Reviews for Ana's birthday disaster
joan.goldman.9 chapter 76 . 9/14
Like I said in the last review that would be a great story with those Grey kids. Thank you for the story
joan.goldman.9 chapter 75 . 9/14
OMG I can just imagine a story about the Grey six! LOL They are going to have their hands full.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 74 . 9/14
they are packing in quite a bit before those babies are born.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 73 . 9/14
I'm still getting over the fact that they are having six babies. What are their sexes?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 72 . 9/14
I would have fainted right there when the doctor said she was pregnant with 6 babies! Maybe Christian will faint? :)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 71 . 9/14
So Christian and Terry were sore losers! LOL
joan.goldman.9 chapter 70 . 9/14
So Ana is a shark on the pool table. Love how she went to sleep in Seattle and woke up in Aspen a bit confused.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 69 . 9/14
Ana so needs to give her body a break! A vacation in Aspen is just what they all need.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 68 . 9/14
No, No, No, No, NO not again, please tell me that Ana is all right?
joan.goldman.9 chapter 67 . 9/14
Ana is amazing and they are all in awe of her. LOL that she had to go to the bathroom but wouldn't ask any of them to take her until Christian came.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 66 . 9/14
Again Ana is putting herself in danger! I so hope that she takes Matt down with one touch of her Elliott gloves. :)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 65 . 9/14
Love it and only two of them know that Ana owns it. And yes their other half will most likely not be thrilled that they were not able to be there.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 64 . 9/14
Please tell me that nothing happens to her with the boys? Have to love how Elliott is always goading Christian and it works every time.
joan.goldman.9 chapter 63 . 9/14
Thank goodness they got her out of that hospital and home. Although I can't wait for Christian to meet the trainer Brax. :)
joan.goldman.9 chapter 62 . 9/14
I guess that therapist won't be working with Ana any more.
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