Reviews for tell me we're dead and i'll love you even more
Gershwin073 chapter 1 . 4/5/2015
I really liked this one shot. For some reason I've always loved the Stiles and Allison pairing and this was a really good way for them to get together and it shows how they would work as a couple. Now I've never really seen Scott and Lydia as an option but you really sold it to me here. So kudo's on that.
hawkeyeforever chapter 1 . 12/21/2014
The title was what really caught my attention (I really love Richard Siken) and this story caught me by surprise with how much I enjoyed it. I'm not usually a fan of these pairings, but you're writing is just so lovely that I love them anyways.
nobodylikesaloser chapter 1 . 7/26/2014
this is so beyond perfect
Good Omens chapter 1 . 5/21/2014
This is really impressive - I'm happy that the first story I read with those two pairings is this one - you've made me like it. I don't doubt for a moment that I could've found these pairings a no go for me with certain other stories. So thank you, for posting this amazing fanfic.
Little Miss Novella chapter 1 . 1/4/2014
I so enjoyed reading this!
Meredith chapter 1 . 7/30/2013
I just loved this story! everything is perfect about it :) thank you for writing this masterpiece!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
Love Stiles and Allison in this! Scott and Lydia might take some getting used to though.
still pearl chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
(continued because of course ffn cut me off lmao)

ohhh stiles and omg "You didn't reply to my texts or calls last night is what he really means, and all four of them know it." im crying this is so beautifully sad liKE he's so in love with her he needs her by his side and evERYBODY KNOWS IT oh man and also the quiet stiles/allison moment was so pretty and wistful and perfect and then scott/lydia "having a talk without saying anything at all." GOD WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME :(

allydia friendship moment afgslkgdjgis it's so great how do you do this how do you include all my fave dynamics ughh these girls are so amazing i love their best friend conversation to pieces and allison flat-out asking for the truth and lydia gives it to her and just them trusting each other and being honest with each other ahhhh perfect perfect perfect my princesses and allison noticing lydia falling in love yES GOOD and heLLO finally discussion of stallison kiss hooray also i wanna say again that their enTIRE DYNAMIC HERE IS JUST GOLDEN I LOVE EVERY BIT OF THIS CONVERSATION IT'S PERFECT OK YOU WROTE IT PERFECTLY also martinski brotp yes i like this a lot aND STILES' PLAID IS CATCHING ON IM LAUGHING THIS IS SO GREAT I LOVE IT "Have a good fashion backwards life with Stilinski." god bless u lydia martin

STILES IS SO HAPPY TO SEE ALLISON BUT HE CAN'T EVEN FIGURE OUT HOW TO ADMIT IT OH SWEETHEART also i know most of this review has just been me babbling about the plot but i just want to interject that "he swears he can feel himself falling simultaneously for her and to his death a million times harder than he has ever thought possible." YOUR WRITING IS STILL SO GORGEOUS AS ALWAYS LIKE THIS IS JUST A BRILLIANT SENTENCE I AM JUST IN AWE OF IT also omggg they're talking about THE THING THE KISS ahhh i am excited "Like the thing we vowed to never talk about but went and told Scott and Lydia about right after it happened?" this is just perfect tbh i mean of couRSE THEY WOULD (because packmates shhhh) oh man oh man stiles' little speech to her is giving me emOTIONS i didn't ask for this! oh god you just write everything so well even speeches from teenage characters like HONESTLY HOPE HOW im glad allison is as touched by it as i am bc i was starting to feel silly lmao
and stiles keeps apologizing what a little aNGEL he's so cute like honestly i dunno how he's still a virgin in the show lmao and just "He's happy, and what's happening with Allison is real, and no one can take that away from him." afgkslgs i love this sentence it's so simple but it's so perfect and it just captures all of stiles' emotions in the moment so beautifully just ugahguGH im happy again thank you ((((:

isaac sleeping on scott's bed there are hearts in my eyes awwww and just everything about stiles/scott here is incredible ughghu i love it i love all your friendship dynamics they're the beST (well second best i guess to the romantic dynamics ahaha) but just yes i adore stiles tripping all over himself and babbling about his kiss with allison and scott just being so sweet and understanding because he's SCOTT and he's perfect and they're all perfect and i love them ahhh how cute are they kldgsslgs

"You'll be interested to know that we had to corner them individually, or else it would've been rather difficult to take both of them at once." YEAH YOU BET IT WOULD DEUCALION THIS IS THE MCCALL PACK YOU ARE FUCKING WITH oh my god oh my gOD he fucking took lydia what a fucking asshole im so angry at him how dARE HE TOUCH HER man if this ever happens in the show i just want lydia to kick aiden's ass and then kick everyone else's asses on her OWN because she's a princess and they're nOT ALLOWED TO KIDNAP HER WTF but ohhh scott's going crazy with worry it's so CUTE even though I'M TERRIFIED also "Allison had never been in any real danger in the first place. Lydia had." oh god i don't know what to do with all these feelings like i am simultaneously squealing because scott/lydia and freaking out because lyDIA ohgfghfjskgdf

oh man oh man allison ready to protect lydia and just her entire reflection on their lives and the choices she made versus the choices that lydia didn't make god it was all so gorgeous and also "Allison knew that, and Allison loved her for it. Allison was ready to kill so that her best friend could safely pursue her dreams." this is so beyond perfect im in love with it because allison/lydia always and forever and "And she didn't blame him, because if anything happened to Lydia, their entire world would collapse within seconds." I LOVE THE MCCALL PACK THEY OWN MY ENTIRE HEART I HAVE SAID THIS BEFORE BUT I JUST ? I ADORE THEM SO MUCH THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MYSELF and ahhh "He will, Kali. He's going to come to save the girl he loves." yeAH DUDE and then allison just starts shooting them lol GOD BLESS

oh thank god lydia's not dead THAT'S ALL I'M GETTING FROM THIS although the scott/allison discussion on stiles is making me sad BUT LYDIA'S NOT DEAD THAT'S ALL I CARE ABOUT oh and aLSO "but when they do, they will find a group of increasingly capable humans and their alpha that are more united than ever. No matter what they go through, waging wars against life and death, at the end of the day or night the four of them will remain unbreakable at each other's sides." THIS IS POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE SENTENCE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE A LOT OF FAVORITE SENTENCES OF YOURS BUT THIS IS GLORIOUS AND PERFECT AND I ADORE EVERY BIT OF IT ESPECIALLY THAT LAST BIT ALFDGSKJFD im gonna throw myself off a cliff screaming PACKMATES one of these days i swear i am

scOTT AND LYDIA TOGETHER BUT NOT BEING? HAPPY? FLIRTING? NO? :( gosh everyone's being so mean to scott i'm just sad because he's my angel i love him except i love everyone else too this is a dilemma gOSH hope why do you do this to me? i do love lydia being bossy and snarky and absolutely perfect though and i like how we can see that she was hurt by his avoiding her ohhh man scott :( "reeling in the admission that she cares about him and trying not to show it" bABIES THIEYRE'S OS CUTE IM OS OD DNEN ITHS ITS THE TIME OF NIGHT WHERE I JUST GET OVERWHELMEED OK I APOLOGIZE INM ADVANGEC IM NOT LOOKING AT THE KEYBAORD SORRY "You being a target is my fault because they're after me and I love you." THIS IS EVERYTHING IVE BEEN WATINGI FOR OHHHMYOG DOD IM SO OAKLDSGF IMD JUST SITTING HERE SILENTLY SHIRKEING IN MY BEDROOM OK AND SHE LETS HIM IN AND HE'S SO HAPPY AWWW MY LITTLE BABIES

i lovelovelove how stiles just isn't angry at scott because they're best friends and he knows him so well that he just forgives him for it because he understands afgsgffsgs i love it and i also love allison being upset on his behalf but yes scott/stiles always my baby boys ahhh omg their conversation is so beyond perfect hoW DO YOU WRITE DIALOGUE DUDE "Until that day, though, we keep fighting." / "Because fighting is all we know how to do." / "No," he disagrees, "Because living and loving are all we know how to do, and to live and love, you have to fight and survive whatever obstacles get thrown at you." STILES YOU ARE SO PERFECT IM IN LOVE also yes yes i love allison's anger and hurt and bitterness over her mother because the show has already shown that she has ptsd from the emotional abuse and the shock of victoria's death and i think you got her emotions down perfectly about how she's so angry about the way victoria chose to do things ughugh and then stiles being such a total sweetheart and just knowing the right way to comfort her ugh my angels also forehead kisses are my weakness alkdgskjfgs and oh my god allison saved the flowers for stiles' mother i just want to cry these two are so perfect your writing and your characters are so perfect im so in love oh man uHG THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT NOTE TO END IT ON I'M SO HAPPY I THINK I COULD CRY

I HAVE SAID THIS LIKE A MILLION TIMES BEFORE BUT I'M GONNA SAY IT AGAIN BECAUSE BASICALLY THIS WAS GORGEOUS AND AMAZING AND I THINK ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FICS THAT YOU HAVE EVER WRITTEN (well i love all your fics but i do have a few ultimate favorites and i think this might actually have topped all of them) like it was just gorgeously written and the characters were all amazing and i loved them so much and i loved the different dynamics you gave to stiles/allison and scott/lydia like there were two very different romances going on and it was just so lovely to see it all unfold and i loved the plot even though it terrified me (thaNK YOU FOR NOT KILLING ANYBODY GOD BLESS YOU) and ughghg i just love these four and your writing like everything was so so so beyond perfect like EVERYTHING YOU DO IS PERFECT AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR DEDICATING THIS TO ME LIKE I CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO EXPRESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU LIKE I WANT TO SHOUT IT OFF A MOUNTAIN THAT I LOVE YOU I REALLY DO AND JUST AULGFSLKSDFJGS THANK YOU FOR THIS BRILLIANCE IT WAS EVERYTHING I HOPED FOR AND I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 7/27/2013
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD IT'S HERE IT'S FINALLY HERE (and chrome took like 15 fucking minutes to work properly BUT I GOT HERE NO WORRIES) and ohhhh my god ok im so excited to dig into this (i'm typing this review on quicknotes in a new tab so i could review alongside reading ahaha so this will actually be a liveblog review type thing and also if i get cut off which i almost certainly will it won't be an issue hopefully!) BUT FIRST OF ALL OH MY GOD THIS IS DEDICATED TO ME IM GONNA CRY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH (do you realize that you have now written me like 23k worth of words in the past like month or whatever HOW AM I EVER GONNA REPAY YOU I'M GONNA HAVE TO WRITE LIKE AT LEAST FIVE 5K FICS OR SOMETHING because god knows i can't do 10ks lmao but I WILL TRY FOR YOU EVENTUALLY) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU AHFJKHDAFKS I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY

OKAY REAL REVIEW TIME i literally started giggling just writing that out but don't worry i will actually give you a REAL review okay okay IM STARTING NOW

"Remember when you made out with Lydia?" IT'S ONLY THE FIRST SENTENCE AND I'M ALREADY SCREAMING OH MAN okay no but this is legit the best possible way to start this fic (or any fic...or an episode of the show for that matter...) and i'm so happy already and scott being all flustered is just the cUTEST THING and stiles babbling i'm laughing they're so cute and you got them down SO perfectly like just the entire dynamic of their friendship is just perfect here like "Stiles. I'm not in love with Lydia." (SURE SCOTT) and gahhh im already in loVE

jackson left without telling lydia until the day of oh my god im so upset on her behalf like lYDIA MY PRINCESS COME TO ME I WILL COVER YOU IN BLANKETS AND MAKE YOU HOT CHOCOLATE i can't actually make hot chocolate but aNYWAY the point is you just have such a way of making me empathize with all your characters all at once? like here with both lydia AND allison even though they both had different perspectives on it because obviously they had different relationships with him and i could appreciate the sting and the betrayal from both their perspectives and i don't even knOW man you're just brilliant like that and i love how you gave us a sense of both girls' relationships with jackson as well as their individual personalities in the way they chose to cope with and react to the news ok i feel like i am rambling now so i will just move on but rest assured i loved this!

ALLISON AND STILES im giggling they're so stUPID i mean that in the fondest way like stiles oh stiles "I was just, you know, on my way to school" on a saturday oh sweetheart they're SO CUTE i don't know how you do this to me but i loved how you can feel the awkwardness in this section but also the genuine friendship below it like they just so obviously care about each other even when they're like floundering for what to say IT'S SO ADORABLE OK

SCOTT AND LYDIA LYDIA AND SCOTT SCOTT AND LYDIA "falling into step beside him like she belongs there" IM SO UPSET WHY IS THIS SO PERFECT oh wait it's all going to hell ahaha thank u for that comment lydia i love you bUT WHY DID THEY END UP LOCKED IN A CLASSROOM WHILE ALLISON IS IN DANGER algfsjkgjdsf i do love scott being pissed about lydia/aiden (i'm assuming its aiden atm) and he thinks it's because he's just concerned for her wellbeing and not furious about it ahahaha you're so adorable scott really

EVERYONE GOING CRAZY OVER PROTECTING ALLISON IS MY FAVORITE THING the mccall pack aka my entire heart and soul ahhhh babIES god stiles is so great i love him he doesn't even finish his quiz because he knows this is more important what an ANGEL also that "Those are Scott's orders" I'M SCREAMING BECAUSE PACKMATES AND SCOTT THE ALPHA (don't think i didn't notice the red eyes in the last section BECAUSE I DID aww my little werewolf prince) this is so beyond perfect i love it im so glad you're including these pack dynamics bc it is my FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD ugh i love you

another one of my favorite things in the world is LYDIA MARTIN BEING AN ABSOLUTE QUEEN im just sitting here grinning at the screen because of her response to scott's apology even though i know he means it my baby boy and awww he's worried about her im gonna cRY scott is literally always concerned about lydia in canon but THE SHOW NEVER BOTHERS TO MENTION IT im sad i liked how she said he was upset bc of allison and he immediately corrected her what an angel WOW AND THEN EVERYTHING GOES TO HELL OK THANKS FOR THAT WAY TO RUIN MY PERFECT OTP MOMENT :( WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN THEY'VE ALL DISAPPEARED THIS ISN'T FUCKING FUNNY MISS ALLISONARRGENT

ohhhh my god they're trapped somewhere where are they trapped why are they trapped im not happy about this THIS IS NOT OKAY? although "maybe scott was right to go on lydia's gut instinct" LYDIA IS ALWAYS RIGHT LISTEN TO YOUR ALPHA STILINSKI omggg allison being vulnerable in front of stiles im screaming bc this is so good and well-written as always BUT IT MAKES ME SO SAD these poor kids my little angels i just want them to be safe and happy and NOT KIDNAPPED BY THE MOTHERFUCKING ALPHA PACK lol friendly reminder that ppl actually? like the alpha pack? aiden and ethan?/ no?/ ugh anyway STILES KNOWING AND LOVING AND APPRECIATING HOW BADASS ALLISON IS GOD BLESS i love how he knows she could kick their asses with her bow and arrow (because she hAS ahahaha see i want scott to beat up aiden bc that's personal bc aiden/lydia but allison can beat up everyone else pretty please)

"You never got a chance to finish what you were saying about sounding like a broken record all the time," he says, like it's the most relevant and pressing matter in the world. - SCOTT CARES SO MUCH ABOUT LYDIA AND HOW SHE FEELS AND WHAT SHE HAS TO SAY IM CRYING BECAUSE NOBODY TREATS HER AS WELL AS HE DOES (except allison but that is also bc she is aCTUALLY allowed to interact with lydia unlike scott bleghGH) anyway IM JUST SQUEALING AT THE SCREEN BECAUSE OF THEIR CONVERSATION OH MY GOD "He didn't have to bring the conversation back to her, but he did." OF COURSE HE DID HE'S AN ANGEL AND HE'S PERFECT FOR YOU LYDIA GOSH and "And sometimes I can't stop myself from worrying about you. I try, but I can't help it." / "Why do you worry about me?" / "Just because." I SHOULD PROBABLY STOP MYSELF BEFORE I QUOTE THEIR ENTIRE CONVERSATION BUT I S2G WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT THIS IS EVERYTHING I'VE EVER WANTED FROM THESE TWO aldfskjgkfsg scott worrying about and caring for lydia because he's in loVE WITH HER goodbye but also "Lydia feels like she's been burned where his fingers had been a split second ago." LYDIA FALLING IN LOVE WITH SCOTT IS ALSO MY FAVORITE THING OK ahhhh i feel like ive died and gone to heaven even though that can't possibly be true bc my babies are still? trapped? :(((( although i do like how deucalion knows they're a pack even if they're "non traditional" it's like how derek knew that too bc in early s2 maybe it's an alpha thing, the recognizing other alphas even if their packmates aren't wolves hmmm also i love how deuc totally knows scott's with lydia but OMG WHAT'S UP WITH ISAAC WHY DIDN'T DEUC MENTION HIM IM SO SCARED NOW FUCK

i love stiles' outrage at being locked in a bank vault btw i can totally picture him being just like that if it happened to him on the show the "Are you fucking kidding me?" because lbr who locks ppl in bank vaults anyway? i hate the alpha pack siiigh stiles and allison interaction is sO CUTE and stiles trying to calm her down when she gets pissed off but i'll admit my fave part was the "Him and Lydia," Allison repeats, lamenting. / Stiles cracks his knuckles. "Yeah. Him and Lydia." I JUST LOVE HOW EVERYONE EXCEPT THOSE TWO IDIOTS KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING IT'S SO ADORABLE

"She thinks he looks at her with newfound respect after she says it, but it overwhelmingly strikes her all that maybe that's how he's always looked at her." IM SO UPSET NOBODY LOOK AT ME SCOTT AND LYDIA HAVE TAKEN OVER MY LIFE GOODBYE hahahaha remember the way he looked at her when she bowled a strike in 1x02 yeah me too... WOW THEY'RE FLIRTING AND I AM IN PHYSICAL PAIN FROM THE ADORABLENESS THIS ISN'T EVEN FAIR ohhh lydia sweetheart as iF YOU AREN'T FLIRTING BACK AS IF YOU AREN'T FALLING IN LOVE WITH HI oh my god oh my god is that are they am i oh my god THEY'RE KISSING OH MY GOD OKAY i was not even remotely prepared for this what the fuck dude IM SCREAMING THEY'RE SO CUTE omg lydia didn't expect him to kiss her back lyDIA WHAT ARE YOU EVEN ON alddgdksjgdfkgs and oh my gOD scott why are you apologizing you're such a cute little cupcake what do i even do with u oh man what is this conversation that is happening right now i feel like im dreaming thESE TWO ARE SUCH IDIOTS? i dont know which one im laughing at more they're both so stupid and cute ohh heY THERE'S CORA MY PRINCESS I WAS WORRIED SHE WASN'T GONNA SHOW but why is this section ending on such an angsty note im sad :( they kissed :( idiots :(

WHY IS ISAAC MISSING IM UPSET HE IS ALWAYS IN TROUBLE OR SOMETHING WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO HIM even daniel sharman notices this lmao it's almost funny wait wait oh my god oh my gOD WHY IS HE BLOODY AND BRUISED WHAT THE FUCKK why did lydia go the other way (oh cora it bad that cora/lydia is becoming one of my fave ships whOOPS man just give me all the femmeslash tbh) omggg scott crying over isaac im so sad like scott/isaac is my number one always im just? babIES? the pack meeting though is great i love how you've got all these strong individual characters gathered in one place and they're all interacting and it's just sO GREAT i love their dynamics especially the way you write because the way you write is pretty much perfect tbh "He doesn't feel like looking at Allison, but he does that anyway." ohhh stiles and omg "You didn't reply to my texts or calls last night is what he really means, and all four of them know it." im
renzhie chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
Truth to be told, I'm not part of tw fandom-not yet anyway since I haven't watched passed the second episode and am debating whether to continue it or not.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this fic. Thanks to tumblr for keeping me updated with certain events, so I'm not entirely clueless. Scott and Stiles's dynamic is understand each other to that great of level. Also, it's hard to believe that ScottLydia / StilesAllison aren't canon (yet) (at least my memory says that StilesLydia kiss happened), considering the possibility of them working out.

I have other things to say about the characterizations, but I feel like I'm not in the position to have an opinion when I haven't watched the entire show. Aha.

I, however, think this is done brilliantly. Nothing less from you. Keep writing!
Princess Unikitty chapter 1 . 7/26/2013
that was a great story. very well written and described. sometimes it got a bit heavy in terms of dialogue, though.