Reviews for Titan of the Hunt
J915WinterKing chapter 115 . 4/18
Imagine asking questions as a guest... How ignorant.
Story amazing as ever!
idroberts7808 chapter 80 . 4/16
now that blackjack had adamantium wings it would be cool if Percy borrowed some shed feathers and had a weapon made. maybe something to replace his bow as a weapon of power. armor, match to maelstrom, etc. btw awesome story so glad you've started updating again.
Lolsk chapter 50 . 4/14
Death Fury chapter 115 . 4/4
excellent chapter, though a little bit longer than expected... okay a whole lot bigger than expected, but nice.
Code 1121 chapter 115 . 4/1
I started reading around the time chapter 80 went live. Been reading and re reading ever since. Never really stopped reading. Love this story and everything in it. I honestly take your story to be canon over the Riordan stories, your story is just so much cooler and makes so much more sense. I was maybe fourteen or so when I started reading this and I’m now a few months from 22, almost done with my second year of engineering. I was so excited when I got the notification a while back for this chapter, and today finally got the time to read through it. Awesome chapter. Thanks for the storytelling,

-Michael Cuthbertson II
relyt15 chapter 115 . 3/31
so i basically binged this in about a week and I got to say, well done man. Cant wait to read more and just keep trucking with this story cause it is very well done and I'm loving every second of it. sleepy time now.
Bradleybakes chapter 115 . 3/31
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as was a break from the story but was very cleverly worked to be an integral part of it still. I loved all the background info that as you say never gets written or fully explained. A big congratulations on 5 million views.. Who would have thought it on that ferry back from France would lead you to this point Well done! Enjoy some down time now!
MrTurnt chapter 64 . 3/31
Actually this whole premise is wrong as he was a full titan when he went into the coma so why if he went back to a few hours after is he only a part immortal, why would he go back so far anyway? Literally this makes no sense
MrTurnt chapter 64 . 3/31
It is really irritating/stupid/pointless that you keep having Percy revert back to being human this time you said it’s been weeks if not months since the coma why does he need to revert back that far couldn’t he have simply gone back a day to before the fight.
aesir21 chapter 115 . 3/30
you are right books never show the horny demigods and results of those actions but then again the books are meant for young teens to young adults and Rick was mostly focused on the world and action stories of modern day heroes with dash of romance.
Ronnie R15 chapter 115 . 3/29
Wait so is this now some sort of "Fate" crossover? Were there earlier clues pointing to this and I just missed them? Are there going to be other crossovers?
Guest chapter 115 . 3/26
Just drop your cash app I’m at a point we’re j would pay you to just chill and write I’m sure me and the other five million ppl agree
naruto namikaze 9 chapter 115 . 3/26
this was an excellent chapter. and congratulations on the 5 million views
Sm1thy chapter 115 . 3/25
Interesting chapter, i like it although a bit wordy with all the info of the pass it was still a great chapter:)
IDK chapter 115 . 3/25
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