Reviews for Willing
toniaosakwe chapter 47 . 11h
it's the sub that usually choose a safe word
Noxaura Cille chapter 9 . 9/23
I know what he's planning. ~Nox
kittyranma chapter 94 . 9/9
Yes Genny getting it. Doing the happy dance, now if only Granger would get one.
tearsofbreaks chapter 102 . 9/2
Ron is 17. what is going to do with his life?
kittyranma chapter 76 . 9/1
God I'd love to see several people in this get spanked. Sirius and Hermione the most Molly and Ginny. Hopefully Remus will get fed up with it and turn Sirius over his knee at a future meeting. Preferably in front of Severus and Harry. It would be great if Arthur would step up to the plate and spank Molly and Ginny as well. Minerva should spank Hermione in her detention.
charm13insomnia chapter 79 . 8/31
did you know that Sirius has had Harry's powers explained to he three times now
staar chapter 102 . 8/28
yes well I was going crazy and read this again ...can't wait for an update !Please :):):)
kitty-gurl1 chapter 102 . 8/27
absolutely loving this one too!
WinterWind14 chapter 102 . 8/23
A great chapter, I really liked the closeness between Harry and Severus. I think Harry should just be blunt and scare Slughorn away, yet it may be more realistic if Slughorn can, somewhat, interact with Harry. I'd also like to see Harry teaching, I know you said Minerva was still looking for a wandless magic teacher. Can't wait to read your next update!
Makurayami Ookami chapter 102 . 8/21
This was good. I love how he makes minerva second guess things
Ieahleen chapter 101 . 8/18
"Come posso aiutarti?" - "Come posso aiutarvi?
"Hai libri su Warding in inglese per favore?" - Ha libri su incantesimi protettivi in inglese?
Sì, sì, qui vedi - Sì, certo, ecco qui,
tre per otto galleone, - Vengono tre libri per otto galeoni
Dieci galleons por favore, - Sono dieci galeoni

I really like your story, just finished it in a couple of days. I think I started reading it a couple of years back because the first chapters were familiars.
I like how you constructed the relationship between those two, they are cute together, even if neither would like to be called cute.
Up there there are some possibilities of phrases more Italian than those you used, I like when author try to better represent the area in which their characters, but sometimes it's better to ask a native for advice. I know that in the phrases I left out some please or per favore but it's not used so much here.
Anyway, I'll keep following your story! If you have still a lot to tell probably it will become the longest I have ever read.
serenityselena chapter 102 . 8/17
nice chapter... the next one promises to be a very entertaining one...
eagerly awaiting for your next update :)
sjrodgers23 chapter 102 . 8/17
love that Harry and Severus had a great time away. thank you faster updates please
yukino76 chapter 102 . 8/17
the holidays are finish
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 102 . 8/17
I hope you show Slughorn the brutally blunt and honest Harry. Does Harry know Slughorn blew Severus off as unworthy of his time when Severus was a poor halfblood student? If so, he will tear Horace another one for the past mistreatment of his Dom.
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