Reviews for Children of the Present
sonofthetrigod chapter 26 . 3/13
Very interesting chapter. The back story part made me kinda sad but it was very well written. Good work with Marcus' back story involving the non Demon Lord embodiments of deadly sins. Really looking forward to the next chapter.
Your fan,
AH11K9 chapter 26 . 3/12
I really like the back stories you gave everyone. Especially Nene's since her decision to be an idol makes much more sense.
Guest chapter 25 . 3/1
I think there is a typo in TK and Kari's conversation. You said Daisuke instead of davis.

Overall, it's a very good attempt to bring all of the characters together, but I'll be frank that I am lost at this point... Too many characters to focus on. Don't ever bring all 6 seasons together with their Digimon at the same time. The place won't be able to accomodate the crowd. :P
Berry Doyle chapter 25 . 3/3
Fun to see the aftermath and how it's affecting the DigiDestined's daily lives.

Also, I don't really know why, but I'm satisfied with how the groups have divided up. It makes a lot of strategical sense.
Guest chapter 25 . 2/28
Seriously you have too many Digidestined and now it's turning into another epilogue to season 2 if everyone is going to end up a Digidestined then what's the point of the name?
sapphire53 chapter 25 . 3/1
Dang! Sorry for the wording. That was an intense chapter! Especially in the end where Samson says he doesn't want to be in charge anymore, thanks for clarifying that by the way. I kind of hope that he doesn't walk out of DATS but in a way I would understand. Honestly about going to the digital world, o kind of forgot that some digidestines would have to stay behind but as for the division of the digidestines I thought that it was good. Now I just wonder how their parents will feel about this. As for the Dark Ocean I think that if all the digiworlds have merged into one world then so would the Dark Ocean, wouldn't it? Either way it was a great chapter, lots of feels and revelations and hope you can update soon!
BEST OC Maker or Gigabyte chapter 25 . 3/1
Pretty good, great to know Yamaki taught Hashima a lesson, I always hated thst douchebag
sonofthetrigod chapter 25 . 2/28
Brilliant bro. The discussions were well thought out and the characters' passion was obvious. Thanks for an awesome chapter.
Your fan,
CharmyXcream14 chapter 25 . 2/28
Guess no Impmon since then Ai and Mako would want to go.
Guest chapter 24 . 2/11
Whoa you really have improved!
And you know what, you do deserve a reward!
So here have a cookie. ( gives you a chocolate chip cookie )
Hope you update soon.
But remember, like I said before, always paste your self, we don't want you get all tired about it.
See you soon! :)
Nova Ozuka chapter 24 . 2/11
I just realized that Yutaka's name and Takuya's are exactly the same, only the letters are arranged differently. When you look at them side by side...
sapphire53 chapter 24 . 2/11
Wow you updated really fast and it was a GREAT chapter! I got so caught up in the battle that I didn't remember about everyone else on the world remembering about digimon. And then the Legendary Warriors can't tell their parents about their role in the fight. Also it looks like Tai found his place or his role in life, I mean that he was mostly lost in the beginning about what to do but know I think that its his responsibility as one of the leaders and the oldest to talk to the people. And I think he likes doing it. Can I ask why Samson is retiring, I don't think he's that old. Great chapter and can't wait for the next one hope you update soon!
sonofthetrigod chapter 24 . 2/11
Very well written as per usual. I've never heard of a fic where the Tamers gain the ability to use modify cards while biomerged, so that was really cool. I truly enjoyed this chapter because it was freakin epic! Oh and have you ever noticed that Takuya and Yutaka are anagrams of each other? Just noticed that in this chapter.
Your fan,
Berry Doyle chapter 23 . 2/11
The references to Durarara and Assassination Classroom made me very, very happy. Random badasses running around taking out Diaboromon (and Kurisarimon in Karma's case).
TaitanoRules555 chapter 24 . 2/10
What's the next arc about?
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