Reviews for Titan of the Hunt
IDK chapter 115 . 3/25
Olde Reader chapter 115 . 3/24
Love the story. Spelling errors occasionally. Weary wary seems to be the main one. Other words happen also or better choices. Keep up the good story telling.
You10 chapter 115 . 3/23
The long awaits are always worth it!

I'm disappointed that Merlin is such a failure to be honest. I definitely like the Merlin from the Merlin TV Show from 2008, though he is an asshole the way he treated Morgana. Sometimes I wish instead of recreating the myths they writers would have made the story different, even if it wasn't real anymore T_T.

Good luck and I wait for more!
JustLucky05 chapter 115 . 3/23
That was most EXCELLENT! I really enjoyed the way you developed her character. It gave us a depth that was previously missing from her. I can't wait to see how this story progresses. keep up the wonderful work.
McL1008 chapter 115 . 3/23
Love it. Can't wait to read about the lamia girl
Guest chapter 115 . 3/22
I love this book so much it’s gotten me through so much thank you
Woofington chapter 1 . 3/22
I can't but help to notice you also like Inheritance Cycle, would you consider a PJO and Inheritance crossover? with PercyxArya ofc when this is done as well.
Lenny1111 chapter 115 . 3/22
Please don’t do another of these chapters. I don’t like the Story focusing on Morganna instead of Percy for so long. After a bit it became tedious reading the chapter and I had to skip at least 10k words
I love Anaklusmos 14 chapter 115 . 3/22
Dude cool you're back! and now the question. When will the children of Perseus appear in history?
khanwalkarsid chapter 115 . 3/22
Absolutely loved the new chapter and I'm glad your back!
Can't wait for the next one
The Mechanic 2004 chapter 115 . 3/22
Im really curious now about what happened to thalia in the ending. Lots of new theories forming in my head. I really love how you write so well with so much details and meaning behind everything. This might as well be made into a legit book or books that replace HOH and beyond because I for sure wont mind reading this over the latest series that I did not bother understanding after reading them once. This can rival uncle ricks work and thats how you know that you have done an amazing job writing these past years! Cheers mate! Stay safe keep well and take your time updating!
TriainaMoon chapter 115 . 3/22
Great chapter very interesting liked the dragon and that stuff
Can’t wait to see Percy give her some sword lessons and see Artemis/Harmony reaction
Might we find out what happened with Artemis family
Keep up the great work and update soon please
The Mechanic 2004 chapter 115 . 3/21
rickrolltrol chapter 115 . 3/21
Azwelxyn chapter 115 . 3/21
I've been reading this story almost as long as it's been out, I was 11 when it came out and will be turning 20 here in a few months, it's one of my favorite works of fiction and by far the best fanfiction I've ever read. This last chapter especially was incredibly well written and a joy to read through. I spent 2 hours after work reading it through and I loved every second of it, keep up the amazing work.
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