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ChampionVikki chapter 13 . 6/20
At first I was skeptical, but this story is growing on me! Good job!
IgnisPrimus chapter 200 . 1/27
You have to have some fucked up stuff going on in your life and in the head to write this shit. How many times do you have to bash your MC and just make your story fucking depressing. I just feel fucking sad for you at this point. For over 10 fucking years you have writing this clusterfuck of a story where nothing is going anywhere, and nothing is entertaining to read or fun for that manner. You have to have some strong mental illness to help you go on with this for over a decade.
Agastya chapter 2 . 1/20
I love it!
Zealot07 chapter 200 . 1/20
i don't even remember reading this... ever.
Death Fury chapter 200 . 1/20
Excellent chapter.

Congrats on the marriage.
RobbieTheRabbit chapter 200 . 1/19
Very happy to see this back and congratulations on your marriage. I can't believe this story has 200 chapter.

There's a lot to unpack so here are my thoughts. I am very sad to see Cindy and Peter broken up, even worse that it wasn't on good terms. I knew it wasn't going to last but it's heartbreaking for Peter. Can you please just give him a girlfriend that won't break his heart and stays with him PLZ. I'm begging you. I don't want to see him suffer for no reason. Sorry for my rant. The 616 comics has been on my nerves.

So looks like the whole thing with Debra is solved, kind of easy but hey I'm glad you're done with that side plot.

Poor Prowler, hopefully Peter does give him justice for Aaron and his family. Maybe that is how he meets Miles huh.

I completely forgot that Captain Stacy is alive (For now). Poor guy, but hey nice to see him still helping people, especially Norman.

Ezekial is dead, killed by Agent Venom no less. Okay that came outta nowhere. I wonder where that is going to lead to?

Hopefully this is the end of Jack and his cult, hopefully morlun too. I'm not a fan of these guys. I think they just exist to break up Cindy and Peter.

It's cool to see the Avengers, finally assemble, too bad Spidey didn't leave a great first impression and that really sucks. I think it was unfair for the Avengers to berate him, because he's been protecting the city since he was 16 years old.

Now to the Spider-Women, looks like your taking inspiration from the movie coming out. I'll be honest, did not care for them. Cool to see them but I'm still not going to see their movie.

Now onto Spider-Gwen, so I'm assuming she's the 5th teammate of the Spider-women who was late, I really don't know how this is going to go down with Peter. Now I'm sorry, it has been a while since I've read this story but is there still a clone of Gwen still around or is the clone dead? I don't believe she is going to stick around in Peters universe. Sorry I don't see it happening. Hopefully she can meet with this Universes George Stacy and give him peace.

Whelp these are my thoughts and I'll see you next time.
Nothingspecial43 chapter 200 . 1/19
Jeez... This chapter...Was really all over the place.

First and foremost, welcome back and congratulation on getting to release 200 chapters of this work you put out. This one of the earlier stories I read on this site and even now as I'm older I find myself still want to read it. Odd how I know that this story has so many flaws and holes, and this chapter is no different if I'm being honest.

I'm not sure how I feel about the avengers plot thrown into this story, or how the whole Cindy and Peter angle, as predicated was gonna be shelve. Now it seems spider Gwen is gonna be in it? Damn, this story still has a problem being consisted with what it wants to be. You still go from one point to another, some not really serving the core story entirely while others are done in a way to add more to a scene which works well when you do that section. Like I always did like your focus on how NYC reacts to these events, but I never was fond of other characters you put focus on when they know next to nothing about Peter.

I get that your trying to focus on building this grand world, but at the sametime, you tend to do it so much instead of keeping a tighter focus on Peter and his supporting cast. After all, most people are reading this for Peter Parker. If those other characters has nothing to do with Peter as of yet, then leave it for a later time for those specific characters to be of use. Miles in particular is one of those characters that doesn't have much to do yet, and I feel you didn't needed to include him till maybe way later? I don't know since I don't even know if your plan on ending this story.

One thing is consistent is how much you beat down Peter. Bro, like give him a break, a bone to pick, anything! He get's women left and right, but somehow, you don't let him stick to one person. Ok fine, Gwen dies we knew that would happen, Felicia is...Or was hella toxic, Carlie went and did her own thing, I remember he had a son that was a spawn of his symboite or something? MJ, which for some reason, you don't keep it consistent and are pulling a classic marvel move of keeping them away from each other, and now Cindy. Maybe I'm missing other relationships, but its apparant you want Peter to go through these drama's, trauma's, but to what end?

In my opinion, it's not good to make Peter so miserable because he's not define by the major lows and negative side of being Spider-man. It's even more sad that he doesn't get commended by the avengers. They're so out of character by calling him childish and such when he himself is also in the right for saying that he did the backbone of protecting NYC. I get it, these are your version of the characters, but I think this was an improper move to pull on the avengers. Its funny that you paint them more like the 1610 avengers when almost everyone wasn't a fan with how they were treated.

While they are far from them, it's quite sad that you had everyone put down Peter for what he did. At least Thor would've praise Peter, or Captain America of that matter, but nah, everyone just took a plain old shit on Peter, and it's quite sad. Yes, he has an ego, but also, Peter has a point in what he has been doing for NYC, compare to a team that was just formed to take down Loki.

I think you need to take a step back on making Peter life terrible. It's been...Done to death for alot of the story that has been shown. Focus on giving him something positive, focus less on big battles, bring back some more smaller, intimate battles, and have someone, SOMEONE FOR GOD SAKE, STICK WITH PETER! It doesn't have to be MJ! Hell it could be spider Gwen! Just have someone stick for Peter. You have this man begging to not let someone like Cindy go, its...So out of pocket, but I also get it since you've put this man through hell and he's only like 18.

And I also think you should move the timescale up after this imo. Unless you wanna really focus neck deep into the yearly side of Spider-man that is. I feel that we need to see Peter in more older age after this point. We've spend time from him being 15-18 going through all this, maybe its a time for a time skip when he's 21. Let those far, bigger battles happen at that age instead of spread it throughout him being 19, 20, 21.

Again, unless you really are planning to do all that up to you. I feel that as your 200 chapter you release, and how slow these updates are coming alone with how your life is at, maybe its time you close out this story that's been apart of you for well over almost a decade. I mean hey! This an achievement, and even if I have problems with the story, I still somehow, enjoy it? Which is odd, but yeah, I found myself still enjoying it, entertain by alot of these events that were so all over the place. I guess it's cause this fic has some special place with me as its one of the few stories that made me wanted to design my own fan fics. Because I saw how much you put into the story, with the care and love for these characters, and even if I feel the choices you have made along the way weren't good, I still keep a watch out for this story like now.

So hey, try thinking of an ending you can give to this story, close out this story, I'll be there for it. And if not? I'll still be here reading and critiquing the story. Till then, I'll see you whenever, and congrats on the marriage. Hope you have many wonderful years with the person you love
Guest chapter 199 . 12/24/2023
Please post the 200th chapter
Shaqir Vidal Bwoi chapter 95 . 10/22/2023
Man dis chapter was so painful and touchy
batfreak452 chapter 13 . 8/10/2023
Bro uncle Ben just died and hes still making jokes and isnt in brooding mode?
RobbieTheRabbit chapter 199 . 7/21/2023
Happy ten year anniversary of this story. I've got to admit its been a hell of a ride reading this story. Man, Peter has been through it all. from fighting his iconic foes, getting stranded on Kravens island, to even watching his son died (Hoping that got erased in the new reality), still I am even surprised he got to graduate High School. Even then his life still gets crazier. MJ, Gwen, and Harry all gone from his life and he still keeps fighting the good fight. I really hope he gets a breaks (gods knows he really needs one).

I hope wherever you are, you are doing alright and you should be proud of your story cause I never seen a fanfic that stays faithful to not just to Spider-Man mythos but to Marvel own mythos too.
SidJ chapter 5 . 7/1/2023
If Peter is so intelligent why go with biological webs? It's a fantastic part of his origin story and the first objective evidence of his genius. Web shooters are iconic.
devinokboy chapter 8 . 6/4/2023
she proceeded her gaze ?
devinokboy chapter 8 . 6/4/2023
why do the characters keep saying just now when it doesn't make any sense to ?
BrokenFang72 chapter 4 . 2/1/2023
Aaaah so we monster Green Goblin! Wonder if he’ll do it to his son too then? So of course Flash has a plan to humiliate Peter and Gwen us in on it, makes sense why she kept getting angry when MJ was mentioned. Aunt May looks to be hurt, maybe will have a stroke if her arm is any indication. Let’s go!
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