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dreaddragonknight chapter 144 . 4/26
liked the bit with Natsu and Gray, that was cool, and it had me burning up u could say.
I also enjoy how zeref can just automatically know when Mavis is outside of Ichigo's head
SugarQueen009 chapter 144 . 4/26
Another amazing chapter I love how we got to read about Ichigo vs Zeref! I can't wait to read more about that :)
VergilChan chapter 144 . 4/26
Didn't seem like Gray was trying all that hard against Natsu. It was like "Oh he got a bit stronger? Good for him. Not like it makes much difference." Granted Deliora made a Gildarts level character look like a chump, but Heavenly Flame Dragon Mode should be roughly equal to Lightning Flame which completely destroyed Hades who, in turn, handled Laxus (supposedly Gildarts level at that point) easily. It looks like it would take Igneel to beat Deliora/Gray right now since DF Natsu couldn't beat Mard Geer alone and Gray is currently stronger than the psycho.

The Celestial Spirit King is not allowed to die. Not yet anyway. Barely a week and Zeref is gonna kill him.

I assume Nozomi broke out of Yukio's dimension a few minutes after Ichigo leaves?

Would Hitsugaya change when he uses Daiguren Hyorinmaru complete version? Cuz I can't wait to see him whip that out on the Quincies.
Zero10 chapter 144 . 4/26
First Happy B'day pal. Hope you enjoy it.

Down to proper review, this was awesome. Even for a trap, I actually liked the fight with Zeref. Then Natsu and Gray moment was wonderful as well.

Don't know what else to say, but this was really nice ch.
jcampbellohten chapter 144 . 4/26
There should only be one "for" in the title, and it's "whom," not "who." Change it to either "Whom Is This Trap For?" or "For Whom Is This Trap Set?"
"Erza stood at the lead of the forces with her." This wording confused me. At first I thought you were missing one or more words after "her" before I realized "the forces with her" probably meant "her forces," and I've never heard or seen "at the lead of" before. I suggest "Erza stood ready to lead her forces." Even if she's not their
"...he'd be in no continue to fight at his best." I'm guessing you meant "condition."
Lionmanepoc chapter 143 . 4/25
Man I'm just sad now. The further this story goes the sadder I get. Ichigo is losing his friends, his place in the guild, and even family. In the beginning it was already a tragic story, but it was nice knowing he might get his family back and with laxus and levy he had a good team. I just hate the fact that he's basically not a true part of fairy tail anymore. And I hate that he can't be true to his friends anymore. It feels like if he actually spoke up and told laxus and levy what was happening it would clear up so much and fix most of their issues.

And his not getting to be the ace after 120 chapters of wondering really rustles my jimmies. It makes sense but still bothers me since I thought laxus would be more understanding and leave the spot for him after the war if he could after all the time they spent planning it as kids.

I'm just bitching at this point. I honestly love this story and hate it at the same time. I want to know what comes next and will keep reading to the end. Thank you for the regular updates and I look forward to the next chapter!
Gojin chapter 102 . 4/22
I figured he was attacking fairy...I mean raventails guild pretty much as soon as he started :D everyone knew eventually he would have to go check on that lumen thing.
Leon Kirigaya chapter 143 . 4/22
Regular chapter, just different discussions going on not too uninteresting. It was alright anyway. In regards to the ice that was spreading across the barrier causing minor damage, that was definitely Gray. Can't wait to see the reactions when they see him, Natsu in particular, his should be interesting. He will also be furious about it, well, if u want it that way that is. Anyway in regards to that I have a question, will another certain character be showing up at any point, 'a certain blond', if even in spirit or whatever?
ahsoei chapter 25 . 4/21
Hmm... Something was amiss. When Erza attacked the encaged Laxus, I don't think Erza was that stupid to actually use a lightning element attack on Laxus, who is a Lightning Dragon Slayer.
Zivyx chapter 143 . 4/20
They're going to see Gray next chapter :D
Gojin chapter 32 . 4/20
quincy human shinigami hollow i forget what the special humans were called. but basically they were close to quincies aswell. making ichigo some kinda super powered mix of every spiritual thing possible XD
Zero10 chapter 143 . 4/20
Good work. I was reading it throughout my ride back home. Nothing much here except for what truly Zera is or rather her name, and Gray attacking the sphere. How surprisingly Team Natsu was assigned in the place where Gray would be. And, soon Ichigo would be there as well.

As far manga. Don't have words for them. My mind blown after waiting for an entire week.

A question though, Erza has telekinesis and limited but expendale and astounding collections. Like when she used her telekinesis to destroy Thunder Palace, was similar to Shirou ability from Fate Stay. So would be having her use that ability in this chapter?
Kuma Akuma chapter 143 . 4/19
Black Clover, for how cliche and common it is with several different stories, is pretty good imo.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 143 . 4/19
Guest chapter 6 . 4/17
The lines during the fight lack the necessary emotions, you should put exclamation mark (!) to show that those guys were screaming, enraged, etc.
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