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Guest chapter 32 . 12/15/2014
Please tell me you'll keep on writing this fan fic. It's really good.
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 22 . 11/22/2014
Yum, cinnamon rolls :D Making me hungry...and I'm sure Mavis is thrilled her OTP got together XD But I can't help but wonder...shouldn't Rapunzel get a job eventually? I mean, I'm not sure how she and Jack are going to pay the bills otherwise...and Jack can't get one since he's invisible ;
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 21 . 11/22/2014
"Air? What is air? We don't need air. Psh." Damn, I just love Jack's point of view XD But this is such a cute chapter 3 D'awwww, shy Jack trying to tell her he loves her 3 It's so cool that they painted up their apartment! I would totally live there :D
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 20 . 11/22/2014
Lol I was starting to wonder how they got that hotel room without having any money XD
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 19 . 11/19/2014
Hmmm...that ice palace really reminds me of Elsa's ice palace...

Lol "THAT WOULD'VE BEEN NICE THREE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, BUDDY!" But are we going to find out later more about why Gothel and Pitch wanted to kill Rapunzel and Jack's human incarnations? Did they have the sun and moon powers in them as humans, or only after they died and were saved?

And Pitch, how dare you corrupt Jack, you bastard D: He's just mad because Jack kicked his sorry ass XD
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 18 . 11/16/2014
D'awwww, love the first kiss with the flower crown 3 And the scene where he was teaching her guitar was cute too :D Lol Jack, reeeeeal smooth with the proposal XD And hmmmm...I think I can guess who the blacksmith is.
Damn, the irony of Jack saying he's going to rescue Rapunzel from the tower immediately followed by both of them deciding to stay far away from it was hilarious XD And what a beautiful wedding 3 Another lovely part to the story, good job!
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 16 . 10/26/2014
Yay, Rapunzel's memories! I've been looking forward to when we got to see them :) I was not disappointed 3 So sad, she could sense he was going to die and that would be the last time she ever hugged him D: "Especially since she thinks we hug when he sneaks over." Hot damn! What ARE they doing? XD The scene where the sun lily saves her is so beautiful. Loved reading it!
And don't be so sure about that yet, Rapunzel...
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 14 . 10/21/2014 come Jack isn't at the party? He told Rapunzel he would go :/

But the thing about Nod being Flynn's younger brother is genius. They definitely have the same nose (which the kingdom Wanted posters just can't get right, dammit!) and pretty much the same hair. And wow...did Rapunzel just state the premise of this entire fanfiction without realizing it? XD Think how freaked out she's gonna be when she discovers this story she made up on the fly is actually true!
Noooo, Jack! Aww, I just wanna hug him! And now he's freezing to death...I'LL SAVE YOU! *defies the laws of reality and jumps into the fanfiction*
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 11 . 10/17/2014
Yay, a Jackunzel fic that includes Flynn but doesn't force an unnecessary love triangle! Except in Jack's head, that is :P And I think I can safely say this is the only Jackunzel story I've ever read that includes cosplay XD Lol I cracked up when Rapunzel got all confused when Flynn said they could play spin the bottle. She's so adorably oblivious to modern culture!

But the POV switches in this were really confusing. You might wanna go through and at least put line breaks in. Or just specify when the POV switches, like you do in the other chapters. But overall I really liked this chapter!
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 9 . 10/17/2014
You made Gothel into a sympathetic-enough character that I was sad when she dies :( But lol "Gothel you had ONE job!"
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 8 . 10/17/2014
Ah, false starts...sounds like what I would do XD I'm the sort of person who's really scared to break the status quo with someone-even if I really like them-and get into a relationship, so I know exactly how Rapunzel feels. That's how I lost my first would-be boyfriend...I tensed up when he kissed me, and he probably thought it was because I didn't want him to kiss me but it was actually because I was scared shitless because I'd never been kissed by a guy before. Yay, pointless stories from my life! But I'm sure Punzie will get over it later. Well, I mean, she kinda has to, since this is a Jackunzel fic XD
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 7 . 10/16/2014
Such an intense chapter! Why does Jack's blood burn her, though? Eh, we'll probably find out later. Lol Jack really flipped out about Rapunzel having glowing hair! Heh, it's so convenient for Jack that the only girl who can see him who he has a crush on happens to be immortal as well :P But I know there's a reason for that XD
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 4 . 10/16/2014
Awwww, stargazing 3 I DO wonder what Rapunzel wished for...probably for Jack to be her boyfriend! I know that's what I would wish for. One question though...why are Jack and Punzie holding hands if they haven't become a couple yet? Is it just a we're-really-close-friends type of thing? Anyway, I agree that Mother Gothel loved Rapunzel. She gave her plenty of stuff to do in the tower, and why bother making hazelnut soup if she didn't want to see her daughter happy? I like the way you fleshed her character out...doesn't want to hurt her daughter, but is scared of Pitch, so she does what he says.
Infrared-Ultraviolet chapter 3 . 10/16/2014
I love the difference in POV for Jack and can always tell when Jack's speaking because he's all witty and sarcastic XD Lol love it! "I just found the...thing." But I have to wonder, where does Jack get money if no one can see him...? Wouldn't be much point in stealing it since he could just steal the books and save himself the trouble...
Guest chapter 31 . 3/5/2014
This is good when's the next chapter gonna b up?
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