Reviews for Stand up! Akari no Heart!
AllIWannaDo chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
A short piece, but one with a lot of feeling nonetheless.
"She could have shaken him, rattled his flimsy body until his teeth fell out and his eyes rolled about on the debris-covered ground." - What a lovely, stirring image. I winced the first time I read it. I could feel Akari's rage here, more even than when you stated that her blood was boiling.
"Though perhaps she wouldn't shake his body parts loose, now that a little sadness and agreement had dusted the flames." - This sentence is a little vague. It's obvious that the sadness is sadness at imagining her friend beating himself up over a past mistake; that's addressed in the next sentence. However, I'm confused as to what you mean by "agreement": is Akari allowing that Kiriha was somewhat justified in insulting her friend? If so, that would undermine her anger a bit, I think.
What I like about this piece is that so much of Akari's character is revealed by her defense of her friend. We know that she knows him well, that she's a loyal friend, and that she acknowledges his flaws and past mistakes without holding them against him. The latter is best-expressed in the last sentence, where she admits that he behaves foolishly at times, but contends that his foolishness constitutes bravery. Clearly, she is capable of seeing the good even in his flaws.
Another well-done character study. Great job!
Aiko Isari chapter 2 . 9/15/2013
Reading this one reminded me that ALL THE SHIPPING was in the manga. Or at least all the ship tease. It's so great, even if you don't support that way at all.

ones sound- typo I think. One sound? Only sound?

Taiki just grinned at her- Yep, that's Taiki. Oh it worked out, so there's nothing to panic about Akari. Right? Right? She has to convince herself of that and it's kind of funny. Considering instances in the manga, I have to wonder if that's a part of her routine. "Okay, he's cool. Exhausted and collapsed on his HEAD, but he's still alive. Idiot..."

I really love how you present Akari here, because in a way she is just like Taiki, except it's more focused on him and him alone. She would collapse herself to see him okay and she acknowledges that in her heart, even though her head is clearly getting in the way of it a bit.

Also, he's not infallible. I like that she admits this and acknowledges that this isn't a bad thing, so much as it is a thing, because that's part of who he is. Character studies on Akari are always interesting because in the end, they usually involve Taiki in some way. And it's great because it shows their closeness rather than irritates us because it's not entirely focused on her. Really, really great, especially the simplistic way you show it here.
Aiko Isari chapter 1 . 9/13/2013
One of my favorite moments in the manga with Akari, and it has her thoughts? I'M IN!

I love how you have her just BOILING with rage. Made me think of Hugh from Black and White 2 with a better reason. Anyway, I find it hilarious because she is just so mad and she knows Taiki so well that she knows he would AGREE with Kiriha and that just ticks her off like nobody's business. Not as much as Kiriha himself is at the moment, but that still irks her and it's great.

That settled it;- This whole line made made me think of a very, very angry mama bear. I almost couldn't take it seriously even though this was was meant to be a serious moment.

The fact that Akari thinks of Kiriha as flimsy is so perfect because it's TRUE. Kiriha is very ruthless, and his ideals are strong, but he's not nearly as inhuman and invincible as he acts and it's great that her anger brings that thought out of her.

Good thing about Akari's character, though admittedly a little odd of a thought since she seems so utterly angry at Kiriha, is her acknowledgement that he is nice to other people. I would think, with how mad she is, she would be blindsiding herself to that entirely, unless she's saying it here as a comparison as a "Well, wait a minute" which in that case ignore me.

I like that she doesn't think of Taiki as a coward. People tend to think of selflessness as cowardly and foolish and while it isn't always the best idea, it is still something brave. I respect that she thinks this. This oneshot had a very good feel to it, and it really does prove how much she does do for Taiki because he won't do it for himself. I love it.
Edhla chapter 1 . 9/13/2013
Hi! :) I get a bit confused where it comes to names I'm unfamiliar with, but after a few read-throughs, I'm pretty sure I've got this one :)

Again, a fine drabble with some very strong imagery. While "blood boiled" is a little bit of a clich├ęd expression, it really worked here, and the detail of the scene faded and then coming into focus again is excellent, unique, and feels very realistic.

Really like the imagery you employ when you describe how Akari wanted to shake his "flimsy body until his teeth fell out..." I'm sure this occurred to you too, but I was arrested by her logic that she "couldn't" do this to him because he might not be "above" hitting her back. It's an interesting gender double-standard that comes up pretty much everywhere: few people think much of female-on-male violence of that kind. The "Nene" line lost me completely, but I'm sure that's canon blindness :)

"He treated..." there was something about this that seemed off, and I think it was the colloquial "alright."

"But it wasn't..." this seems to go without saying, so it belabours the point slightly, I thought.

I was a little lost, too, with the point made in the "Kiriha, on the other hand" paragraph and the one that follows. Mostly I think that too is canon blindness, but there's also a couple of quite long and convoluted sentences there you may want to consider simplifying.

I absolutely love the last line though. Another excellent one from you x
tamersten chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Cool fic! I've read the manga, and totally knew what scene this was a sweet moment. :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!
Sword Dancer Sapphy chapter 1 . 7/23/2013