Reviews for Catch Your Breath
Ace2free chapter 3 . 5/12/2022
Comentario 7,000 xp
Westeller chapter 62 . 5/9/2022
Almost all of the fanfiction I read is for Naruto or Harry Potter. Primarily because those two fan communities are the most populated and have the most writing. Anyway, the random one line Harry Potter references that pop up from time to time are kinda nice.
Westeller chapter 55 . 5/8/2022
1 - The character interactions are pretty good, but so much of the story is Kei's internal monologue that I can't really say I read it for the diverse cast. Though more time is being spent on others with alternate PoV's and her not bottling everything up, lately.
2 - I really like reading something that isn't naruto canon retold. So much of this time period is completely made up in this story, or only loosely based on canon backstory, that I'm mostly reading something new. That's nice. I was a little worried when Kannabi closely matched canon (at least in terms of outcome), but the followup assured me this thing was going off rails and staying off. Hopefully it doesn't spontaneously decide to be more canonical later, lol.
3 - Eh. The action scenes are good, too, but I can't say they make up much of the story so far. They exist, they're nice, but they're just not really the focus and not a whole lot of time is spent on them, really.
Westeller chapter 52 . 5/8/2022
Good. She's finally opening her mouth. Hopefully the old toad gets her to open it more.

There's a lot you can do with foreknowledge, even of events that are changing with your presence and choices. But there's a limit. There's a whole hell of a lot more you can do *together*. She desperately needs to stop trying to act alone. So far, she's been more lucky than anything else.


Hope she treats Isobu right. I don't know much about him as an individual, but I at least know he *is* one, and deserves better than being a prisoner and considered little more than an evil, scary monster. Hopefully she knows it, too.
Westeller chapter 51 . 5/8/2022
Hm. Well, yeah, I'd call that divergence.

Now to see the fallout.
Westeller chapter 49 . 5/8/2022
The canon lynchpin, huh... I suppose in many ways it is. ... Of course, it also isn't. Things aren't that easy to change. Zetsu and Madara exist, and would adapt. Obito was just one gambit for them, one attempt to reach their goals. ... and while it's still early days for them so does the Akatsuki. Danzo lingers in the shadows and his push to massacre the Uchiha was many years in the making and well underway even now, among the many other things he's guilty of. Even if Obito somehow slips the leash here, it won't make everything hunky dory.

Though after Kannabi I'mma remain skeptical that things won't somehow turn out to match canon until after I read some actual divergence.
Westeller chapter 45 . 5/8/2022
Good job, Kei. With over a decade to prepare and perfect recall of the original events, you managed to completely change the details while still retaining all of the exact same outcomes. That's quite an achievement - I don't think anyone else could've have done that if they tried. I'm proud of you.

... What? That's not what you were trying to do?

Err. Well, this is awkward.
Westeller chapter 9 . 5/6/2022
Bizarre, trippy, and absolutely a horrible idea in terms of Yamanaka involvement.
getalife1000 chapter 6 . 5/3/2022
everyone's so critical at just chapter 6. Literally looking for power fantasy. "Oh no, a medic nin? Useless". it's just chapter 6, and who's to say that's he can't focus on more than one things. some are even saying "she's a woman and now she wants to be a medic nin, set for failure" in a nutshell. how sweet.
yochan123 chapter 126 . 4/20/2022
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue *crying at the altar offering sacrifices to Lang Noi*
Guest chapter 33 . 4/5/2022
Emi2468 chapter 60 . 4/4/2022
Am I the only one that thinks that Kakashi is just being stupid for no reason.
orbitstormz chapter 56 . 3/21/2022
Love it
Othaeryn chapter 115 . 3/21/2022
WOWZAAAA that only took 115 chapters but it was so worth it :’)
Othaeryn chapter 111 . 3/20/2022
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