Reviews for Persona 4: I Don't Belong Here
hellspam chapter 132 . 4/23
While I respect your decision to make minato and mitsuru a pairing I've always seen him with yukari but that's just me
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 154 . 4/21
The fights worked because Charles had to, I guess, grow up at some point and he had some things that he really needed to settle stuff with James.

At least James and Naoto are free to get together, I suppose.

Chris? Well, there's definitely something up with him. Especially if, I don't know, Minako doesn't REMEMBER HIM.

Yukiko and Charles patched things up! YEEEEEEES!
Anime PJ chapter 154 . 4/21
Yay! The depressions dying down some! Although I can't help but worry for Yumi at this point, with Chris being under the control of the Scarlet Room and everything...
hellspam chapter 154 . 4/21
I am hoping yukiko is pregnant just so the arranged marriage happens faster I know its bad but I love romantic stuff
magmon1000 chapter 154 . 4/21
During the conversation between Yukiko and Charles, play Last Party by Mika, it fits perfectly.
SmileRen chapter 154 . 4/20
...I really think Charles deserved better that what he got from his friends. Seriously, I don't see the problem with him keeping Naoto's gender a secret. It had nothing to do with James or Yukiko who basically did a 180 on him and trashed the hell out of his feelings.

Yukiko, James...I'm very disappointed in you. So disappointed. Also, did Yukiko even realise that she was in the wrong?! emotions are a mess. I feel I should just take a break right now. Greatly anticipating the next chapter.
SmileRen chapter 152 . 4/12
Wow :D

Will James stay a girl?
SmileRen chapter 135 . 4/12
That's a little scary...I mean, we all know that Adachi is a bastard to an extent but I never considered he's play voyeur...
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 152 . 4/9
It's pretty funny that James got turned into a girl. Although, I'm pretty sure he (she? I have no idea) will get changed back. Same as Yosuke, who got literally aged up.

Glad that James has managed to patch things up with the rest of the team.

And, Ninetails is a fantastic Persona.
FlamingBull chapter 152 . 4/9
By the Internet... I love those rules! Haha Haha James is lass James is a lass James is a lass!

So... permanent lesbian pairing... probably not gonna happen but I can dream for the shits and giggles of it. Because like any sensible man... We like our plumbing no need to bleed... sorry for that if any woman reads that. I'm not sexist I swear!
Anime PJ chapter 152 . 4/9
James Bond Sykes becoming a girl. That is... absolutely hilarious, I'm not gonna lie.
magmon1000 chapter 152 . 4/8
I'm not sure how to feel about this effect on James. I like it, don't get me wrong, but man, shits getting real!
hellspam chapter 151 . 4/7
Wow adachi has earned my respect it shows his not just a egocentric police dick got it from ultimax
hellspam chapter 150 . 4/7
Lol can't come to the bond you my friend are fucking hilarious
hellspam chapter 141 . 4/6
Wow I didn't expect naoto to fall for Charles it was a nice surprise this chapter is making me wanna start my own persona 4 fanfic though I have no idea where to start I'm gonna have to watch animation and play games again I have the pairings already same as yours except yu is with yukiko and oc who is mitsurus younger brother is with naoto his persona name probably Susanno
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