Reviews for Playing Favorites
LilKitten07 chapter 1 . 11/12
I'm screaming. Why should I be able to read hard core smut with Levi's face, but with fluff I turn into Hanji on crack. The world is a cruel place. But reading fics as amazing as this one makes up for it.
fluffykitty12 chapter 1 . 9/28
Absolutely wonderful. Your descriptions are spot on and lovely. The characterization is flawless, everything about this fic made it THE BEST EREI fic I've ever read. And I have incredibly high standards- excellent job! :)
Guest chapter 1 . 9/20
AnimeWriterFreak chapter 1 . 9/19
This was absolutely perfect in every which way! i had to put my phone down multiple time to fangirl properly.
I have to go now sayonara chapter 1 . 9/17
I really enjoyed reading this ! _
Storm of Syren chapter 1 . 9/12
This was so very well written... I've lost count of how many time I've read this fic.

It never fails to make me smile!

Thank you for writing :)
ZisinLove chapter 1 . 8/27
that was fun! i love it!
loes-chan chapter 1 . 7/18
Well this was gold!
i mean, Hanji's speach was so perfect, it doesnt get better than this really! I wish you'd write a sequel...
Nishinoyakuun chapter 1 . 7/4
Memorable read. Absolutely, loved it!
mitsuyo-chan chapter 1 . 5/27
Oh, how sweet~~ XD
myrninxmorganvillevampiresx chapter 1 . 5/15
Absolutely love it!
Guest chapter 1 . 5/13
This totally made me go "kyaaaa!", I had to stop reading to do so. Thanks! :)
Soccertail4 chapter 1 . 4/27
This was so adorable! I loved it. Great job, and great writing!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/7
So sweet! What a lovely piece! XD and normally i despise this pairing LOL
Nella Moonblood Royalle chapter 1 . 2/8
I love tis! I love u! Thank u 4 writing such wonderful fic!
It was cooooo sweet i cud hav died of toothache! XD
RIREN awesomeness!
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