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Haru chapter 20 . 2/28
Goddd I'M CRYING! AAAAAA PLEASE DON'T END YETT (TT)PLEASE MAKE A SEQUEL OR SOMETHING PLEASE~~~~~ *after years of waiting my poor heart can't handle this*
NarHina chapter 20 . 2/27
Well I love, but still don't understand, what evidence they have to put Naruto away, or if it has just been that long that I don't remember if Sasuke got any evidence.

As for the baby love it, but sad that Naruto is not going to see it for a while not only that, but the man that got Naruto on drugs will be after it if it was a boy. Also please make clear he will be imprisoned or not I mean I thought that he could possible be executed.

You should definitely do a sequel plan out start fresh and get into routine for writing it. This amazing and had so many plots in it. I wonder if Kiba will try and make a move on Hinata when she is alone and with a baby.

It would also be cool if Itachi pulls evidence on the master mind of the gang and gets Naruto off with rehabilitation and gets out in time to be there when his child his born. But then after years of quite the master mind is back and Naruto has to protect his family.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
UzumakiGal3113 chapter 20 . 2/26
Please either make a sequel or an epilogue! I’ll die without one or the other!
TaniyaW1112 chapter 20 . 2/26
Wow.. wasn't expecting that.. When I finished reading this I almost cried. This story was very good. I'm looking forward to upcoming things like a
Xuln chapter 14 . 12/29/2017
Shinku Kei chapter 19 . 12/13/2017
Please update soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/21/2017
This story is so fucking stupid. Naruto is too OOC and you made him gay. This ISN’T a fucking NaruHina story. This is a KibaHina story. You’re a fucking troll. Would’ve been better if it was Kiba doing all the bad things to her and Hinata is so fucking dumb and submissive. Just stop writing stories. Stick to your nasty ass yaoi since you’re a “huge fan” of that. Maybe that’s all you’re good at.
NarHina chapter 19 . 11/14/2017
Cool loved it, but sad this was going to be the last and think it is ending to quickly compared all the plot and other things you built up over the last 19 chapters. Like what is the man trying to do by getting Naruto have a son and why drug Naruto.

Also more on what happend in Naruto and Hinata's past to end up where they are and why. And what is Kiba's reaction to Hinata's rejection and what will he do with Naruto.

I hate the long up dates, but I rather have them then story not get finished properly. I know it's hard, but the story itself has enough material for more.

Naruto and Hinata Forever:)
Guest chapter 19 . 11/13/2017
You're story has been different. I have followed it for a while. But it feels like this ending is not convincing. He still did too many things, to just cry and say sorry.

Did you forget the drug angle. That was a better idea. Like alcoholics go into a rage when they drink. I always felt it was the drugs they gave him caused his id/sadistic Kurama personality to come out. Akatsuki gave him an experimental drug and he went bonkers, sounds more appropriate. Then he hurt his obsession/love Hinata. This at least is an organic cause and has a cure possibility.
He can't just say sorry and all is good, unless it was something else. Abusers don't stop. They always cry, ask for forgiveness and hit again. The only way to stop it, is for Naruto to detox/come clean from this drug(all drugs really), go to addict's anonymous and get therapy for his anger, otherwise it will happen again

Same with Hinata, even is she loves him. She should have some boundaries and ask fr proof that he won't hit her again. Just taking him in without some security or proof that Naruto is changed, is a bad idea that will end tragically. Unless you plan to kill them off in the end (I hope not).

I want NaruHina but with a realistic setting where he doesn't abuse her. I think the most logical is the drug angle. No drugs, no abuse.
UzumakiGal3113 chapter 19 . 11/13/2017
I cried! Damn, cliffhanger! I need the next update soon!
TaniyaW1112 chapter 19 . 11/13/2017
One question though, would there be a sequel? If so that would be so awesome!
TaniyaW1112 chapter 19 . 11/13/2017
Omg! Yay you updated.. This story has come a long way.. You did so good!
GruviaDanceLover chapter 19 . 11/13/2017
GruviaDanceLover chapter 18 . 11/12/2017
Please update. I'm dying over here!
UzumakiGal3113 chapter 18 . 11/7/2017
I feel messed up for liking this fic but oh well. Hope you are able to update soon.
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