Reviews for Always Bad Wolf
RogueSyrene chapter 20 . 3/22
So far so good I'm really looking forward to reading more of this story. However something in this chapter really bugged me the part about them being cousin and it bothering Queen Victoria that he kissed her. Prince Albert was her 1st cousin everyone married there cousins make then it would have made more sense if she said sister but that's just me sorry if I sound negative it was just really bugging me. Great story I'll keep reading a review at the end.
tinu chapter 2 . 3/19
Why is know what whatever
ramen-luver101 chapter 37 . 3/8
Loved the story for the devil guy
Jonn Wolfe chapter 37 . 2/25
Interesting bit with Omega. Can actually see something like that happening. "Before Time" could have been a half truth, with the sentence actually being "Before Time Travel" instead.

As for Love and Monsters, I don't really like it either... BUT... if the Doctor is not locking the memories away, I doubt he'd not want to go in order to save LINDA. Rose either, for that matter. You could have them go to the day that the 'absorbaloff' shows up and derail the entire thing by breaking the cane before anyone got absorbed... then have the Doctor give a warning to keep to themselves, not advertising, and just be friends with each other like they've been doing. After, he could explain to the bloke about his mother not being able to be saved, and apologizing for that.

Wouldn't be a large chapter, but I don't think they'd let that 'absorbaloff' go free to kill people. Plus, there's that alien eating machine to have to contend with... just not so much with the Scooby Doo doorway running, yeah?

Loving this. Still think they could bond telepathically, if the Doctor can get over his fears. Plus, with Rose going through the Bad Wolf /twice/ . . . and the fact that she's not registering as human to scanners . . . Well, I wouldn't be surprised that she's a Time Lady in Waiting, so to speak. Just waiting for that final spark to kick start the final process, and generate her second heart.

Will be following this avidly. Ta!
Jonn Wolfe chapter 34 . 2/25
Very intense and brilliant. Absolutely LOVE how he understands there's a loop and that he must remain in the dark about it. Also... the Kiss... Wonderful.
Jonn Wolfe chapter 32 . 2/25
Oh my word, this was hysterical! Glad Rose told him about not worrying about it being unrequited... but his utterly bafflement over it was damned funny to read. Brava!
Orange chapter 37 . 2/22
How much longer
AngelofGrace96 chapter 37 . 2/16
Loved it! Pleeeeeeeeeeease update soon, I reeeeeeeally wanna see S3 your way, there are so many little different things you've done so far, I can't wait to see! A suggestion? Maybe the Bad Wolf has been slowly converting her into a Time Lord? Just an idea. Anyway, keep writing, I really want another chapter soon!
Guest chapter 37 . 1/29
Update please
nichellemarie chapter 37 . 1/23
This is the best "rose re-does her timeline" story i have read. Most of them just copy word for word what happens in the show with only one or two changes. Please update this work of art soon.
Oncoming Eternal Storm Wolf chapter 37 . 1/21
I really love this story! I love the 9th Doctor so much and how you slightly altered their conversations...he was so goofy! Poor Doctor, having to realise that he is going to lose Rose possibly, again! Hang on...if Rose dies, does she start back at the beginning? And why did she? Bad Wolf? TARDIS? Something the Doctor did but "forgot"? Hmm...time will tell when you get around to finishing the story. Or at least add more chapters; I'm not ready for the end!
Write on,
mfluderX chapter 19 . 1/20
I loved this ep too :)
and I know I can't be the only one to put the song from the show on play while reading the first part of this :D

it's good to be a lunatic...
jenn008 chapter 37 . 1/12
Update soon!
CluelessNessSS chapter 37 . 1/10
This is good and original. I think writing a Doctor Who fanfic that doesn't follow canon word for word is already difficult because most of the scripts out of the RTD era were absolutely brilliant AND the first two series or years for Rose are literarily repeats for her. So I quite like this. It must be difficult to keep secrets from the Doctor since he is the Doctor and I love Rose's struggles. So I can't wait for more.
Starscape91 chapter 37 . 1/8
Great story, I can't wait to read more!
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