Reviews for I'm With You
PippaFrost chapter 2 . 4/12/2014
falsedfaith691 chapter 12 . 2/15/2014
This was such a beautifull story. I loved it so much you made me cry too. Cant wait to read more of your storie.
Stuckinapornstar69 chapter 12 . 2/9/2014
Chapter 11 made my heart cry and weep but then the end of the Epilogue just made me go ajsdfaoljsdkfhasdoifajsiodufhasd so thank you, so very freaking much
Digiporklo chapter 1 . 12/17/2013
This story was so cute but I have some questions..

Why did Jack's tummy hurt?

Why isn't longer?

And why isn't there another sequel? (Seriously plz write more)
Alyssa Beca chapter 12 . 12/17/2013
Awww cute! I really liked the story. :)
FallenLove82212 chapter 12 . 11/29/2013
You will never believe just how much I cried on this .. Like no joke I'm still crying I put myself in his position with my Kenny and I just seriously died cuz me an Kenny are close like bunny and jack and to put myself in jacks shoes really killed me I love this story qq 3333 when I was reading ch 11 I was like aww shiznits .. No no no qq but loved everything of it!
storygirl99210 chapter 12 . 11/26/2013
Jack Frost lover cadi93 chapter 12 . 11/26/2013
are you going to make anther one?
AyameKitsune chapter 12 . 11/25/2013
This is so awesome! I can't wait to see what you write next!
AyameKitsune chapter 11 . 11/25/2013
Ow, you just broke my heart. More please!
storygirl99210 chapter 11 . 11/25/2013
NO! It can't end this way! They have to be together! if only I could hit Bunny upside the head and kick his butt, I would! AWesome Chapter though. You got me crying!
carissa.senegal chapter 10 . 11/11/2013
More ! I want more u need to finish or add another chapter soon
WelcomeToMyBed chapter 10 . 11/9/2013
Update! T_T I am waiting!
Yueki Sakura chapter 10 . 11/5/2013
Please Continue!
Guest chapter 10 . 11/5/2013
Please make a prequel.
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