Reviews for Titan of the Hunt
Lukoshi chapter 53 . 11/17
It's honestly hard to read this sometimes. Some chapters are great and then we get these absolutely ridiculous plot points. If he is immortal then why the hell would rewinding his time make him lose his immortality? The power is already within him. On top of that he literally just said you could put him in the water to heal himself. So. Frustrating.
Lukoshi chapter 52 . 11/17
Percy must be the dumbest Titan of Time I've ever heard of. How can he be worried about not making it to catch her when he literally controls time? He has as much of it as he wants, what an idiot
Lukoshi chapter 44 . 11/17
Hmmm I know you've already written way farther than this but a good symbol of power for the tides is a tough one ... maybe some sort of enhancement on his constellation shield so it includes the tides as well around the edges? Looking forward to seeing what you decided!
Lukoshi chapter 43 . 11/16
A roman Aspect wouldn't make sense for Percy. The Gods only have one because they literally lived through Rome and it changed their very identities, how many power ups can he possibly get before he just sneezes and solves all the problems? Besides as a true immortal he can change his appearance at will, he doesn't need an aspect
Lukoshi chapter 41 . 11/16
Finally acceptable solutions to the ridiculous amount of wings and the random tail that for some reason he gets but neither Pontus or Poseidon/Neptune have but whatevs. All is well again
Lukoshi chapter 33 . 11/16
Be Percy Jackson, badass Titan Lord with god slaying weapons. Go to fight unbeaten Titan Lord. Use useless sword ... and then Thalia comes in and kills Oceanus so Percy doesn't even get his domain. Pure frustration reading that :(
Lukoshi chapter 16 . 11/15
12 wings?! Why on earth would you need that many? It would literally make flying impossible not to mention he would look like an idiot. 6 is still ridiculous but at least somewhat understandable. 2 is more than enough
Code 1121 chapter 128 . 10/28
Gotta say:

I am more excited about the Perseus/Lilith stuff than anything else, maybe because they seem like such deep characters that we know so little about when it really comes down to it. Very excited to see where those two go. Keep up the amazing work, been here reading for about a decade now.
oneizm chapter 19 . 10/4
So that early chapter rewrite just didn’t happen huh? There are errors that a simple run of spell check would easily catch….
blahvlag chapter 128 . 9/23
cant wait for the next part
mastercheif1229 chapter 128 . 9/19
Awesome story so far! I can't wait for the next chapter! Though , I really don't like Perseus at all and think that the story would be significantly better if you got rid of him. Also, I hope that when Harmony splits, Artemis/Diana will be stronger than before as a result (hopefully close to Zeus' level of power).
ayden762 chapter 128 . 9/16
the story just got confusing and weird after chapter. 70-80
ayden762 chapter 71 . 9/15
It's sad when you realise Aphrodite has more intelligence then Perseus
ayden762 chapter 71 . 9/15
I have to ask why does Percy have a hunt domain when clearly he can't actually hunt? it seems to be an oversight and if he has it just because Artemis does that seems to be pretty stupid
ayden762 chapter 70 . 9/15
honestly what's the point of giving him domains and weapons of power why he hasn't used most of them or just gives them away?
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