Reviews for Teaching Assistant
Guest chapter 66 . 8/12
omg omg omg, this fanfic is my favvv, Malec and Heronstairs in one :3 please updateeeee,
SheWritesStories chapter 66 . 7/21
when will the author return from the war
Ohtheplacesbooks chapter 56 . 7/12
Ally chapter 51 . 7/12
I remembered this fic and decided to come back to the part with max and julien and now I'm crying because this is so good
Glammy chapter 66 . 7/10
This was fantastic! I need updates.
Guest chapter 66 . 7/9
You know what I would really love? Some more of Max's story line. I love him so much and they're really cute together! When you do update can there be some Max in there?
MalecLightwood chapter 45 . 7/5
This chapter killed me XD
FandomizedWhatson chapter 66 . 6/24
You know... Each time you update I read the whole story again, which now means I just spent two days reading 66 chapters... AND I LOVE THE BLOODY STORY EACH TIME. I swear there are parts I'm close to knowing by heart... Anyway, I LOVE this story and ypur writing, it is the best, like a old good friend or a book, I just... Love it, pleeeeease keep it going
MALECLOVESME1188 chapter 65 . 6/24
Where are youuuuuu? It's been almost 3 months! I'm going through withdrawals here! No seriously I hope everything is going well with you. Add soon
Eee chapter 66 . 5/28
Please UPDATE, i love your work
ahappyreader chapter 43 . 5/20
Hey I really like your story and I'm so glad there are 66 chapters! (Seriously, I don't know what I would have done if this story wasn't really long! It's just so great!)
Well, I'm actually French and I'd like to correct you about something Sebastian says in French: instead of saying 'si tu t'ennuie de tout ce qui paillettes, appelez-moi' he should say 'si tu t'ennuies de toutes ces paillettes, appelle-moi', that just..makes more sense (I think that's how we could translate what you meant).
Well, I hope you'll see this comment and I'm sorry if there are some mistakes because..well, I'm French xD
iwona chapter 47 . 5/16
Please keep uploading i'm waiting for hot magnus and alec "the thing" chapter xD this fanfic is brilliant bith sexy and sweet i love your work ;)
Guest chapter 3 . 5/7
French is my first language, it's "vous faites" it's an exemption but then again, it's not French without its billions exceptions
TrisDaMastiff chapter 66 . 5/3
keep it up, I've really enjoying reading this, so now I've reached the last written chapter and want more! I need to see it thru so that means you do too LOL
Moonchild001 chapter 66 . 4/28
Oh my god! i just started this fic a few days ago and i have been reading in literally every single minute of free time because i wanted to know what happens next! and now i am finally done with chapter 66 and i am pretty much dying inside to know how this story continues! you are an amaaaaazing writer and i love this story so much and i really really hope (and beg) that you find the time to end this story as perfectly as this whole story is up to now! 3 (p.s. i know how this whole not having time to write because of work and university feels like and it as much as i love it it sucks sometimes ... i still hope you wont give up on this story because i really really love it! )
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