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addykuluki98 chapter 35 . 5/15
i just found your story a few days ago and I can stop reading I love it so much your writing is awesome and the ending of the war you did was amazing one small thing that is my opinion and you will definitely not change just saying Hades would have have been a better choice than his actual father i mean that seasons where created because he loved a woman is he shouldn't have see where I'm going with this plus it's weird a bit anyway I hope leo gets to do my best favourite of the 2nd trio olso hope you update soon as you can i have a road to go but I like to know that in a million years when I get to it does have some more but olso take your time to craft it perfectly just wanted you to know new fan here hope you continue this great huge epic tale
ArashiNokitsune chapter 115 . 5/13
I finally managed to read all of this so far and I have a lot to say but in short this story has progressed into something very complicated especially with power levels and stuff why do some parts to bring up what could be a valid argument there are parts that are complete f-bombs don't get me started on the whole Annabeth situation because that is ludicrous and is practically a betrayal to Percy and its own right on the fact she still in a sense a live and impromptu move on to a new relationship and not even tell her old boyfriend she's alive never mind the death of her original body, yes she told Percy to move on but the fact that in an odd way she came back and never bother to come back in contact with her old friend who was her boyfriend just summing it up that that situation is going to get messy. the fact that Artemis went evolving into something greater then what she was and a bunch of other tidbits here and there and the occasional parks that is best summed up as WTF a great story though but I'm beginning to think that this has lost it's Direction wherever it's going
matthew.robar23 chapter 1 . 5/8
Please change it so talking isn’t insideapostrophes and instead insidequotation marks
MSKN chapter 115 . 5/2
Hello I have just completed your story and I have to say it's one of the best fanfiction I have read. I managed to finish the whole thing in a week. I was that hooked. It was well written and it doesn't have the Annabeth betrayed Percy cliché. I liked how you handled Thalia and Reyna's relation and Percy and Artemis's relationship is sweet and nice.
I have taken inspiration and decided to write my own fanfic. It's called PERSEUS SAVIOUR NOT DESTROYER. Please check it and do review it.
The Last Centurion 1 chapter 115 . 4/23
Loved the Story, especially your take at the Roman aspect Diana, thanks for writing!
Mark Andrew chapter 67 . 4/21
Okay.. so I'm behind and catching up here.. but.. drats! I wish both aspect were having girls. Or even twins! Wait. Then that'd be quadruplets... maybe nevermind.
Though. Would mean there'd finally be a Roman huntress for Arty!
J915WinterKing chapter 115 . 4/18
Imagine asking questions as a guest... How ignorant.
Story amazing as ever!
idroberts7808 chapter 80 . 4/16
now that blackjack had adamantium wings it would be cool if Percy borrowed some shed feathers and had a weapon made. maybe something to replace his bow as a weapon of power. armor, match to maelstrom, etc. btw awesome story so glad you've started updating again.
Lolsk chapter 50 . 4/14
Death Fury chapter 115 . 4/4
excellent chapter, though a little bit longer than expected... okay a whole lot bigger than expected, but nice.
Code 1121 chapter 115 . 4/1
I started reading around the time chapter 80 went live. Been reading and re reading ever since. Never really stopped reading. Love this story and everything in it. I honestly take your story to be canon over the Riordan stories, your story is just so much cooler and makes so much more sense. I was maybe fourteen or so when I started reading this and I’m now a few months from 22, almost done with my second year of engineering. I was so excited when I got the notification a while back for this chapter, and today finally got the time to read through it. Awesome chapter. Thanks for the storytelling,

-Michael Cuthbertson II
relyt15 chapter 115 . 3/31
so i basically binged this in about a week and I got to say, well done man. Cant wait to read more and just keep trucking with this story cause it is very well done and I'm loving every second of it. sleepy time now.
Bradleybakes chapter 115 . 3/31
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this as was a break from the story but was very cleverly worked to be an integral part of it still. I loved all the background info that as you say never gets written or fully explained. A big congratulations on 5 million views.. Who would have thought it on that ferry back from France would lead you to this point Well done! Enjoy some down time now!
MrTurnt chapter 64 . 3/31
Actually this whole premise is wrong as he was a full titan when he went into the coma so why if he went back to a few hours after is he only a part immortal, why would he go back so far anyway? Literally this makes no sense
MrTurnt chapter 64 . 3/31
It is really irritating/stupid/pointless that you keep having Percy revert back to being human this time you said it’s been weeks if not months since the coma why does he need to revert back that far couldn’t he have simply gone back a day to before the fight.
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