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GHK chapter 1 . 8/3
I read this for the first time in 2014. I must have read it 20-30 times since then, always getting super excited when I get a notification that a new chapter has been updated. This fanfic has been something that I’ve loved coming back to for a huge portion of my life, and it makes me so happy to see that you’re still updating, albeit less frequently than previously. I don’t know if you ever plan on wrapping it up or calling it quits at some point, but I’ll be really sad when that day comes. I really love the characters and the universe you created, and various moments and quotes from your story will often pop into my mind and get me to start reading all over again. I’m an adult now, as you more than likely are, so I totally understand how much real life takes over hobbies, but I really wanted to thank you for taking the time to occasionally update us long time readers
yoganksri chapter 82 . 7/30
the story is really great except for the fact that it just feels like percy is really a pet dog to the hunt. keep doing good stuffs and then get treated as per the mood of the hunt and diana/artemis. in order to show percy good, understanding and patient character, it seems as it has gone really overboard. percy is like sea, he is gentle as breeze and violent as storm. there is no way percy would have let himself suffer so much in order to just get someone to like him. perseus is exactly what canon percy would have been, not taking shit from anyone, though he too seem to loose his balls in front of diana/artemis unable to stand for his self respect.. it is funny how he goes toe to toe with anyone but becomes chicken in front of the hunt. in canon, percy fought with thalia when she shocks him unintentionally and here he is happily becoming a bitch to everything the hunt may throw. he loves artemis/diana yes but that doesn't mean someone has to compromise with self respect. yes i'm not telling he would have been rude, that is not percy. he would have been patient with the hunt but this is outright submission on his part. lick the feet of someone you love. relationship is based on mutual respect, not one-sided. all i've seen so far in this story is the hunt diana/artemis abusing him at any point they want and only when he is nearly dying diana/artemis starts worrying only to berate him once he gets well or when they spend some alone time. this is more ridiculous than the normal guardian story as in those stories he is betrayed, gains blessings become powerful and then becomes guardian only to be treated as slave Because in this story he is THE TITAN LORD and yet he is petted as if he were nothing. In order to show percy very good, all the story has managed till now is to make him a bitch to the hunt.
Bluephoen1x chapter 117 . 7/27
Hello I love your story so much so that I read it all in a week (even though it was a lot to take in) pls continue it and pls keep writing these and thanks for this wonderful story :)
ShadowSaiyan666 chapter 109 . 7/25
Not sure if you noticed, but you called 'Hannibal' Scipio in this chapter a few times.
UndaDaSeee chapter 15 . 7/25
To be perfectly honest, i started to read this with the small hope that because the story was over 700k words, it would become an adventure similar to other stories that enchanted me to read them, with even shorter word counts.

The plot was somewhat fine, the setting of the first chapter was okay but i am slightly disappointed by the grammar and the buildup of dialogue.

I am not a grammar perfectionist by far, its all right to make mistakes because this is fanfiction and it takes a lot of time and creativity to pull it off. However, after 15 chapters i have seen minimal improvement to the grammar. The next point i would like to say is the grammar build up. The characters speak their minds too quickly, or their lines seem somewhat forced and robotic, as if what they were just facts and didn't give a sense of normalcy in a way that the way they say it clearly expresses their feelings. but all i have seen so far are explanations that are summarized that while it does help further the plot faster than normal, it interrupts the pacing and general theme of the rest of the story.

The action scenes are really good to read and the one point i can say the author did really well so i have nothing to say about that.

The writing may improve as i go on and read it if i have the time but for now i will stop my review here.

Mad respect to the author here. I'm not trying to flame them or anything, just giving my opinion as fair as possible. you may disagree with me thats okay thats what the internet is for a lot of conflicting opinions and not one can be the winner. just compromising where we can
ShadowSaiyan666 chapter 107 . 7/25
Just want to say, despite my comments and such about various things that are incorrect according to your own Canon and whatever, this is a really good story. Even from the beginning it is genuinely fun to read, and that's hard to find in stories that were first written back in 2013. Generally first stories from back then, especially in this fandom, are...rough to read.
ShadowSaiyan666 chapter 99 . 7/24 you realize the first part of this chapter is the last part of last chapter?
ShadowSaiyan666 chapter 84 . 7/23
You forgot a point: Reyna was named 'Friend of Horses' by Pegasus, due to her deep friendship with Scipio, the likes of which Pegasus had never seen Percy's friendship with Blackjack is what? A boy and his cabby?
Code 1121 chapter 117 . 7/22
Not to leave a short review, but I really like where this chapter is pointing the story.

I’ve noticed the hints in this and SHOI, mainly the “far too much attention to detail”. While I don’t know what that means, it certainly keeps my attention. I got to go to bed now, another long day of homework ahead of me. Good luck and congratulations with the new place.


Michael Cuthbertson II
Bradleybakes chapter 117 . 7/21
Wow a chapter without sex! Loved the reference to Hans Blix and never finding the missing WMD clearly had the wrong team behind him... the next sandstorm will hide it again or they can make a a new Unesco site now a vacancy has just come up! .. Sirloin always goes down well on a BBQ! Just how big was that glass of wine? Poor Lillith... but so deserved. Our 2 hellhounds greet you like that daily they are so going to miss you when you move... Looking forward to more about Annabeth and how she will evolve if possible from her current "Dead Goddess" role to be something with substance. Not everyone likes to leave a review but they stick with the story and remain loyal fans but appreciate its sometimes the only way you get feedback ..good ..bad or the usual "Update!"
Anime-ted Life116 chapter 117 . 7/20
Damn, its been 117 chapters... and we are finally getting new updates!

The last time i picked this up, was back in 2019, at around chap 110. The first time I read this, was back in 2017-18,when BOO was released.

I have to say, this series has come a loooonnngg way. From budding romance between a demigod and Artemis, to damned Fate additions, including Morgan Le Fay, Mordred, Merlin, and the best girl, Ereshkigal!

I have to say, the Fate additions were a surprise, but a welcome addition. Most likely we ain't gonna see the OG cast of FGO or F/SN, but meh. It will be pretty nice to the shit that happens when the daughter is born, as well as when Perses decides to fight Percy. The guy will get smushed by Harmony, or Percy will use his armoury to smash him to bits. Either way, he ain't surviving shit.

Speaking of, I have a name for the Lamia, and it is Siesta.
EgoRaptor chapter 117 . 7/19
Just realised I've been reading this story for 8 years, was literally 13 cutting about in pjo pjs on my iPod and came across this lol, here's to another 8 years lol
Qxrtzy chapter 117 . 7/19
It’s crazy how you started this in 2013 and kept going, the determination is incredible! Keep going, love the story btw.
anon-acc chapter 117 . 7/19
Ahh sad to hear that Harmony will not be around forever. Definitely enjoyed how their relationship progressed
SneakyRacoon10 chapter 65 . 7/19
Camaro’s are made by Chevrolet not Ford
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