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master of death12345 chapter 47 . 9/19
please continue
Malum Caedo esq chapter 47 . 8/31
I'm enjoying the story but I do have to wonder how exactly Keled is going to remain a particularly interesting character if he continues to remain steadfast in the psychotic mindset instilled in him by the Imperium, as mates who have read the story have told me.

I'm not talking so much about his prediction for brutality and lethal force, moreso his relationships with the rest of the cast. I think there's only so much mileage you can get out of "psychotic xenophobic religious fanatic" without any significant development in his beliefs, and the now that his former compatriots have taken their first lives it begs the question as to when, exactly, down the line they might feel it's time to put the rabid dog down for good. This wouldn't be without justification either; Keled is downright monstrous, and while it's incredibly tragic that he's the product of a society that is designed to create men like him, as well as his formative years being ones spent in one of the darkest, vilest places in said depraved society, it doesn't exactly change the fact of what he is.

Hardly a criticism either, I'd have to say I'm riveted by the road you want to take this story on. Keep up the good work mate.
Mnuchinboogaloo chapter 25 . 8/16
Im gonna say it because I am a sucker for toxic/unwanted romances in story. I ship this idfc. I want them together kinda like Batman and Talia, you know a unwanted (for krieg) love affair. While him and raven are like Batman and Catwoman like they understand each other to a deep degree.
whytf chapter 3 . 8/7
I'm curious on how well would Keled fare with 21st century weaponry. Yes WH40K weapons are superior, but cut off from home, means cut off from the resources needed to maintain his usual gear, which means he must adapt to what exist. I'm also curious on how Keled would open up to the DC cast, while I doubt a heart to heart thing would be nigh impossible with Keled, I would think that his mindset would adapt, change appropriately due to circumstances but wouldn't change too much considering his Krieg conditioning, which I also think he would be more talkative. I'm also curious on which path and alignment he would take, while a definitive no for the villains, since DC bad guys deals with what Keled would consider as Daemons daily and of course downright heretical behavior, I also don't think he would be too keen with The League, considering their too soft nature. I'm not too deep on DC universe, is there a team out there that fights for justice and not afraid to stain their hands with blood? I can only came up with Red Hood that fits perfectly for this and yet Dick is still Robin, which means Jason isn't anywhere near the picture yet.

TL;DR: consider me hooked on this fic
whytf chapter 1 . 8/7
Klarion would be the number one on Keled's kill list
13 unlucky cows chapter 47 . 7/31
Good stuff, I like it. Keep up the great work.
Guest chapter 32 . 7/3
This fanfic is honestly the most frustrating and dissatisfying thing I have reads in a while. The author is capable of so many great moments but insists on dragging on the worst parts of the fanfic while basically cutting out the main character. This is not a story about a Death Korp Guardsman. The former guardsman is now a heretical side character who’s actions constantly and directly contradict his “beliefs”.
Israelgjr chapter 47 . 6/26
I just found this series today and wasn’t able to put it down at all, i cant wait to see whats next. congratulations on the book!
pj6778457 chapter 47 . 6/13
This is a great story, love how you are doing Ravager and Krieg. Can’t wait to see we’re you take them.
rvbrwby chapter 47 . 6/12
great story, I just wish a transport ship with a regiment or 5 would miraculously make an appearance and give krieg some much needed reinforcements and some heavy armor support.
Doctor chapter 25 . 6/11
Yo if Ravager keeps kicking Krieg in the balls, how tf is he gonna be able to have children with her? Or does she actually really not want to have kids with him?
Guest chapter 1 . 6/10
The account saying to go to Gina-Gail-Goodman-B
Is just a convoluted bullying scheme where they just spam the same comment under the review section I'd just ignore it and move on because they honestly have no actually authority
Imperator chapter 47 . 6/7
Hey Lord of change I just want say one thing screw that a-hole who is trying (and failing) to threaten you that kind of behavior is extremely inappropriate and I'm sure if you report him he will be dealt with
Lord-of-Change chapter 47 . 6/5
To the Guest trying to threaten me below:

Go right ahead, I don't negotiate with assholes.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4
I honestly wanted to like this story, but this is just bad. It's akin to sniffing a moldy egg casserole from the back of my fridge: a stupid waste of time for something rotten that belongs in the trash.

Now, I hope I have your attention and that you can improve your writing, but that's not why I'm here. I'm sending this message on behalf of my friend, Gina Gail Barron-Goodman, who is an assistant site administrator.

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