Reviews for Persona 4: I Don't Belong Here
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 146 . 3/4
So, Naoto and James? I wonder how that's going to go. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it's going to go pretty badly. I really wouldn't.

I think Charles getting in on some of the King's Game Stuff worked. Even if Yu IS the king. Well, he is.

The VA list is pretty cool actually. Didn't realise that some voice actors had so many different roles/well-known roles.
Anime PJ chapter 146 . 3/4
Most comedic chapter ever, and it still ended with something dramatic. Still, gives us plenty to look forward to.
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 145 . 3/1
Will and James are definitely different despite being twins. Sort of like Minato and Minako. I guess.

Wonder if Minako is going to be found innocent or not. I mean, her (and Minato's) aunt and uncle were horrible (horrible, horrible, horrible) people but she most likely didn't kill them. At least I hope she doesn't. Maybe that'd be left up in the air a little bit.

Looking forward to the King's Game!
Anime PJ chapter 145 . 2/28
Oh, James got the shit kicked out of him, and rightfully so! It's good to know that none of these guys is a murderer, but that just begs the question: who is? I'll eagerly await the next chapter as this story moves ever forward.
Anime PJ chapter 144 . 2/24
Okay, shit's getting serious (again). Can't wait to see how all this goes.
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 144 . 2/24
The inclusion of Dogeyes, Winston and Pendrew is interesting, seeing as it gives some backstory into Chris and James's past.

Minato and Yosuke had the same voice-actor I think, so good work picking up on that.

So, Charles is being taken in for questioning? Uh-oh!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 143 . 2/19
So, Ryoji and Natsuki will show up? I guess?

What happened in Denver? Charles, I think, had a decidedly unhappy past so anything reminding him of that past would've been a sore spot for him. I'm not sure if that's what you were going for, but anyway.

So, Naoto's going to reveal that she's a girl at some point to James right? She kind of has to.

Actually, the idea that Yu and Charles met before is intriguing.
Anime PJ chapter 143 . 2/19
Is there any part of Charles' life that isn't depressing to think about? There's got to be at least one moment that made him happy rather than sad.

Naoto isn't getting out of this easy, is she? And either James is more than a bit thick or he's putting it on to make her feel comfortable.

I swear, Charles and Yu are gonna remember all this at some point and it'll be a damn good moment!
Anime PJ chapter 142 . 2/15
Hahaha, I liked this chapter! Nanako making them do that stuff, that's just classic!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 142 . 2/14
I think the trip is going to be a lot tougher than it was originally, especially if Minako's wanted for murder on Port Island.

Nanako is a cool kid. It's a shame that she is all by herself, well, she will be when Chuck and Yu go to Port Island. The nail polish thing was funny.

Kashiwagi is WEEEEEEEEIRD.

Definitely looking forward to how you handle the trip!
Anime PJ chapter 141 . 2/8
The more of this I read the more I want to see an AU fanfic. Would you ever consider doing that? This other guy I read, Team Megami; you may have read his stuff, is doing AU fanfics (one at the moment) where his OC gets paired up with someone different than in the main story (in the main it's Aigis, in the current AU it's Fuuka). I could see you doing that quite well.

Other than that, great chapter! That Naoto thing is interesting, can't wait to see how that plays out!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 141 . 2/8
I wonder how James is going to handle Naoto's feelings for Charles. I mean, it does give them some scope of development, but I'm not really sure how that's going to work.

So, Naoto knows about Minako killing her aunt and uncle, and if Minako IS guilty, then that just puts a further wrench on things. Well, a few further wrenches.

Wasn't expecting Irina to be revealed as a nice person, but people are (I guess) more than what you'd expect.

Yamaichi's dad seems like a bit of a dick, or a lot of one. I mean, trying to drag someone's reputation through the mud for no apparent reason seems a bit low.
Kanjilearner1988 chapter 141 . 2/8
I take it the steam locomotive in Charles' sign was none other than James the Red Engine from The Railway Series and Thomas & Friends.
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 140 . 2/2
So, Yamaichi's dad is still trying to get Charles in trouble? Maybe he should "let it go". Or not...

Irina's not very nice, to put it very charitably. I mean, personal circumstances aren't an excuse for someone to act like that.

Wow, Teddie... I wonder if James has some competition?
NuChaosX chapter 106 . 2/1
The wrestling fight scene was the greatest thing I have ever read.
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