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Guest chapter 104 . 5/6
and because you weren't able to see it 3 of them are now enjoying a fate worse than death.
Think about it and enter the eternal spiral of doooooooooom

Thank you for sharing.
Guest chapter 100 . 5/5
you have to stick to it
Keep Kei dead
But still write the story
The aftermath

I dare you
Even though I am at least a year late
Guest chapter 79 . 5/4
Cough he cough is cough stuck cough in cough kamui cough

thank you for sharing
guest chapter 67 . 5/3
Hurt each other, are we hmmmm?
You have awefully good eyesight for a mangekyo user.
I wonder why your siblings got taken from the active duty roster, hmmm.

Thank you for sharing.
I am prodigious chapter 1 . 5/1
The part where Keisuke says she knows the future and explains EVERYTHING that will happen is completely stupid! Come on, haven't you ever seen Doctor Who? Or even Back to The Future! Time is not so simple, there are paradoxes and fixed points and one of the most important rules is to NEVER reveal someone's personal future! I can understand that this is fiction, but if you wanted to make a realistic fanfiction you cannot do such a thing just for entertainment!
nessiesmith2012 chapter 6 . 4/29
Sigh... Why does female alway equate support role in naruto fanfiction
alexa-chan me chapter 37 . 4/20
Did I grab my boob in sympathy? Yes. Is it almost 2am? Yes. Will any of these things stop me from continuing reading this fic? No.
Nanali chapter 126 . 4/11
Please update! You have a great story here
asclepia chapter 76 . 4/9
re reading this and i am for real crying over it
nico2411 chapter 50 . 4/8
I gotta say, one thing i really like is kei’s confrontation with her dark self (or her shadow if you will) , really reminds me of persona 4, not the idea but really sets the scene and ... god i just love it okay!
WolfGoddessReyith chapter 48 . 4/3
I'm not sure I can agree with those rules of being a medic. The one about never being sent to the front lines makes sense, but two of the others...

If you sustain an instantly fatal wound, you don't really get much of a choice about whether you die before your teammates.

And from what I know, in cases of wartime and emergency triage on the battlefield, you leave those who are the most severely wounded and focus your attention and resources on those you have the best chance of saving. Otherwise you're pouring all of those precious resources into someone who will probably die, and wasting them.
hmataco chapter 126 . 3/28
Around this April will be the first year I have been reading fanfiction, and this is my fist review I would like to write on your whole story thus far. With my dyslexia I don’t’ believe I would have kept reading until I found out, that the app has a feature where it will read aloud the story. Which gives the story in interesting way of to each digest. With many small technical problems but reading through as these stories by so many fans of anime, reading, and see so much joy for the series each fan love. See them explore in more depth of world of fantasy, and then I family gave in and started to read about a series that I had completely writing off and now I’m finally going to watch the whole series of Naruto, and the give it the chance it deserves.
So first I would like to thank you and many other for the passion I see every story, and on every page.
And thank you for keeping up with such a large story of over 500 thousand words. On one of many things I enjoyed and have come to appreciate from the glimpses I see in “Naruto” is the tragic love story of Minato and Kushina. In several fanfictions the authors save the two, but it always seemed, “oh and they didn’t die.” And it just doesn’t feel as though it was deserved. In your story it does we the audience get to see these two loves bird’s life before they were to become the tragic lover. How everyone saw how everyone learned from Minato’s dorkiness and Kushina unofficially adopting all the small children. We get to how she desperately she wants a family of how Minato tried in his many ways of trying to protect his precious people. Them surviving feels truly deserved.
For next part I’m getting into I must explain some thing about myself. In your story Keisuke end up needing to see a therapist. For the past year or so I have been seeing one for various reasons, along with going to a group therapy that heavily involves psychodrama. In that group it took me a year, but we found out that my main reason I have been having so much trouble in my life is because of my fear of reading, and so on with writing. I didn’t know until that moment that I had that fear all my life. And with that experience and being in group I can see the one issue that Kei has, when she got isabu and become a Jinchuuriki, it isn’t about Isabu its about that moment where she was completely powerlessness where she was kidnaped. I don’t believe she has come to terms with. She has accepted isabu, but not the scene of pure powerlessness.
Another point that I love is that you’re not afraid of taking your story away from canon and leading it in another direction. Bringing in your character from your own personal story. I liked but I wish you went into more in-depth with them. I would have like to have seen more of them and have seen kei grow towards acceptance of her character being in the story.
For the moment I that’s all the really comes to mind on your story but I do have some questions I would love to ask you
have you learned from starting “catch your Breath”?
you have any advice for someone like myself who is afraid of writing? Breaking that fear?
say you were to rewrite catch your breath what all might you change?
And if you want advice on the therapist scene ah pm me? I don’t know how something's on this cite work. but I eagerly await your next chapter. And I hope your safe will all that going on with the coronavirus.

…oh, one last thing, that moment where kei is taking about geology where... she talks about the layers of the earth near that volcano… and how you can find the time frame by the layers… ok it’s not actually the layers in the earth that give you the accurate assessment of the geological time scale but we get it the decaying isotopes in each of those layers that give the time along with the layers of volcanic ash that can give you the most accurate time frame. And each layer in the earth is unique because we don’t have much time has passed for a layer to developed an example is that the geologic time frame was determined in the 1800s long before they figured that the dates… and yes, I fanboyed over geology. I can’t believe I did it either…or I am disappointed in myself for writing this part… about geology.
Fine a lovely day. And I’m sorry for any grammatical error and spelling in this review.
konatachan603 chapter 51 . 3/19
Aaah! I really love this fic so far! I also love that there's still so much left to read lmao. Usually I speed through almost the entire thing before commenting... but I just had to say I really appreciated the Claymore reference!
Also all your other references but I haven't seen any Claymore content in so long so I got super excited!
Teramire chapter 34 . 3/19
really , she can't play any cards game,... even war or poker. How she survived on University without playing cards. Wait. how she survived more than 20 years without playing deck games?
PSnice chapter
Writer-and-Artist27 chapter 51 . 3/18
I think it's been about four years since I first read this chapter on my phone, on a road trip to San Jose, last I remember. I was binging your story and accidentally leaving family laundry unwashed, but my parents didn't mind and happily encouraged me reading. And it's just, now that I'm back here again, I'm just feeling warm and fuzzy in spite of the chapter having so much drama and action happen.

I can't help it, I think. Every single time i come back to this chapter to reread, it reminds me what made me a fan of your work, Lang. From Kei's influence finally coming together into something I remember never expecting, Obito fighting with his teammates again, Rin /not/ dying, and the Dreamer and Id (as much as you don't like those two now from it being old writing) saving the day, it all made for a positive change in the Narutoverse that, arguably, I don't think any other author has achieved. It's hard for me to read /any other fic/ because Kei's such a well-written, likeable character. I keep coming back to this chapter because it reminds me that the smallest things can cause the largest changes, and I remember even back when I first read this chapter, it took me a moment to realize I stop binging and ended up rerereading this over and over and over to get it through my head that Team Minato /survived/.

For once, a happy end was in sight and I'm glad that this chapter was the start of things working out. Sure, future arcs showed that there's still things to fix, and the future is uncertain, but it doesn't change the fact that people I cared about in the story as /people/ survived and I'm glad they did.

Thank you again for writing, Lang. For bringing this story here, for letting us read it. Without this chapter in particular, I don't think I would've been hooked so much to talk to you and Beta three years back. And since I'm here to stay, I hope you know I appreciate you so much.

:) Thank you.
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