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EmLights chapter 113 . 54m
Ahhh Kei is starting to discover feelings for Kakashi I'M SO EXCITEDDD
Guest chapter 113 . 2h
im also laughing oml
ive been gone for sooo long and i was too lazy to read eeeeverything all over again but man im sososo curious xD
Reader chapter 113 . 5h
I SHIP IT SO HARD keikashi,

anyways, I like her inner dialogue a lot and how she does have a tendency to over think everything
the cluelessness is hilarious
the kids are adorable
I loved itachi's character and how you account for the changes of Kei presence in regards to the uchiha's relationship to the rest of the village

great chapter
CrowFeathers chapter 113 . 6h
ERMAHGAWD you've been doing so many updates recently! Also oh god Kei darling this is just so cringeworthy XD Even Isobu is face palming
kellyshl chapter 113 . 5h
Adopt ~ adopt ~adopt ~ pls dun let Lee wear green!
skidney chapter 113 . 9h
Awesome chapter!
Eryn Goddess of Chaos chapter 113 . 11h
Oh Kei. Your obliviousness makes my heart hurt. You made up for it with all the cuteness involving the kids though. Shizune must be so confused, though I do wonder if she's heard that Kakashi's interested in Kei, not her. If she hasn't, this.. might present an interesting (and slightly hilarious) problem.
babypanda468 chapter 113 . 11h
Whoa hold Kei a bit JEALOUS that Kakashi might care for someone else? Is she starting to notice that she might have FEELINGS for him?! Kakashi needs to get his butt back to the village so he can clear up this confusion with Shizune! Also Isobu will never let her live these moments down, his comments are just perfect. Poor Itachi, even with all the changes to the plot his parents are still heavily influencing his decisions. He's 12 years old, who sends a child off into ANBU?
Musicfight23 chapter 113 . 12h
Kakashi bailed when he realized his crush thinks he has a crush on someone else XD. Poor guy. I think he should just plant one on her otherwise Kei may not get it. Thank you for the update! Good luck with the new school year. I say that because I am actually done with school. Forever. Or until my job makes me go back for some reason.
Shadowblayze chapter 113 . 12h

I could hear Isobu laughing his tails off in the background. Randomly burying half of his head- up to his eyeball- underwater while he laughs at his human's sheer obliviousness while simultaneously planning to use this whole parade of romantic fails against her for the rest of her life.

I wonder if Isobu ever goes down to the Family Plane and listens to Kurama rant about how annoying it is to listen to his jinchuriki's constant fixation with Isobu jinchuriki's potential love life.

Two avenues of amusement for the price of one! (So, Isbo might have resigned himself to Kakashi's existence, that doesn't mean he can't be salty about the whole Sharingan-control thing.)

Then the pig!

Then the kids! And some intrigue!

Awesome as always, wonderful author! (And Beta!)
BerserkMoon chapter 113 . 13h
C-could it be? After so many chapters, is Kei finally having some sort of realization about how she feels about Kakashi?
I wonder what's happening in the Uchiha clan that resulted in Itachi still being pressured to join anbu

Great chapter beta and Lang!
areualicene chapter 113 . 13h
Goodness, Kei is just too hilariously oblivious. This has gone beyond despair and impatience. I can only laugh histerically at this point. Poor Kakashi.

It is nice that you never seem to forget any of your OCs because they just keep popping up again when I do not expect them. At all. This way it is obvious that Kei has a life of her own, a world she belongs to now, people who are 'hers' so to speak.
Although Kei hangs onto her memories of her past life (because who wouldn't?), she has crafted an existence that is integrated into the system of the world and can no longer be considered 'a result of some glitches in the soul system'. She will always be different from the other people in that world because of her memories of another life. If she were to lose them, she would no longer be Kei. So I find it great that she remembers and has resolved to let go of her attachment but does not completely forget. To forget, in this case, would be like denying part of herself.
The way you have allowed her to develop has made her somebody unique. She is not simply someone who was apparently reborn into the Naruto universe and then proceeds to kind of mess everything up for the future's greater good, essentially an alien. And yes, I mean it because the whole concept of OCs is surreal. They don't belong, they are foreign, the very name of the various definitions of 'alien'.

On another note:
Dear Lang Noi,
You have now risen to the top of my list in regards to favourite authours in terms of update schedule and commitment to their story.
Yours sincerely,
dreaddragonknight chapter 113 . 14h
i'm honestly surprised no one has just come out and told Kei about Kakashi's crush on her, on the other hand i find this hilarious
Guest chapter 113 . 14h
Entertaining! Please continue writing!
Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory chapter 113 . 14h
i loved the chapter. poor confused KEI is jealous. shizune doesn't know what to say and can't believe kei doesn't get it. i think even the 3 tails isobu understands more than kei. LOL. y doesn't someone explain KEI that kakashi is in love with her? can't wait to read what happens next! UPDATE SOON!.
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