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kk52 chapter 6 . 11/11/2018
Guess who’s hyperventilating! this is amazing! so freaking good, knew something was up with Rachel in the first chapter! and really wow. I really, really like this. Pretty much speechless, cermmit (the user who reviewed this fiction) sums pretty much my feelings ahah.

Good day!
GypsySoul05 chapter 6 . 7/25/2018
I came back for I'll all your stories this week ...realized I had read this until chapter 4...then I see that there had been an update...just crammed the last two chapters (should be sleeping) fanfuckingtastic! I loved it...and i kind of love you too. hope you keep on writing. I'll always be willing to read more.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/1/2018
Absolutely amazing. One of the best books I’ve ever read xxx
lemon-rind chapter 6 . 5/14/2018
This was pure crack and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Alkeniw Andilite chapter 6 . 8/12/2017
Okay, this story is fucking amazing. Out of the hundreds, no, thousands of stories I've read, real books and fanfics alike, this is definitely my favorite. Thank you so much for writing this.

The twists and surprises of this story were great. I honestly never expected Rachel to have already been a vampire. Initially, I thought, like Mercedes did, that she had recently been turned. Then, as the back story was revealed, I found it amazing how well she hid the truth.
Honestly, I think I might take this story, take each time split, and rearrange them in chronological order and reread them, just to see how the story would be able to flow in this way.

And the love the characters showed, especially the Faberry love, was so strong. I could tell just how much the four of these vampiresses absolutely and wholely loved each other.

And finally, the bad ass fighting. Frankly, while not the best fight writing I've come across, it definitely was awesome. I love how people would get thrown around, and in split seconds the fight would change. Great job.

Again, thank you so much for writing what is completely and utterly my favorite all time story.
attea chapter 6 . 5/18/2017
Thank you SO much for the updates and completing this fic. I really hope you will continue to write more. :)
pyro chapter 6 . 4/4/2017
Thank you for sharing your stories and amazing talent with us. Your writing is amazing!
Reading your fics always make my days better.
crammit chapter 6 . 4/1/2017
I know I shouldn’t ( and I know I keep saying this) because they are evil killers but I was CRACKING UP over them performing a routine for these Glee Scoobies who are broken and in pain and mourning. Like, BE MORE FUCKED UP, Fabarrittana. LOL Why do I love them so? No, no….shhhh. Don’t say it.

I LOVE the dynamic between them after the performance – the discussion about Quinn leaving and Rachel leaving and Rachel’s plan and just all of it. They are a FUUUUUUUCKED UP family but they are still a family. That was made super apparent through the rest of this chapter and even though they do these awful, horrible, horrible things, I just want the best for them? So, that’s normal.

The entirety of Quinn and Rachel’s interactions once escaping from Sue give me too many feelings. The sacrifice that Quinn is making seems so noble until BAM. That scene where Rachel stands up for herself (and they are both weak with hunger and my feels and just UGH) had me sitting closer to the screen and reading faster because YES, RACHEL, YES. It put such a different perspective on Quinn’s actions and it was so needed. But oh…my HEART…my Faberry-beating heart thinking about Quinn wanting to save Rachel and give her anything and everything she could ever want – selfish (and violent means to do it) reasons aside – makes me love them even more.

And even though I’m jumping ahead a bit in the story….Quinn gave up violence and killing for Rachel so they could be together and then Quinn’s ability to kill was taken away and it drove them apart and BRIDGET FUCKING PLZ WITH YOUR STORY. I can only process so many feelings at once. LOL

Quinn’s panic over a safe place to Rachel while still trying to make sure Rachel could perform, while Quinn doesn’t feed so she can hold up her end of the bargain? Oh, Quinn. Make. Me. Love. You. More. You. Noble. Bitch. And honestly, I can’t even verbalize the scene with them in bed together where Quinn feeds for the first time. (“…decorated with her kills.” was a GREAT FREAKING LINE, btw.) The shifting in their dynamic is delicious and I can admit that I swooned a little along with Rachel as she watched a naked Quinn easily stack those dead bodies (also though, fuck you for making that a thing I am saying in a positive way a review). It’s like, even knowing that this was coming, this growing intimacy between them and a shift for Rachel from fear and horror to fascination and want, it’s so good to actually read about it. It was sexy as hell (you already know how I feel about vampires. HELLO!) but also it is SUCH GLEE FABERRY. All Rachel wants is for Quinn to like her, to be her friend, to respect her (and of course, want her because duh…Faberry. So.) so this part killed me in the best way:

“This gorgeous, powerful immortal, naked and simmering, was begging to be one with her. With Rachel. She wanted Rachel. Thought she was special and precious and important. Thought she was enough. Was worthy.” Rachel Berry, PLZ.

And, the part that ghostbusted my ghost after dying? “There, beneath the full moon in a cottage belonging to no one, Rachel Berry lived fully for the first time.” If tattoos weren’t permanent and you could get them for a few months and then they’d disappear, I’d tattoo this line on my body. It’s that awesome.

I LOVE the little blips of history you smatter throughout this fic. Having the girls directly influence them makes it even more awesome and hysterical. The section about the painting also allowed for more of their banter and I am a SUCKER for their banter. (Eh? Eh? See what I did there? Aaaaand you’re welcome.) Also, I’d like to thank you for the lovely daydream my brain went off to as it pertains to the topic of polyamorous Faberrittana because SO. MUCH. YES.

I really like what you did with the mythology in your story. The bits and pieces that dropped throughout each chapter leading up to this conclusion was really very cleverly crafted so it was a really good feeling, a good payoff to have it all come together in this final chapter. Everything felt like it fit so it was a satisfying feeling. It was complex enough to be interesting but simple enough to understand what’s been going on, both with what we were shown and what was implied.

The part with Tina was great. I understand that it was selfish of all of them to encourage her but I liked Brittany stepping up to be the one to gently push her and then have Santana come in and enhance the pep talk. (And speaking of Santana, her extra “ability” – the sensing thing that she does – is so good. A lovely shout out to that Mexican third-eye line from Glee, if that’s what it was.)

Rachel putting Quinn up on a pedestal, making her the hero, trusting her to take care of Rachel and do what needs to be done has slight undertones of Glee but is very much the thread of this story. It’s this sly thing where Rachel makes a sacrifice but it is actually to get her something that she wants and it also grants the other person what they want. Through HER actions, the other person gets fulfilled. And I don’t mean to make her sound calculating in a bad way but Rachel, in all worlds, wants so much for connection and acceptance and to feel and live the life she feels she deserves. And anyone who loves Rachel in fandom wants those things for her. And in your story Quinn wants them for her so Rachel is going to let Quinn give them to her. And they both get what they want.

And I get what I want which is vampire sex (and love) between Rachel and Quinn so a blessing on you and your houses and your ancestors and your friends and your family for giving this story this scene.

There’s too much to try and break down into individual comments for the part where they are all preparing for Sue and the battle outside. I just really, really was happy that they all banded together. I had expressed to you that I would have been fine if all the remaining Glee Scooby Gang was turned into vampires and everyone just spent eternity together LOL but this was a fantastic alternative. It finally gave the kids agency to DO something (even if it was to save the vampires that killed and destroyed everything they know and love. LOL And god, WHY AM I LAUGHING? WHAT HAS THIS STORY DONE TO ME? LOL) The part with Tina and Artie was frustrating, as Artie could be on this show (I’ll still NEVER forgive him for calling Brittany ‘stupid’ on the show but I digress), but I have to admit, I did feel bad for him when he made the vampire suggestion. I thought it was smart, but it was still sad, and I also felt relief that he was okay at the end. I didn’t really want any of the other kids to die.

As we are friends, I feel weird going into a detailed review of Quinn and Rachel’s sex scene when Rachel gets turned but let’s just say that I had to re-read it a few times. For science.

I liked seeing Tina coming into herself with her magic during this chapter and gaining more confidence. It was nice to see Tina treated with respect (*glares at Glee*) and, in some weird twisted way, it was interesting to see Brittany and Tina interacting in a friendly way (not exactly but you know what I mean) so I don’t know how often they interacted on the show.

The battle itself was great. It had that final Twilight battle feel and I really liked how little pearls of history and additional story were dropped in between the actual fighting and vampire killing. (Also – “You’re not good at thinking either, huh?” Oh my sweet Brittany, never change. LOL) I loved loved loved the interplay between Joe and Rachel and Quinn and especially the banter between Faberry during it. I 100% LOL’d. I really liked the way it all played out – the fighting, the progression of everything until Sue died, Mercedes coming into her power as Slayer, Tina of course, the information about Quinn’s baby. And I especially liked what you did there at the end. Leaving it open-ended in that the Glee kids will go off to lick their wounds and train, knowing that another battle may be coming, while Faberrittana go off and can be together and do whatever it is they are going to do. With the tension in the whole story between all of them, it was actually nice to have them part ways if not friends (of course) then with some modicum of grudging respect.

The little blurb at the end (*high five for that part*) was great because, from a Glee perspective, having it be Rachel with the power, Rachel with the three FOR her, forever, just made me so damn happy. LOL I know it was a flashback and by the time we have your story, the dynamics have changed a bit, at least at first glance, but it was nice to see this. Outside of the sexual aesthetic, of course. What can I say? I just really like when Brittany, Santana, Quinn, and Rachel are vampires.

And as I mentioned in a DM, I think one of the reasons I really, really love your vampire Faberrittana is because their personalities, their speech cadence, the way they play off of each other reads juuuust like Glee. It’s AU, of course, but it feels like Glee with them. There are some tweaks, sure. And even with their very different backstories and backgrounds, these really does feel like Brittany, Santana, Quinn, and Rachel became these bloodthirsty vampires and I really love it.

I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed not only your writing but this story. It’s one that I will definitely re-read and one that I look forward to talking about with you more because the backstories and mythologies are just so good. Thank you for writing this and especially for coming back and completing it. Such a good fic!
crammit chapter 5 . 3/26/2017
Okay so, the relief I felt at Quinn and Rachel finally having contact was embarrassing. I know it’s been building so I knew it was coming – regardless of whatever form it took – but I might have swoony-sighed. Just maybe.

I also, again despite the fact that these 4 ladies are super evil killer vampires, felt happy that they’ve been reunited. I know the written words cue us all in to the fact that Santana and Brittany are happy to have Rachel back and have their family reunited but I FELT that shit, felt their relief, and Faberritana was reunited and it was good and it was right.

I did feel bad for Mercedes, to have that loss of hope combined with confusion and fear. I know this story has no qualms about offing the characters LOL but I hope she makes it through. I honestly don’t know what I want with this story – for the “good” Glee kids to persevere or for vampire Faberritana to emerge unscathed from whatever is going to go down – but there is a part of me hoping that it’ll end up a win-win for all of them. And no, no…shhhhhh…..let me have my eternal optimism. LOL

Rachel the performer in the scene with Mercedes was lovely (even if I still can’t continue to feel bad for Mercedes). I love the nod to actual Glee Rachel.

And speaking of Rachel, HER GODDAMN BACKSTORY. THE UGH OF UGHS, in the best way.

1) The insight into Quinn and how she was feeling when she met Rachel was so good. It’s always interesting to me to consider how a life of hundreds of years would play out. Eras change and new inventions come about and people might change but the essence of how you’d live could only change so much. Even if as a vampire you’re not trying to fit in – just basically fucking and killing anyone you wanted to – it would have to get tedious. I interpret Quinn’s change from killing for vengeance to wanting to hurt to just wanting to feel something. If she’s found no mate (before Rachel, of course), I would assume her options to “feel” would be limited.

I also really liked the way Joe and Quinn’s relationship was shown here as a reflection of what we were given on actual Glee (minus the therapy boner, so thanks for that. LOL). I didn’t mind Teen Jesus on Glee for the most part and I enjoy him in this story.

2) My heart will always break for a yearning-for-recognition Rachel Berry and her whispering along with the play/songs – even just that little blurb – broke my heart for her.

3) Rachel and Quinn meeting for the first time actually made my heart race. I love Faberry so much and I will never tire of them meeting/being together despite all the incarnations I read of them in fic. The build up to this meeting was so worth it. So, so worth it. And while it may be wrong to think because HELLO KILLER VAMPIRES, the line “Oh, how she will become the most perfect thing Quinn ever created.” was actually romantic to me. LOL Like, YES LADY QUINN SAVE YOUR AMAZING RACHEL. Ugh. And again, Joe and Quinn’s interplay is one of my favorite things about this part of the story even as my heart races over the Faberry of it all.

4) HEAD CHEERLEADER QUINN FABRAY AND GLEE LOSER RACHEL BERRY….I mean, VAMPIRE QUINN FABRAY AND LOWLY RACHEL BERRY interacting in Rachel’s bedroom is giving me so many feelings that I can’t form the words to describe how I feel. The parallels are keeeeeellllling me. Also, actually, there’s too much I want to quote and talk about in their interaction on the bed – Quinn’s thoughts, Rachel’s misery, their physical closeness, the actual descriptive words you used – it’s just all so good. This interaction might be one of my favorites in the whole story so far. And….Quinn. Reading. To. Rachel? Rachel feeling lucky to have made a friend. YOU BITCH. MY FEEEEEEELS. God. I love Faberry so much.

I do feel forlorn that Quinn wants to take Rachel’s innocence and turn her into a killing machine. LOL I get that that is where Quinn is, of course, and I know it probably seems weird that I’m actually fine with Quinn plotting the deaths of everyone around Rachel. LOL But I am always a sucker for redemption and the reminders that Quinn wants to make Rachel basically evil bums me out.

“Sing for me” gave me Phantom of the Opera feels in that I read that in the Phantom’s singing voice. LOL

Quinn manipulating everything to give Rachel her heart’s desire was PROM ALL OVER AGAIN and I am weeping. Sigh. Turning 200 vampires just so Rachel will have a full house? KEEEEEEEELL MEEEEEE WITH FEELS.

Also, that Quinn pays for the pleasure of Rachel’s company is such a nod to Quinn’s former life as a whore. It just makes me happy that Quinn could reverse this form of transaction in a way that makes her happy and gives her agency, even with Sue always looming around.

The way Quinn feels for Rachel, how she wants to elevate her (You will be a star, and I will be your dedicated servant), how she wants to give her everything she wants – especially love – and how Rachel responds to Quinn is literally making my heart krump dance with emotion. Have I told you how much I love this story?

5) The twisting of Quinn when Rachel was missing was really good. And…..I normally take notes as I read, stopping every little bit to make sure I can get them out before another paragraph takes over. I read straight through the end of this chapter because it was SO GOOD. Not just the writing, the dialogue, the descriptions, the pacing….but the insight into everything. This is going to sound creepy since the back end of this chapter is drenched in violence and fear but it was pleasurable to finally start to have certain pieces clicking into place. I love a good reveal and not that getting all this backstory trumps finding out that Rachel is a vampire at the end of chapter 4 but the end of this chapter was so good. It’s a lot to process. I may end up writing more about it in another comment. LOL

I am SO looking forward to see how the last chapter plays out and to see this all come together. I already know I’m going to wish there were 10 more chapters because I feel like even with everything wrapping up, I could read about Quinn, Rachel, Brittany, and Santana’s histories and adventures for thousands of more words. I loved this chapter. Can’t wait for 6!
crammit chapter 4 . 3/21/2017
Okay, starting off this chapter by making Blaine a werewolf was a little bit amazing but mostly because of how Rachel knew it was him. LOL I really liked the back and forth between the kids and Will and Emma, trying to work through their plan and bringing up the valid point that nobody really knows for sure what exactly happened in North Korea and that needs to be considered. I will say that hearing them talk about the best way to go after Brittany and Santana hurt my heart because those are my babies even though tactically it made sense.

The dock/alley scenes. Damn. Just damn. It was gory. And violent. Ultra-violent. And heartless. And evil. But damn if it wasn’t poetry. It was vampire poetry. Not just in their violent, killing actions but in their speech and their interactions. Their casual disregard for all things except for each other and the kills. The dialogue here was magnificent – it was perfect Quinn, Brittany, and Santana. Maybe because I love vampires and their stories/tv shows/movies but I could appreciate their different ways of killing. I also appreciated the synchronicity between the three as they moved and interacted (and even killed). It definitely spoke to years of being together and it was a nice nod to the Unholy Trinity of Glee in the way they were together. As for your writing, I could see and follow everything perfectly. As someone who struggles in writing my battle scenes, always hoping they make sense and convey what I want them to convey, I really appreciated how this scene read. It left in impact, in a lot of ways, and even though this probably sounds morbid as SHIT, it’s one of the scenes that I would go back and re-read when I want to look over this story again.

The scene with Sue in the cave gave me Twilight feels but in a good way (I love the movies (and enjoyed the books). LOL They are a guilty pleasure of comfort movies for me). I could picture Sue, of course, standing there and it continues to intrigue me as to her role in everything.

Mercedes’ ruminations made me sad – the childlike yearning to just be close to her parents and have everything be simple again struck home pretty hard – but it was very much how I believe most people with this power would feel at some point. Anyone with power like this would feel the burden more keenly when they might not make it another night and you really did a great job in capturing those emotions here.

And now, we’ve reached the part that you and I talked about earlier. And yes, I’m transcribing this from my TWO PAGE HANDWRITTEN NOTE. (Jerk. LOL) Since I tend to take notes as I read, these thoughts obviously don’t mean anything NOW especially since I got to the end of this chapter. Having said that, the quick little scene with Rachel and Santana in the parking lot basically punched my heart and my mind at the same time. (Looking back through the lens of knowing the end of this chapter, I REALLY HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS ABOUT THEM. But I’m going to try and sit on them and see how chapter 5 shakes out.) Here are my notes as I digested the Rachel/Santana interaction:

So, you have Santana, Brittany, and even Quinn with these hard beginnings but with kernels of goodness in them. (To be honest, the depths and differences to their beginnings deserve their own reviews. Which I may still do depending on how the rest of the story plays out.) There are differences, of course, with Brittany coming across as more inherently good, Santana as more resigned good, and Quinn’s good cutoff before it really even had a chance to flourish. But essentially, these weren’t three horrible, evil girls to start. And then through Sue’s interference and guidance, they’ve become these awful monsters. I’m guessing (though it may be revealed later on) that they just let go at some point and embrace the darkness, refining it over time through Sue’s guidance but also their own experience and feeding into it with each other like a closed circuit. And so they go along, the Unholy Trinity, sharing in their spoils and kills and while it’s a threesome, Brittany and Santana have each other. They have this love just FOR EACH OTHER. Though I have to assume that outside of the bloodlust the three share, and the siring bond, there is affection…even love between the three of them. I don’t yet know what Quinn’s deal with Rachel is, why Quinn split from Brittany and Santana (if she even split on purpose) so I don’t know if there was understanding between them or if there was anger? A sense of betrayal that Quinn would leave? (This next part of my note/review is where it really goes off the rails now that I know the end of this chapter but I promised you my original feels) Part of me feels like these interactions between Santana and Rachel might be designed to draw Quinn out – if Quinn still hasn’t reconnected with Brittany and Santana yet. Or even be curiosity on Santana’s part about Rachel and how Quinn could have given everything (them) up (if that’s what Quinn even did) for her. BUT….they both love Quinn. And that’s what punched me when I was reading this. I (and maybe it’s me being an optimist and a lover of Quinn, Santana, and Brittany) feel like even with the death and the violence, this connection between them is sort of a pure thing. And maybe that’s not the right word…maybe true? A true connection, maybe? And if Santana is missing Quinn, then Rachel would be a connection to that, to her. And yes there is something big going on and that may be the simple explanation for their interactions, but my heart feels like it’s more. Or at least my heart wants it to be more. (And now having reached the end of the actual chapter, I see that there is a deeper connection between Santana and Rachel which makes everything even more heavy and interesting for me. Ugh. THIS FUCKING STORY.)

I feel like as the story has gone in, the interplay between the characters just gets stronger and flows….I don’t want to say “better” because that implies it wasn’t good before and that’s definitely not the case….more? But the entire interplay between the Scooby gang, Will/Mike and the whole graveyard scene just read so smoothly. And the bouncing back and forth was intense. (And you know I laughed over the Like, About an Hour Ago transitions. Gallows humor, I know. But I laughed.) I didn’t even care that Will died (which makes me feel like a douuuuuuche but I found myself just like, okay…but what’s coming next) but when Quinn killed werewolf Blaine because he simply SMELLED like Rachel? Okay, I fucking swooned over that (which is so, so wrong? Right? It’s probably wrong.) because I love jealous Quinn.

AND YOUR FREAKING ENDING? BITCH. I CANNOT WITH YOU. So good. The reveal was so so so so good. And gave me a bagillion feels between you KNOW how I feel about connections between vampires that love each other and so this Faberry enhanced connection has me ready to yodel from the mountaintops. LOL It also has my brain going a million miles an hour thinking about what this means and wanting to read everything else right now to see flashbacks and just see where you’re taking this story. Siiiiiiigh. I love this story so much. Your writing is fantastic – pace, progression of the story, the dialogue, the descriptions….just so good. I can’t wait to read what’s next!
Guest chapter 6 . 3/19/2017
I was gladly surprised to see an update! I just love this story, is this the end, or will there be more? It was an awesome chapter, your writing amaze me every time!
bluexaphyre chapter 6 . 3/18/2017
this story was fan-fucking-tastic! absolutely amazing! at the end of the fourth chapter you had me thinking that maybe *Rachel* was the one cursed! thank you so much for updating! the waiting was soooo worth it! thank you thank you! cannot wait to read more of your stories!
Draco Oblivion chapter 6 . 3/18/2017
This is exactly the kind of codependent unhealthy epic romance people daydream about but know aren't really good for them. Gods bless you for writing it, Rachel and Quinn's relationship is just captivating.
Wow, Artie was disappointing... Have to wonder though, is the only reason Brittany doesn't fight because she doesn't have the passion for it? She ought to be the most phsically powerful of the group right?
Hehe, I love that open ended finish with the new Scoobies. Awesome work, thanks for a fun six chapters!
Draco Oblivion chapter 5 . 3/18/2017
God that was a twisted and beautiful romance.
Draco Oblivion chapter 4 . 3/18/2017
Yay! My fucking god, I love it. I'd wanted them to win before but now... Also have to love that you're willing to let people die (unless they're part of the trinity). Did Rachel know though, was she in on the plan? I had thought that maybe they'd set it all up playing Rachel so that she'd free Quinn of the curse in trying to place it on her but this is so much more interesting. The fact that it also doesn't come across as the classic precog deus ex machina is good too.
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