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amgs chapter 80 . 3h
This was great! Although I do enjoy Kei's POV better, she's a cool weirdo, and her train of thought is so amusing. We finally saw Tenzo/Yamato! Yay! He's so cute as a child, I want to pinch his cheeks. Is his future gonna change a lot after this? I hope not. Oh, is he gonna meet Kei?! That'd be so interesting –they should totally get to know each other. One last thing before I leave, thanks for the chapter, we extremely appreciate it.
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 80 . 3h
I think you forgot resentment a little for Kinue if the senju family haddent gone off and died, leaving him alone... but hes a bit to young and poor weapon to really have considered that. perhaps in his dark moments.

I will admit I'm a bit worried on keeping it to canon... because in the animae while I'm GLAD about how that meeting came to be... here it would be so remotely different, Kakshi was NOT a complete orphan that just lsot his senseiHokage, lost his team mate Obito and then broke his vows he made to make the sacrifice worth it, AND the whole aftermath guilt of Killing Rin and the using the missions as psychotic salt on the wound.

So sending Kinue there ... unless this is a back asswards attempt to get Yamomoto to train with Obito so he can LEARN new and creative ways to use his new abilities... also the timing on the whole Orochimaru defects is a bit off. I'm pretty sure it was only after the third war that he ran considering it happened after Kinue had already been put through the experiments but... could be off on that.

if your going to be playing with a certin odd ass cloud blood line I am all SORTSo f curiosu because it implies evolution in ways and sickness. and perhaps a weather child that comes and does witht he storms? hmm.

still nice bring it up into the next mess form hell. and Kabuto not having as many stressors and genuine reasons to do these thigns!
and Kakashi...
and SuiSui and Itachi and Yamomto team up? and I like that just when I think I'm ok with the system it comes back and punches me in the face with oh yeah I'm NOT.
wonder if the msit is still in ruins because of Maddara? if they have to get involved with a civil war seeing as Orochimaru was around to pick up Kaguya as WELL as Suigetsu... perhaps leader fo the seven was killed by Obito in another itmeline? some madd swordsmen causing akward times? Kisames master WAS a traitor.. which when one thinks about it is such a beautifull way to turn him to your side... course six tails but atasuki? but if the vilalges arnt bleeding out their S class missing nin they might not be forced to team up because they don't need each other to stem the wound..

but Kazaku! and same age as Maddara! and BONDING TIME FROM FUNSIES! Seriously two old master shinobi like that...
and hey! perhaps a cult of Jashin can spring up wildly unchecked seeing as how no one is going to be around to STOP Hidan from going all crazy and like and if he gets some cant die accolites who survive on the blood and lives of their enemies... and kami in the Naruto world and FREAKY AS HELL SEALING.
hmm. while this feels like a sqrew up on Danzos part, especially as his two best guard shinobi of the yakama (please tell me that undercover therapist isn't about to be a thing) arnt that old,although big brother for SHino with his micro parasite posion bugs.. will Shino gain from Monmothra summon jutsu? hmm.

anyway. always great, just curious where you are a going with it here.
Spacegoodra chapter 80 . 3h
As much as I'm enjoying the quick update speed to this amazing story, I don't want you to burn yourself out or anything. I for one would not blame you if you took a break or something. Writing is hard.
MatthewC chapter 80 . 4h
Thanks for the fast update!

Since Kei keeps talking about it, my guess for how ANBU get in and out of the Hokage office through the ceiling is that there's a genjutsu concealed trap door that she can't see. We've already seen she's equally blind to the coat cabinet, and that's just a cabinet!

It sure was ballsy of Danzo to order a recruitment effort on the Hokage's own student. I mean, it's not like hasn't done equally bold things in canon, but still. Did he have any reason to think that was going to work?

It's interesting how Minato is almost always "the Hokage" when Kakashi thinks about him and almost always "Sensei" when Kei thinks about him. I suspect that's because Kei isn't interested in being loyal to "the Hokage".

Speaking of, I wonder what Minato is planning when he says to keep this under wraps for a while longer. He knows full well that Danzo is bound to take action if given enough time. If Danzo is really feeling backed into a corner, it might turn into a coup attempt. Though considering Minato has most of the village's S-class ninja in his pocket, I don't see how that could possibly succeed. Maybe that's the idea, to force Danzo into action so that any potential supporters are exposed at the same time. Well, I'll be interested to see the truth.
SNicole25 chapter 80 . 4h
She knows what's beneath Kakashi's mask!
JBebe chapter 80 . 5h
That line about Tsunade had me cracking up. Loved Kakashi being kickass. Granted Tenzo is eleven and the oto nin are genin/chunin, but just goes to show, why you do not mess with jounin level ninja. I really like Kakashi's character growth. This is not a Kakashi who has lost everything like the canon one, and yet he's still come a long way from that punk kid we first met, if he's able to empathize with Kinoe's situation.

(Also as an aside, I don't know why I just realized this but all of Team 7 minus Minato have disfiguring facial injuries. They should be renamed Team Scar or something. )

Kei going nuts about her missing teammate, and basically spilling a lot of beans in front of Shikaku, and editing Jiraiya's book as a distraction was great. Loved that Kushina had written notes in it as well. Ha! And how Kei could get distracted thinking of the danger of Root seals and yet Obito and Rin refusing to be distracted. Priorities, Kei, priorities. Obviously Kakashi's face is more interesting than what could happen with Root.
SidJ chapter 80 . 6h
I'm really looking forward to a kakashi/kei romance
aratatat chapter 80 . 6h
This was a GREAT chapter, and reading Kakashi's side was actually really nice.

Also, I'm not sure if you did it intentionally or not, but I can't help but notice how often Kei pops up in Kakashi's narration. He keeps thinking about Kei's techniques or that "Kei would probably say/think this". Super cute, that.
Counting Sinful Stars chapter 80 . 6h
That was nerve wracking. She got to (finally!) see Kakashi's face! Poor Yamato. :( more trouble. Lol. Poor confused Shikaku.
Greatazuredragon chapter 80 . 7h
Hehe Shikaku's reaction to the full debrief will surely be interesting.
Great work, well done.
shugokage chapter 80 . 7h
Great job on this impressive chapter and scene!
Cut The Dotted Line chapter 80 . 8h
Hehehe, this is awesome. Kakashi and Kei with matching moles.
gibs chapter 80 . 8h
cool chapter.
Guest chapter 80 . 8h
True, Kakashi's not as fun as Kei...but maybe when he gets his hands on Icha Icha? And Yamato makes an appearance! I'm excited to see what's up next for that poor baby. And Root! I really loved that bit at the end - Kei is so blase about it, but - "Kakashi has a face?" That's probably my favorite line from this chapter (other than "We match").
Guest chapter 80 . 9h
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