Reviews for Catch Your Breath
Serendipithy chapter 123 . 15h
Took me way too long to get to review this - mainly because my main reading app/format is via Pocket on my phone, making it inconvenient to review. But yay here I am! Granted, I read this about a week ago, so my recollection of everything is fuzzy (just like everything else in my short-term memory, gah).

I really like how we're getting into the canon teams but you, of course, have Kei's team interact with Kakashi's. Dissecting Hidan the way you have in this chapter was amusing to read, if I recall it all correctly, but the ending made it sound so ominous. I'm expecting an Orochimaru-level grand battle some time soon with Shinjutsu...

As for your real (and probably more important, given how you're actually making money off of it) life and work, congrats on becoming a teacher! One of my coworkers' wife also just started teaching, and I instantly thought of her when you said you're officially a teacher now too haha. I know teaching is really hard and tiring for the first couple of years as you straighten out your syllabus/curriculum, so I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully it will only get easier down the line. :)
TRG chapter 34 . 10/15
Re-reading this story after a long break and the fact that you choose to make Hinata's potential mom named Himawari before the final chapter came out is one of the more amazing and hysterical coincidences I've witnessed in forever.
OneFineDay chapter 123 . 10/14
Yo! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful chapter! I loved how Kei is a "slightly" neurotically protective of her genin haha! They'll probably be the plants other kage eventually complain about...and only because she wants them to live dammit! :D ah Kei is hilarious.
I look forward to the rest! Hope you enjoy the weekend!
wimseyfan chapter 123 . 10/12
Thanks for the fun update. And congratulations on teaching. That's far more important than keeping your fans here happy!
Waka Nibbolo chapter 100 . 10/11
FWI, The Badguyneverstaysdead no jutsu bullshit is why I stopped watching/reading Naruto permanently. So I'm going to give you the advice that the stupid fucker who killed Naruto apparently never heard. When you kill a villain, keep them dead!
Prince chapter 123 . 10/10
Wow, Hidan taken out because he wanted dango. what a way to go xD
crimsn chapter 51 . 10/9
Dreamer TT

They were so brave... T_T

I know they'll "live on" through Kei, but I'm still really freaking sad...

Fantastic chapter!
V01dSw0rd chapter 123 . 10/9
I would note that Nawaki was Minato's Generation... Perhaps he would replace Obito...
Nanami-chan chapter 123 . 10/9
Yet another amazing chapter! Congrats on becoming a teacher!

I just wanted you to know you have definitely been an inspiration to me, and as such have inspired me to write my own fiction. I don't know when I'll ever post it but, meh, I just wanted you to know!

This was great, thank you for finding the time to make me smile.

OneWhoReadsTooMuch chapter 123 . 10/9
I am beyond excited that Hidan is in the story! Yeah he's a creepy sadist fanatic but he's still kind of awesome. So it'll be interesting to see what's going to happen to him compared to his canon self.
Werv chapter 123 . 10/9
Heh, good ol' Obito. That raspberry was an excellent touch. I have to wonder if it will Kei's team rather than Kakashi's that has all of the bad luck with missions that explode in terms of difficulty.
RIOSHO chapter 123 . 10/9
Congrats. We await the next as always.
Guest chapter 123 . 10/9
So long as you are a badass and prepared, Hidan really isn't a threat. His immortality and moderate weapon skills are all he really has going for him.
Guest chapter 123 . 10/8
...And you know what we do to jerks here.
Laura-Jean95 chapter 123 . 10/9
Omg the drop bears reference had me cracking up :D
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