Reviews for A Day in the Sun
Potkanka chapter 1 . 2/20
This was beautiful and brilliant. I loved their thoughts, their characterization - and how much Thor was actually able to read Loki at times.
SailingFXforGold chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
Great story!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/1/2013
"He fought for those who could not protect themselves, as a king should." etc...
Thanks for sharing the story, but... That thing above is insultingly hypocritical - to think that Loki has no idea anymore about that and - oh the irony - Thor who has been a bigoted racist vowing to exterminate all Jotun "monsters" for a millennia thinks he can "teach" him... Loki tried to teach him, THor, the same thing - to not expose Asgardians or Jotuns to needless wars and was told to know his place, and was accused of jealousy and ususrpation for his effort to be the only one to teach Thor whose father thought that he is ready to be king!... Loki thought that Thor is not fit to be a king EXACTLY because he was arrogant and bloodthirsty, and wasn't thinking about the innocent Asgardian families, about the warriors who would start war for noting, on Thor's whim, about the Jotuns with whom Asgard had a treaty - Loki knew it and tried to prevent such a person to asced to the throne and start slaughters the example of which was demonstrated when Thor murdered so many on Jotunheim. Odin evidently didn't recognise that in his firstborn, so Loki had to manipulate the situation so that Thor shows his face in front of his father... And when Loki wanted a bloodless end of conflict, he was told "know your place". Evidently it was Loki, not Thor who knew how dangerous and sadly useless pointless slaughters and wars with other races are... And for this Thor was not put for not three hundred, but thrity years in prison with only a day every year so that he visits Jotunheim and learns that Jotuns are not the monsters he wanted to slaughter (even saying so said even in front of his father and Jotun-brother) just for being Jotuns for about a millennia. I think that Thor 's punishment was not evenly remotely . And Thor wasn't lied to his all life, and suddenly discovering he is what Asgardians (including his brother) think a monster, and gone into shock meanwhile - he was just rightfully and temporarily denied the throne/his "day of glory" and called "princess" - what a spoiled bloodthirsty racist warmongering idiot! Loki was gone through an emotional and mental shock when he did what he did to Jotunheim - and he only did it because all his life he has been told that Jotuns are monsters - Odin condoned such a teaching to and such racist thinking in his sons... Also even under Thanos influence -no matter how wrong the methods, still Loki was right that humans kill themselves in throves, that they are liars and killers in service of liars and killers, and if THor - or Loki, or anyone - really cares for defending the weak on Earth, he has to defend them from others, the better armed, from the same species first ... THe same what Loki did with saving the weaker Thor with his powers from the stronger human... 300 years for what exactly - that is unfair! Odin and THor should share the punishment, if they so not wish to lower it, for they are both more guilt and responsible than Loki for both what happened on Jotunheim and, in a way, Midgard... Loki fought for those who cannot protect themselves as a king should by trying to prevent a bloody war started by a warmongering Thor on the throne, tried to prevent a slaughter on Jotunheim, tried to solve the war with Jotunheim by killing Laufey with two retainers instead of having two armies clash and thousands of families on both sides losing thousands of loved ones... If the Warrors3&Sif hadn't gone to bust Thor, who wanted and started a needless war (he was fully of a mind to start one even if the coronation was not interrupted - that is exactly what Loki tried to expose, in the name of peace, before the power and control of the country and army pass to Thor), out of his punishment against the orders of two lawful kings who wanted peace, Loki would have not sent the destroyer - and probably after killing Laufey Frigga (and maybe Odin if he still had woken up soon after) would have never let him to proceed with the Bifrost genocide - and it was the terrible shock of the deception of Odin, coupled with the knowledge that in the eyes of Asgard and his monster-hunting brother (who has just returned) he is considered now a monster by blood, with the knowledge that with his brother back and the truth out he might be ousted of the family whose firstborn has vowed to hunt those of his blood and of Asgard that adores him and tells tales about the monsters, the Asgard which - no matter what Odin says about loving him as a son, would never accept a frost giant as a kong - Thor's friends proved that even before his heritage is known they still do are ready to dethrone him without good reason but empty suspicions, Heimdall proved that he doubts him even when Loki was having a plan for the good of Asgard - to save Asgard from a glorified warmonger on the throne and from wars, from unnecessary bloodshed in the Nine... And what was given to him after all the insult and wrongs done to him and after all his efforts and heartbreak, and mistakes born of his father and brother's faults - 300 hundred years and being"taught" by that ignorant "golden child" while the "father" who more or less forced his hand and whose racist education and favoritism were the reason which made him do all these mistakes he has been judged for by the ones truly at fault for which... And part of the hypocrisy about caring and fighting for the weak as far as Jotuns are concerned, is that Odin has denied them decent life by keepng away from them the heart of their world and because of that it is in ruins - that is very near genocide - a torture and starvation of a weaker race for a millennium (and no telling if Odin EVER intended to give it back to them, even if they became ruined to the point of extinction) just for one mistake their leaders and warriors did once - there are Jotun children and non-warriors who most probably century after century suffer next-to-genocide in the hands of Odin's kingly decision to keep their source of power in his vault and thus condemning them to suffering - who is going to teach Odin and Thor what Thor dares preach to Loki - Thor evidently does not recognise when his father is and has been doing just the reverse of caring for those who cannot care for themselves on Jotunheim by keeping their Casket and condemning them to torturous existence... but probably, as Thor has not yet had enough time to process the thought - he has had only two years in his millennium long life to think of them as something better of vermin and monsters to be exterminated, after all, and Odin doesn't seem to care that he has done, slowly, almost the same to Jotunheim what Loki tried to do for seconds and because of the upbringing he has had by Odin and Agard, Odin's lies, hypocrisy and favoritism...
foxy11814 chapter 1 . 8/31/2013
Awww, this was a fantastic story! I enjoyed it very much, especially since a lot of fanfic writers paint Thor out to be a monster who deserved everything Loki did to him and Asgard. I think your characterization is right on the money! I truly believe Thor loves his brother and will continue to do so. I love that you also gave Loki some emotions in this, and I love that he did learn to love and think of someone else, even if it was just Thor. He is his brother, after all. He is accepting that again, and it is a step in the right direction. I know you wrote a sequel to this and I will comment on that soon. Again, great story, and I hope to see you write more Thor & Loki familial stories! There aren't too many which paint Thor in a positive light, so your stories are a true treat.
Zetta chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Really liked this. Nice job! :)
Eringo94 chapter 1 . 7/25/2013
This was amazing. I just love thor/Loki stories like this. Well done. When thor got shot I literally closed my eyes and had a mini heart attack LOL. You wrote Loki's character very well. I really felt his struggle to understand. Again, well done.