Reviews for Persona 4: I Don't Belong Here
RedMoa chapter 1 . 7/16/2021
not even reading this because OC's name is Mega Gay
Guest chapter 2 . 1/27/2020
Что ты за человек кто смог столько написать (и это не комплимент)
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 294 . 1/11/2020
I think the Finale was the best place to end IDBH on, in a manner of speaking. This? Not so much.

How exactly would Devon be "17" if she's dead?

The "Crystal Palace" seems more like a collection of busybodies than something that preserves balance. Plus, as I might have mentioned, the Axiom is the thing/being that functions as a source of balance in the SMT series. (Particularly in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse.)

What exactly is happening in Inaba besides the Arena stuff?
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 293 . 1/11/2020
Are eye transplants a thing? I know that somebody (in real life) had a face plant, but an eye transplant? That's probably a bit too far fetched.

I can see why Nametame being told about Izanami's role in everything that happened would be a bad thing. So, it's probably better that he's not informed about it.

What is/are Japan's view(s) on having children out of wedlock? Because I don't think that it would be as massive a deal as it would be for some other places.

The (kind of) Credits Sequence takes away from the weather presenting segment. Even if the Credits Sequence was a good idea.

In the Epilogue of P4G, Dojima actually catches the person who was responsible for the hit and run on Chisato. Just thought I'd mention it.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 294 . 1/10/2020
Ah… so this is it, eh? The End. And yes, I admit I have quite a headache in Fusing some Personas to wait for this chapter is a fucking bitch. Especially that futile attempt of adding Mind Charge/Matarukaja/Megido on Dominion. It’s so ridiculously hard, and I eventually given up on the whole thing. Oh, and just a warning, the Weekly News for today is quite massive for a couple of Persona Scramble dropping down on us 1-2 days ago. I’ll tell you about that later.
Though one thing I had to note before begin is that Takeuchi and Gisei are supposed to be in the party, but they actually barely make it from their return visit to their hometown, Okinoshima. However, since I don’t see Dylan and Irina here (more surprised on the latter especially when it’s set after Arena) as well, I guess I can take it. Let’s just say that they don’t make it to the party yet. Okay, let’s close this off then.

1a. Auw… but I missed your Bowlcut, Yuu D:
b. Speaking of Yuu’s appearance. I found this on Facebook this morning. I think this is really neat and so I’m going to share it to you: twitter neekosiah/status/1213890907822575618
c. Come on, there’s nothing wrong with Plaid Pants… as long as the colors are not too contrasted and you’re not trying to make it look like a kilt pattern. Take a look at Daijirou’s for example.
d. Yuu, now I want to see Doujima and Namatame in some kind of political debate.
e. Maybe you will need to tell Namatame about Izzy in the Sequel, Yuu… sorry.
2a. Wait, what? First, why did you leave those keys? You know you’re always welcomed in Doujima Residence. And second, I guess Mina couldn’t come for her maternity break, isn’t it? It’s just two months since she bore her child, after all.
b. And *checking the date before facepalming* Didn’t I tell you months ago that Yuu visited Inaba at around 4th or 5th of August, not after the Summer Festival?
c. Uh… if you count from March, it’s 5 months, but if you count it from Arena, it’s 3 (if this is August 4th) or almost 4 (if it’s August 26th)
d. Sounds like a bull, Chuck? School Duty in the middle of August? If it’s specifically the Student Council, then I might believe that.
e. Wait, did you and Mina have a breakup or something happening in Arena? I’m worried.
f. You can ask Take and Amiko for that part with Junes, Yuu. But I thought it happened in June…nes (Pun Intended :P)
3a. Yuu, please don’t do that. Yu-ur yell of “Yoo…” sounds like that Kabuki SFX.
b. Oh, I thought you’re still in Tokyo, Mina. How did you come here from Tokyo that fast and what about the babies?
c. So you’re planning to stay in Inaba after your twins is born then, Mina?
d. GODDAMNIT, YUKIKO! Out of all of your laughing fits, this is one of the best ones XD
4a. Sometimes I forgot that you dyed your hair and I only remembered that because of Reckoning part 3, James.
b. Will, I dare you to try to beat Izanagi no Sama’s muscles, we’ll see :D
c. Wait, you wear a hat all this time, Teddye?
d. Did Amiko cut her hair somewhere in the story, either cut it from her own or getting cut in a fight?
e. Chuck, don’t make me say OK Boomer on you, please.
f. No, Amiko, I still prefer that name over Tohru, so… please. D: I missed Toosaka Amiko, period… F for any Shirou and Rin joke between Takeuchi and Ami- Tohru in the future.
g. is Abby and Teddye’s Wedding happening on the Sequel or not.
h. At least you didn’t roll in tears when Yuu made that remark, Chuck.
i. If you paid for the food, Charles, where did you get the money from?
j. So the Old Married Couple Award falls too… Chie and Yousuke or Kanji and Rise?
5a. Don’t tell me you’re using Za Warudo as your… other transportation, Chuck -_-
b. I doubt Rikuguchi could get any tougher than Shuujin, Mina… or any school that is.
c. Okinawa? So Aneko and her Husband confirmed for Scramble?
d. As hard to admit it, living in Tokyo with that much of a prejudice is really REALLY hard.
e. Too bad that Battleaxe is Akufu (握斧) and not Narusoto.
f. Oh, so it’s a bike then, I thought you got Mina’s old bike Chuck, so why hers still on Twin Cities? g. Also, now you’re officially a Soccer Mom, Mina. Driving an SUV and having two kids. The only two things left if it’s a Chevrolet Suburban (or maybe Honda Pilot if you want a Japanese Car) and your kids are playing soccer. XD
6a. What did Chie eat again here?
b. Did you always somehow changed your outfit completely differently whenever you turned into Jamie-James?
c. Wait, outside of this kind of occasion, where did you put that extra coffee table, Charles? Your beach house somehow?
d. I started to get suspicious that hunting the Culprit will not bode well by the time Doujima managed to discover it in the Sequel, especially regarding who specifically that killed Chisato.
e. *throwing something* FUCK! Here goes all the One-eyed Jokes I have in the future! With Gisei, the One-Eyed Dragon himself, etc. D:
f. Although, why did I feel there’s something not right on who that eye used to belonged to. Like it was from someone close to Charles, or… it’s Demonic. Well, here’s your Heterochromia then.
7a. Actually, what kind of cabbage-based cuisine that Adachi likes the most. Kimchi?
b. I didn’t know you’re good enough with the Piano, Chuck.
c. Uh… is it right to have months-old children (not Schoolers) to wear Seifuku, right?
e. Why did you facepalmed, Yousuke?
f. Oh really, Marie’s Weather Rigging (not Report) has eclipsed even the Junes Ads itself, Doujima-san?
g. What, Rise, you have no reason to complain this time, and you never get jealous for Will’s love to Marie. :D
8a. No “Kumada” in Teddie nor Teddye’s Credit name at all?
b. Still wondering if “Have a Good Day” can beat “Everyday’s Great at Your Junes” yet.
c. Hm… surprised that Theodore’s name is not mentioned in the Credit, and yet Agatha does. She might rub it off on his face. :
d. I wouldn’t say I would count Persona 5 in the Disclaimer yet :D
e. I think Aki has arguably more role in the story than Gisei (especially the bigger picture, not just from the SoT’s Perspective), and so I think Aki deserved to be included in the Credits as well.
f. I know the D’OH, but Mono- what, Charles?
9a. So, the “Her” that Riku and Agatha talked about is actually Devon. I… I never suspected anyone who had died, even though Devon died very prematurely. Well, I guess I’m going to revamp that Spiral of Erebos Opening to include her then, by replacing Caitlin’s late spouse with Devon. She deserved that spot more.
b. Still, Devon, I wonder what makes Riku quite protective of her well-being? Is it because he simply doesn’t want Agatha to ‘taint’ her or because there’s something more personal between them (not romantically because no one wanted to get chased by Crystal Palace’s FBI Division for Pedophilia, even though she’s ‘physically’ 17 now)?
c. And yes, I am a bit confused on Devon’s gender back at “The Good Place”, whether she’s a boy a girl. Oh well, that idea I will mention later will stick regardless.
10a. I can see why she doesn’t want to be an Angel, especially knowing how much Uori has gone through.
b. A Cat? A cat from where?
c. Wow, I know Agatha is not likeable, but not only I’m surprised that they already know each other well enough, but Devon basically said she’s not too fond with Agatha.
d. Agatha might be triggered that Elizabeth called her Portative Organ an Accordion. *whispers* If this Elizabeth is Theo’s sis, then it makes a lot more sense.
e. I started to worry that this “Extracurricular Stuff’ turns out to be… The Talk.
11a. Honestly, this story has quite a lot of continuity flaw so Devon has the right to critic, though it’s not really your fault since you’re only here to retell it, Agatha :D
b. So Agatha suspects that if Tom came back to Charles’ Mind even as a Shard, Siobhan might be returned somewhere unknown. I start to suspect that Gwen Miner is actually Siobhan all along, hm…
c. At least Devon inherit that Za Warudo as well. That’s good.
d. But damnit, I guess Devon couldn’t even pick up a weapon lying abandoned… somewhere. Or don’t tell me she couldn’t even use hand-to-hand combat.
e. So, if the Other Lie is “Siobhan is somewhere on Earth”, then what is the First Lie, don’t tell me it’s “Siobhan is actually not ‘alive’ anyone and Agatha used Devon for something else”, even though it’s her philosophy regarding families.
h. On a less serious note, I think I have a perfect idea. I think if Devon wants Agatha to keep her presence a secret (especially from Charles, reluctantly), Agatha, like how she referred Riku as Aixes refers Devon as Laphicet. Yes, it’s a Berseria Character. Yes, Laphicet is a male, but I can get away with Laphi or Phi or even Fie (same pronunciation, and not-so-intentional Cold Steel Reference) However, it makes a very interesting case once it gets deeper. Laphicet means “The One who Lives”, and Devon having similar things to Laphicet. An unborn who died along with her mother who became ‘alive’ again by a twist of fate, with her mother becoming ‘alive’ again before she (Seres/Celica and Siobhan) gone completely. What do you think about this idea? Unless if you don’t intend Agatha to give Devon some kind of secret identity like with Charles and Kyle in the past.

And yep, Figures that this Transplant eye will be important and not without a catch. I honestly think that Charles’ better off with one-eye from now on, so this decision of yours feels BEARY suspicious. It’s Siobhan’s eyes at best and I can’t imagine the worsts. Also, because of this eye, I have a good idea for the title of the Sequel. “Eye for an Eye”, implying that something that happens must be paid by something at a similar value. It can be literal with Charles’ transplant eye, but who knows the figurative things, even I don’t know what it is.
Okay, I think that’s all for this review. Maybe I should have put 11H in the PM, but I really wanted you to hear this first and since it’s new idea, I don’t think it’s counted as a Spoiler for me. Well, see you later and Keep Update!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 292 . 1/4/2020
I think this chapter seems sort of pointless. Not quite sure why... Maybe it's the build up for the interquel and sequel or maybe because there's no (real) stake in the coda chapters. At least if the codas actually had some degree of "Character Development" in them or were focused on that, then maybe there'd be more of a purpose to them.

Strega magically coming back is pretty nonsensical for a variety of reasons that would take a lot of time to list. Especially when there was only three people in Strega officially (four if you count Sho) with Ikutsuki acting as both the boss of Strega and the Chairman of SEES.

Who/What was Agatha originally?

Is the "Crystal Palace" a balance between the Velvet Room and Scarlet Room or something far less benevolent? I'm just asking because I more or less stuck to having the Velvet Room and the equivalent to the Scarlet Room I used acting as opposition to each other and any other potential grouping.

So... When do you plan on starting the Interquel and Sequel to IDBH? If you don't mind my asking?

Diego seems very laidback for someone who was basically cucked and lied to about it.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 292 . 1/3/2020
Hey, not much happening today other than replaying Persona 4 (just have finished Kanji’s Arc) but moving on. I wish this chapter is called The Celebration Song, but I guess Splitting the Chapters already ruins that, so I’m okay with it. Though I guess “Coda; Last Movement” is invalid for a Title as well, isn’t it? As for the Two-in-One End, I know one is Yuu’s Summer Vacation Return, but… what is the other then? Everything between Arena and Summer, or is it something else? Also, can you please tell me the estimation of both Parts combined? Because I’m getting really paranoid with its length now. Thank you.
Also, I forgot to mention this last chapter, but it seems that you forgot that Daijirou only refers to Kawahime as Tsure. Although, I guess I can take him starting to use Kawahime (but very slowly) as a sign of him moving on from his past a start both his and Kawahime’s lives over. Still, for the rest of ‘these stuff’, I’ll tell you later. Okay! :D

1a. Hm… so Sougi is ‘not here’ after all…
b. If it’s begun with Piano, then it means it’s the OG GT2 Version.
c. Auw… why didn’t you play with your Hat, Naoto? You did at Junes. *pause* Oh, so Daijirou asked her so, sorry Daiji-san
d. Kuroshio is lost in thought *FE Fates Lost in Thought All Alone intensifies* :D
2a. Ooh, I didn’t expect you to show up this chapter, Amaya, period. Although, hm… foreshadowing.
b. Hm… I guess you want to keep whom Aoi lost to a secret for now, isn’t it? Okay, I guess we can keep the surprise for Sequel.
3a. At first, I questioned how is this scene of Aki, Diego, and Ritsu possible until I saw the date that they must have talked about this right before they go to Okina for the concert.
b. OH FUCK! Charles told Diego about Caitlin between February and March. FUCK! Forget Aki asking Charles to find out the truth, him finding out that Diego already knew this all along will cause a massive feud between them.
c. Well, Diego, you really need to tell Aki ASAP because the longer you hide that, the harder the breakup could be, even to the point of irreparable. I mean he could be enraged at Mitsuru, whom is technically his employer, but what happened when it’s not just his employer, but also his close friend ‘betray’ him as well?
d. But… well, at least you take this surprisingly well. Be aware for the consequences of keeping this a secret, Diego, especially to Aki.
e. So the excuse is Mitsuru asking Caitlin to get undercover for something Tanaka after, in order to cover that it’s something that STREGA after. If that’s the case, shouldn’t anyone know that something was up if Caitlin doesn’t return even after the Yamaichis are dead?
f. Don’t jinx it, Aki, because Ritsu may join you if that happens :D But I guess Ritsu can’t because she’s too clumsy to do it perfectly.
4a. Are you implying that they will go saving Caitlin at November? Because I don’t think it could happen like that. Especially when Gekkoukan have their own School Trip on November, unless if the SoT go there in their stead to scout things up. Plus, I thought this would happen in February for very various reasons… so… Massive Derailment again. Sighs… third after Caitlin’s ‘Defection’ and the True Reason Behind It. so… why? Why did you move the timing to be much earlier, 3 months earlier in fact?
b. No, that name is not valid anymore, Ritsu! :D Well, I guess it’s still a placeholder until they came up with the True Name instead.
c. So who is this Sword of Damocles then…
d. Don’t give up, Diego, maybe you could really romance her again once she is rescued, but we’ll see.
5a. Uh… you said “A Day after the Meeting”, but Aki encountered Alexandre at the same day as that, March 23rd.
b. Also, it’s weird that Alex is in the dorm right now, as he’s not moving in yet. Though I can see why the reason with his parents and I assumed said meeting happened at the Tower, not the Dorm.
c. What is Quartermaster again?
d. Actually, Take already knows that Aki and Asuka are dating from the very beginning. In fact, Aki is the one who asks Take to help him with his confession.
6a. In case you don’t mention it, Riku does not watch from the seat like everyone else. But rather he watches it from a rooftop of a building across the Concert Hall (unless if this Concert Hall is Indoor, which isn’t, he would hide in one of the far corners)
b. I guess no lampshading suggestion of “Putting a Black Hole in the Corner to make it scarier” or something then.
c. I guess the ‘Her’ Riku referred to is Theodora, isn’t it?
d. I guess being trained for the Crystal Palace gives you some help to not budge by almost anything, even that infamous Earrape.
e. Also, another Honorific Mistake, RIku is familiar enough with Takeuchi to refer him by his name, with no Honorific. So it’s just Takeuchi instead of Shiba-san.
f. Agatha spoke as if she’s not that familiar to Riku. In fact, she should have said “Eshigawa Riku, of course it had to be you… or should I call you by your real name instead, isn’t it, Lu Tieying?” Unless if you intend to cover up the name Lu Tieying, said quote above should be the one used instead. *PAUSE* On the hindsight of 7D, I get it now. Still, I guess I can use the quote above in Riku’s first meeting with her then… September 2011.
7a. I guess Riku doesn’t just reluctant to expose someone’s Personal Secret to the others, but rather because he Can’t. Good idea though.
b. And I feel that he’s quite protective to Theodora, way more than it should for someone like Riku. Don’t know if it’s just some pragmatism or because he really cares for her, which is NOT likely.
c. I’m surprised that Theo of all people Agrees to let Agatha keep an eye for his daughter.
d. Wait, so this Agatha is actually coming to Riku BEFORE the Agatha who met Riku for the first time? Of course, that’s why it gets weird. Ugh… *X-Files Theme intensifies*
e. I guess whoever Christina and where she is now, she will have an important role with Gwen Miner, isn’t it?
f. I don’t know, Riku, she might just want to exit at the Concert but she coincidently meets you. Especially since this Agatha is ‘younger’ than the one meeting you months ago. *shrugs*
8a. Oh Rise, you already start training for the Sports Festival, are you? :D
b. Well, good that James saved the concert with that Encore… don’t tell me you’re late because you get the Music Sheet for that Castlevania Medley. HAHAHAHAHA! GG, James… GG.
c. And it’s a good song too. I wished that the Encore is also Celebration Song on top of that though
9a. I did not expect you two to stalk Daijirou as far as Okina. Still, Chika and Chiaki *pause* I knew you are twins. Also, one is Calculative and Cold Blood, while the other is a Cute Psycho no different than Enoshima Junko.
b. Also, are you really hide yourself that well and not coincidently hid too close to Riku (who is also hiding for another reason before)… enough to make him suspect that they are going after Daijirou? xD *pause* Unless if Riku is the Chinaman they referred to, which is definitely not.
c. At least they are forbidden to kill Charles and Yukiko. Caitlin insists.
d. And… finally after almost 300 chapters, we get an actual Incest. Took very long enough. I guess since they are twins and incest with each other on top of that, does that mean Turinagas are a foil to Charles and Caitlin then?
e. *pause* Wait a minute, how old the Tsurinagas again? Because now that they said they burned Seven Houses in the past, I paranoid that they are the one who is told by Saitou Michimitsu to torch the Niwasaki Residence Eight Years Ago! If this is true, that definitely gives a personal reason for Daijirou.
f. I almost want to say that this White-Scarfed Woman is Aoi (SOMEHOW), I know it’s definitely not her :D

Of course, and unfortunately, this review is actually only half of it as I check. There’s quite a lot of flaw present that is need to addressed later, for spoilers of course. As such, I will mention it on the PM later to keep it a secret. So, this is the end of the Review. If there’s anything I missed. I will tell you at the PM as well. So see you later and Keep Update!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 291 . 12/28/2019
I think splitting the previous chapter and this chapter into separate chapters was a better idea than having it just be the one chapter.

Is Naka a real place or is it, like Inaba and Okina, based on real places?

Who's this "Kawahime" person?

Are the "Coda" chapters going to be a way for different characters to work on certain issues? I'd imagine that they would be, if the James stuff is any indication.

Hitomi's plan doesn't exactly seem like it would work all that well. And, I'm not entirely sure that giving Yukiko an (unknown!) sister is entirely necessary.

I wonder what exactly Daijiro's father did to make Daijiro hate him so much. It can't possibly be worse than everything that Gregory has done. (Either version of him.)
RosyMiranto18 chapter 291 . 12/27/2019
Okay, I tell my reason why I get restless here. First, is because the last chapter is 20K Words and so I am worried that I have no time to complete my review today. So, thank god this chapter is only less than a half than that. And second, the reason is because I don’t have all day to review this, my practical limit is 4PM when I’m going to watch a Stream until 9. However, that’s the ideal limit because I still have to spare my time for my lunch as well and of course, taking a break. At least this chapter lacks the time spent to think about theories and ideas so at least this is going to be a chill one.
Well, that’s my defense on the whole thing, so let’s continue with the review. I think I agree with your decision with the Split, as with my own struggle today, I think I would be struggling to review had you didn’t split this chapter. As for how well you did with the last-minute revisions, we’ll see. And speaking of the last Epilogue chapters you planned, I have something to talk to you over it, but I’ll leave the proper talk in our discussion tomorrow. Well then, let’s start the orchestra of a review.

1a. Where is Naka again?
b. Actually, Daijirou’s aim is to get the Orchestra Career in UK, but he decided to stay in Japan until Kawahime graduated. But hey, at least first steps of making the name for himself in Japan is a good idea regardless.
c. Nice Lore on the Concert Hall though, I really like it. But yeah, having a Catholic School close to so many Love Hotels sounds really weird ;D
d. Unfortunately, the economy of Japan never surpasses the US even at its strongest. So, he’s completely wrong since Japan always behind US… and now China as well.
2a. No wonder you’re struggling to write this chapter, you wrote this chapter back and forth between the morning and the afternoon scenes several times. At least you do it pretty well though.
b. James, stop with your Libido, please… You have Naoto.
c. It’s not all of his friends from Gekkoukan though, only those who are in the Music Club plus Natsuko (because she’s joining the Orchestra next schoolyear). Otherwise it means that Aki will shows up as well, which is certainly cataclysmic.
3a. I would say that Daijirou is not familiar with NSL, but I guess the Sykes MADE him watch it in the past. But hm… Japanese NSL, I wonder if the IDBH cast will reacted to it too in the Sequel.
b. I guess that Tonoko person Kazada and Tomoya mentioned in Descent part 6 is the Trombone Player Daijirou mentioned, isn’t it? Since she’s the only one whom I know to have their marriage arranged.
c. Really? The second Trombone Player is the first one’s Groom as well? xD They must be pretty close.
d. Well, as stern as Daijirou, he is certainly excellent to bring the best of someone’s musical talent. And he’s surprisingly gentle with it as well.
e. Nah, don’t do Grand Speeches too often or else you become Rean Schwarzer… *cough*Aki*cough*
f. I’m not sure if he could mention James in his speech if James is not even there, but… oh well.
4a. Well, James get a point on that one. We should have kicked that Daft Cop’s ass instead
b. Well, Daijirou is a bit hypocritical that he decided to run to UK away from his father a long time ago, but that’s beside the point right now. Plus, he accepted and learned from that mistake and he does not willing to let James did that same mistake.
c. Wait, is your father Abusive, James. WHAT?! *pause* Well, more parallel I guess, at least it’s the excuse why James became like that.
d. Uh… Daijirou, the Sykes took specifically you in. Only you, not your family.
e. I mean had James never gone coward and run away to Hong Kong, Daijirou would never get that resolve to return to Port Island and get Kawahime back. So…. I guess there’s a silver lining on this one.
f. You know, accusing that all Daijirou did was to get Kawahime to sleep with him and for herself is definitely a low blow. Sounds like a Berserk Button I need to add.
g. You know, if this fight is not really planned, I wonder how did he hid that Kanabo exactly where they going to fight.
5a. En Garde? *checking* Well, I guess Olde English is within Daijirou’s forte as well.
b. A-Rod? Is it a pun of Daijirou’s weapon or taken from Alex Rodriguez.
c. Kicking his nuts? Really dirty, James… mie.
d. Did you always extend that OOH as Jamie, hello?
e. Saying that Jamie is manlier than James… OUCH! That’s one hell of a burn.
6a. I guess it’s either Take taught James about Baguazhang a bit, or he learned… something in Hong Kong. Kungfu, perhaps?
b. Sorry, but Genderbending is a better word than Gender Change, Daijirou.
c. And you forgot his scariest moves, Chimera Blast and Orochi’s Roar. :Kappa: Sorry, I just had to make those names now because I should have known you would get Sykes-styled Wrestling Moves on Daijirou.
d. Speaking of the names, let’s see… *checking* Flopsam is a Flood Simulator, how this one fit? I’ll change it to Plague Flop to allude it with the Black Death. Then I change FlapJim to Sonic Flap, Chestbuttster to… okay, that one’s way too smart of a pun for me to change. As well as that pun of Shinning to Shining *shrugs*
7a. I think it’s more of Hallucination than Concussion for me, Daiji, and now James’ attacking you like you’re his father. FUCK!
b. Eh… people shorten his name to Daiji, not just Dai. But I guess you wanted to make it distinctive to Shinjirou’s Shinji.
c. Well, glad to know that he decided to take a hit to stop James’ rampage. *pause* And oh, he pretends to convulse to snap him out… okay, but not funny.
d. Wait, who is Milton? Is he your father, James? *pause* Oh, Simone’s dad. But he still alive, right?
e. Sometimes, I wonder why your Accepted Shadow is called Will and not Jim.
8a. Well, that Self-Defense Argument will show up later, right? ;D (Foreshadowing Mode)
b. Wait, you had a Boyfriend, James? You’re not Jamie at that time, right? I already can figure out if you are bisexual though… I mean everybody are here. -_-
c. I don’t really think Daijirou have that Cool Kid vibe and I think Daijirou shares that sentiment as well, not after that incident with Michimitsu.
d. And of course, Daijirou takes his concert really seriously, even if there’s any ulterior motif underneath.
9a. You know, I’m surprised not to make this joke a long time ago, but… James the First Genderbender… unless if there’s someone else who could do that before him. *crows cawing*
b. I guess that part with Charles’ death will only be told once Daijirou got… ‘fully integrated’.
c. Well, that sounds like Daijirou is jinxing himself about “Accepting that he shouldn’t know anything further than what James said” hehehehehe…
d. Plus, Daiji accepts enough about that Persona stories because of his interest with Wizardry, Magic, and such. Harry Potter is one of his favorite readings, even.
e. Now I want to see Shawn decided to make a Not-so-Fiction about your adventures as Persona Users in the Distant Epilogue, James XD
10a. Wait, if you’re locked out of the loop of Persona until now, Daijirou, how did you get those Liquid Bandages? I don’t think they are sold for the masses.
b. Naoto takes your breath away? It sounds like an Innuendo to me, period.
c. Well, refining and mastering what you have have not difference to learning new skills every day. It’s just a preference.
d. I think Daijirou wants to relax at Okina because even though it’s likely that those two lovebirds are in their Beach House, he doesn’t want to risk getting interrupted by their moanings.

And… done, that’s everything. Preparing for the 2nd Movement next week as well as the ideas for tomorrow. So, see you later and Keep Update!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 290 . 12/21/2019
Well, the epilogue (the first chapter of it at least) was certainly something.

Why have Uori be a former member of the "Crystal Palace" and the Archangel Uriel when Uriel was already a Persona in Persona 4 and a longstanding demon in SMT more generally?

Adding someone into Charles and Yukiko's relationship just seems kind of weird. I dunno.

Why would Anzu join the Scarlet Room and not interrogate the information that Cordelia was handing her? Especially when the Scarlet Room wasn't exactly known for "Helping the Innocent" in the first place. (Much like my equivalent of the Scarlet Room.)

Magatsu Izanagi was a version of Izanagi that got corrupted by his journey into the underworld in order to rescue Izanami in the original Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden.

How many Japanese relatives does IDBH Stephen have? Because he's distantly related to both the Nijimas and Okumuras. And, I think there might be some ship tease between IDBH Stephen and Makoto, which is pretty funny. I guess.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 290 . 12/21/2019
Sighs… okay, I was half-expecting this chapter to go next week to be honest. So I’m not too prepared for this, I admit. So, three additional Epilogue chapters as well. It seems there’s much more things to disclose and hook for the Sequel as I though, a lot more. But yeah, good luck with fixing the old chapters… especially the Lemons Anyway, there’s nothing else I can say right now, as I prepared them for the Weekly News tomorrow.

1a. Well, who is insane enough to wear Bikinis in Late May when the Spring is not here yet?
b. Good to know that Yuu’s going to call them tomorrow and not waiting until the Golden Week for more contact from him.
c. So, how much of a difference to have your own soul this time, Chuck?
d. Hahaha… you had to make that Kasumi Hawaii Greeting Joke, didn’t you?
e. So…. your full name is Amagi ‘Hentai’ Yukiko (天城 ‘変態’ 雪子) then?
f. What? I don’t think this scene really is set at 4AM, Yukiko.
2a. So Furoshi is basically the Pegorinos to GTA IV’s The Commission then?
b. Yeah, having sex right before he got assassinated, even the killer is exasperated about that, hahahah…
c. I didn’t know she could hack though. I know she was very sneaky, but not actually hacking her way through.
d. At least it’s just Rabbits and not… Rabbids.
3a. Hm… so those Thirteen Nails, you changed it from her main target having all of those 13 to each one of bullet lands to 1 main target of hers.
b. *BRAKE* Wait, which Tokugawa is this? The ones from Tokugawa Shogunate, or someone whom I don’t know from this story in the future? I know her affiliation in another story is indeed Tokugawa, but I don’t understand this one.
c. Now I got suspicious on what kind of person who your father is, Naoko, sounds a lot more dangerous than someone in the Yakuza Business.
d. *FACEPALM* It’s AobAra, not Aobora…
e. But yeah, I guess if Naoko is indeed involved with Shidou, then well… good. Glad that no one survived since otherwise someone will go after Aobara in the aftermath. But… how did Naoko recognizes her real name when I don’t think Shidou does.
4a. Wait, what? If you just take a bath as a woman now, then that means you don’t take a bath for TWO MONTHS?! :O
c. E-Fur? What kind of pun is that? A Typo of Before?
d. Speaking of which, now I’m chuckling at the prospect of Charles and Yukiko doing a literal Fur-Play xD
e. So what caused you to give Teddie Tickle Torture then, Chris? *pause* Ah, I get it. Teddie’s scoring gone overboard again.
f. I don’t know, man, can Teddie really massage here?
5a. Hm… question, can Shadows like the Bears die from drowning or out of air?
b. Wait, you have done ‘it’ with Teddie yet? *pause before a spittake* WHEN IS IT?!
c. Why would Abby goes into the water underneath the bathub again?
6a. Uh… isn’t Sae’s hair grey, and not blonde?
b. So, first, I didn’t expect Stephen to stay with the Nijimas, which actually makes sense in the hindsight. Second, is this some Shipping Flags between you two, Makoto? And third, Phantom Thieves Stephen Confirmed now?
c. HARU IS YOUR COUSIN AS WELL?! What the hell, man?! How did you get relative THAT many in Japan?!
d. Sotos… pfft, just drench them in Soto Broths as a payback, Steve. (Note: Soto is an Indonesian Turmeric Soup, pretty famous here)
e. Yeah, like the Japanese Justice System is any better than the American Political Machine, Sae.
f. So… Sae had a boyfriend who cheated her with two girls? That’s harsh. Not even letting her to be a part of his harem.
g. Gambling Metaphor, foreshadowing of her Palace, much?
7a. I don’t know, Sae, Gregory and Shidou are basically the same, Nigh-Untouchable. Even if Steve does tell you this, I don’t think it would be that effective, especially when the views of Bastards are different between the States and Japan.
b. Still, I’m glad that Sae’s softening up on Steve, at least slowly.
c. Honestly, your exile feels more like a Fate Worse than Death Punishment to you, Steve. At least Dylan have some people behind his back.
d. I guess people don’t want to expose Gregory even if they must because Gregory’s grasp is so strong that removing him could risk making the entire New York State falling apart.
e. Hm… so Akira was in Yasoinaba Academy. Sighs… too bad we never see him as an Early-Bird Cameo even though he was in the same school as Mitsuo and Hiroshi. Also, no one even making that news in Inaba either?
f. Yes, Makoto. It only proves Takeuchi’s claim that Shuujin is an Oppressive Tyranny.
g. But I expected Sae to be Steve’s Supervisor and not Konan, but I guess Sae has too much hands on her already. Good luck, Steve.
8a. Hm… L’Amond… I wonder which café is it?
b. I guess even though Uori looks popular, she is actually very lonely underneath. Pretty sad.
c. Hello, Lucy… well, this confirms that Uori’s a part of the Crystal Palace. I called it from the moment that Feather is seen. Though granted that I partially brought this upon myself, but still…
d. Well, I didn’t know that the ‘Drafting’s is mandatory for everyone who had affiliation with the Crystal Palace, not just a certain Paladin.
e. Honestly, Lucy, I would be happy if you DO curse that bitch.
f. *pause* Well… I know you are from Crystal Palace, but damn… an actual angel. That takes things too far for me to guess. Wait, Uriel? *checking* But it’s Male Angel. Even if he’s from the Lovers Arcana (or rather Aeon in my Compendium), it’s still jarring…. *glade* Don’t tell me you’re implying that Uori is a male in Crystal Palace before she resigned to Earth.
g. There’s something I need to talk about regarding Uori, as well as many other stuffs, but I’ll leave it for the Extra Sections in PM.
9a. The question is, why are you here, Izzy. I know you turned good now, but still.
b. Now I want to say that Adachi had a Brain Damage. Classic Lu Bu Feng Xian Joke.
c. Sorry, Izzy, but the only way for you to atone is just let everything moved on and don’t intervene. Your decision to do this is what brings the problem in the first place.
d. I know she can change the weather at a whim, but I still wonder how did she get accepted at the Weather Reporter Job.
e. Oh, I didn’t know that Will have a glass.
10a. so, what flavor the ice cream this time?
b. Huh? Why would you two go to Tokyo again? Caitlin’s Wedding doesn’t count.
c. You know, now I start to question if your mom is Lucy, Uori. I mean, you never seem to get along with each other. O_o
d. So… is her Wings and Halo only visible when she is in the mirror? You know, like the opposite of the Vampire in the Mirror reveal? Or is because no one but her who can see those Wing and Mirror. Oh well, at least it’s not heinous as the Halo on F1 Cars xD
e. Uh… I got blank here. Which Windstorm and which QR Code you refer to, Uori?
11a. Wait, did James already know from whom Naoto got the letter from?
b. Also, how did you do Mile High Club if you are not on a plane?
c. So… Izzy confirmed for transfer to Yasogami now?
12a. And… the bitch’s back. Sighs…
b. What will happen if Charles encountered that Doctor turned Pizza Deliverer and said that Hashimoto escaped? Hehehehe…
c. So Hashimoto is a fan of Nazi? Not surprised at all.
d. Wait, what happened to Anzu’s brother.
e. Sighs… Shidou again… Shidou again…. Honestly, if they found out that they are going after the same person, I think Aobara will try to make friend to Anzu, even though Anzu certainly wouldn’t want to cooperate. Although, I think Aobara might reconsider when she realizes that Anzu only goes after her brother’s former comrades and not aim to Shidou on the Top.
f. WOW, if even the SCARLET ROOM itself rejects you, you know that you’re even more messed up than it is initially.
g. It’s literally made the Deal with the Devil, but eh… miles better than if Hashimoto is the one signing it.
h. Well, unless if she somehow can convince Queen Knuckles to help her, I don’t think any attempt Hashimoto will do will fail before it even begun. God, she got a lot worse than Mitsuo at this point, and I’m happy for it.
i. Thank you, Phil, for FINALLY realized that Gambling is bad no matter how did you slice it. I mean Nyarly becoming the P5 boss instead of Yaldy sounds a lot worse… *whispering* even though he makes a better boss.
j. Although, if he tried to strike a deal with Hashimoto then… I wouldn’t be surprised. But it will surely put her on bounty of a certain Witch as soon as it happens. I’ll explain it later.
12a. Fields of Gold… damnit, now I cannot make the joke out of this song because you used Sting. Specifically this song: youtu . be/DbpdmY2GiRI
b. But hm… what kind of names everyone including Yousuke considered before you got Fields of Gold? I’m curious.
c. So… did you secretly knows who Uori is and kept it a secret from Yukiko-hime? *blank*
d. And I still don’t understand how did you be in Charles, Magatsu. *pause* Uh… okay, I was duped that you are Siobhan, so… I’m blank now. Still, why did you think she’s Siobhan. It’s still jarring that a woman hiding behind Magatsu’s Mask though.
e. But either way, I think your time as a Persona User had something to do with the Jack the Ripper Case. Also, I didn’t know that Persona User exists that far back.
f. Still, I think Gwen will have a lot of impactful role in the Sequel, especially ones that thread the lines between the Present with the Past.
g. Ah… yes, you would do well in a VN, Charles. You’re very lucky you only choose Yukiko here. HAHAHA. But of course, that’s the Curse of Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.
13a. First, which one of his name is correct? Karuhouta Hitachi or Karumoto Hitachi? I got confused now. Second, so Hitomi was the friend of Caitlin mentioned all this time. I didn’t expect that honestly. Though, it brings me a question how did they become friends? And not even Yukiko knows that.
b. So… your ‘daughter’ looks like a fusion between Yukiko and Naoto, isn’t it Okeshiro? *pause* No wait, wait, is Hitomi your daughter that also looks like Naoto, but she is adopted as Karuhouta’s Child? God, this is getting really confusing, honestly.
c. But I guess Karuhouta and Okeshiro are a lot less cohesive than I thought. Still, if Hitomi is Karuhouta’s Adopted child from Okeshiro, and Karuhouta’s firstborn is still out there. There’s still a chance that it’s Asuka :D
d. And Hikaru? Who is this? You mean Hitachi?
e. If Hitomi does school at Yami-Akashi, it will be a lot more complicated here between her and Aobara.
f. Still, this confirms that Hitomi is Your Blue Rose, although the reveal is not what I expected. Your “Blue Rose” is just a little nickname from her father, nothing more significant than that. That will change a lot of things, but I’ll tell you better about them later.
g. So what is your disguises in Inaba, Hitachi. I got curious.
14a. But if Hitomi was given up because her sister’s favored. It can be mean two things. One, its Yukiko, or two, It’s referring to Okeshiro’s daughter and she’s… *whispering* Asuka…
b. Then she will be tried to kidnap Yukiko, destroying everything especially Charles pretending to be her, and then pin the Blame to Yukiko. Damnit, just when I thought she could be redeemed, this destroys that idea completely.
c. Still, I think things would fell apart quickly because there are certain people who could detect that Hitomi is a fake. I mean despite her attempt, she doesn’t have a Persona (I think), so not able to enter Mayonaka is a major alarm. If it fails, Charles’ Adamantine Bond and Takeuchi’s Glove ability to detect bonds will immediately tell them that she’s not Yukiko either. She may try to be a better villain compared to Hashimoto, but her being out of Loop from Supernatural ‘Security Measures’ will make her fail immediately.

Okay, I think that’s all for today. Honestly, the last scene with Okeshiro, Karuhouta, and Hitomi is really confusing for me, but I’ll try to understand it as much as I can. Still, I have lot of things to type about in response for this chapter. So… please excuse me and Keep Update. See you later!
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 289 . 11/16/2019
Summer vacation? Didn't the "Epilogue" of Persona 4 Golden just skip ahead 6 months? There's not really much else that can be included besides making individual "Epilogues" and whatnot. I just think it's a bit unnecessary.

The different NPC Social Link characters showing up to say their goodbyes to Yu was a nice touch.

Marie going off to "Find herself" doesn't really make sense. Especially as she'd already "Found" all her memories and was reunited (?) with Izanami. What else about herself could she possibly need to find?

Given how rich Mitsuru is, you'd think she'd just pay people to believe whatever cover story about the Shadow Operatives she gave.

When did Katsuya and Sara get together? Or did that just happen offscreen?

And... I just found another drawback of the whole "Charles is Yu's Shadow" thing. Yu's Shadow was gone in the Golden Animation after Yu defeated him/it/whatever. And, if Charles is Yu's Shadow, then Yu technically wouldn't leave Inaba. And I wouldn't call (sort of!) being a "Lotus Eater Machine" a happy ending.

Oh yeah. I kind of forgot about (LNWU!) Charles getting tortured. It was probably one of the more... Problematic/Difficult things I ended up writing. And I think that'd be a fairly extensive list.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 289 . 11/15/2019
I guess I’ll delay watching that new NicoB’s Three Houses episode then (Dancer Bernie :3)… Okay, I was worried for a second that you’re releasing this chapter too late, but fortunately, this chapter is less than 5000 words. That made me at ease. Why? Because I have a lunch at McDonalds for my sister’s birthday. And speaking of the topic of outing and departure. I would like to tell you that I have a vacation to Pasuruan and Malang tomorrow. So just a heads up, if you saw me takes very long to reply. It’s either because I’m too preoccupied (including swimming) to reply, the signal’s dead, or the Email is a scumbag and didn’t notify me. Although, I am going at 6AM, so I have time to reply the initial reply plus Weekly News at home.
Then, when you said about these Materials, Epilogues, and such. I wonder where the Arena Arc stands here. Because you didn’t mention that specific part and jump straight into mentioning the Summer Vacation instead. Now that’s all of the small talks, move on to the review. By the way, congratulations for putting exactly 4800 words instead of some kind of random number. It takes effort to get a number like that.

1a. I’m still wondering if you can have Kou finally find his birth parents, honestly.
b. Are you sure, Charles? Because Administration is pretty infamously taking eternity.
c. So… how much Yuu scored in April and how much Kou scored? Along with Daisuke, Yousuke and those other nameless NPCs?
d. Also, don’t left out Takeuchi in the Basketball matters, please… D:
e. Why did you in a Therapy, Ai?
f. Well, you better make sure that they didn’t attempt to do ‘it’ anywhere in the school, Daisuke. Not the rooftop, not the notorious English room, not any other.
2a. What are you doing in the river, Sykeses?! *glare*
b. I thought Ayane’s going to play some trombones for Yuu’s departure… somehow.
c. *pause* Yuu, it’s technically Linda Hunt. Henrietta Lange is the character played by Hunt. *pause* Okay, you actually refer to the character, sorry. But Detective Ayane, eh?
d. Also… *starting contacting FBI… or whatever its Japanese Equivalent is* :Kappa:
3a. I’m still wondering which country Mr. Minami has gone to all the time.
b. Uh… I’m not sure, Hisako-san, but calling yourself Life is such a drastic change from Death that I feel weirded about it… unless if this is an actual dialogue from the game.
c. If only Irina is not lesbian, I will ship her with Dylan, to be honest… hahaha. But I guess them being Platonic Life-Partners is more than enough.
d. Oh, by the way, did you have a Social Link with Dylan yet, Yuu?
e. Well, I can see why your dad immediately torch the letter though. At least Adachi is trying to atone somewhat.
4a. It’s heartwarming to see that Takeuchi accepts for not fully being a part of the SoT… yet.
b. Wait, is it okay to explicitly mention Social Link to Gisei, Yuu? Everyone shushed Yuu at “Last Dance, Last Chance”.
c. Also, I feel that rather than dismissive wave, Takeuchi shaking his head feels more in-character to him (though Take holding his shoulder is optional). The former feels a bit too rude.
d. And… no Rank 4 mark here? But I guess you don’t really need to explicitly mention that, right?
e. I’m starting to feel that Minato and Katsuya have a pretty uneasy relationship, but at least they are willing to cooperate professionally.
f. And who is this ‘Pawn’ you talked about, Yuu? Hashimoto? Queen Knuckles? *blank*
g. Time to show your latent inner Gordon Ramsey back, Katsuya… especially if it’s for Sara’s sake.
5a. WOW! That’s one hell of a Burn, Chuck. As hot as Rise’s cooking.
b. Pretty sure that if Takeuchi’s there, he would have facepalmed, but… this reaction feels funnier than in the game, in my opinion.
c. There’s a lot of option out there, Nana-chan… Ken is out though, and it’s not because he’s too old.
d. So why Adachi doesn’t want a Trial. I know the Trail is going to be very difficult because of all of those Supernatural Implications, but still…
6a. Ahem, Yuu, your Chuck is not the same as LNWU Chuck, remember?
b. Culmination of a Wish? Why did I start to feel that Yuu also got dragged into the Persona Royal Plot in next January?
c. Yeah… I mean as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you’re Number Two of the whole team, Charles, and not Yousuke.
d. Wait, Colored Eyedrop Kit? I thought it’s a Contact Lens :O
7a. I’m smelling a scene that Yuu will be dragged into drinking booze by a Sykes in the Sequel now.
b. I honestly think that Mega Beef Bowl is a better analogy than ice cream and it fits you better, Chie.
c. Uh… you mean Fired and Re-hired, Naoto?
d. And yeah, look what have you done to the poor Jim, Naoto? You bastard xD
e. *Gasp!* It was this moment that everyone knew, Teddie fucked up.
f. Sorry, Will, but I don’t think that one candle can run out of fuel before Marie’s back.
g. But yeah, it makes sense why Marie have Kaguya now. Izzy is all but Marie’s Shadow, after all… *whispering* Too bad it’s not Izanami (no Mikoto) or something thouh.
h. And what kind of phone is it, Marie? I hope it’s a Smartphone.
8a. Sorry, Rise, but now I start to imagining you to cry like the Useless Goddess, Aqua now.
b. Wait, since when are you IN THE TRAIN, MINA?!
c. And come on, Mina. You may not be Canon in Atlus’ eye, but you are in all of ours.
d. Ahem, anyway, you missed something… uh… I’ll tell you later.
e. And what kind of advices you give to Yuu, Deer Abby? (Sorry, I had to reference Joe Zieja’s FE Three Houses streams. Can’t help it)
f. What? You left Inaba last week, Mina? But you also fought Izanami, HOW?!
g. Time for the Narukamis giving these Love Bird… the Talk.
h. And uh… who said this line below? Teddie? Yousuke? Chuck? I got confused, period.
"Doesn't matter how far apart we are… The bonds we've made will remain strong… Everyone's heart is connected to the people they know and trust… It's those bonds that let us all search for our purpose in life. As long as it's a purpose you believe in, there will always be someone who can help you fulfill it. You, me, and everyone else, there are no barriers…"
i. Also, is Teddie's line about his and Yuu's heart being one is meant to be a Foreshadowing or what?

But anyway, I think that’s all. I actually glad that this chapter is pretty short… things could have gone a lot worse, but I’m lucky. So, see you later and Keep Update!
P.S.: In case you are curious, here are the locations:
Date Palm Garden, Pasuruan: goo . gl/maps/vepqQwDWbf6nnZQa9
Sumber Maron, Malang: goo . gl/maps/2ASL175fhgdPc7Ha8
Muhammad Zheng He (knowing in Indonesia as Cheng Hoo) Mosque, Pasuruan: goo . gl/maps/14fhz7KKoUhmEBv9A
Golden-Black Dragon chapter 288 . 11/9/2019
Really wasn't too (I guess) thrilled about this chapter. It just seemed too long and a lot of it didn't really make any sense. Charles was pretty much pointless as far as the events of Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden (along with IDBH) were concerned. Seeing as he's Yu's Shadow and all that.

Why give Izanagi a form beyond Izanagi no Okami? Especially if it's only to use Myriad Truths? And even then...

A lot of the endgame in IDBH just invalidates the rest of it (IDBH, I mean), in my opinion. Which is kind of a shame given the amount of effort you put into it.

Same sex marriage is legal in a lot of countries. Japan isn't one of them. Just as an aside.

I always thought that Yu was an only child. At least he was in Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden.

The only think I didn't like about the ending of Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden was the entirety of Mayonaka becoming a "Ghibli Hills" only for it to be reversed in Arena/Ultimax. Funnily enough... That's the one thing I'd change in my endgame when I get to it. Or, at least, it'd be the biggest thing.

Also, I always thought that Marie and Izanami just merged back into the one being at the end. Oh well.
RosyMiranto18 chapter 288 . 11/8/2019
Well… I called it that this chapter is going to be long as you warned, but… when you said that there is going to be a 275-3, I thought you will leave this chapter until Yuu and Charles finished fighting or at most as far as Izanami being defeated. But I guess 275-3 will just cover the next day in Yuu’s departure… okay. Don’t forget about Yuu passing a certain couple on his way to the train though.
Hm… you know, experimenting with a whole new ending for this story is an interesting idea. I mean this story have deviated enough that a new ending wouldn’t lost the feel much compared to Canon. But I got to be honest, if someone prefer the Official Endings, we both know that it’s the True or Golden Ending of the Game, nothing else.
But hey, you did a great job for the past 13 Semesters… wait, 13th?! But pfft… don’t make me imagine you actually make Morgana read “Go the Fuck to Sleep” in the Sequel, man… xD Also, is the Last Jedi that bad to the point that you could claim that you can rewrite it for the better? Though I agree that Dark Phoenix is not good.
But I agree with this one. Sighs… 20.000 words… I’m glad the Stream is now scheduled at 4PM instead of 3 because of the DST’s Ending. Anyway… let’s start the review.

1a. Repeat from two chapters ago… okay. *pressing the Skip Button*
b. I’m still wondering if it’s not a Nagamaki, then why Charles’ Katana is long-handled despite knowing that it’s supposed to be bifurcated into two?
c. Also, if Adachi is not Charles’ father, then it means it doesn’t answer my question on how did Charles able to summon Magatsu Izanagi.
d. I just need to ask one thing again. I know the act itself is already controversial, but is the blood of a Scarlet and a Velvet is already difficult to be mixed and conceived to be a child to begin with?
2a. Multiverse, eh? IDBH Cinematic Universe confirmed?
b. I had suspicion that this Grandson of Nyarly, this ‘Hollow’ will have more roles in the Sequel… *Pause* Wait, if it’s Charles, then how did him becoming YOUR Grandson, Nyarly?!
c. Yes, you, you can kick Nyarly’s Ass. You have our permission.
d. I gotta be honest, an incomplete soul being a source of Disability makes a lot of sense as well.
e. Truth is indeed painful, awful, and hurtful, Yuu, so… *shakes head*
f. *Yuu dating Nanako* *Dojima shows up with a Shotgun*
3a. Wait, where did Charles got molested and then died from it?
b. Charles, that’s definitely a difficulty SPIKE!
c. If that’s the ‘rewards’ then Yuu definitely want to lose.
d. Uh… is it wrong if Charles had to be the one defeating Izanami here? I don’t think so, honestly. I mean they could still fight properly, yet Charles can win instead of Yuu, right?
4a. Did you really have to mention that part with Yukiko, Chuck?
b. Uh… no, but I think the Persecutor Building will open a Casino in Tokyo this October.
c. But well… some people can do Multitasking with Weapons and Personas better than others *glancing at Takeuchi*
d. I guess that Izanagi no Ookami from earlier Hollow Forest is just temporary and not permanent, that’s unfortunate.
e. You know, maybe the first part of the fight should have Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” here, before Reach Out the Truth Arena shows up.
5a. Uh… Marie, technically if Yuu wins, he still technically ‘kills’ Charles by fusing himself back into him, so… sorry.
b. For some reason, I thought it’s more like Captain America picking up Mjolnir… or even Ricardo.
c. Does that mean you’re a Full Wild Card now?
d. First, will you please stop using Mot and embarrassing yourself? D: Second, *glaring* Are you a masochist, Suzume?
e. Wait, what kind of potion is that, Yuu?
f. No, I’m not update. It’s a nice humor, but… I had to facepalm and I admit it breaks up the intensity of the battle for a bit. I mean, how did that happen?
g. Also, No “NANI?!” or anything like that, Chuck?
h. And wait… how did you get exactly Dr. Jung as well, Chuck? I wish you have something else from the Art Arcana.
6a. 99 Second Timer? What is this Marie, a fighting game?
b. You know, Yuu? Just when I thought Aki goading Diego by fakingly said that he did ‘it’ with Caitlin is bad this, this is really crossing the line… *pause* Okay, maybe this one is the truth while Aki completely lies about it, but it’s still too much.
c. Wait, who’s Missy? *pause* Oh, it’s Izanami, right? PFFT! Izana-Missy xD
d. I definitely the see the parallel now… only that in this once, it goes much more fatal.
e. I think Charles couldn’t hold that secret for too long, period.
7a. Wait, when did you talked to Theo, Marie?
b. Are you sure, Marie? Because I think Yuu is as vulnerable as he is now in the Canon.
c. Wait, how did you show up Yukiko, and… *facepalm* Why did you have to be naked again?
d. *whispering* Psst, can we sacrifice the swords instead of Charles? :Kappa:
e. Sorry, but I don’t feel the Foreshadowing, like at all.
f. So… why is it called Izanagi no Kama? There are several things referring to Kama, but it’s Japanese Sickle Weapon, an Iron Pot in Chanoyu,… and “Sanskrit for Pleasure, Sensual Gratification, Sexual Fulfillment or the Aesthetic Enjoyment of Life” like for example, Kama Sutra… ugh… *facepalm*
g. And how did you get your clothes back, Yukiko?
h. To the hilt? Am I the only one who see the Innuendo here?
8a. Wait, how did everyone still be here after got Thousand Cursed? Izanami is not even defeated yet.
b. So why are you in Heaven, Mina?
c. I hope you didn’t say that you have big Bazoom, James… especially as James and not Jamie.
d. Uh… Homosexual Marriage is not legal in Japan yet.
e. Too bad you skipped the first five minutes of Genesis :Kappa:
9a. So Chuck is THE Izanagi? *facepalm* Of course… of course… I should have known from the Schism Yuu Reveal, period.
b. Finally realized that you are Tsundere, Marie… but I didn’t know Izanami is a Tsundere as well.
c. Come on, at least the Incest here is just one time, not as messed up as the Greek Pantheon.
d. Yousuke, I thought Yuu’s your Partner, not Chuck.
e. That or maybe Izanagi thought she doesn’t the same woman as it was both outside and inside.
f. Rage Against the Machine? But which one is the Machine part?
10a. *pause* I thought Marie’s the one stabbing them, not Yukiko.
b. Damn you, Ted! Don’t putting that thought into me!
c. Yeah, Charles stole from no one, because he IS the one stolen here.
d. Well, if you willing to let your anger and hatred from the beginning, then I don’t think Izanagi will go THIS drastic for stop this cycle.
e. So Raiden and Fuujin goes back to your essence then?
11a. Uh… when did Theo gave that supplement again, Mina?
b. Wait, how did you enter the Corridor, Izanagi?
c. Well, at least it’s not Man-Whore, Kanji.
d. Ah… so that’s how Kaguya existed.
e. So the earlier resets are Izanagi’s Test to see who has to take the Fall and allow Charles to be conceived. And eventually, Aneko has to be the one sacrificed… But at least it isn’t Philemon nor Nyarly who do it.
f. You know, that’s a good point. I never find who Izanagi and Izanami’s parents are.
g. GG, Teddie. Agatha would be proud if she is here to witness it.
h. Hm… what happened if Dani has to be the one fighting instead of Charles. Especially with the whole Yamata-gumi and Strega around… unless if you’re referring to California instead.
12a. *pause* You know what? I gave up on lampshading someone being naked upon Revival at this point.
b. *facepalm* Why don’t you give half of Yuu’s Souls back to Charles?
c. You’re referring to those Keys in P3 the Answer, isn’t it?
d. What? The Suppressants is DEMONIC?!
e. Well, a Piece of Everyone’s Souls is siding the point a bit, but my guess is more or less half-correct.
f. Betty Lou? Never heard of that one. Also, Bear-ride? If it’s a pun of Berate, then it’s a really bad one.
13a. So you have a secret crush on Mina, Marie?
b. So can’t you take a pee here, Mina? *sweatdrop* I thought all of those naked streak wouldn’t make you embarrassed to do that.
c. Izzy, eh? *cue Rock – I am Rock… this one though youtu . be/h7A_PCKsi9Q *
d. So… you have Kaguya now, Marie?
e. Wait, where did that scarf come from, Yukiko? I didn’t know you wore one.
f. Clothing mysteriously suddenly appeared again. I’M SO DUN!
g. What does Frequent die Miles mean again?
h. Uh… Yuu… Dier is a word. It means “One who dies. Used in abstract and philosophical contexts, rather than in discussing a known individual who has died. Compare deceased.”
14a. *Hearing Avengers The Promise* Sorry, Chuck, John Lennon didn’t play anything today. Fourth Wall Failed, try again next time.
b. Kanji, when you said “Do It” you made me think about ‘That IT’. Please don’t make me *sighs*
c. First, I guess Gisei and Aika are in the Nakamuras with the Fox, and second, you bought/will buy
that tea set and not just took it, right Take?
d. Speaking of which, what time is it, Katsuya?
e. GG, Irina, but I thought there’s no Baozi this time, period.
15a. I suspected Crystal Palace do something, but… I honestly thought something among the lines like “Aneko is actually Izanami all this time, not just this time, but also years ago as well”
b. Wait, who is your husband actually, Aneko?
c. I suspected a Foul Play in that JDF Incident. Also, I think with that he is going to be more important later.
d. I guess you really HAVE no options but to tell your parents everything now that Aneko is also back and it will certainly leave Myriad of Questions.
e. Neko-nee-chan, eh? Should I change her Kanji to be something Cat-related?
f. Also, what is the full name of Aneko’s Husband? Ichirou (XXX)
g. Well, nice to see you still there, Kama… Sutra *pfft* Can’t stop making that joke, period. Still, does that mean you are an upgrade to Izanagi no Ookami? Because I don’t think it’s good if there’s both Ookami and Kama on the same Persona Roster.

Anyway, I think that’s all for today. I need to have a long break for the stream later and also setting up what I said regarding the more spoilerific stuff, the Weekly News, as well as more Royal Notes. So see you later and Keep Update!
P.S.: Kama Sutra, hahahahaha… I will never live it down if the Kama of Izanagi no Kama really came from this.
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