Reviews for Always Bad Wolf
Shadow Eclipse chapter 44 . 7/1
love it!
can't wait
Guest chapter 44 . 6/10
Great job! I love the way you fixed Doomsday. Please update soon, though! I wanna see these two and Martha take on aliens.
Hellfire17 chapter 1 . 5/18
Amazing story great writing nice pacing. but try and make some of the minor episodes into a single chapter it works better that way as normally people don't anticipate that chapter but the chapters that come later on that are pivotal to the plot and try and have some more unique twists and turns.
PrincessMau chapter 44 . 5/9
EEEEEEEEEEE IM SO FREAKING HAPPPPY OHHHH YASSSSSS...are you going to continue with theother doctors or stop here?
joanie7316 chapter 44 . 5/8
I just finished reading your story through and I must say that I can't wait to see the ending. The twists and turns, time lines folding on each other has really kept me excited throughout the story. Thank you for sharing!

Oh! And please please please update!
vikehi chapter 44 . 5/6
Yay! Nice original redeux!
MirrorFlower and DarkWind chapter 44 . 5/6
ohh that was just wow
AngelofGrace96 chapter 44 . 5/6
OH MY GOD I THINK I JUST DIED This is the most masterful episode I have ever read, I loved all of it! Rose sassing the daleks, the doctor sassing the cybermen, jackie and pete's reintroduction, THAT ENDING SCENE, And Rose and the Doctor finally together! Also, was I imagining it, or did you write that final paragraph to be a parallel of The Stolen Earth run? Either way, it was fantastic! Thank you so much for updating!
Maria EduardaB chapter 44 . 5/6
I loved the chapter! To be continued. Please.
Sommerlee chapter 44 . 5/6
Yay! I like that Pete & Jackie stayed as well as the little things you changed throughout the episode.
Dreamcatcher56 chapter 44 . 5/6
Oh what a brilliant end and the changes you made to cannon were perfect and plausible and so very exciting...I am so glad I followed this story and will patiently await further adventures of Rose and the Doctor.
GingerTyPerior chapter 44 . 5/6
Yay! Happy Ending!
thedarkpokemaster chapter 44 . 5/6
So happy Rose got to stay with the Doctor and now the hard part comes :D
AngelofGrace96 chapter 43 . 5/4
AAargh just when everything's going right... It's all going wrong! Although I am glad Mickey's still there - I was worried he wasn't gonna show up when Rose didn't see him... Thanks for the update!
thedarkpokemaster chapter 43 . 5/4
wow soon it will all come down to a big moment in the next two chapters can Rose change her fate and stay with the Doctor this time, well I know I hope that she can.
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