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Guest chapter 82 . 22h
Update soon
Aesa chapter 82 . 23h
Love this story BTW. I think that since you have mentioned the punishment, many of us are curious about what happened and how it contributed to their relationship. Just because the punishment may come across as harder bdsm that doesn't mean severus has to take pleasure in it (as you says he's not a sadist) and if you were to stress the aftercare I think it could definitely expand their relationship. I'd love to see more about Harry's point of view after getting sick. Think giving this background will just better showcase a caretaker Dom
Beth9891 chapter 82 . 5/3
Either in my opinion. I think that it could add to the story, but then again I don't think the story necessarily needs it either. More so then the pynishment i think the interest lies in seeing more of harry\sevs relationship early on. Whether that includes his punishment is your discretion :-) Great chapter, will this cleansing ritual rid harry of his horcrux?
Guest chapter 82 . 5/3
Cleansing rite no punishing I like it as it is now

Guest chapter 82 . 5/2
Mw chapter 82 . 5/2
not really interested in seeing the punishment, vague reference maybe but I'm more interested in the plot moving. Love all your writings by the way!
rowenasheir chapter 82 . 5/2
Sounds great. BDSM is so wide... each reationshi is different as people and their needs are different. I love thid story. SS is a great Dom.
Guest chapter 82 . 5/1
Merlenyn chapter 82 . 5/1
Hmm, don't think we need to see the punishment, but if you are inspired to write it, go ahead! Otherwise I say move on to them visiting with Filius and asking about a cleansing ritual... perhaps bring him in on the secret as to why as well? I'm really hoping that's the only reason Harry's on the list. Again since he hasn't seemed to suffer any visions or pain in his scar, I wouldn't think him to be a horcrux. Just... riddled with the residue of HIS magic, like Sev still is, just because the Mark is gone doesn't mean the residue of that yucky magic is also gone. :) Besides, I like Filius and think he should be more involved perhaps? XD

I love that he went running to Minerva about it though and then let her go with him to test his theory... :) woo! Hopefully it'll be over soon so Harry and Severus can go on their vacation! :)
Guest chapter 82 . 5/1
Guest chapter 82 . 5/1
Contine story no punishment will horcrux be their?
Rabunga chapter 82 . 5/1
I love your Fics where harry is so not the weepy goody character he usually is...his out of the box thinking just might win them the war...glad to see new chapters now that "a new place to stay" is all over!

I don't think we need to see when he was punished, you are at such a momentous point now that the readers want to know what happens next, not the slowdowns of the flashback. We can all appreciate how stern Snape is, and he has been strongly characterised in his Dom role, I don't think adding this would flesh anything out if that makes sense? I only added this cause you asked for an opinion :)
Fiction Ghost Writer chapter 82 . 5/1
I would like to see the first time Severus punished Harry.

I'm also very interested to see if that cleansing ritual will work on Harry!
Snow Leopard Pasha chapter 82 . 4/30
First, most of the so-called hardcore BDSM stories on FFN (or other sites) present a false view of BDSM in the first place because the authors watched something like '50 Shades of Black' and figured they knew what the Lifestyle was, so most such stories are nothing but abuses and aren't BDSM at all. Don't base what you write on the cheap crap written by people who have no clue what they're talking about, thanks.

Second, it's your story with your characters, so it's entirely up to you how hardcore you make it, but it wouldn't be out of place to show one serious punishment, just to get across how important to both of them the incident was. A Dom who's doing right by his sub would punish said sub for endangering his/her own life to impress upon the sub how valuable their life is-and that's no small thing.
Makurayami Ookami chapter 82 . 4/30
I think it would be a good idea to see how sev responded to harry putting himself in danger. it would show truly how much sev cared for him even at the start of their relationship.
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