Reviews for People Will Talk
Ealasaid Una chapter 17 . 7/24
does bella think it is her fault?
Ealasaid Una chapter 15 . 7/24
what alice and rosalie did was wrong
Ealasaid Una chapter 6 . 7/23
she think it is all her fault
twiclare chapter 47 . 7/1
That was sweet!
twiclare chapter 46 . 7/1
I'm glad that Angela knows and can keep in touch. Loved the story, thank you for sharing.
twiclare chapter 45 . 7/1
I had a feeling that they'd attack while they knew she would be alone.
twiclare chapter 42 . 6/30
Oh no, it was Sam who deliberately caused the accident! He's certainly lost the moral high ground!
twiclare chapter 41 . 6/30
That was very emotinal! Poor Charlie and Angela.
twiclare chapter 39 . 6/30
It's such a shame that this happened, are they all going to blame themselves for the accident?
twiclare chapter 31 . 6/29
That was a lovely day with Esme!
Guest chapter 25 . 6/28
These visions are getting worryingly frequent!
twiclare chapter 19 . 6/27
I loved that she does seem to be genuinely happy about getting married rather than the usual grumbling!
twiclare chapter 14 . 6/25
I'm glad that Charlie is now being supportive and seems to realise that she needs to be with the Cullens.
twiclare chapter 11 . 6/25
Esme was not happy! Lauren is just a small minded, jealous, self centred bitch!
twiclare chapter 5 . 6/24
That vision of Alice's is worrying, poor Bella is literally worrying herself sick with everything that has happened.
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