Reviews for Catch Your Breath
adamrpg chapter 88 . 22h
You know, I didn't think I'd end up liking this fic as much as I do. It does have a rather slow pacing, but I like how you walk the line of total disaster - they just keep narrowly avoiding it. Except for Kannabi - but that is what taught Kei to make more changes. Also, I like how even though Kei is getting more and more careful about not messing stuff up, you're coming up with better and better ways for things to mess up - like Isobu teaching Shukaku some seal stuff. And I like that Kei isn't really the main character, so she misses out on a lot of stuff.

Also, now that Kei has some good chakra reserves, I do think she should learn the Shadow Clone jutsu, haha! I would've thought that she would find it useful - for planning, spying, doing more, whatever. Including the times when she has to go talk to Isobu or whatever and shut off from the rest of the world - a shadow clone can keep watch, get the memories, etc.
Girl-luvs-manga chapter 88 . 23h
Maybe work on the possibility of an Akatsuki like group?
New and Old chapter 88 . 11/28
Okay you've gotten me goooooood. For some reason I thought Raido had feelings for Kei... then tlhis reaction to pumpkin was a little telling. Hahahaha Raido and Genma! Lols
Comooon comooooon Keiiiiii realize your feeelings for Kakashi alreadyyyyy! Kakashiii get off your butt and propooooseeee! (Or tell the truth about feelings, at least!)
I'm ver glad you waited on the ROoT thing. I would have been quite confused, as you said. :)
odkut chapter 88 . 11/27
Love the shipping I think it works way too well. But im still wanting to findout if Kei gets any sort of involved. Still I figured id leave a review because I found this a while ago and just now caught up to it. Love the take youre doing in SI. Keep up the fantastic work.
totsrofl chapter 88 . 11/27
oooooh, fascinating~ Heh love how quickly you updated! I was so exciting. And the GenmaxRaido bit was hilarious btw. Lol. Awkward 'oops' intrusion FTW lol.
Enigma infinite chapter 88 . 11/27
I'm not a yaoi fan but I admit that was funny!

My brain was connecting another set of dots at that point. I hadn't seen any loose clothing around here, but that didn't mean that there wasn't any. And I was cutting that thought off there. Stars and stones, I didn't need to think about my friends' private lives.

My jaw literally dropped!
Guest chapter 88 . 11/27
Ah man, I loved this chapter! At first I though Raido had a thing for Kei, which seemed a little off, but by the end I was nearly squealing haha xD On a more serious note, I can't wait to find out the info concerning Root and its elimination. Thank you for writing!
CloudWings chapter 88 . 11/27
Bwahahahahaha! I am so delighted by this chapter you have no idea. Fucking finally we have a canon gay couple and Kei's reaction was hilarious. Sigh, I'm still smiling and yeah, I can see why you were waiting for this. Haha, kudos on the chapter and keep being awesome.
EmLights chapter 88 . 11/27
Great chapter! And Raido and Genma, so funny! I was not expecting that! They are cute though (:
woofwolf chapter 88 . 11/27
Awwww, cuties.
Superpower Lottery chapter 88 . 11/26
There's something about this story that always made me go 'squee!'
I mean, I like the action and the plot and you've certainly written it all well, but the thing that really stands out is the relationships between Kei, her family, her team and friends. It's just adorable.
kalmaegi chapter 88 . 11/26
Ahahahaha! No wonder Raidou ran away. Lol. "That's it?" Pffft. This is Kei, Genma. She doesn't really care, only mortified she walked in on you two. Ha-ha, Hayate. He totally didn't expect people to answer his teasing question seriously.

Isobu as the number one tailed beast activist. Heh. Too bad Kei didn't meet Gaara in the real world. Just kind of a pity but still understandable considering the circumstances.
EliMack chapter 88 . 11/26
*victoriously fist pumps* YES THANK YOU GOD
Talkingbirdguy chapter 88 . 11/26
Surprisingly enough, I ship Genma and Raidö in this so hard. I don't normally do those kind of ships, but this one just works.
Wonderful chapter. I'm eagerly awaiting the next. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Veedramon chapter 88 . 11/26
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