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Debbie Hicks chapter 69 . 6/26/2018
70. C hapter 70.
Christy's pov Alien rattlesnakes drained out blood then too late to four m asszillons then bitten her both ewith as all of b est frien ds as all of them drin king blood of AAlien s/Vulcan s as all of them with the tre with most more then to B ella Masrie Seasn Tore a Skin ewas tain ting her skin then drasn kl her blood then suddenly Volturi found our arm y you there the on es who created you all then Pain ! THE KIDS CLAIRE YOUN G Bellas b itten children used planetary alien powes to freeze the kids Execution MURDERED! tell our m asstere you dide of two lawes b roken Chained then goood tear these Lyc an s apart then SLICED!By impalemen t then too lsate the thre foun d our corpses then weree drained from here they were next With us/mazillions screaming of Missy
Murdered but ATOMIZED! They are destroyed they are dead then too late the v ery as all m ost morer as all of c risds/crosed sc arred b odyt then DESTROYED With us/them shattered from used m y Telekietic magic that's it You'r sushi dememon s Missy was n ot human her hair was shorter my hasir in wavesarem ember our fan film lines here goes nothing URANUS PLANET POWER! MAKE-UP! Her own hand CAUGHT IT! NEPTUNE PLAN ET POWER! MAKE-UP! Pierced frely with her held a Lip rod yelled SATURN PLANETPOWER! MAKE-UP! Then glowing most powerful then suddenly her hair turned a Wild unruly as blonde in second eyes were a slveryblue Frome the planet of win d guardian of heaven guarded by a new age summoned by a newe crisis invited by a n ew eetra Sailor Uranus! fights with Elegance! so goes for me guarded by the planet Neptune the plan et Of Ocecans the Soldier of The Seas guards Triton Castle Sailor Neptune will fight what is right! With Grace! From the Abyes of destruction death ruin an d do not despair I Am the Bringer of death come rebirth protected b y Saturn the planet of Reincarnation Guardian of Slience Sailor Saturn! then Severed from here then brought here we report they ben drain ed as all of blod but they been deasd good but they are Deceaased buther daughterhasd the power to heal an d to destroy one swift drop Earth will be gone forev er oh n o not Earth they are Actresses were train ede b ut they blew freely bitten freely good tear them apart then sudden ly B ella recoveredeb ut herself hassd b angs a ballt ightly rolled recalled her lines dressed from the NASA Bodysuit yelled more powerful but tin king but ringing PLUTO PLANET POWER! MAKE-UP! Her own hand reached it then grabbed very maturely then a burst of galatic lights shot from her lip rod was into outer space glowing arm/hasn d whirling then suddenly a alien evolutionary thing the san d of timeroasred then she revealed true form Longer Gren-Black hair Fiery Falkor's Red eyes summ oned her weapon the Garnet Time Rod dressed from here a most powerfully alien en ergy exploded her Golden /red tiara Stop right here trespasers none wlll enter the Doors of time and space is strictly forbidden b eyon d this poin t it's taboo Guide New Era Summon ed by a new age invite new crisis from the planet Pluto Soldier of Revolution Guardian of the Underworld Gatekeeper of Centuries Ruler of CharonCastle Daughter of King Chronos Sailor Pluto those dare enter in my Gates will be Eliminated! that newspapers reported of us/mazillions heal galactic but alien was Extraterrestrial holy crap Eljiah glowing a strangest alien thing shininghe wore Armorwith a long flying cloak yikes who am I Fear Titan KNIGHT! What is happening to us/mazillions then too late then myself with others were in fact from the 30th century from a AU Sailor Moon Fourm rpg Paul drasnk as all Beer spat oh my god we have magical blood listen a thousands of yeassrs ago our moon rule Great Civlization ruled by Queen Serenity of the Moon Kingdom crap Pack yeah oh no our pets hasd young poor babies then well it's kitten s/puppies Victoria had puppies then Shiloh sneezed of Cats were with kitten a hard trumpeting noise was heard Sorry allergic from Felines are Carnivorous urgh crazy dog a fatherdown boy Excuse me your dog fightened my mate who is that gorilla he's Muscular ulp hold it I Heal faster but recovered Shiloh is allergic.
icephoenix-aquahippogriff chapter 69 . 4/6/2015
great story!
Debbie Hicks chapter 69 . 4/5/2015
Chapter 70.
Lexi's pov
then I Screamed then with as all of them then it came too soon it was all as all of them oh god not me I am only the ripe young Age of fifteen then LKuke's mate Bit me then it happened a Army with her own coven spreaded and it happened we were all of them Attacking and destroying and Killing then Christine Bit Claire Young his Teenage Imprint my age with the both all of the sudden did the Unspeakable had Donated Blood to save her life and it happened the killings murders and slaying and all of deaths resumed t'll night then it happened the Wholliest Drug suddenly went over burd then it made us asll of killers then the Volturi heard as all of noises and summoned as all of the guard then it came too late fleeing from here had us Captured and all of the suddenly withy the very all of the Cullens with the Allies Murdered and were all squirming and screaming and chanting and cursing then you all of you broken this law FELIX! That our short and Scond lives came to erupted end by Murdering us with as all of them then it happened Escaping as far we will go then it was too late but met the All of them later had kids as all of them very far way too much and it happened we Dropped as all ourselves dead but fled from here to Calfornia then I used the telephone Help us we been Attacked send back up this is a Federation distress signal we been hurt by the Senior Volturi guard they had us killed with as all of them HURRY! Then it was too late Alice what is it some newborn Vampire named is Lexi who led her troops to Texas it is from her that it came too soon myself was using a old fashion way oh my god it is all of our friends that we healed then it came too soon the machines as all of them were as all of them but lost the bodies then slipping outside and Crashing but it went too late lost the Ability to have children then the bodies were gone stolen then as all of them taken to Italy were all screaming and more pleading then they had as all of them drained of blood killed for crimes it came too soon the Volturi forbid each both three with as all of them but all of them suddenly all of them were all of them very as all of them more than as all of them then it came too late Killed as all of the rouge Vampire and Shifters but removing as all of the Volturi members as all of them came as all of them then suddenly flayed them then it was no more oas all of them they declared a high martial law and reported we wre all deceased but destroyed then it came too soon Alice had a very sharpest look onto her face then had a more strongest but powerfully but loudest vision of her Vampire life dropped her movie styled vase gasped Volturi they are coming who they had us/them properly Executed they have Assassins from Around the world they sentenced us to death of more Vampires of hybrids all of them Exploding with children but they are searching for a newborn named Lexi he turned me by her orders we Escaped but hunted as all of Animals needed to hunt again you what killed Animals I am a young Vampire we need to hide she is turned at Fifteen is a Vegetarian Vampire oh my god she ids far too young she looks Fifteen is Sixteen bitten with as all with Claire Young is turned into something her bond is unbreakable but never shattering she is turned as Lexi two newborns that was it the families suddenly died but it happened we unification slipped away with them were too much as all of then it caused a lot of crashing but vanished but a lot of crunching then reawakening but it suddenly changed but altered our life spans then discovering as all members who with as all them killed but reporting two newborns gained powers with as all of them who moved to Texas to heal from the blowing affects then came too soon they had died of it then with as all of their decsendants as all of them had more destroyed allies their witnesses as Guards then they were very furious and had the bodies into lead and heaviest chemo as all of them ten suddenly it causing us to be Infertile gained a mate in one of saved newborns then others had mates then it happened the very last as all of Decsendants as all with ourselves who as all of them crashing but lost the ablity to have much many more children followed us/as all of them but causing a lot of more changes lost the bodies to them had as all they wanted more Guards then it came too late stopped dying and living became different but were more Fully Infertile as all of them gathered a biggest but stady as a beating drum became Kindred that our Yellow eyes were hauntly striking we were beautiful but undead the world knew our newest lineage it came from Count Dracula we were a Vampiric new species like the Eloi we must Evolve and adapt like the Borg trapped in a Hive mind one voice many faces then it they will learn from us and them.
A600 chapter 69 . 4/4/2015

I'm so sad that it's over but I've really enjoyed reading it and talking with you! You're a really good writer.

Thanks for writing this story,
A600 chapter 68 . 4/2/2015
OH I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE. The ol' title drop, huh? ;)

I liked it! Can't wait to read the next chapter!

But wait... Does that mean the story's almost over?

Mary is weg chapter 1 . 4/1/2015
find the 6, and if you do, you get a prize! :)


I loved it! the story is amazing!
A600 chapter 67 . 1/2/2015

I'll be honest, I never expected Sam to react that way. All the other fanfics make him seem so collected, so it was hilarious to see him freaking out.

Can't wait to read the next chapter!
GrimFWaters chapter 66 . 12/24/2014
Debbie Hicks chapter 66 . 12/23/2014
Chapter 67.
it went very too wrong then with the Others were bitten then sudden all of the Sudden Marked me as a Mate for Life then a Loudest Scream in Histroy then all of the sudden with as the very as all best best friends and sudden then all of the Sudden had to rebegin a Army Bingo Vulcans and the Best Friends with Bella Swan then myself with the Best Friends as all of then suddenly Sprang out had tro hunt them as very all of them suddenly the Truest Kuilling spree rose and all of the SDcreams and then all of the very as all of the Sudden gone Far too wild and suddenly in Volterra, Italy the Kings heard such biggest noises then heard as all of the Young teenage people were a Secondary Army as very all of the Volturi Guards all Senior ones Masters we heard all Killings and a Christi is Wild with her mate and Gathering up a Secondary execute the both NOW! It happened Again ourselves Were too Wild and Sudenly went a Grandest slamdown we Were Still hunting but the Resumed Killing and Deaths and Murders Roared up then Suddenly Strucked ourt Stomachs then screamed oh my god NOT HER GET HER MY ARMY! then we were so Afraid I was Confused hurt and terrified not Again Lost Boys Army then Christine you Broke this law is DEATH! Then Suddenly we were Caught with each five and our Allies Murdered and Ripped out the Heads by Felix of the Volturi by Jane's orders then we were Executed but alkl of the sudden our Katras fled with then they all took each both young and old ones but we reformed as People once more but returned home Victorious of the Deaths each three races But the still alive Army of both with the Shifters all Murdered but caused their Carnivorous verisons as very all of them we Died a Second time but Broke free but exploded as KLindred and Interplanetary Lycans and they will Walk in the River of blood we are Warriors! Christi on my god we were Murdered with the three Pack who Gathered Witnesses with you then my mate started Walking then all of the Sudden Screamed in the Vulcan language KOONT'UT'FLIEE! Sir! she Challenged what is on you these robes your hair is styled your ears are pointed upswept but upraised but more slanted what is she T'Pring you are Spock son of Skon son of Solkar son of Sarek he looked down to see a TOS Starfleet uniform with boots his hair in a traditional cut pointed ears upswept but upraised eyebrows Captain she Challenged Madam yes what are you a Vulcan woman for our tomorrows for our days to you my husband it Shall be who am I I shall Make my Choice This One Eeep he was terrified What is that oh no She and Elijah are married by Vulcan law yes they are wed by Customary laws of the planet Vulcan she has Challenged by law Elijah you are mated to Christi your wife Christi your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life apart from me never part always touching and touched my husband your mind to my mind your thoughts to my thoughts your life to my life our minds one and whole apart from me never parted never and always touching and touched two minds one body Attend as you wish my husband it is done our minds are whole then a Blinding radiance suddenly we were telepathically bonded but locked it is Complete High Priestess of Mt. Seleya then as all of the Couples binded by law our time had begun as a married couple dressed differently like Saavik and Spock in Starfleeyt uniforms we chosen a new life together Christi Elijah yes you look well in these uniforms from Vulcan's Heart it was my favorite novel you got married it is Customary of my new race's species you look like her yes curls cold Dark Golden brown harsh eyes stoic Emotionless pale Green blood sallow-skinned Expressionless strictly logical follows Surak it was true what I am a Klingon you fell from scraping your head front of tour skin never healed I look very funny chipped my own teeth broken as all of the teeth no tear ducts horrible scent ugh I need a bath I smell like a Klingon woman but I took a human male as my consort swore the marriage vows in the Klingon language the Volturi heard this about our Resurrection but our next afterlives we were Immortal by now lived long lives by years end it was true Bella had a hybrid from so do I four Kids afterwards so my friends were families with kids aged too late never had kids again with the Pack as well but it was too late but all of the sudden Slipped outside with as all of the Supernatural beings died Again but the bodies gone but Killed but released as all members of the Volturi then time went differently but where arte we in a ship uh-oh then it Crashed both cities with both races too late but lost our way home but lost the ablity to mate then lost the rights and bodies but each races caused more vampires to side then all of it Gone but it happened lost the way to Earth but recovered but suddenly stopped aging Again but never gone old at all but they were all of them Eaten by Carnivorous Vampires and ended us/as all of them deceased but moved on to here but came too late and all of the Sudden Exploding with a Violence but Cloaked us with as all of them but shattered it all of it but made us unchanged beings.
A600 chapter 66 . 12/22/2014


A600 chapter 65 . 12/4/2014
Wait... Lexi wants to be turned? Then why wasn't she in the future? Did she not exist the last future's past? Or does she die? AHHH, my brain hurts!

Christi and Melissa are talking! Yay!

Update soon,

P.S. If you don't think it's too personal, what are you doing for winter break? You don't have to name locations, you can just say that you're road tripping, cruising, etc. And what are you going to do with all your pets?

Here, I'll go first: I'm going on a road trip to visit my cousins, and my pets are staying with a family friend. Did I tell you I got a cat?
StarlightGilgalad chapter 64 . 12/3/2014
Awesome! I love this story!
Grim chapter 64 . 12/3/2014
Hi! Awesome!
A600 chapter 64 . 11/30/2014

Oh my gosh,"Ninja" Christi is hilarious!

Great chapter, as always.

I can't believe Melissa is finally shifting again!

Update soon!
grim chapter 63 . 11/12/2014
You go girl! awesome
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