Reviews for Ultimate Ceremony
HoneyBear84 chapter 1 . 8/31
Omd sud of known Albus wud be the one to see the real action lol, Loved it lol
RambleSchapalon chapter 1 . 6/26/2014
During this whole read, I was squealing so much that my throat is so sore. Congratulations. :P Loved it!
phoenixgirl26 chapter 1 . 11/25/2013
Every ultimate story was fantastic, I couldn't stop reading and to me, that says exactly how good it was, the way it was written and the stories, absolutely wonderful, well done.
Marifw chapter 1 . 8/14/2013
Fun fun fun! Loved it! :-)
KneazleGriff chapter 1 . 7/28/2013 good! Wow! At first, I really did think everyone at the bonding ceremony was watching them, and I was other words, I totally fell for it! Ha! I was reading it thinking...'Oh good lord, Molly Weasley is watching! Holy # :%!' I was so confused (but in good way!). It wasnt until Sirius started talking about an arguement that I started suspecting a magical ruse, so to speak. And then...yes...the champagne! Now I get it! And...oh my...I laughed out loud when Albus alluded to what HE saw! Very well done...truly great addition to yhis lovely series :)
YenGirl chapter 1 . 7/25/2013
You’re welcome! *hugs you back* That is a lovely avatar, perfect for this story!

When you first told me your idea for this story, I couldn’t stop wondering how it would work out… but you did it! This chapter made me nervous and smile and laugh and blush and tear up all at once – in other words, it was lovely!

Ah, if I were a student at Hogwarts, I would spend all my free hours in the RoR instead of the library. *dreamy smile* I would be walking barefoot on a sandy beach one day and in lying in a hammock in a flowering garden the next, holding one of those glasses of fruit punch complete with little umbrella on top. And then of course my grades would slip lower than Neville’s *ducks flying pot of mimbulus mimbletonia* and I’d be kicked out of Hogwarts. *sighs*

We all know Severus wouldn’t want to walk barefoot if anyone but Harry is around *grins* even though I’m sure he has sexy ankles, sexy feet and even toes… oops, getting distracted.

Lovely, lovely setting for their bonding ceremony with the path and the palm trees and the pillows and the shells *reminds herself to nick one of them later as a reminder* and everyone that they wanted to witness their ceremony was there… except for Draco and Ginny.

Wow *speechless* I suppose Draco had already visited the Burrow by now since months have passed since his first date with Ginny and hence, Molly is convinced of his good intentions towards her only daugher. I would’ve loved to see his expression when he first set eyes on the Burrow and when he navigated around the clucking chickens, garden gnomes and Wellington boots to step inside! *giggles*

Hah – too bad for Voldemort that he didn’t detect Albus’ plan and got himself killed instead! Good riddance! So Harry had much less stress in your enchanting universe while Albus made himself even more famous for killing not one, but two dark wizards in his lifetime! *chuckles and pats a pouting Headmaster on the back because the newspapers still insist it was Harry* Never mind, greater good and all that stuff you always say, right? *winks at Albus who turns away and shakes his head*

I’m happy that Harry’s scar has faded while Sev’s dark mark has disappeared entirely. They have a new life ahead of them now and it’s even better because they don’t have to hide anymore. Severus doesn’t have to give further pretend detentions to Harry and Harry doesn’t have to sneak around under his invisibility cloak! *happy smile*

I liked how you told us what happened in Sev’s POV and how Harry gently pulled him to the present with those little nudges. *follows behind them and winks at Severus’ shell that she is planning to sneak into her bag later* Of course the potion will work, Severus need not worry about that… and yet I understand why. Oh goodness, if it hadn’t worked… *giggles hysterically as she imagines all the various reactions from the audience – Ron pale faced and shrieking and trying to gouge out his eyes, blushing Hermione staring and then fainting in utter delight, just as red Molly giggling and clutching at an unconscious Arthur, Sirius suffering a heart attack from sheer rage and Albus… oh well, no change I suppose! *grins*

Oh, it was sweet of Severus to offer Harry the chance to claim him… even when he was nervous the potion wouldn’t work. And of course Harry wouldn’t accept that offer, he knows his Potions Master all too well.

Mmm,such delicious action! Severus really does know how to drive Harry crazy *nods approvingly at him* and he was so skilled that he stopped before Harry went over the edge – otherwise they might have had to drink another potion! And ensured that everyone else did the same *gropes blindly for the empty shell and slips it into her bag while staring wide eyed and drooling at the action going on*

And… oh, Severus changed his mind! *squeals until the RoR supplies everyone with fluffy pink earmuffs* Sexy, sexy man! Loved how he pleasured Harry and then prepared himself and – and - *passes out from delight*

You know how much I love stories where the roles aren’t set in stone and where the boys are flexible and willing to give and take – this was perfect! Oh, very nice, quick action there… with the leaning forward and the leg lock and the kisses… and the delicious heartstopping finish! *gasps and pants right along with the two of them and wishes she had a nice soft bed to collapse into*

So they are truly bonded now… and no one objected at all. *happy sigh* And now we get to see the reaction of key people and everything was spot on!

Dear Ron who really is prudish no matter what he says – I can’t help imagining and giggling myself silly if he had seen what Hermione or Molly had *giggles wildly* Good thing Sev’s potion worked perfectly and Ron only saw the most boring version of a bonding ceremony ever *shakes her head at Ron*

Dear Hermione who really is a fangirl and quite proud of it – she would’ve been very disappointed if she had seen everyone else’s version except what she saw. Unless it was the exact thing that went on! I’m glad she was pleased with the groping and the passionate kisses! And it’s good to know her father is quite open minded as well *grins*

Dear Molly who has nothing but romance on her mind – she too would have been almost as disappointed as Hermione if she had seen what Ron saw. I’m glad she’s accepted Draco as Ginny’s boyfriend now instead of Harry – her happy tears are clear proof of that. Although now I’m wondering what Arthur saw… but I’m quite sure it will be very similar to his wife’s. *nods at them both*

Dear Sirius who isn’t so dear to me right at that moment *frowns at him* because he still wanted Harry to break up with Severus! But at least he didn’t make a scene… and we have the potion to thank for that. It was a good thing acceptance came to his mind right at that very moment… and that the potion was sensitive enough to instantly register the change in his feelings and acted accordingly. Severus really brewed a perfect potion! *cheers*

Ah, I remember that big Weasley tent *smiles* And it’s sweet that Severus and Harry can talk to each other without speaking aloud. So if the two of them are smirking at nothing in particular, it means they are having an amusing conversation. *sees Severus and Harry nodding at her* And if Severus is smirking and Harry is blushing, it means Severus is teasing Harry *sees Severus nodding at her while Harry pretends not to notice* And if Severus is blushing and Harry is grinning, it means… *is glared at by Severus while Harry nods eagerly* Ooh, I’m envious!

And here’s Albus, right on cue! LOL… damn old coot indeed! *giggles even though she feels like blushing on Severus and Harry’s behalf* Oh it is so embarrassing! Even though Dumbledore is gay in canon, but still, he’s like a mentor/father figure to Severus and also a mentor/grandfather figure to Harry *still chuckling to herself* Ah well, at least he enjoyed himself and wasn’t grossed out like how Ron or Sirius would have been… and I’m sure he was proud of Severus that he is able to give himself to Harry like that. Although a small part of me believes that Albus didn’t drink the champagne… or took an antidote to it before hand? *sees an innocently whistling Headmaster* I guess we’ll never know…

Bravo to Severus for taking it in his stride and for not hiding away. Better still, he even took up Albus’ suggestion! *amazed* So Sirius and Remus and the other guests will enjoy the music and the buffet… and our lovebirds will enjoy themselves in other ways *smiles*

A lovely sequel, Julia… and I know there’s more in store for us!
Ann Jinn chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
I need to read the rest of the series, but this short story was great. Very touching and emotional between the two. Love Albus suggestion.
Pink Bead Girl chapter 1 . 7/24/2013
This was lovely! I thought the setting with the soft cushions, pretty seashell cups filled with the red potion, the rose scent echoing the rose-motif on the pillows was just so romantic.

It is nice that Severus, who shows his crusty side to all and sundry, was able to enjoy this romantic scene, his inner soft side relishing the whole thing - the bonding, the lovely beach setting and his adored green eyed Harry.

You portrayed it so well, I could almost feel the salty sea breeze in my hair and the crystal sugar sand under my toes. Lovely.

I was a bit amazed at first that the guests would see Severus and Harry being so intimate with each other, but then I began to smile a lot as I realized what a clever thing Severus had done to preserve their privacy and his dignity.

I liked the different reactions you wrote and how well they fitted the different characters. You covered the whole spectrum most imaginatively from Hermione with her "hot", lol, and Molly sighing at the sweet romance of it all, Ron breathing a sigh of relief that his "worst fears" were unfounded to Sirius's automatic dislike of Severus' hold on Harry worn down by the love glowing in Harry's eyes.

It was such a clever idea, all those viewpoints. I think you did really well covering the same moment from so many different angles but the best of all was Dumbledore! You really made him an old rascal, made me smile lots at the thought he saw it exactly as it was, a delight to his voyeuristic eyes.

I am still a reluctant HP fan but your lovely series of "Ultimates" has made a soft spot in my heart for Harry and Co.

Nicely done, a fitting culmination to a journey that began with hearts that scarcely dared hope for love to a union that will stand the test of time. I enjoyed every word, dear Schattengestalt, long may you write such wonderful things.
Tlcatlady chapter 1 . 7/22/2013
It figures that Dumbledore write would be a voyeur. .. he really should have given them their privacy. Beautiful job! TLC
Azrael Jinsei chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
Very cute and sweet. I want to know what Remus saw though, please?
Thank you
Sheankelor chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
*laughing really hard* Ward the door - ye-e-es that would be necessary. Thanks my dear, that was lovely.

Thank you for showing us such a wonderful ceremony from both Harry's and Severus' perspective before shifting.

The setting was beautiful and reminded me a little bit of their original bonding, as it was on a beach as well. There really should have been a few standing stones out in the distance. *sighs* But it is okay that there wasn't, it was still very nice and made Hermione happy.

I loved you way of showing us what other potion that Harry was worried about. We got to see the ceremony just the way everyone else wanted to see it. Even Albus *smirks* I am glad that Severus was ready to turn over a new leaf and was able to set aside his discomfort about Albus' ability to pick on them.

All is all lovely, and I am sorry about the short review... but know that I thoroughly agree with Yen.

Till later
Ryane-Foxx chapter 1 . 7/21/2013
:D oh my goodness! The part with Dumbledore had me in a fit of giggles I love it! I love all parts of your Ultimate series, so glad to see something new! :)