Reviews for Titan of the Hunt
addykuluki98 chapter 82 . 5/21
happy that they all stayed so let's go for more adventures no more drama about this
addykuluki98 chapter 77 . 5/20
I'm stupid it was not what I thought but cool enyway
addykuluki98 chapter 76 . 5/20
boy this arc of the story started amazingly please let this be a proper mystery don't tell us everything next chapter i really really want to see an arc a lot of questions were Percy has to figure out stuff with Artemis and Diana like a team if I'm right this will be so cool
addykuluki98 chapter 74 . 5/20
you have called time lord The Destroyer of worlds the incoming storm is missing for this version of Percy Jackson to become doctor who please do it just me i will be so happy i think his dad can do storms i think I hope you realize how perfect this chapter was you could have ended here with one more chapter with time jumping and It would be fine but I'm so glad that you are still going i hope you have my review for ever I will never stop reading and reviewing your story for years to come or how long you want this story to go as far the chapter it's self fuck Aphrodite i hope Artemis kill's her ass at some point and become the new goddess of love it would work with the title to if you think about it I hope you do it at same point olso Percy hulk out best moment of the story so far so many things that I can't choose from best chapter
addykuluki98 chapter 73 . 5/20
oh my goodness that was a ride so fucking perfect the itnire chapter I i was at the edge i saw it coming at the end I was like oh that my goodness we are ok until the bomb this and the chapter after yes I have done finished them are my favourite fanfic chapters ever made my sister called I tried finish as fast as possible taking on the phone so I can start the next chapter no joke the one thing we learn a huge lesson don't want fuck with the fates ever
addykuluki98 chapter 69 . 5/19
really big chapter can i be honest I want something awesome like a fight when Zeus finds out about them i mean he gets mad for every thing i would really like a chapter with the fight and then at the end Artemis gets between them i know it's a bit much but we already had the normal reaction let's get crazy we will see i guess
addykuluki98 chapter 67 . 5/18
one fucking time and he got 2 wow faster gun in the west just let everyone know already
addykuluki98 chapter 57 . 5/18
can I be honest have there is one thing I don't like about this that they don't remember it just lives me with a bad taste my mouth i don't get why you did it it does not change anything in the story I'm not saying i want to see it i would have beat Aphrodite close to death if it was me but good to character work with her
addykuluki98 chapter 56 . 5/18
this was the best chapter so far I laughed out loud so much Lito best mom and wing woman Apollo definitely knows
addykuluki98 chapter 49 . 5/17
bomb once again i don't remember this ever happen in the books i but it would have been badass and you totally pulled superman red / blue and you are right if have to go and fight gods all the time you would be like fuck fantasy I'm living in it you might kill me for this but do you think they ever did it together no promises broken ha ha ha I'm not funny I know but let a boy dream of a threesome oh that would be great and again no promises broken i love this story so much
addykuluki98 chapter 41 . 5/16
okay this was so cool honestly I was afraid that it would be way too much but I don't know what to say this is my favourite fanfic ever and Percy is Dante from devil cray just lets go rule of cool to the maximum you keep dropping bomb after bomb
addykuluki98 chapter 40 . 5/16
finished the chapter I don't know what was the choice that was made but for my money he shouldn't be more powerful I don't know he loses the thing he started this journey with plus not even a little bit human it's just to big of a change i don't know what what happens but think of the ship of Theseus paradox if you have watched wandavision you get it olso right at this moment 2 universes exist let's see what universe I end up in Geronimo !
addykuluki98 chapter 39 . 5/16
when did this story become a cidcom i don't know but I love it for just a few chapters i will not review everything because that would be kind of bad because you will have to read versions of the words this was awesome for pages I will review only for big stuff i promise just know that I that I love this story more every chapter it would be great if you put song choices to listen to when reading the story to know your taste is it just good or is it Trash taste ha ha ha I'm funny I know great anime podcast if you don't know it i know you like anime from the other fanfic great choice by the way fate stay night unlimited blade works my favourite anime ever please make more of the fanfic please if you want to
see you next time
addykuluki98 chapter 38 . 5/16
really awesome finaly you did it thank you for having it happen right away sort of and not at the end or close to it let the adventure begin I'm really looking forward to the new big bad that will come please don't let this be just slice of life with big monsters i need new prophecy for a little bit of mystery or something big and weird not chaos please I have seen it way to much its not like it will change what ever it may be just saying
addykuluki98 chapter 35 . 5/15
i just found your story a few days ago and I can stop reading I love it so much your writing is awesome and the ending of the war you did was amazing one small thing that is my opinion and you will definitely not change just saying Hades would have have been a better choice than his actual father i mean that seasons where created because he loved a woman is he shouldn't have see where I'm going with this plus it's weird a bit anyway I hope leo gets to do my best favourite of the 2nd trio olso hope you update soon as you can i have a road to go but I like to know that in a million years when I get to it does have some more but olso take your time to craft it perfectly just wanted you to know new fan here hope you continue this great huge epic tale
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