Reviews for Persona 3 - The Alternity Paradox
Jozern chapter 83 . 8/3
Enjoy collage. We'll be waiting with pitchforks and torches if you don't :)
pureshadow013 chapter 83 . 8/3
good luck man
stupei chapter 83 . 8/3
good luck with college n stuff !
Nightly7 chapter 83 . 8/3
I love this chapter! So full of emotion and lingering dread. Despite the cheerful exterior, something horrible must be brewing inside, I can already tell. Shit will hit the fan.
PFT! Good luck with college, mate. :P
Jetzul chapter 83 . 8/3
AWWW! :( Welp looks like we'll be gone for a bit. Enjoy the beginning of College :D I can't wait for the December!

Unitl then, FAREWELL
gerson chapter 82 . 7/31
Omfg this butterfly mask wearing jerkoff god damn you bastard stop making people having personas left and right like a damn free candy and ice cream! And awesome dude keep it up and just let me rant hahahah
pureshadow013 chapter 82 . 7/31
I wonder what Bunkichi's persona ill be like

did you just make ChihiroxMamoru a thing?
Ty chapter 81 . 7/22
Im really liking all of these twists and changes. So much so that I am always excited for the next chapter.
gerson chapter 81 . 7/22
Omg that bastard! Awesome chapter by the way keep it up
Jozern chapter 81 . 7/22
Dang. Very awesome. MORE!
Jetzul chapter 80 . 7/21
Oh, and by the way, I absolutely love the picture you put as the 'profile pic' of the fanfic.
Jetzul chapter 81 . 7/21
Hey! It's been a while since I've last reviewed. I've stopped reading for a while, cause I felt that the fanfic was becoming way too dark for my taste (the moment when Yuka went into a coma), and I've read the chapters from 79-81. And I'm honestly glad I did.

I won't like, I've missed your style of writing. The dark gritty realism and and the 'alternate' storyline really make this fanfic incredibly unique. :)

I intend on starting reading again, and I hope you do end up finishing the story.

And holy crap it's been over 2 years since this fanfic began O.O Kudos to you dude. That's amazing.

I'll be waiting for more !

Jetzul out :D
Carameldynr chapter 81 . 7/20
Awesome development! Though...all of the hostages won't be persona-user, will they? It's very weird if elders like Bunkichi & Mitsuko get their own persona. Hahaha keep up the good work! :)
pureshadow013 chapter 81 . 7/20
Yes! Kaz has a persona now! Now party members are always a good thing.

I wonder if philemon gave out any other personae
the last persona-user chapter 80 . 7/19
*squeal* this is going to be the epicest thing ever write *more manly fanboy squeals*
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