Reviews for Catch Your Breath
katy234 chapter 37 . 10/19
Wait, she’s still fighting in the chunin exams even tho she lost in the prelims?
saipher1303 chapter 126 . 10/13
Is this fic dead?
Guest chapter 20 . 10/10
Why. Do you have to make Hayate better then her...!?
itsmisspretty chapter 126 . 9/20
I’m so pissed. I spent two weeks reading this ff ignoring homework and other adult stuff to finish this behemoth of a story only to see it hasn’t been updated in a year. You have an incredible talent for writing and creativity and it was fun reading your author notes and seeing how your career panned out. I hope you update eventually and don’t ditch this story. Or if you do I hope you let us know. Good job regardless
Lojuba chapter 126 . 9/15
wow. I am blown away by your creativity, that was an amazing read!
macdjord chapter 91 . 9/10
Minor fanon alert: Shadow Clone is not a forbidden jutsu. What Naruto learned from the Forbidden Scroll in the Mizuki incident was *Mass* Shadow Clone.
macdjord chapter 80 . 9/9
"It'd be a pity to unleash screaming hell without knowing where to aim it. (1)"
You seem to have a footnote marker here but no footnote to go with it?
macdjord chapter 45 . 8/14
... okay, /what/ the /fuck/. This is the genisis of Tobi! Kei *knows* that; she's referenced it several times. And yet she just lets it happen? Lets events play out like canon? That she wasn't able to save Obito I understand, but it's like for half the chapter she magically forgets what she knows - that he's not dead or dying, and that he needs to be rescued at all costs or else become the second most dangerous enemy Konoha will ever face. She could tell Minato that he's still alive - lie about still being able to feel his chackra - and have him teleport back to Konoha to get an earth technique master to dig him out. She could pull out a kunai and offer to make it quick for him. Anything but just... going along with the fucking plot!
MangekyouSharingan1234 chapter 4 . 8/12
Is that Hayate in the picture?
MangekyouSharingan1234 chapter 3 . 8/11
The summary seems so deep but the actual story is hilarious.
angrypixels chapter 126 . 8/11
Great update !
Darth Luffy chapter 126 . 8/2
Just a really damn good story. Also likely to be the reason I'll rewrite half of one of mine to do the romance better. Seriously that aect of this is so good. If you asked me to guess what the pairngs would be 10 chapters in I wouldve been right but to acrually let them build naturally over 90ish chapters is impressive. Even with a strong feeling for who would end up together I couldve been persuaded any pairing between the main 4 was possible. Honestly I think this is the 2nd best Naruto story i've read, I'd say Jenchi's Better Left Unsaid is my favorite and canon Naruto is like 30th. So that's something. The fights are pretty solid, and I like the slower buildup and changimg conditions of Kei's powers. Her fighting style is highly varied but I can see it, and that isnt always easy. The handling of thenreincarnation aspects has been excellantly done, both at the start and then the way Kei both had to open up and tell others about her life and the many problems it caused on her own outlook. Its been great and I'm looking forward to see what comes next. A non-stupid 4th Shinobi World War would be fun(for me anyways) and I cant wait for Kei to rip Tayuya out of Oto. Cause she damn sure needs too
Darth Luffy chapter 81 . 7/31
I love the Rin-Kei talk at the end. What you mean that romance between teenage killers with severe emotional and personality problems might be complicated? That you cant just stalk someone and be ‘in love’? Damn I wish more people wrote relationships like this. I can see enough moments and hints to make several pairings work, but none are obvious or over bearing or seem destined to happen. Hell you could have them all date each other over the next 10 years and it’d make sense. So well done
Darth Luffy chapter 75 . 7/30
I had things to do. Instead I spent 15 hours reading this. And still have half the story to go. I’m not sure what impresses me most the making a SI story work, making 1st person work, or keeping at least 4 possible pairings between Kei, Rin, Kakashi, and Obito feel somewhat viable. Honestly it’s probably the first person thing, I’ve seen a few SIs done well, and while the pairings is impressive not having romance be the focus helps. I cant think of any true 1st person stories done this well, and especially not in a story this long. Excellent job and I’m looking forward to finishing the rest
Darth Luffy chapter 51 . 7/29
"Kei has repeatedly reffered to Rin as cute" hahahhaha, it wasnt my imagination! Go lesbian subtext!
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