Reviews for Catch Your Breath
Darth Luffy chapter 75 . 7/30
I had things to do. Instead I spent 15 hours reading this. And still have half the story to go. I’m not sure what impresses me most the making a SI story work, making 1st person work, or keeping at least 4 possible pairings between Kei, Rin, Kakashi, and Obito feel somewhat viable. Honestly it’s probably the first person thing, I’ve seen a few SIs done well, and while the pairings is impressive not having romance be the focus helps. I cant think of any true 1st person stories done this well, and especially not in a story this long. Excellent job and I’m looking forward to finishing the rest
Darth Luffy chapter 51 . 7/29
"Kei has repeatedly reffered to Rin as cute" hahahhaha, it wasnt my imagination! Go lesbian subtext!
Darth Luffy chapter 11 . 7/29
This is good and interesting and a bunch of stuff i wouldn't have thought it could be. And i always love shots at Kishimoto's complete lack of world building. Make giant world, add characters, explain nothing. Oh 2 major clans integral to founding Konoha vanished? Eh no need to explain. Shinobi gave armies in the thousans while passing apparently barely 10 genin a year? Why use badic math? ...first person annoys me but it works for this, so good job
Maelstrom Potter chapter 126 . 7/23
Man I love this story. The characters are really good and I enjoyed the plot. Would love to see more, especially Kakashi and Kei Fluff
laelruin chapter 126 . 7/22
Yes! More family! And Samurai to boot! Soooo cool. ;)
Looking forward to the next installment!
Guest chapter 58 . 7/15
You refrenced Discworld, whether intentional or not. That makes my inner nerd cartwheel with joy. The Lady is my favourite Discworld god.
Kemi chapter 72 . 7/14
I usually feel kind of angry when chapters end like that. But since there are more chapters ahead I will just keep myself on check. One of my top five favorite naruto fanfic ever by the way.
prominently late chapter 112 . 7/14
this is the fist time I've commented on this story, but I gotta say this whole "is the crush but doesn't know it" thing is kinda over done and I hate you for it.

that said this story is wonderful and ive spent the last week reading just this, and I've been waiting for Kakashi and Kei to get together for forever. like. yes.
bloodyhound17 chapter 81 . 6/16
This can only make me think that Kei will not be paired with anyone...though to see Kei getting paired with Kakashi since they had a handful of meaningful moments because of Kakashi, that would be amazing honestly.
Akimetsu chapter 126 . 6/9
I am inlove with this ff. You've done well creating Kei-san, it's not cliché, unlike those of other. Kei x Kakashi all the way!
JustDusty chapter 9 . 5/30
The one person on earth who knows the future just starts telling people about it because she's having bad dreams about the future. wow. now i'm completely convinced that even though she's 20 something she's completely fucking retarded
JustDusty chapter 6 . 5/30
Of all the fucking things that she knows are going to happen, the whole death and destruction and world domination thing, she gets attached to a weak stupid side character that has no real effect on the series and decides to become a medic nin of all things. Theoretically with all her knowledge she could become stronger than the fourth hokage but instead she chooses to become blindly loyal to a village sustained by murders and lies and ruled by a dictator and she doesn't even consider that
JustDusty chapter 4 . 5/30
How in the hell could she just immediatly integrate herself in a new universe and replace her old family without even hesitating and grow so close to a bunch of murderers in the span of a few months?
Viscari chapter 46 . 5/28
Really funny to me tho, from chap 1-46, nothing changed the course of Obito's "death" and Tobi's birth. Fking lmfao. Wasted my time reading from 1-46 and just see that it didn't changed jackshit of all that stuff happened inbetween 1-46 storyline.

Freaking lmfao, OMEGALUL, and KEKW

But I'm still gonna read anyway, cos I'm invested my time reading this work.
ILikeFoxes828 chapter 126 . 5/11
This was awesome please continue this amazing story! Can't wait for the next update.
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