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A600 chapter 56 . 6/17/2014
Horrible (Just kidding, I loved it) chapter!

And yes, I am confused. Do you think you could do like a quick recap of the story and either post it at the top of the next chapter or PM me it? Thanks! :)

But I do love the story even though I have no id- OH MY GOSH. I literally just realized as I was looking back at your response to my past review that it says 1977 at the top. So is this the past? I don't know if you've said before what year they are in, so I'm not sure, but I assume they're in the 20th century? So is this like a flashback?!

I feel smartz. But if I'm wrong than I will feel reeaaaallllllyyyyyy stupid.

But yeah, regardless- UPDATE!


P.S. Have you read "The Fault in our Stars"? Thoughts? Are you planning on seein the movie?
A600 chapter 55 . 6/9/2014
Great chapter!

I suppose as a pet owner, you'd understand the reasoning towards the nickname Stupid, but I call my dog Fatty. He refuses to walk and sits like a grumpy teenager all day.

Christi is back? But you said she was dead. I want to killlllllllllllllll you. (Joking, of course. Or am I? :D) Erm... Maybe she has some kind of power that let her return? Or one of those you-died-but-you-are-still-needed-so-you-shall-return-back situations happened? Or this Christi is a replacement for the old? Or she never actually died but just fainted or something?

Update soon- I want to know what actually happened.

Guest chapter 55 . 6/9/2014
You should post some more I want to know what happens
Next does the. Vamp who loses his mate ever find happiness
What happens to everyone else does any of the pack get married
And have kids
Grimfwaters chapter 55 . 6/8/2014
Hi! I wanted to review even though I already read it... So yeah!

We should make a one-shot together. Take my OC and one for you and throw them into a Twilight Universe for a little bit. 8k or less words.
A600 chapter 54 . 6/1/2014
Fantastic chapter! I feel like I could actually feel Elijah's numbness, which was kinda creepy.

Wow, that is a zoo! How do you manage to have any free time with all those pets to take care of? O.o

Anyways, update soon!

cookiemonster2014 chapter 54 . 5/31/2014
Thank u :)
Grim chapter 54 . 5/31/2014
So I may have already read this, but I'm still shocked that she is dead. It's like... Whoa.
However, I applaud your ability to kill off a major character and still continue on with the story.
-Your friend from the other side of the continent!
A600 chapter 53 . 5/24/2014

Contest- 75,890

EXCELLENT CHAPTER! I finally used one that makes sense!

It was a very surprising chapter though, I never would have guessed it!

Do you have any other pets?

Little Misses chapter 53 . 5/24/2014
cookiemonster2014 chapter 53 . 5/23/2014
over 1,635...
Guest chapter 52 . 5/17/2014
JANE DIES! MWAHAHAHAHA! (I wish, gosh I hate Jane when I watched breaking dawn pt. 2 I was like "KILL HER ALREADY!") Sad I'm guessing Bree dies but it kinda ruins the whole cousin thing.
GrimFWaters chapter 52 . 5/16/2014
You misspelled marshmallows. You have it as "marshmellows". You need to slap your editor for that, unless you don't send him/her you author's notes :P
I am forbidden from guessing, because I know what happens next! And after that!
Love you chica
cookiemonster2014 chapter 52 . 5/16/2014
did they kill bree or did the votluri die? :D
A600 chapter 52 . 5/16/2014

Drastically great chapter (internally face-palms self)!

Competition 1- Spongebob! :)

Competition 2- Urgh... Like I said I suck at gessing. Uh... Does she get Jake to tell her the story from his point of view and congratulate him after while laughing at a blushing Embry?

Did the Cullens find newborns from a newborn army sent towards Bella? Wait- did this happen in this story? O.o
Sorry, I read so many I get confused on what's happening sometimes!

"Cookies are round. And if I'm your cookie, then I'm round; which is saying that I'm fat."
BEST EXPLANATION EVER. I love it when girls twist explanations around to make the boys sweat. We are evil like that. :)

And my brother can take your bird on any day. Bring it on.

Debbie Hicks chapter 51 . 5/11/2014
Chapter 52: then Bellla our friend suddenly felt her her own life slipping away then all the Sudden Ready three two BITE! We both instead of blood but our Venomous to create a Weapon for the Cullens ripped out the two veins first then Venom burst out from both of us to save her dear life and could not stop then her arms and legs with the wrists both of them Force shield is Actvating to full power and her heart rate going down to planet fall orbiting Vulcan it's over then suddenly the Scream the pain the agony was unbearable you a Fan of Star Trek oh no Bella she been bitten and is changing into a Vampire the Volturi are going there and you gave venom that is a very kind but compassionate deed your first and you are in control now yes here it comes then her eyes flashed open they Were Crimson huh where Am I OH NO! CRAP! My throat is firing up well that's IT! YOU WITH ME BETAZED CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Right MIRI CRYSTAL POWER! MAKE-UP! Then sighted both humans and Vulcans then the Two covens then Attacked them too soon your Eggs with his semen with the rest of the Cullens with Bree's and Diegos as welll the both are Removed with as very all of their as very all of from as very around the world and merging then changing into teenagers too soon then with them they as well it almost complete then it really happened with the very all of the turned but totally bitten then we Suddenly drained their blood and totalliest too driest and later hatched out all grown kids and other kids then they burned for 3 painful agonizing days then caused the blood to return into their bodies with ours as well then used the Holodeck to hunt logically then with the Nrewbornss became Vampires and it went too wrong very too wrong with us and the tubes with them suddenly totally blasted by bursting ourselves with our new Allies with theire own mated Women with child suddenly blew up by blasting and burst outside totally out cold then the bodies were all stolen and were taken Away to Volterra, Italy and both scouts fled with the bagged but bloodiest bags in history squirming and all of their own Prizes burst outside outside of the Bags with the Guards following the two scouts from the bags wrere all of his Prizes very way trizillions or much many more and tribazillions or much many more and all of them very tribazillions or all of them much many more all of them then finally the bodies were into the lab in the nighttime but in the morning they were dead aged by time but we both were Converted and unable to have kids no longer by as very much many more bites faded over time but I Was Super Sailor Rigel our own eye color were totally Golden with Bella's as well then all the sudden a scout reported to base and in a flash he was gone then reported they are in fact alive by their planetary crystals shattered and caused the newborns to convert with a turned Bella Cullen with their own children are Venomous spawned a Newborn army killed her best friends with the Vulcans drained their blood and they are all-member coven who allied with Interplanetary Lycans evolved as Embraced then Alice had a very strongest vision became a premonition of doom oh NO! the Volturi killed us with the Screaming Irina of the Denali curing at them and screaming at them and finally tore off our own heads with our allies heads and threw Immortal children into the fire with the hybrids we were unable to breed at all our hybrid children aged to seventeen years old but our coven grown to this lowest coven Welcome Aboard would you cut it out Sorry I Am a fan of Star Trek where's the Orion women WHACK! Ow Momma mia you Converted yup huntin' all kinds turned my eye color a Martian gold you been added lost her they are infertile cursed by herself tried as a Witch burned us and them made us immortal but undead and stopped having seeds our hybrids could hunt and sleep with food hand me a beer oh no we are rooming with Werewolves he took a drink then BURP! Excuse me watching a movie Flashdance oh Momma what a Woman the other covens Converted as very way all of them brought each both with hybrids who blew themselves apart and joined our coven tridoubling with time and ballooned too soon lost their bodies and gotten thrown in the fire again declared ourselves as the Crystal Milllennium coven it happened in each three with newest homes then slipped away too soon then the very way all both bodies with their own women bodies with the hybrids and Immortal children were burned and suddenly lost our own souls into mated women suddenly totally suddenly were possessed by the souls of us and suddenly hissed at them showing their evolved teeth too soon then fled from homes were in their own clothing and no shoes were on the hunt for food astronaut food with blood all of them were wild Vampires newly mated then ate them for their meals totally gone craziest then produced Venom for their young were bigger than normal were fed had large but controlled eyes turned as very husbands and drank blood all of them for their young kept on blooming and growing then it really happened no humans left in Volterra of Italy the guards heard noises then both of them Shattered with their young who became new Guards for the Volturi then wre made true guards with their kids grown were made his hunters instead were all granted soon they all of them the remaining humans of Italy suddenly died but drained of blood totally driest were his witnesses all of them had Red eyes of ceremonial vampires were unable to have kids or breed no longer were Cursed and enraged our hybrid children later had only Wolpire children with the Pack resumed shifting and Stopped and became Immortal the families moved to Volterra, Italy suddenly lured to their death then had them drained of all blood killed them by turning them into all vampires who suddenly blasted out and with their souls tainted the blood of the Embraced but the bodies were burned away added more members were overtaking Italy his land had kids again from then it was all over they wre furious and the turned families were dust and so all of them went then from their places flashed open their now Red eyes after feeding wre all Volturi members and prizes had no use of us and them after killing us then suddenly Giannna was attacked by vampires all of them were feasting and hungry again screamed with the other three and had them turned into Vampires but flashed into all flames in their place were Vampire women wearing sharpest classiest clothes and powerful high heels were with three men their mates he was pleased to have as very all of the vampires but their bodies were burned but smoked with the others then it was all over the humans of Italy were vampires forever bound to him for many years changed for us have not aged or died and lived Dawn our names changed with as very all of the others it's them yes it's Italy the City is a all-Vampire city took control Again so this 2014 now after our murder and death we want revenge on The Volturi they are much older but we are over ten thousands years old we Embraced must battle ON! Mess with us you are Sushi! Crap out of bed you Colonial space marines to the SHOWERS! it was Bree shooting her gun very loud at animals all of them who had a military strict but cold look on her face wore her uniform like one was a tough as nails soldier who was washed but oiled had firm but leaner muscles the both Packs but Paul sighted a Vegetarian vampire was a slayer wore armor wearing her bandana Thanks Bree you are now a Cullen yes ma'am she was soft spoken her gift was into the turned was making then ill but sick Then it was too late the dying but turned released more their Volturi children then died here they raided them as then buried them in peace with as very all of them a machine had them all drained of blood very remains of killed aged with them very way all of them it happened the souls with theirs were destroyed with souls of the gods each both blessed them instead of them getting much older they were Cursed but punished for their crime to work with humanity forever in their land unable to breed or mate no longer caused the blood of them to be into bottles and a feast was held after killing us and them our revenge is to destroy our murderers and killers to destroy them our troops grown just right but low.
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