Reviews for Imperium Aeternit
bobmhart chapter 1 . 11/6
This is the best story I've ever read all the way through and was cost many hours of sleep doing so this past week. Thanks for this wonderful masterpiece of writing!

How you took the Empress is almost exactly the same way I would of taken my Skyrim character, and poor FemShep haha I was surprised that you didn't do a love/sex scene with her like most Mass Effect fanfics so good on you!

Your liberties you took in conflicting lore was tastefully done and I love how the Empire integrated the new technologies and used its own very feasible understandings. Their magic also would make them far more advanced, since they literally lack the limits mundane tech does.

Actually, before I go on, let's just say I love your vision as a whole. Beautiful descriptions, loved the implied things like how what really happened to the Dark Brotherhood isn't exactly how everyone remembers it. I'm sure the Empresses' body guards know the real history behind that, seeing their power. Half expected one to yell "Heil Sithis" haha.

And I especially love how there's "behind-the-scenes" stories that are implied but never read. Any fan of both games knows exactly what's going on without having read or be told what's going on directly..

You're an artist who's flawless at painting with raw imagination. Never stop your beautiful craft! Thank you for such a beautiful story. Well done!
CMVreud chapter 25 . 5/15
You started with the Elder Scrolls and Ended it with Fallout (whilst expertly dodging all the traaps other writers do).
Wonderful. Some things happening I don't concur with, but it's your sandbox.
CMVreud chapter 17 . 5/9
Sometimes I winder if the Empress gets those Quest-messages like in the games.
CMVreud chapter 16 . 5/8
I can hear her suits defibrillator from here.
CMVreud chapter 8 . 5/8
Finally a mention of the somewhat crazy uncle.
I wonder is the Empress is related to the Oblivion Sheogorath?
CMVreud chapter 7 . 5/8
Ooof! You really know how to depict the council as neutral evil.
Btw, oh, I see that this story is completed already, and I had such an... interesting idea for a Nirnian superweapon, because, what would be more catastrophic than opened gates to Oblivion.
I just Sheogorath makes an appearance soon, it's getting far to grim without enough cheese.
Revliledpembroke chapter 22 . 3/29
You know, it's an interesting thing, war for survival. How many people do you need to kill to convince them to start killing you?

My guess is that it is significantly fewer than 99.9% of the population, as the Geth (before the Heretics existed) reduced the Quarian population from billions - potentially trillions - to something like 15 million. So, no, I don't buy the Geth as a purely innocent victim.
Revliledpembroke chapter 13 . 3/29
Sure, using the Geth for powering soul gems does make sense... what does NOT make sense is the "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Heretic Geth agreeing to come to an accord with organics, as it is likely that all Geth on Haestrom would be. Why else would that have relentlessly pursued the Quarians, just to slay them? What danger does a single squad of Marines pose on a planet the Geth don't use?
Revliledpembroke chapter 12 . 3/29
You don't want to bore people with page after page of description? Have you not read Robert Jordan? Tolkien? Hell, even George RR Martin dips into that occasionally.
Revliledpembroke chapter 11 . 3/29
So why isn't anyone freaking out about humans where there aren't supposed to be any? Or the elves? There should definitely be news reports from the Alliance News Network about the existence of elves, dragon, orcs, and magic. Furries and Scalies should be flocking to the Empire.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/28/2019
pepejohn chapter 25 . 12/13/2019
Interesting read, planet destroyers are cool I guess
MelodicPort chapter 25 . 10/26/2019
Read the story recently and really enjoyed it amazing for such a short story
marius1117 chapter 25 . 8/27/2019
great story, needs sequel
Antianti12 chapter 3 . 7/30/2019
I wish it was a male Nord as the emperor seeing the khajiit always put me off I'm trying to push through though
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