Reviews for Granger Danger
James018 chapter 3 . 1/17
Bit disappointed that this fic won't go any further but still very much worth the read. Thanks for sharing.
Oogies4u chapter 3 . 11/17/2014
aWWW SWEET.. When will you update again.. hope its soon
scorpioneldar chapter 3 . 10/29/2014
aww i would really love to see the complete series from this perspective
well writen and well done though thanks for the stuff you did write
8thweasleykid chapter 3 . 7/4/2014
this is really good too bad you didn't keep going
Philosophize chapter 3 . 5/30/2014
Please don't abandon this!
Yusuke Urameshi - Mazoku chapter 3 . 3/19/2014
jupimako chapter 3 . 3/2/2014
Very nice. I hope you add more someday.
jupimako chapter 2 . 3/2/2014
Really liked chapter two :D.
jupimako chapter 1 . 3/2/2014
Great start to what I hope will be an excellent story.
Dontforgettologout.lessontime chapter 3 . 2/6/2014
I am looking forward to more fantastic chapters soon (it has almost been six months now) especially as the next chapter should be the conclusion of Harry and Hermione's first year at Hogwarts I should think!
nyx'godness chapter 3 . 1/21/2014
Followed you here from ao3 and since this fic was not posted over there I decided to read it. Great story! I hope you update soon!
Guest chapter 3 . 1/18/2014
inuyashaxkagome321 chapter 1 . 1/1/2014
This story is awesome so far! Please, please, please continue it!
Netag Silverstar chapter 3 . 1/1/2014
This is a great story, I really like it.

Personally I like how you are working to really keep Harry and Hermione close to who they are but making the changes very realistic. I am pretty sure I have said that about your work on another fic, but I am not sure. I love your Ravenclaw house set up and characterisations, snapes too. I look forward to Draco though, it stands to be interesting.

Overall I am very pleased with your stories, they are very solid contributions to the fandom.

And on the issue of pairings, please, please, please include Viktor Krum and Hermione, if only for the Yule Ball. I love that pairing to bits and I know you already have a fic with that in it (which I like) but please add it here too. I wouldn't mind it if you went with another Hermione pairing as the main but please consider Viktor Krum. He just doesn't seem to get the love he deserves.

Hoping you had a happy new year and update some time in the near future!
lady sakura cosmos chapter 3 . 12/23/2013
good story
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