, but at least things would go a bit more smoothly in space. Probably anyways!

Looks like Yzak is going to join the good guy side quite quickly, though hes stuck between a rock and a hard place. Interesting to see how the much larger clyne faction will do things (holy crap, so Aisha is a friggin Gundam pilot? this is probably the first time I have seen that!)

Also hmm the Hyperion? Is that Canard? I wonder if he knows his "brother" is going to be right next to him soon and whether or not hes gonna kill/attempt to kill kira.
StrawHatLuffy94 chapter 32 . 1/12
Hm...if Canard is the pilot of the Hyperion, I do wonder how he'll take Kira.
Kurama's Foxy Rose chapter 32 . 1/12
I like that you're putting Yzak on the Eternal; in no time at the SEED series do all the five Gundam pilots ever truly fight on the same side. This is the first time in any fic I've seen all five fight for ORB.
Deathzealot chapter 32 . 1/12
Looks like the Butterflies are really starting to spread out. A larger ZAFT Moderate Faction/Clyne Faction, a larger TSA as well. Not to mention the TSA not heading for Mendel. Well that is quite rare for I don't think anyone else have them heading anywhere but Mendel during this point of the story.

I am kind of disappointed that you didn't have the Ortigia be the lead ship of the Eurasian Moderate Faction shown in this chapter. Though with the appearance of the Hyperion this ship still maybe the same just renamed. Also I would like to point out that Artemis was never really destroyed for it appears later on in the Astray Manga it was only heavily damaged from the ZAFT attack.

That said I do apoglize for not reviewing the past few chapters but my review bottom wasn't really working for a bit. Now that I can review I shall see about reviewing more often. Till the next chapter.
FraserMage chapter 32 . 1/12
Eh, from the Astray X manga, the Eurasians were still operating out of Artemis, even after Nicol, Dearka and Yzak wrecked the place. Actually, even after another battle shortly there after with the Red and Blue Frame Astrays. Canard and his Hyperion Gundam were based out of Artemis until he went rogue.

Apart from that... Testament? ZGMF-X12A Testament? Thats the one fitted out to accept Striker Packs IIRC.
thunder18 chapter 32 . 1/11
Great chapter Update soon
Infinite Freedom chapter 32 . 1/11
Is the pilot of the Hyperion who I think it is?
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