Reviews for The Trouble With Polyjuice
Guest chapter 1 . 9/11
I don't know why non of you knuckleheads understand this, marriage in wizarding world consists of vows. The moment she cheated magic would have alerted James and there would be severe repercussions to the offender.
Lady Laran chapter 27 . 8/13
Story is well done...I rather loved the slow progression of their relationship since there was so much to work through. I'm subbing to you so I'll not miss the new story!
kidicz chapter 7 . 7/23
oh god, that lemon-drop-with-calming-draught means that dumbles is constantly high, it's so accurate 3 love the story by now
Lamatadora chapter 27 . 6/23
thanks a lot for your story i loved it !
Hidden.Forever chapter 2 . 6/21
Did not end up the chapter yet, I wanted to point out it could use more show than tell. For example, Severus's night with Lily? Give us a long flashback, makes us feel what he feels, the taste of her lips, the cold mark left by their absence on his shoulder etc. etc. :))
Hidden.Forever chapter 1 . 6/21
end of chapter - Mic drop :)) Well, it reminds me of the books here and there, but good job so far ;)
atlantis51 chapter 27 . 6/10
I loved your story! It was awesome! Snape as Harry's dad is always a favorite. I'm counting on the sequel being just as good!
Kyralian chapter 22 . 6/7
Severus? Since when does Harry call him that? There's no hint of ice thawing at all and out of the blue Harry's calling him by name? Oh, yes, that's just splendid that Harry is so used to abuse and being unloved! Snape fits right in, no need to exert himself!
chicaalterego chapter 27 . 6/7
Nice ending.
Kyralian chapter 17 . 6/7
"I see" seriously? Have you ever seen a kid who says "I see"? I sure haven't.
Kyralian chapter 16 . 6/7
I begin to dislike fiercely how meek you have made Harry, it's like his spirit has been broken and no wonder! With Snape piling threat upon threat on him every time! This is not good parenting but abuse, emotional abuse! What right did Snape have to fly at Harry when he insisted that Harry repeat verbatim what Draco said?! I'm disgusted at the theme present here that Snape is doing a good job, because he is certainly not! Children need boundaries, yes, but more so they need a sense of security, and Snape doesn't build any! Instead he builds fear!
It's very rare that I review in the middle of a story but the swearing incident in particular left me with such a feeling of outrage that I had to get it of my chest.
About your writing: I can't shake the impression that it's becoming more and more sloppy. The first chapter was great, witty and fast-paced, the dialogues were distinct and well-portrayed different personalities, but by this point it seems as if only one person speaks - they all have the same vocabulary and expressions. It's awful to read.
What I liked: the fight in Gryffindor tower, it was well-written and believeable, and I'm proud of Neville!
Ok enough.
chicaalterego chapter 16 . 6/6
24601... Nice reference! I remmeber the nukber because of the song in the movie xD
Kyralian chapter 1 . 6/5
By Merlin! This is awesome! It's so rare to find a story that catches your heart from the beginning! This first chapter is hilarious! Poor sods!
crazypianoman2194 chapter 10 . 5/9
I want to strangle Snape, and I am usually a fan. Hope he becomes more tolerable soon.
wandamarie chapter 27 . 5/9
the story is great thank you
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