Reviews for Animal Crossing Friends
Guest chapter 1 . 2/16/2015
Full name: Tara Red
Nickname: Tara (or Tails)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: A cat with Black ears and a grey pelt
Type of style: Loves blue, hates dresses,
Role: Tara is the book store person
Hobbies: Reading
Personality: Out going and kind
Bio: Tara has an older brother named Joe. She lived with her mom, until she moved out. Her life is very boring, nothing much happened.
Fears: Big dogs.
Secrets: She really hates her brother.
Crush: A cat named Harrison (Blue)
Friends: Everyone, Tara is very social.
Rivals: Dogs.
The town is Andre.
An angry orc chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
I forgot to put the extras for my OC (Matt Hook). Here they are anyway:

Anything Else: His house is Mushroom themed, and upgraded partly

Here is some other thinks i for got to put:

Secrets: He is actually a serial killer, and caries an axe everywhere

Personality: In addition to what I put, he is also nice when he's in a good mood
An angry orc chapter 1 . 1/31/2014
Do you need anymore OCs? Here's mine if you do:

Full Name: Matt Hook

Nickname: Blade

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears a No. 3 shirt, wears jeans, has orange spikey hair

Type of style: His favourite colour is Blue, he is also very cool

Role/Occupation: He is a barista at the Roost

Hobbies: Watching TV, gaming

Personality: He is quite cool, but is also rude sometimes and doesn't take favours, and sometimes hits people with nets if he is mad

Bio: As a child, he lived with his Mum, his step dad Gordon, and his older step sister Mia. He enjoyed gaming, watching TV, and reading very much. In high school, he stopped a criminal by threatening him with a knife, whiched earned him his nickname Blade. After turning 18, he moved to the town he lives in now

Fears: Heights, Bloody Mary

Secrets: He stole Tortimer's wallet

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: No-one, but Sydney takes a liking to him

Friends: Drift, Apollo, Dizzy, Bluebear, Daisy, Tom Nook, Brewster

Rivals: Crazy Redd, Marshal (Used to be friends), The Superheroes (As in the type of villagers).
AnGellica A fan chapter 3 . 9/4/2013
OOOOOOOOOOOOOH I totally forgot Jamie's alter ego You used them.
This one anon chapter 3 . 8/14/2013
Oh, the suspense is killing me! Wonder who'll get put in next?

Good job so far! It's pretty darn entertaining to read and I'll bet it'll only get better. :3
lotsofpolarbears chapter 1 . 8/12/2013
Thanks so much for using my oc, Juliana! I love her dialogue, the story is great!
Victoria-White-Cat chapter 3 . 8/12/2013
This is great so far!
Woooooo chapter 1 . 8/2/2013
Full Name: Perri Iris Harley

Nickname: P (refuses to respond to anything else)

Age: (At least 18, since they have to live on their own) 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Pale-skinned, skinny but muscular, relatively short, has mint green shoulder-length hair tht cover her right eye completely, very un-amused expression constantly, serious blue eyes

Type of Style: (Do they wear dresses? What colors do they like best? Things like that) Generally wears a dark navy blue peacoat with white buttons, a pair of stonewashed skinny jeans, and black Converse-esque sneakers. Occasionally, she'll wear the grandpa hat that, coincidentally, her grandpa gave her.

Role/Occupation: (Is he/she the mayor of a town? Or do they just sell things at the store for profit?) Just gets by in the town...

Town: Curbanni, which has cherries

Hobbies: (In addition to the normal ones, like bug catching or fishing, you can put pottery, cooking, or something like that) Writing poetry, sleeping, sightseeing, and reading. She's also refuses to admit that she really enjoys teeny-bopper music.

Personality: Not immediately an agreeable girl, she can be very prickly and secretive with those she doesn't know well. If you can get deep inside, she'll show you her heart. However, she will not hesitate to voice her opinion in any situation if she thinks something's wrong. She doesn't often act outright mean but she could be considered incredibly passive-aggressive.

Bio: She lived happily with both her parents and her older sister, Zeeva, until her mother experienced some issues when she was 10. Her mother committed suicide, leaving her family behind. 3 years later, Perri's dad met a woman and married her. After they got married, a year passed before her father ran off on them, leaving a 14-year-old Perri and a 17-year-old Zeeva to deal with their decidedly vile stepmother. As soon as Perri turned 18, they both set off for better lives. She hopped from city to city, doing odd jobs and trying to break her old habits when she discovered Curbanni in a news ad. From there, she decided to live there.

Fears: guns, loneliness, mirrors

Secrets: She had a habit when he was younger that she cut herself to forget about the pain but she's been making a great effort to break the chain and be free. She also did some rather... unscrupulous things when she was in some of the cities.

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (Yaoi and Yuri accepted!) She was attracted to Lucky at first sight and hasn't been able to say anything. Something about his constant bandages made it seem like he was misfortunate... so, she wanted to help him... and maybe love him.

Friends: Lucky, Rodeo (her best friend, who's even given her his picture), and Moe. She also gets along with pretty much any cat because, well, cats are great, right? :p

Rivals: Sometimes Rolf, but it's more of a joke rivalry. However, she tends to get annoyed by many peppy villagers, rabbits and ducks in particularly.
Victoria-White-Cat chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
Do you still need OCs? If so here's mine :) (The town can be any but if you need a name it can be Sunset)

Name: Georgie

Nickname: Gorg, Gorgantine (my actual nicknames)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, brown curly hair with big brown eyes. Quite short and a bit plump but not fat.

Type of style: Wears summer dresses with matching slip-ons. Never wears sandals because she doesn't like feet.

Role/Occupation: Works as a clerk at a clothes store (Able Sisters or GracieGrace or your own)

Hobbies: Fishing and pole fitness (That sounds weird so let me explain. It's not something sexual like pole dancing, its an actual type of fitness, I do it and its really good)

Personality: She's usually funny and bubbly but that changes quickly if you annoy her. She can be violent and threatens people with death. She is quite a foul-mouthed person when shes angry and can be quite cruel to people who are cruel to her back. Otherwise, shes really nice and hates seeing her friends upset. She has good common sense but isn't too clever with stuff like maths and geography.

Bio: She used to get abused by her step-father. He would use violence when her mother was around and would hit her mother as well but when her mother was away, her step-father would make her do sexual stuff with him. (If you need any details just PM me)

Fears: Moths, Clowns, People cracking their knuckles, being touched by someone she doesn't trust

Secrets: The whole stepfather thing and later on you can make her get pregnant or something but she won't get an abortion if that happens

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: If you use the pregnancy idea, she could get knocked up by someone she didnt know but one of the boy characters goes out with her because they like her. They would be the only one she would tell about the baby unless she randomly blurts it out, your call.

Friends: I don't know all the OCs but anyone who's funny. Can get along with grumpy people as well.

Rivals: Anyone thats mean to her.

Anything else?: I have no idea. But if you need help with anything, just PM me, I'll gladly help you :)

Thanks :D
MIKEHEDGEHOG chapter 2 . 7/29/2013
Oh and town is named Detroit
MIKEHEDGEHOG chapter 1 . 7/29/2013
Full Name: Jermaine williams

Nickname: King

Age: (At least 18, since they have to live on their own) 19

Gender: male

Appearance: A dark skinned teen with the regular ac hair

Type of Style: (Do they wear dresses? What colors do they like best? Things like that) Sporty clothes not the retarded ones and wear the 1 up cap

Role/Occupation: (Is he/she the mayor of a town? Or do they just sell things at the store for profit?) The mayor and also sell stuff

Hobbies: (In addition to the normal ones, like bug catching or fishing, you can put pottery, cooking, or something like that) watching tv making money talking to his friends and being plain old funny

Personality: hes the funniest funnest nicest mayor the town every had

Bio:he dont like the mean villagers basically he wants to kill them but he dont he make the most boring thing ever and make it fun and crazy

Fears:old scary people beetles dabs sharks and raisins

Secrets: he once commited a felony and he didnt pass 3 grade but still when to 4 grade

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (Yaoi and Yuri accepted!) Rosie

Friends: kid cat rod rosie tom butch bluebear celia timbra isabelle tommy timmy tom nook cyrus reese pelly katrina pudge

Rivals:all the mean people

Anything Else?: he dont know but bluebear have a crush on him Jermaine kid cat and rod beat up jingle on christmas

That's all! :) Note that if your town isn't accepted, bu
Stilltoolazy chapter 2 . 7/29/2013
No specific town, she'll fit in any

Full Name: Valencia Flora Baccari

Nickname: Valley

Age: (At least 18, since they have to live on their own) 24

Gender: F

Appearance: Something of a bob haircut, black hair, sort-of tan, black eyes (in actuality, they're dark brown but for the sake of AC :p)

Type of Style: (Do they wear dresses? What colors do they like best? Things like that) Usually wears a school uniform-esque outfit, brown loafers, black stockings, and thin-rimmed black glasses. When she's dressed professionally, she'll wear a lab coat.

Role/Occupation: (Is he/she the mayor of a town? Or do they just sell things at the store for profit?) She studies the wildlife of her town and takes notes. To get money, she usually sells extra specimens to her neighbors or the store.

Hobbies: (In addition to the normal ones, like bug catching or fishing, you can put pottery, cooking, or something like that) She lives to study science, enjoys singing karaoke (though she's not very good), and sitting out on a nice day with some bubble tea.

Personality: Generally introverted due to being caught up in her own thoughts or research, so she isn't much of a talker with people that she hasn't known for long. Once she opens up, she can be rather friendly but still likes being quiet and ignored better.

Bio: She grew up with her very well-to-do parents who pushed her to be the best she could be, though they could be a little overbearing. Originally, she left home to train at the Faraway Museum. While she was gathering samples in her current town, she fell in live with it and vowed to move there when she was done with her studies.

Fears: Heights, planes, being judged, failure

Secrets: She was adopted by her aforementioned rich parents when she was 3. She's never met her real parents.

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (Yaoi and Yuri accepted!) Has a crush on Snake, not sure how he feels and doesn't want to face total rejection

Friends: Snake, otherwise, she gets along with most people to a point. Generally she likes Normal villagers more than others.

Rivals: none in particular, doesn't get along too well with Snooty villagers sometimes.
Toolazytologin chapter 1 . 7/29/2013
Town: Malchik (pronounced my-chick, Russian for boy), known for cherries

Full Name: Blair Dylan Briar

Nickname: Blair, darling (by Mathilda)

Age: (At least 18, since they have to live on their own) 22

Gender: Male (usually mistaken for a female due to his wholesome crossdressing)

Appearance: Rather short normal-brown hair, slightly tanned skin, light brown rounded eyes, about 5'8", built somewhat thin

Type of Style: (Do they wear dresses? What colors do they like best? Things like that) Enjoys wearing dresses. Other than that, usually wears a dark-gray hoodie, dry-denim skinny pants, a white baseball cap, and pink sneakers. Dress-wise, he likes it elaborate and beautiful.

Role/Occupation: (Is he/she the mayor of a town? Or do they just sell things at the store for profit?) Mayor of Malchik, gets most of his money from his ocean fishing habits

Hobbies: (In addition to the normal ones, like bug catching or fishing, you can put pottery, cooking, or something like that) Really loves playing various sports such as lacrosse, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee. Attempting to learn how to DJ, not... doing so well. XD

Personality: Incredibly friendly and approachable but won't constantly bother anybody to talk to them. He's generally relaxed and focused, so most people get comfortable around him easily. However, he's prone to bouts of depression and can become bitingly mean. This tends to be pretty rare unless it's brought on by events.

Bio: He grew up in a nice family with his parents and twin sister, Clair. His sister was killed in a car accident when they were 15, which changed something in him. He felt he needed to get away and moved to the city for a few years. After he turned 22, he decided that he'd rather just live a more peaceful life in a little village. So, he hopped on a train and headed off for his new destination and unwittingly became the mayor of his new home.

Fears: Dolls, clowns, and Gyroids.

Secrets: He's allergic to shellfish despite his enjoyment of fishing.

Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: (Yaoi and Yuri accepted!) Has had a crush on Eugene the koala ever since he moved in but is afraid that Eugene might not like his crossdressing.

Friends: Mathilda, Eugene, Gladys, Snake, Jeremiah

Rivals: Occasionally, Pate
Alvinsaur chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
Seeing how I have no account, I'll post my submission here. You didn't specify if we should PM you, anyways.

Full Name: Rayn Moog

Town Name: Viriset

Nickname: N/A

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Hair is extremely casual, loose and listless. Big, green eyes. Hair is intense red.

Style: Uses thick glasses, always wears hoodies or jackets, rarely takes off his Pirate's hat, usually wears jeans, but sometimes wears shorts if it's too hot so he doesn't have to take off his hoodie or jacket, and uses either sneakers or hiking boots.

Role/Occupation: Major of Viriset, electronic music composer.

Hobbies: Playing video games, gardening, catching bugs.

Personality: Brave, impatient, hot-headed, impulsive, tries to go out of the way to help other as much as he can without overwhelming himself, likes to speak to other people, but is mostly introverted (not to be confused with shy), really clumsy, proud of his accomplishments.

Bio: He had a very social childhood, and was always out with friends. When he was 13, he started growing tired of always being around people, and usually only hung with really close friends or playing video games. He began getting interested in electro music when he was 15, and started composing it himself when he was 17. At the age of 19, right after finishing high school, he decided to move into a little town, rather than a city, as he wanted a tranquil life. He became the major of a little town named Viriset by mistake, but has worked hard to make its citizens happy.

Fears: Spiders, darkness.

Secrets: Wears skirts and dresses when he's alone at home, reasoning that they're extremely comfortable.

Crush: Mira

Friends: Dizzy, Phil, Bon Bon, Mira, Coco, Kid Cat, Isabelle.

Rivals: Vladimir, Buck.
AnGellica A fan chapter 2 . 7/27/2013
YOu used my town, You used it. That's soooooo great. The stories well written. YOur really good at putting the words together.
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