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Ulsindhe chapter 120 . 51m
Much fun! I'm glad Kei and Kakashi are doing well after the awkward stage. The most important thing is being comfortable with each other, and I think they have it down.

Glad to see some insights into the minds of the tailed beasts and their "welfare". They're as much a part of the world (and plot) as humans are, and it's a breath of fresh air to see a fic handle that issue without crowding it too much (like, not having too much conversation between a character and their "inner" self, which is just distracting and sometimes pointless). It's realistic to see them interact with humans but not fully integrating themselves with them. They have their own lives in the mind-skype, and they're on more equal footing with their jinchuuriki. They're neither subservient nor unrealistically attached/I-love-my-human-most-of-all. Like what you've mentioned before, the beast and the jinchuuriki cooperate with each other.

It's also been realistic so far how Kei knows her limits/is selfish enough that she isn't dipping her fingers into situations where she as a kid/young adult in no position of political power cannot do a thing (ie, the situations in the other countries as well as their jinchuuriki).

Love how it's going so far. Looking forward to where the mangled, redesigned plot goes!
Ulsindhe chapter 115 . 19h
Ulsindhe chapter 111 . 22h
Kakashi fluff 3 I was reading this for all the plot what-ifs, but it's fluffy to get some doses of Kei and Kakashi
Ulsindhe chapter 99 . 4/23
Oh fucking hell, my tears!
Zedicus101 chapter 120 . 4/23
So I love this story 100%, the obliviousness was quite adorable and I love seeing a seed laid 50 odd chapters ago sprout, it's great.

But please for the love of god stop crippling people..! I get that Kei was relying on Isobu too much, so you probably wanted to force her to use her other skills more. But seriously, Hayate getting an inoperable lung issue? They have Tsunade and Rin, literally the greatest healers ever. They 'fixed' Kei's arm but they can't do anything for his lungs? I imagine Jiraiya's probably pretty chill about losing a hand, he doesn't seem to be the kind to be really slowed down by that... But still~

So is Kei actually going to be able to get her arm back to 100%? Because in Naruto it seems unless you have crazy eyes, a tailed beast or are willing to use some suicide technique you can't really do shit to the big bads. (Even then Gai didn't actually 'do' that much... poor Gai.) And I'm slightly worried about just how powerful this new faction's going to be (And if it'll be a logical level of power), they must have some mad trump cards. They're against Nagato. Full stop.

I'm obviously awaiting more eagerly, just a few things that bugged me hense the ramble, no matter how small they are! :P
Guest chapter 116 . 4/22
Introducing the idea of someone who is LGBT as normal, in your story is a brilliant idea. You are doing the world a favour, Lang.

Ulsindhe chapter 55 . 4/20
Pretty late, but...

2. Brand new plot developments or twists

Getting to read about the could-have-beens is more interesting than repeating the whole plot with a self-insert.
luckydog10heart chapter 91 . 4/18
I really really like KeiKashi. Theyre just both so adorable I s2g. It's too bad Kei is oblivious right now, but hopefully she'll reciprocate soon. And I don't think he wants you to pay Kei. That's like turning that date into a friend hangout which I'm pretty sure Kakashi does NOT want. I mean.. He basically tried to take you out on a date last chapter.. Kei kinda accidentally denied and made him sad.. But then Minato set them up! But on the other hand Minato also c-blocked them..
luckydog10heart chapter 70 . 4/17
Why do I feel like that Uchiha kunoich (I forget her name rip) who was angry at Kei would take place of Obito in this? I mean vengeful Uchiha who hates tailed beasts? Plus the mangelyo? It's all there. Also. What if that one who knocked and pretended to be Kei is her? Has to be a pretty powerful genjutsu...
Igheallnation chapter 32 . 4/17
Isn't it Sasakibe, not Sasukibe? Just saying.
sonle chapter 3 . 4/16
interesting chakra aspect. hope its being elaborated and being used to create unique justus. seems like shes going to be a sensor
sonle chapter 2 . 4/16
good and descriptive
sonle chapter 1 . 4/16
thanks for sharing
serialkeller chapter 120 . 4/15
Just caught up again, after the last time I read this which was when it was at the bloodlines arc.

Firstly, great SI fanfic. It's hard to do it well.

Second, is Kei still going through puberty as she seems to be overly emotional every 10-15 chapters of the story and earlier that could have been attributed to puberty and hormones but now it's just getting repetitive.

Thirdly, every time I read this from start to finish, I keep getting into the mindset that the author is going to screw over Kei just because it will create drama, hope that doesn't keep happening.

Finally, keep up the writing regardless of this review as I do enjoy the story even if Kei seemed to be nerfed a lot(that arm) for no other reason than to keep the fights interesting and not make the character to be a mary-sue, which couldn't happen anyways with the way her luck is.
laelruin chapter 120 . 4/15
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