Reviews for Catch Your Breath
Aqui chapter 27 . 10/19
The seasons in the village is something I did wonder about. Hopefully we get to see Kei and her team do things related to the seasons later on. Regardless, I'm glad Kei keeps trying to unite her teammates and is connecting with Kakashi a bit more. The stone scene though... really does go to show some of the faults in the village.
Her brother's growth is something I hope will continue to be positive rather than negative. With the situation matching the other though maybe it's just my optimism.
Aqui chapter 26 . 10/19
Kei's return seems to be missing some relief from the tension she just went through, but at least she has people worrying about her. I'm glad that Rin and Yamaguchi still have her back even when she's off somewhere else. Too bad she can't learn more but this is the path she chose- To have strength to defeat others rather than try to save them when they were hurt.
Aqui chapter 25 . 10/19
Kei is accepted and accepts... ,sort of. A multiverse crossover though? This is pretty interesting. That makes the question of whether or not the world Kei is in is Kishimoto's or another parallel one/ I'm really wondering how this will all play out now, what is the fate these characters will carve out? Hmm?
Aqui chapter 24 . 10/19
Things are getting pretty serious now. Kei's trained responses are something, but as expected she can't keep it up after the fight. as usual tough, the first incursion happening over a trade agreement is typical for political moves. This shock is definitely something that will carry over for all of them. Now what will Kakashi do? Will he help? As for the other ninja/caravanners, those abilities are pretty amazing! As much as I like them though I hope there are less conflicts.
Aqui chapter 23 . 10/18
The fact that this person has to be told not to traumatize people really should have set off some red flags. Anyways, Kei's issues keep coming from her putting off and avoiding her problems. As much as she tries to get stronger it keeps looping back to her not sharing her burden and as such, still bearing an increasing weight on her own. I'm glad she opened up even a little bit to Obito, but at this rate I don't think she'll really share much with anyone and have to find a way to accept or move on past this internal battle.
Aqui chapter 22 . 10/18
Chinatsu really does make this tense, I'm just as worried as Kei now with the whole blood seal adding more fuel to the fire. Obito and Kei's banter is fun to watch and really the most lighthearted that I feel. Considering the possibilities though... maybe it's not bad to be overly cautious.
Aqui chapter 21 . 10/18
Glad to see Obito is still helping people out even if he gets late. It's a quality that really makes him endearing since he's trying o hard. Kei's discourse on the volcano seemed a strange but it does make sense how it started as a question due to her past interests. Minato really is coming off as an odd man out in the ninja world though, with his friendly attitude and looks, which makes him fun. The twin leaders... I don't know much but according to Kei at least they do seem like they're more than just leaders in name only.
Aqui chapter 20 . 10/18
As usual, these small worldbuilding details are just great- widows fund and reward money- simply because lore is always the best way to make a living world. Kei's constant struggle against her fears of the future seem to flare up when she realizes she can potentially change the future but also when she believes she can't change the overall result. But her willpower to keep going despite and because of her fear is something admirable to see.
Aqui chapter 19 . 10/18
D class missions, definitely something that easily gets overlooked, but a nice detail early on in their career. The focus on hospital work might be because of Obito and Kei's connections or maybe just because Yamaguchi and others don't want to bother training others inn chores. Kei's hesitation does seem for the same reason she tried to get along with Kakashi earlier- they are a team, whether they like each other or not. As such isolating one member does seem like a bad route. In other news though, Gai is here! I didn't know the thing about his name though, so that's a fun bonus.
Aqui chapter 18 . 10/18
The intro is really telling to the tone Kei has on a lot of her life. Kei's fears are something that define her and one of them coming closer is definitely a cause for reaction. Her second graduation seems like its been helpful though. With her solidifying her stance on having the ability to protect those she cares about. On the other hand, her Mom seems really cool and I definitely want to hear about her backstory.
Aqui chapter 17 . 10/18
Nice to see how Kei isn't willing to put up with Kakashi's bull. Obito is still Obito though, with the details added on how he wants to force Kakashi to recognize him something that's often easy to overlook. The injury is a really good story though. e know Kakashi would have hurt him regularly, and occasionally may have gone too far. Kei's controlled response is admirable in that sense, since she seems to know that her team shouldn't be split into two when they go out on missions. Her consideration for Kakashi is also a nice step forward, since she knows Obito has problems dealing with a similar situation. Rin's current position sees great. Yamaguchi sensei seems to be a better person each time he's mentioned. I'm glad she's found a path where she can be appreciated and useful. At the same time... what's going to happen to the squad now? To the village?

P.s. Kei is now Senpai!
Aqui chapter 16 . 10/18
As always the worldbuilding details are great. These societies are something that aren't totally explained-as far as I know- deeply and it's a bit good and bad that the fans patch together the empty spots. Obito and Kei seem to still be quite relaxed despite the rising stakes, which will be interesting to see them develop for the future. Minato's character is entertaining to say the least, The paperwork Ninja. It does seem lie a good method though, identifying how each member can compensate for each other's weaknesses while improving themselves. The final scene with the stone though... there's something to be said about this and the execution was good. It happens and you need to accept it and use it to move on.
Aqui chapter 15 . 10/18
The split should hopefully be only in space, with the three still meeting up between missions/training. Regardless, it seems she did replace Rin in Team Minato, something that could really shift the future. Kakashi as a puppy though... does fit the bill. Especially since he has an attitude early on. The introductions were fun, especially Minato's. Too bad one member is too much of a stick in the mud.
Aqui chapter 14 . 10/18
While the chapter is pretty happy with all the good things happening, I can't shake a vague feeling of dread. I'm sure things will be fine for a bit but I'm still worried. Especially with the last line.

On the other hand, I'm enjoying this friendship with two patient and capable people caring for the young energetic Obito. But they all care about each other and that's really endearing.
Aqui chapter 13 . 10/18
Well. The shift in tone is marked and it makes me wonder how Kei will move on after this. The effect here isn't just her but her family, a detail that really makes this more real and understandable. A sudden death isn't only emotionally damaging but also forces change throughout a lot more of life. Rin and Obito really are amazing, since they know Kei stood by them and she needs them now to keep her family going. Hopefully, Kei finds some way to help them in return.
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