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Mortal Book Lover chapter 126 . 10/21
Love this story, thank you!
Carvaiine chapter 17 . 9/25
Sleep is very important for healing. You seemed fine without him awake, so leave Obito be.
TutuMega chapter 46 . 9/15
I cried.
DrunkenUnicorn chapter 17 . 8/13
When you have or might have a concussion, *sleep is not actually harmful*. It does not make the injury worse, or more dangerous, or slower to heal.

The only potential problem with letting someone sleep after a head injury is that all the major signs that there is serious damage are only obvious when someone is awake. Dizziness, disorientation, double vision, dilated eyes, etc. So someone can get a head injury, decline to seek medical care, go to bed, and no one notices when their condition gets worse. The key mistake in this case is failing to monitor the injury, not falling asleep. Modern medical advice is to let the person sleep, but wake them every few hours to check on them.

If you are literally in the hospital waiting for an evaluation there is no problem at all with taking a nap, and I would expect an apprentice medic like Rin to know this.
RandomR15 chapter 41 . 8/12
Just doing a bit of re-reading, when I noticed the foreshadowing that you put in the chapter title. Like how did we not catch that?! Granted you were so subtle about it.
Guest chapter 9 . 8/3
XSanityInQuestionX chapter 1 . 7/17
Normally one one of those lurkers who sits in the background. But no more shall I lurk. This is my fourth read through of Catch Your Breath, and as cliche as it sounds every time I open up the story I get this feeling of coming home. A little nugget of happiness when the world is upside down! And here's to many more read throughs in the future!
sofi.silva0404 chapter 126 . 7/13
I love what you have done from being inspired by DOS! You’ve done some really interesting things with the characters that I haven’t read before like Yamato being genderfluid and with Iruka, and Rin, and Obito and just everything! This is one of the best fanfics ive ever read and while this hasn’t been updated in years, i hope you’re still writing. You have a great talent
Guest chapter 55 . 7/1
itioministralis chapter 1 . 6/17
1. You still didn't even tell if the baby was a girl or a boy and who the romance target will be. I might be inclined to read a female MC fic, if the target is another female, but being a straight male it's hard to associate with a straight female.
2. I doubt even a "reincarnated" person would remember their childhood. Memories are just neurons connected in certain ways, to be honest, the whole thing with remembering one's past life is ridicilous and unrealistic, since you can't just do that, unless you literally transplant the whole fucking brain. But let's say you found a way to do replicate every connection. A child's brain is still a child's brain. It constantly changes and what was a memory a mere month ago would be forgotten the next. That's just how it works, if you want realism. All those neurons would be unaligned during the childhood development and you'd end up with some scrambled disentagled mess in the best case.
3. Fortunately, I read some comments before going to read this and was able to surmise that your protag (like every other idiot reincarnating/time travelling MC) tells that they're from the "future". Time doesn't work that way. Even if you rewinded the world back to some state, say 10 years into the past, didn't change absolutely anything (every single atom in their prior place), after just a month you'd start seeing changes all over the place. There's always some chaos when it comes to the natural laws, things are always in motion. After 10 years you won't even recognize anything. Some big things are bound to happen (like global warming, if it isn't Joe from the US driving their car and polluting the place, it will be Ivan from Russia), but small things will differ drastically more and more each second and pile up making a very different world. And that's even if you literally changed nothing. With the inclusion of something or someone that wasn't there, changes become even more unpredictable. No matter what was in one's future, their knowledge will mean nothing.
Dragonking871 chapter 1 . 6/7
is it a boy or a girl oc
NanamiHades chapter 126 . 6/3
Me encanta tu historia y los fanart que tienes en el blog, aparte amo la pareja de keixkakashi jaja si pudiera también habría estado con las apuestas jaja ja espero con ansias el siguiente capítulo. Y espero que Yuki sea la mejor rama familiar que los Gekkos jajaja
GreatT'Phon1of4 chapter 83 . 5/26
Yeah! Kill Danzo off screen like the character we love to hate. Top ten Danzo Must Die list easily!
ObservantMushroom chapter 126 . 5/18
It ended here, right in the middle of a new arc. Welp, I cant really complain. 126 Chapters, and I've managed to binge the entire thing in 3-4 days. Its been 2 years since the last update, so I'm guessing it's been dropped.

A fun read, will come back again someday
ObservantMushroom chapter 76 . 5/15
Discovered this Friday around 2 P.M. I's now Saturday, 4 in the morning and I need to stop here to sleep. This story is simply amazing, will continue once I wake up.
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