Reviews for Persona 4: I Don't Belong Here
SmileRen chapter 162 . 7/29
Nice chapter :D
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 161 . 7/26
Dojima reading James the riot act was probably the best part of the chapter. I think that you did a good job of bringing out that side of him because people don't see that in P4/P4TG all that often.

Wait, was the "In my house" line a reference to the Godfather? Good job on the Wizard of Oz reference too, seeing as it's one of my favourite films.
SmileRen chapter 161 . 7/25
Hmm, I'm glad its resolved...somewhat :)
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 160 . 7/25
I think they're being slightly harsh on James. But anyway... Wonder how things will work out anyway.
SmileRen chapter 160 . 7/25
Now I'm feeling sorry for James...I know he's in the wrong but did everyone around him really need to state that they thought he was worthless and lower than dirt?

James and Charles are on a cyber watch list?! Just what the heck did they get up to as children? OAO
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 159 . 7/23
I quite like your take on how Marie doesn't remember her real identity or even her real name for that matter. I mean, the original P4/P4TG sort of explains why that's the case BUT...

Who's the girl/woman who's gone after James?

It'd be interesting to see your take on P4A actually.
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 158 . 7/20
So, what exactly did "James's forgotten betrayal" involve? Something to do with connecting Charles to his mother's murder right? Well, this could lead to some utterly unlooked for complications.

Wonder if James and Naoto actually do get together or if it's just too much of a long shot
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 156 . 7/15
So, Chris had a "Headache" and just happened to run into Yumi? Well, I really hope that she's okay.

I quite like the idea of finding objects to help with Marie's amnesia. The question of whether or not Marie had a "Mother" is definitely a good one but it's not one that's been answered.

Wait, Naoto still has feelings for Charles? Oh deeeeeeeeeear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Well, hopefully said feelings get resolved because there's no way of resolving them at the moment.

Anyway, I quite like the dynamic of the team.

Welcome back!
KoalaKiller chapter 77 . 7/1
For a long story, its not very interesting and kinda boring to read, plain maybe a better word to use. Not to mention original characters tend to destroy ficws when they are the main character, hard to keep interest when the reader has no emotional connection. In the end I found it blend and couldn't connect with the characters, OCs never work out sadly but hey, long a you enjoy it as you wrote my thoughts and feelings don't matter
hellspam chapter 155 . 6/12
Reading this chapter is making me wanna see a Charles x naoto alternate universe even more lol
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 155 . 6/9
So, all's well that ends well?

Happy that Charles and Yukiko managed to resolve their issues. Actually, I like the symbolism of Yukiko's Shadow the most because (originally) the cage was basically all the unrealistic expectations that she had constructed for herself. That symbolism is probably still there, I think.

Of course, while everything's been resolved on that front, there are yet more issues to deal with. Unfortunately!
SmileRen chapter 155 . 6/8
Yes! Thank you so much! XD
hellspam chapter 132 . 4/23
While I respect your decision to make minato and mitsuru a pairing I've always seen him with yukari but that's just me
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 154 . 4/21
The fights worked because Charles had to, I guess, grow up at some point and he had some things that he really needed to settle stuff with James.

At least James and Naoto are free to get together, I suppose.

Chris? Well, there's definitely something up with him. Especially if, I don't know, Minako doesn't REMEMBER HIM.

Yukiko and Charles patched things up! YEEEEEEES!
Anime PJ chapter 154 . 4/21
Yay! The depressions dying down some! Although I can't help but worry for Yumi at this point, with Chris being under the control of the Scarlet Room and everything...
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