Reviews for Titan of the Hunt
skotos07 chapter 16 . 12/3
Really?! The last three titles including this current one are very very original, I admir your brain :P
KryptonWrites chapter 12 . 11/10
bruh, 50-50, sorry, I've read better, there is room for a lot of improvement, like 59%
TheProfessorOfWar chapter 1 . 11/6
you literally had no reason to bring annabeth back and have her date Nico. and who even thought they were good together eh? and annabeth would not date Nico by her morals and Percy would leave Artemis the moment he heard she was alive or still there. you just brought her back for conveniences sake to create drama. fuck this
MrScorch chapter 64 . 11/6
I won't deny the story being well-written and interesting. But just like with tens or hundreds of other guardian stories, I don't see the appeal of the main hero being constantly threatened and sometimes directly abused for mostly things he has little to no fault in. And even apologizing for a lot of things the other side should instead. I'll keep reading, it's a good one, just had to share my thoughts, what with being 400k words in.
Resoleo1 chapter 4 . 11/5
Did percy absorb the power of the fallen titans ?
Guest chapter 62 . 11/5
Guest chapter 5 . 11/4
kinda sucks
Courtney Cee chapter 125 . 10/29
Thanks for the update.
Bookish77 chapter 2 . 10/22
Nice! The fact that Kronos gave up his power is pretty cool.
Bookish77 chapter 1 . 10/19
That was actually pretty good!
Darth66 chapter 89 . 10/18
hey there, random reader here.
listen ive loved the story so far (i gotten to part of the next chapter but returned to the bottom of this one to leave my review) but things are getting a little 'too much' for me to continue reading the rest of this story.
As i said i loved it so far; great idea for the plot, lots of the characters making actions that i may be able to see them doing, new ones to enjoy as well. i have been constatly reading it for 3 days is how much ive been reading it.
however it just has become too much ... chaotic maybe?... for me to continue reading. honestly its maybe these last chapters since the author's note (chap 62) that ive come to not really enjoy as much as the ones before. what been written since, is yes very good, however i haven't been enjoying it.
so with this being said/typed. thank you for what you've written and the many hours i have enjoyed it, but im going to have to stop here. hopefully the re-write goes well and ill check back in with this story every couple months to see what youve done, who knows maybe ill be able to enjoy it better after being on a different story/universe reading spree.
much luck to you
skotos07 chapter 125 . 10/10
Hello! Just to let you know that it is very rare to see that level ofcommitment on a fanfiction , especially since such a long period of time. I would be honest that I almost stopped your fanfic after chapter 10 at the first time but after I am very happy to not have done so. I am glad that you are rewritting what is one of the major masterpiece of this fandom and I will certainlytake a look when I can. Now that I grown I don't care at all about delaies between updates as long as the author(s) give good and high quality chapter, so just take your time, you are not paied at all in any way by writting this and you do also have a life beside writting fanfiction. Though I am not very confortable by certain scene I definitely appreciate a lot reading/re-reading this when I just want a laugh or two. Well. IDK how to end this so just thanks I guess? :)
rjfisherjr1009 chapter 125 . 10/8
Finally caught up after about a week of reading through, and man is it definitely one of the best I've read. Even if there were some parts I was somewhat on the fence about (and seemingly you ~7 years down the line with the Sins), there really hasn't been an unenjoyable part of the story. The rewrites, while simple in nature, are also really welcome to read even if it slows the current chapter progression. Looking forward to more of both!
anon-acc chapter 124 . 10/7
So good, thanks for sticking with the story!
ManWritesThings chapter 125 . 10/6
Mark me down for re-read #4 then
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