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Anna1901 chapter 19 . 5/7
Ill be waiting for updates if there is any i really like this one how its not the usual love story
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 3/29
20. Bella's Alien heritage and powers here we are Paul My mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts suddenly was telepathic by telekinetic touch as emerging the good tore Executed alien venom was spreading in full transformation then using my powers good Fire was spreading was dying with bittern best friends/young ones with the aliens/Vulcans rest and was turning very iciest cold then used my mind focusing my gifted intoned a Burst of galactic energy ripping loose while training more by yelling from the speakers sounded older but adult from here as a result was not human at all but yelling more powerful a greatest voice was very stronger three times of normal one echoing very sharply and clearer as begore as a result but screaming out the words PLUTO DEADLY SCREAM! suddenly was still training more powerful a shattering burst of energy roaring more supreme too late but myself had the ability to go into space and time and to control the centuries began flying but twirling gracefully suddenly a ripping burst of energy began viciously rolling from here glowing feet of Demetri screaming she is not human a burst of energy Violently erupted Suddenly from the whole but fully time NASA Bodysuit glowed a fiery icy color the Truest Live Action green/black hair was much more extremely longer groomed but brushed into a ball with cropped Bangs were so stylish but suddenly dressed in this keys draped across the waistline held my weapon the final item was called the Garnet time rod in my sera, Fuku/tiara wore earrings had Anime Falkor's red eyes in my other hand what is she a Sailor Guardian good blacking out good who her training who is she she's mysterious but she's Solitary but the guardian of time awakened suddenly a light energy a greatest wind and Sakura's were holographic Protected by the planet of Space-Time the Guardian of Revolution Soldier of the Afterlife the holy Sovereign ruler of Charon Castle daughter of Chronos! Sailor Pluto! stop None will cross here that is strictly forbidden beyond this point its Taboo! Nuked good with them then woken up had a headache was with the body of a woman the Cullens found us/they were not humans nuked freely then without memories There good lost from here what is she a princess of the planet Pluto then too late relearned of my last life from the far distant future the 30th century granted a better place thing as all of them were exported nuked freely both clamped freely brought both with his good then dead then was extinct good tore freely hordes bitten freely couldn't die of it was Immortal by now but suffered Immortality couldn't age at all stopped completely was permanently different.
laiselms18 chapter 19 . 3/6
Por favor preciso de continuação, continue escrevendo
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 3/3
's Powers and Alien Heritage
Paul my mind to your mind my thoughts to your thoughts suddenly a Strangest alien planet ceremony myself had Bangs framing my own face Exposed Teenaged Ocampan ears who were Pointed revealed as not human in White-Sliver Martian Robes from as all of clothes as all of five-thousands from the lights was Vulcan movie Temple religious holy jewelry clasping from here suddenly a loudest noise blasting brushing by one of the Goddesses suddenly Longer but expanded jet-brown with a inkiest streaked up but combed butbrown-red hair lowing from here in a Coif had Rich Slanted eyebrows then it came too late went officially totally anime blaring one Striking upwardly highly hair was in fact Rewired but arranged myself swearing Federation but Starfleet vows as a Vulcan priestess vowing to Gea my goddess of humanity made me Chaste two men one young tapping him not now finding a book to read look what a woman oh no not him was a young frightened Vulcan male was in shock horrified of my mated consort he paled of muscles crap what is on her robes she's a priestess it's a woman of Authority ranks and titles authorized was given instructions it's a female priest or attendant or Acolyte must give out offerings and sacrifices presiding rituals and Ceremonies officiating from a Home was from a very far more Old Walt Disney short life on Mars suddenly it began countdown prayed to Hermes myself guided one of the humans to the stars whirling fastest but using my telepathic powers to evolve witnessed from a movie a lone rocket to their race oh my god it's my favorite movie Mission to Mars of a face flashing in my dreams with them were with us What we been sent to Earth to search for you reldai you dare to give Ritual orders I Am a Priestess gulp he went white of him, he was into horror and fright was very more tall but Muscular oh no Some movie yup hi kids Emily no thanks we need Asian food Vegetarian ones we are just kids cool a beetle is mating oh no not that Excuse me Ew Aunt yes holy cow Sis wicked their a lot yikes while powdering my nose who is he me nice hair bow crimson here thanks Quill relax of her icky bug it's a more grossest but disgusting Beetle Sammy yeah just watching it it's my brother well boys will be boys it's so gross ugh Leah hold on these are Stink bugs Myself held my nose it reeks my nostrils was feeling it then letting loose a sound like a Roaring growl ugh Leah they stink foul then suddenly awakening my true nature What is that scent it's horrid then one climbed on the bar Desk Kali-Fi -fliee! was really too late was Cursed with lupine looks eyes of mine went Ktarian yellow challenged just killed it like this oops my canines poking out myself placed my hands on Kim's hair was telepathic it was a Storm warning from Zeus was bowling again twice in his Bowling clothes both like a Reman female with hair nails were piercing sharp but longer gasp not human newspapers myself was ready to eat like one nuked with the best friends/the five/four's/young one's with aliens/Vulcan's Vanished good dead torn Freely not taught then too late was more than telepathic using my powers to enter Aro's mind taken memories from him by Replacing his from Here by Horror Movie memories.
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 2/9
20. Bella's a; lien heritage and galactic powers
then ALIEN Rattlesnakes! Mauled but with us/them but with best friends/young ones/three/five transitioning caught wind was not human marked good Changed tore into pieces them gotcha the True venomous fireball blew freely brought there good they are Wanderers and nomads from homes/fifteen to as all of very more monstrous as all of TV Series to sci fi to horror movie clothes bitten on the neck for real for the last time good the Cullens found her drained of blood nuked with him/they brought them with him nuked see this guilty with they burn them with them then Atomized by vaporizing good lost need tore rely bitten from as all of it hordes of heirs as all of them bitten the truest alien venomously but real venom from heirs then Woke up slivery snow Borg drone skin was with fiery anime Falkor's Red eyes avenged but so they were not living were so more than fierce held my Scythe was not human anymore was with Alien Rattlesnake fangs hated mice began hissing growling was so hurt and was vengeful but swore revenge on the Volterra Vampires vowed justice in Hera's name Alice oh no Bella yes meet my husband he's a Werewolf had eight hybrid kids hunted animals my Coven and myself the leader nuked both with them tore Freely fled then brought them good dead the venom activating then blown hordes blew up good they are Vampire Slayers/hunters by now fore Supernatural beings blown up joined the fight good bring them again then too late killed from here in time never was alive it was too late we report crime what crime both sided are permanently but completely now avenged but wrathful Vampire slayers and hunters hunted us die of freaks tore with two good toe hordes of heirs burn with them the rest ripped her/him/them to death blew freely bring them again then lost from here as a result never was alive hordes as all of them were as all of as all mostly much many more as a result then nuked with theirs with prey/meals her goof mine with them aboard they are banished on Vulcan in death good brought there of them myself could not stand sunlight as well still defending by more still hissing like an Ancient Egyptian cobra snake but caused one to run freaking out in horror eyes was hungry it was blood to eat on Sir! myself was so beautiful looked very young was really old but ancient he noticed gulp it was a call don't look in her eyes of Red he was seduced by my alluring mind powers can't dare take my eyes off of him he was my la ta Catana flying my fangs in pain but learned well but finally by studying the alien world lieu of tears was Vulcan Alice she can't stand sunlight like in Moonlight a Vampire TV Series Bella you found a blood singer Excuse me if you please Kate my skin is in fried up but peeled like a Sirian or Visitor female oh my god she's not human it's shredded no sweat glands in time went yellow both colored was not mortal nuked wit as all of displaced supernatural beings smashed both then vanished see dead of it with they never return to Earth hordes of more as all of them see train them there as all of them Vampires and them it came never age or to die was Immortal it's 2022 by now caused more monstrously as all of it displaced supernatural beings as all of them now lived with both with us as all homes made as all of it far as all nuked freely gone torn freely see vanished then brought there good what not humans burn then there then it was too late rid of bodies as all hordes of Vampires then night fell as more as very far as all mostly much many more monstrously all of them what not mortals nuked are real ones good guards then in time but it was done never was alive at all of it it came too late the cause was murder then it was too late the months was now according to our own February Of 2022 By now suddenly pack pets both taken to homes poor baby then was noisy cats/Dogs from Earth deported then it came young crazy dog a father Two oh how adorable she had puppies oh how sweet what a healthy bred breed A-Ha she's more logical easy boy he was dressed like him from the movie myself did something ugh get a room both crap oh how tiny a sound wave then Shiloh sneezed was allergic from felines were cats had kittens nickname Ogre from a movie mine was Booger ugh it came more displaced ones yikes it's Vampires took homes brought five take us to the homes theme Alien Nation oh my god what crap we can't return to Earth too late Momma Mia hands of him and Paul shaken it's now morning there.
Jeno85 chapter 19 . 2/8
Great story, I cannot wait for the next chapter.
nhatfield4683 chapter 19 . 1/24
Thank you for the update but I can’t lie I’m super bummed this isn’t an update. I cannot wait for this story to unfold. I love the development, growth and slow roll of building a relationship.
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 1/22
20. Marking of the Kryptonian Wolf he tore the skin caused me my true awakening but alien ancient Kryptonian memories from a alien civilization the Kryptonians dwelled on Krypton good tore heads of us/them thre wit bitten bst friends suddenly it cursed me with amazing remarkable powers could see differently of flight heart smell but heat vision X-Ray vision violently shot out was not exactly human the skin under a yellow sun blessed me praying in the Kryptonian language suddenly the music of Ka El's coming played myself stood defiant I Am a Priestess of Krypton's last great days while Krypton my planet exploding in a lot of flames was with authority you dare to kill me I Am much powerful stronger than you Human are no match for me Supergirl the Maid of Might Lady of Tomorrow ripped tor screaming then tore whole brought there good with them then suddenly a robot floated Bella is healing my lord I Am Kelex Lady T'Lar is in a trance her servant oh what happened we died so they with the Cullens/Witnesses tears in my eyes wept for my lost humanity the music turned me a fighter he came he felt my need and want desire then a told him of the planet Krypton was dying with his race were stoic cold beings oh my god where are we it came a voice exploded In the language rise child you are in someone's home the Fortress of Solitude my priestess as you wish my lord began swearing to his god Rao upturned hand arm two Vulcans were in different ages Strom found me in the very fully ceremonially but traditionally dressed in holy but spiritual Winter Martian flowing but regal but royal robes of a priestess jewelry vowing to his god religiously Sir watch it my lady we kneel to you of our mission two with Acolytes the guardsmen to one knee High Master yes she's a priestess she was killed not anymore with them he three Sir! he was in his 20's It's Freezing Cold crap we never age, or die correct you have stopped aging Momma Mia madam you dare to give command over a priestess myself did have more holiest religious authority T'Asil you adapt well yes oh my we are house sitting of who Superman no way oh man he's sexy with muscles Stacey oops she was a ditz a girl oh no not him yes he was a young Vulcan male the Man of Steel lord of Tomorrow he's Kryptonian what look up that's his parents Jor El and his wife Lara Vor Van I Am herself horrified in shock her very first emotion emerged gasp herself High Master a Brillant scientist who dare thrived on his world she was young in her thirties what Jor-El please we are the Vulcans.
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 1/19
20. Attacked by a Wolf tBella's pov then Paul; ripped my mark toe aortas was frozen so the one was Bitten they did the something to aliens/Vulcans to best friends ripped aortas and cracked collarbones/young ones blood sharing as captured good for crimes as Lycans toe head executed taken souls or katras the both see took then out were with their transitioning a royal problem they found us to our state kidnapped punished by them four was Experimented but augmented by brain surgeries blew burn them there good ripped with him/Lycans died There ripped from with immortal children found us/they wild/not tame tore Overusing alien venom from here died there tore freely Suffering in a true endless torment brought there good ripped into pieces then too late myself had Slivery snow Borg drone skin with vibrant Falkor's red eyes from the blood bond was all both saved us/them but the dame was made was sexually but much galactically extraterrestrial more than aroused in heat nuked with they brought them good newborns torn both taken from here then lost blew up more than as all of them bitte from dried as all of blood tore freely a Succubus is Conceived is reprogrammed to bear kids dead then turned too far young ended them then too late iciest cold skin sparkling into trust Kirai Sparkling Diamonds Alice re tested her own body is very More shapely what is going on from boxes then myself had hair long with cropped stylish bangs Bella we are very sorry never have kids but it happened from the Dreamstate was Galaxy's Child was aroused from tubes saved then too late was sterile myself had eight from his saved oh my god myself was in galactically more into love with him for all eternity so horny was in season on him again twice then too late with them gasp it was sexual pheromones like a Succubus it finally came it Halted my aging process just stopped it frozen forever young nuked freely toe with kids nuked from here fled vanished good what more members tore into pieces see they broken the rules then heirs oh my god we mated again you know you are tall dark and handsome and attractive built dashing bold fiery drunk leaner Bigger muscular you are so sexy myself was behaving very flirty then was so beautiful acting like a softcore mated couple then nuked us/they blew up vanished good seduced him then lost as all heads with bodies blood binding was mixing up then torn freely heirs removed there became intimate was Immortal like in Highlander Pack yeah spill the quantum torpedoes she seduced me gasp her weight is altered what oh my god she's my wife now oh my god Alice they know she is nice bangs very fiery chic but sleek gasp a ring yes Ok who is getting married I Am Garrett gasp she is betrothed by Vulcan law pointed ears slanted eyebrows by marriage oh no he paled at my muscular fiancée he was afraid a young Frightened Vulcan male how formal you wear 63 generations gulp meet him madam we been ordered to your planet nuked then as all of it vanished good never returned to Earth then it was too late killed as all ourselves on an alien world was my true planet was not human was a priestess from Mt. Seleya of Gol myself heard with great hearing dressed in White Martian robes Vulcan temple religious jewelry swore to Akraana my goddess flowing flames healed me became a Virgin Vanik horrified of a Acolyte came home via burning blood from the replaying praying to God was ordained what name Sch'n T'Gai T'Lar daughter of Mestral wife of Solin it was permanent by Surak's law.
Debbie Hicks chapter 19 . 1/17
20. Bella's alien heritage then Suddenly found him really handsome so aroused had a galactic appetite for men was non-aging of the mark good who turned myself was so alluring was in love had a wild romancer was so telepathic shielding my powers and was not human had Brown-Black eyes full of desire and passion killed us/the three/Good the Turned into a true Alien-looking Succubus had alien sexual Chromosomes good tore heads then were sin six pieces then dying good more tore heads beaten to death then Alien venom spreading in my heart stopped good more as all of it scared as all of scaring me/him/them nuked the scarred from bites the both ran here oh my god help her/him/they myself rose had Anime Falkor's red eyes marking him my imprint sharing blood feeding took his soul and humanity was nuked with him/them with the two brought thee the had no body temperature was sexually aroused need to mate Alice she is not human like them myself fluent in Vulcan slowly Alice she's mated to a different man is marked but with her mark on the neck is Venomous nuked us/them blew brought there a nomad brought them, as all with as all of heirs blew up ours as well more good alien venom replaced blood you Victoria/two/others die then screams tore with as all of it then Nuked as all of heirs bitten freely then suddenly skin mine hurt like cobras shattered was flawless became very mostly beautiful but so sexy was with him yikes three done this to her/him/they survived it my hair became fuller vibrant Gorgeous was in a different clothes from the boxes golden-brown-black like them were black rises gasp they killed us/them to as all of supernatural beings immigrated us/they/all gathered witnesses/all of both then Nuked then lost husks good no longer alive then heirs were overcrowding nuked freely were not humans from here gasp new clothes was fiery but stylish but movie themed Alice she's Immortal night began as all of them blood was as all of it more than as all of it with alien/Vulcan blood of as all of it bonded more monstrously then nuked were demons nuked with them very far away as all of it it was too late was as all of them very far bitten feely as all of it the wife in bed as all of it it came mating season suddenly took off each both to rest better than his thing within her hardest OH! moving as all of it moaning loudest he held her moving then moaning rubbed oiled/massaged skin pumping more as all of it candles as all of them very far more as all of it burning out while consummating marriage nuked were as all of young/youth reported so they god what good remove them then it came Volterra was for Vampires only Alice she lost blood rebuilt it you ok then grabbed with a strength kissed him gasp like Sarah Connor oh my god we gathered witnesses due of the blood bond shared became a mated couple of the imprint Oh no the killed as all of people they now trained they are all coming here nuked with three blown up but brought the then more soldiers made created good more as all of them ended them it was as all of them in homes tired from here.
Hanikka chapter 19 . 1/16
Thank you for your update. Waiting patiently. Happy writing.
Debbie Hicks chapter 18 . 1/7
19. Bella's alien heritage myself with him found me drawn could not keep Brown black eyes off him suddenly a strangest alien power good the ripping into seventeen pieces with the best friends/young ones with aliens/Vulcans/Three/Kids/Toddlers /Siblings/cousins god get her/they tore alien venom turned by force tore fled then lost from here brought thee good heirs as more monstrously to as all far away as all of it it suddenly too late more but very last ones tore freely was from here found us/them then Venom was turning us/they into what good toe heads beheaded brought there good from homes as all of three very all of very far more as all of it then suddenly thirteen formed then it as into the NASA Bodysuit woke as a cursed but Immortal newborn imprint with planetary abilities had Amnesia nuked freely hardest with both brought the both good died with them then Atomized with them heirs as all with them good never returned see revealed without parents the both found her/army dead drained of blood broken blew with him bring them, there Alice found the source two taken gasp moaning like this had Slivery snow Borg Drone skin with Falkor's red eyes permanently stranded gasp chained good ours tore in six pieces brought with them guilty of immortal children good More than ass all of heirs bitten torn but drained of blood good beheaded gored eyes blinded fully for now with they see they crossed over then it happened the very too much of alien venom made me much stronger so they were not humans icy-cold skins took its place freezing Alice About the burn in my own throat look hunted animals her eyes are Golden had kids then Pierced from wholliest corpses brought there good guilty of murder and treason tore heads good into eighteen pieces can't breed by now good the very as all of heirs good deceased fro9m here them but twin hugest ones Alice She is not exactly human can't age or to die is Immortal by now then from the movie suddenly the Track made us different so they never was elderly or old was trapped as a teenager frozen by the goddesses/gods cursed nuked then With them hardest vanished good hid Phased but existing Lycans skin them there then it was gone from here see revealed extinct them there good tore heads from here then it came lost from heirs as all of them from here bitten freely blown up as Volturi living Vampires good then were all taught what not living still existing they are aboard blew up with as all to as all both nuked freely brought there see can't die there them as all of them from here good drained as all of blood mixed up with both Torn violently as all of it more heirs ripped as all of it freely suddenly a Blood bond created between us both suddenly a strange alien but galactic romance happened he finally touched my face the a deep alien romantic pull then Kissed like them Deanna and Wyatt it was truest but real for now acting like her too late myself was telepathic gasp oh my god we are aboard gross with them then too late it warped with things then nuked freely good bring them, there banished on Vulcan see they are dead from here good then heirs as all of them bitten freely then skinned from here ugh Paul get a room around these two they are in love with each other guys we can't return to Earth oh no they caused it a blood bond activated caused them to kiss oh man that's more romantic they are busy crap where are we Vulcan huh drink water read a book hey you two gasp as Imzadi oh no it was a word in Betazoid became a mated couple too late the cause was murder healed faster but recovered.
Debie Hicks chapter 18 . 1/1
19. Cursed with Alien powers
too late He ripped a ripping mark tore it screaming the sickest bitte best friends/Young ones and drained with aliens/Vulcans created an army good who turned you pain screaming bruises as all of broken four snapped sexually assaulted by gang raping into blood with three was premaritally tore it violating in my wedding dress in blood screaming transitioning more three days of ceremonial burning beaten to death was with force tore six dying good tore them never made it out alive get her/army who changed you newborn toe from here then Molested by them with him/them blew up brought them good then woke in Forks General Medical Hospital dead good blew up then it happened locked out insane crazed sickest dying the Cullens/witnessed horrified was failing nulled with us/they brought them good dead of dead others you Victoria/two/others die with each them ashes/dust then Alice who done to them Volturi took them they were not humans gasp then nuked us/them then tore freely officially both then brought there atomized took two from us/they good with theirs then too late Beheaded good they died there ripped apart then Alice the mark is frozen he healed her gasp is mated oh no with alien venom spreading then too late it was gone healed but was a Supernatural being so they were not humans had powers newest blood from him made me Telepathic a strongest ten blew up of my brain supply a strange echoing vibration my brain-voice emerging my powers was purely total telepathic he head my thoughts my imzadi then Garrett slapped It's Betazoid for beloved it sounded like this vibration of echoing my telepathic powers wore from home as all of as all of mostly much many more as all of clothes graceful but elegantly but lithe a voice from my brain
began vibrating Do you Remember What I Have taught you imzadi can you still sense my own thoughts it was officially finished had Brown-black irises Alice it is a term of endearment for couples was not normal healed in my Starfleet uniform heel-boots hair was styled like hers with fried bangs he caught me a strangest alien attraction began to emerge from here of a man and a woman from the track from Krull was The Widow's Lullaby on an alien planet re met again then felt my mouth kissed me like Deanna and Wyatt for real then grossed out the pack ugh Get a ROOM! Leah oh man that is very romantic gasp Oh my god they are true imzadi it came too late ugh oh man myself was his woman forever.
momma2fan chapter 18 . 12/21/2021
Paul needs to tell her what's going on in his head and Bella needs to stop fighting. They still have a lot more talking to do. I LOVE this story!
nhatfield4683 chapter 18 . 12/16/2021
Wow! I did not expect that last line. Poor Bella! She’ll never see herself in a good light. I hope they don’t fuck up the relationship because we’ve really put time and effort into it. I cannot wait for the next chapter. I’m really sad there is nothing else to read.
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