Reviews for Death Korps of Justice
TheRabbidRabbit chapter 42 . 11/21
It's certainly a relief Krieg has received the reinforcements he desperately needed, improving the chances of Los Angeles holding out. The increased manpower and material would bolster the defences, better fortifying the city against the invading heretics. Still, a level of self-sufficiency should be maintained since a complete dependence on external logistics is a strategic vulnerability in a siege. Krieg could repurpose any workshop to provide a steady stream of military material while cars and scrapyards are scrapped for their metal, all it takes is ingenuity and imagination; maybe a couple of makeshift catapults like that Defence Fortress in Resident Evil: Final Chapter and probably some ballistae. Now that I mentioned the movie, Is it possible for Krieg to compact hordes of cultist and set them ablaze? I would love to see that and even better if its televised, rousing morale once more in addition to being another middle-finger to the League. XD.

I've already long-expected Mia would receive the Butcher Nails so I'm not surprised that It happened. Mia's completely full of rage and has therefore fallen to Khorne's influence, its only natural for her to receive the… appropriate blessing usually reserved for the World Eaters. I don't recall if the BN also amplifies strength and endurance or the effects are strictly towards aggression and the complete suppression of self-preservation. Ultimately, this sight of Mia will have a psychological impact on Green Arrow. Oliver really screwed up for not handling her properly and now this is the result, from which I see him grappling with guilt over what he had done, how his actions led her to become this.

The confrontation between the Team and Krieg was certainly something readers have been waiting for since the latter's fateful decision in chapter 33 and I'm not disappointed. I was expecting a brawl to take place with the usual moral arguments enjoyed by the League, but the standoff was adequate enough. Krieg did try to lecture Aqualad and the others on the gravity of the situation: this is war, plain and simple; no quarter is given and idealism is worthless. While Aqualad acknowledges this (seemingly enough to earn a twinge of respect from Krieg), I sincerely doubt the rest would follow, which would be a source of friction throughout the siege as the Team try to maintain their code in a warzone.

Chaos forces are planning their next move, but the most significant right now would be the incoming army towards Los Angeles. If I estimate it correctly, there are five hosts each led by a supervillain headed to the city. The impending battle will be a test if Krieg successfully turned LA into a fortified meat-grinder. With the Joker involved and having ulterior motives, this makes me even more excited.
Director Waffles chapter 29 . 11/17
“his lone eye lost in a future only he could see.”

‘We plan, God laughs.’
chikenman01 chapter 42 . 11/17
This is an amazing story and I can't wait to see more, the Emperor protects
The Helghast Marine chapter 42 . 11/16
Get USS iowa ready for war for one more time. Let Iowa defend her home to the end. Give me victory or death.
Demon-255 chapter 42 . 11/16
As a military enthusiast, I'm unsure if you could get the proper shells required to make use of the Iowa's 16' main guns. I also doubt the city has the production required right now to manufacture those 16' shells over regular 5.56, 7.62, or 50. BMG ammunition. Her secondary guns might be able to come online with some absolutely ludicrous luck in finding the proper shells, but I also doubt that.
All this is taking into account the 16' main guns or her secondary guns even work despite their age. I'm sure they probably do, due to the sheer diligence to repairs that's been given to the Iowa, but the point stands.
Too many factors that prevent the proper usage of the seaborne artillery. A shame, but not much that can be done.

Moving on from the Iowa, I absolutely love this story, and I severely hope it continues till the end! Had too many good stories that've ended prematurely due to outstanding circumstances...
Cooldude101011 chapter 2 . 11/15
has stopped working
Director Waffles chapter 14 . 11/14
“Death Korps Grenadiers, armed with hellguns as their skull-painted masks scanned the darkness ahead of them for hostiles.”
The skulls on their masks is actually additional armour, hey also wear additional armour compared to a normal Korpsman! They also get the unique hot-shots, Mk XIV heavies, though that’s more of a fun fact than anything else.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/13
The Iowa could technically be used. Though it has been ran a ground to be stable enough to be a museum and you would have to cut the welds holding the guns in place. The secondary gun system should be fine and unchanged. You’d need firing pins for the mounted machine guns but the smaller artillery platforms would just need ammo and power.
rand0mlyther3 chapter 42 . 11/11
moar please, it too good
Darkhorse chapter 42 . 11/8
Potentially, yes, the Iowa could be mobilized. But, there are complications. Namely, there is zero ammo for her on board or anywhere nearby.

16" shells and the powder bags to propel the shells would need to be "found" for her and then restoring power to the turrets enough so that they can traverse. From there, it's getting the gun to elevate. Rangefinding equipment should still be in good shape, however.

Getting the Iowa out of her berth will be more difficult though, she would need a proper drydock visit and possibly years of work before she is sea worthy again.
CaptainHistory chapter 1 . 11/7
I would like to point out it has been established in the Young Justice universe that Darkseid is interested in conquering Earth. The only reason he hasn’t is because of a deal with Vandal Savage. Also, Darkseid help Savage defend Earth from being conquered in the show. I only mention this because if anyone would take issue with the Dark Gods and want to stop them, it would be the embodiment of tyranny.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/2
Any chance you can make a a Warhammer 40k and Marvel crossover?
Guest chapter 42 . 10/30
Could probably get the first Front Turret working In this battle but it would take a few days to get them all online and a few weeks to get her out to sea in a bad condition
A few months before she’s up to full Naval combat capability
Guest chapter 42 . 10/22
Yes, just ran into this beauty and I love it
Guest chapter 42 . 10/21
Stoked can’t wait for more!
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