Reviews for Coming Back To Life
Guest chapter 20 . 11/19
can you please add more to "coming back to life"
T51b Moridin chapter 20 . 11/14
Ended nicely. Good work.
chemiczen chapter 16 . 8/30
Not done by a long shot? Meh I disagree, the story ended perfectly here.

I don't ship backstabbers, no matter what kind of justification you've come up with. Even if you have the writing genius of Shakespeare, I just don't care. Your version of Yoruichi can burn in the deepest pit of hell.
steellord chapter 20 . 8/30
love this story plz continue.
Hanataro Kazama chapter 20 . 8/26
Just read it and- i cannot even begin to express how amazing i find it to be, nor can i comprehend it myself but what i CAN say is this: This story is among the best i have ever read, it made me break down in tears more often than i care to count just to make me stop stop shortly and then break down again. Its simply... amazing.
Black Collar chapter 20 . 8/9
Wow, what a story. I thought you were going to make Aizen arrive. I enjoy the chemistry between ichigo and yoruichi. I like when ichigo hot possession at yoruichi taking his proposal from him. Great work. 10/10
UjeanBlandino chapter 20 . 7/31
This is an amazing piece i hope to see more of this one of the best, no THE best i read in this site I love it. I'll love to see more of the story you have to finish it give it and awesome ending, I really love this story!
spyderslicer chapter 20 . 7/27
Just thought I should pop in and say I have loved this so far. Easily the best Ichigo x Yoruichi fic I have read to date. Tanked this amazing story in two sittings across one day (yesterday).

You have made an amazing blend of comedy, romance and angst. A very nice sweet spot. Giving me times I was smiling like a twat (especially at the initial confession) or leaving my mouth dry and palms sweaty in fear of the events transpiring. And the conclusion to the problems again was wonderful. Not sure how long this will be continuing, but I pray to the God Emperor that this gets finished.

Keep up the god-tier work man,

Hunter C. Creed
pinky9292 chapter 20 . 7/18
Amazingly brillant
wishiknew1 chapter 20 . 7/14
godammit to hell
good story
Shiro crimson chapter 20 . 7/13
this last chapter is pure gold ! Very very nice story , can't wait for more !
SomethingAncient chapter 20 . 7/2
Hey, just want to say I liked your story; it's really well done. While some things seemed repeated a little too much I find myself not really bothered by it: normally those things annoy me but it worked well with the pacing. Good job.
On a side note - as many people use this term - does the term "crashing of lips" not distress you slightly? I keep thinking of how painful that might be for some reason. I'm not asking you to stop using the phrase. I just want to know what you think of it.
Guest chapter 20 . 6/27
Oh you are still here i'm happy the next chapter please your storie si very good
Zanthraxone chapter 20 . 6/29
Price of a FF account probably too much time...
Price of 20 chapters, probably even more of time...
Price of the end of this chapter and Byakuya's reaction to the ending few sentences... FREAKING PRICELESS.
Great chapter, great conclusion to the dreaded arc of Dummy One & Dummy Two, sorry i'm not even going to say their names. Fantastic story and a great new chapter/update.
I look forward to seeing more of Ichigo & Yoruichi in the future as well as Nel in the mix with Daddy Ichigo & Mommy Yoruichi lol.
I don't often favorite a story and even less do I review a story but your story has made me do both and even review a few times... I think lol.
I wish you great luck in the future chapters of "Coming Back To Life" as well greatly look forward to the following chapters. Now before I rant for too long on a review Thanks for the chapters I greatly enjoyed the fun, fluff and down time that this chapter brought. I also will be checking out your other newest stories... :-D
8579 chapter 20 . 6/28
Wonderful chapter. The action, romance & humour... Till next time, all the best.
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