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Aries Druella chapter 53 . 1h
Omigosh! I just realized! Itachi is the man Obito will be nice to, isn't he? Omigosh! I might be wrong but still! This story is amazing! Sorry I didn't log-in!
Bloody.Kirai chapter 70 . 1h
How could you leave it off at a cliffhanger?! D: Update! I command you to! :v
3kitttens chapter 70 . 1h
Oh i really hope Hayate and the mom doesnt get hurt! That was some cliffhanger u left, y do that?
NinjaDemonAngel chapter 70 . 4h
Like holy moly! I was SO excited that you updated that I couldn't read it when it first came out! Too much squealing with fangirling levels and unable to focus due to happiness! But dat cliffhanger... Oh my... Thanks for the chapter!
Cookie Montser chapter 70 . 7h
Shaunee Altman chapter 70 . 9h
Oooh, I'm so excited! Zetsu at their home! 3
Thanks for writing!
Sage of wind Dragons chapter 70 . 10h
ahh I see it took alot of misadventures for the Zetzus to get that good dont they? i mean apparently only become super secret ninjas once Obito takes over them...

come to think of it in comparison to mercenary ninja vs village ninja...

or warring states vs pre... its actually quite possible that alter ninjas were better at being, you know SNEAKY stuff.
cause only Naruto with Kuramas sensing abilites was able to do things... which I guess only Mito had before that... and then Obito trumped.

and yes! both of those kids feeling all akward that they have apparently been stained by their enemy... and hey! wanting to burn off the steam and bordom... hmm.
perhpas akward conversations of you knowing I might have been a villian and you be my friend and akward converastions with her inner dark self cause thats a thing and its not like Kie is the type to constantly be on top of that. actually discussion on how to stay on top of the seal and not let yourself forget to think about it and then it lay inert and stuff... all still and ready to pounce...

actually... could Maddara listen through the seal? I mean attached to the heart means attached to the blood meaning attached to the oxygen it carries and through there ... well attached to alot of things.

come to think of it... Tunade got dragged out of her self imposed binge drinking trip from a long way ago where she had nerosises for her things...
and then suddenly got better...

was she... did Tsunade... self medicate her self?

anyway the whole chakra sensing thing, im GLAD how you've made it not the most common ability but at least a good number of people show up to focus on that. nicely done.

and hey, the ... trained ninjas showcasing their teachings and each technique having complexities... sheesh. like that ALOT. and history stuff! cause samurai in the shinobi lnds probabbly hell of alot less but still big places like land of Iorn cause big ol fast heavily armored bad asses that fight up nice up close and personal.

anyway the Zetzus coming from town is AWESOME and Maddara having to be all creative and flexible in doing stuff at the end of days right here... well.
Ragnar92 chapter 70 . 11h
Zetsu's being Tryhards again.
Minirowan chapter 70 . 12h
Zetsu clone clone already? Madara sure is mad about Kei and Obito. But what else is to be expected from a crazy megalomaniac like him?

I have to say, awesome writing this chapter. I didn't even know Kakashi was the one speaking until he was addressed.

I wonder though, what those at Mount Myoboku are watching. Are they seeing everything we're seeing, or just what's going on with Kushina?

In any case, I hope Kei's mom will notice who's really at the door. Then again, if Hayate can tell then his mom definitely can.

I was so happy to see this update! It may end in a cliffie, but it was an awesome read. I missed Kei and these characters.
Furionknight chapter 70 . 12h
I look forward to more :)
blackhawk68 chapter 70 . 13h
Uh-oh. Shit's goin' down again.
New and Old chapter 70 . 14h
Kyaaaaaa what fhe hecxksksnbsjdiwbx?
Hayateeeeeeee! Omggishhhhhh!
Omgfggoshhh what is gonna happen? i'm so excoteeeeddddd!
Greatazuredragon chapter 70 . 14h
Very interesting chapter, so her family will be target, looking forward to how you will develop it.
Good work.
SilverBladeStar chapter 70 . 14h
I am loving the Hayate POV! This is where it all happens, I can't wait!
Iluvcandyiluvcandy chapter 70 . 14h
Oh fuck.
Why, why, why?
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