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Zangetsu Ossan chapter 181 . 1/10
Goodbye Zangetsu :(
cooolert chapter 181 . 1/10
Rest in piece, Old Man Zangetsu. He put up way more of a fight than I expected right after the last chapter, good for him. And that bankai, its 'actual form', that's something... unique - in a good way.
I'm not sure if the chapter is or just feels (to me) shorter, but reagrdless Its still great. Is there any point to be still saying how good this is?
TheEnd786 chapter 181 . 1/10
FUCK. Just just FUCK man. This chapter was written so, so well from start to finish. There were so many emotionally charged moments I can barely even think. Everything was absolutely and completely beautiful. Ichigo's reaction was practically heartrending and Zangetsu's was barely better simply because I had last week's chapter to get used to it. The scene that get's me the most is Zangetsu charging Yhwach in rage because he used the blades. You got Zangetsu's desperation across completely and beautifully. Sorry if I'm raving a bit but God this chapter deserves it.

About the chapter in case you missed last week's review I'll just copy and paste - all I can say is I half expected what happened between Eileen and Wendy and half didn't at the same time. Nice to finally know what's going on with Natsu too even though there might be more to the explanation left I think.
Guest chapter 149 . 1/8
I love this fiction, I mean there is really nothing more to say about it. It's really good and well put together. There is only one problem I have in mind: I feel like Ichigo isn't getting enough attention, not quality wise, but how this Fic spends more time on a lot of other things compared to Ichigo himself. I can understand that there is a literal war with 5 sides, but can you give Ichigo a little more screen time? Thanks, and just to be clear that is the only problem I have. The rest is just splendid.

Note: I'm only on chapter 149, so if this changes later on I didn't know.
cooolert chapter 180 . 1/9
Finally got around to this chapter and the part with Wendy becoming fused with Nirvana is both interesting and unexpected - although it was mentioned that alternate future Ichigo killed Wendy and took Nirvana (I think) so her being fused with it would explain the need to kill her in order for Ichigo to use it himself with more magic/twisted intentions.

...but Ichigo, I do wonder whether he lost the Absorb for good (well, Yhwach might be the strongest enemy he'd face, especially at full power, so it could possibly make other Ouken more challenging - and thus make interesting fights) or if he regains it ...somehow(Nirvana? since we see it displacing magic, Hougyoku? though I'm not sure of how exactly it works here and can't recall it working as in manga being stated. Tearing it out after he's defeated?) ... during/after the fight - the same with Uryuu of course.
Also, I'm sad to see Quincy Zangetstu go. Although he seems to have a plan, no idea what he's gonna do, especially because he wants Mavis's help and I forgot a lot about how exactly her power is said to work here, not to mention some parts are probably not fully disclosed. Is he gonna give Ichigo some powerup for a short time (as a quincy) he'd gice him what ? Vollstandig? going by Toshiro logic its unified with bankai so that's out of the question, create some effect on the world? go fight for a while as solid illusion is also unlikely because as a mere fragment he'd be far too inferior to Yhwach (I think) and an unnecessary drain, however small, if he's weak... So could he possibly, thanks to Mavis, somehow help from wthin Yhwach himself? Considering I don't know the full scope of Fairy Heart its hard to guess (or I'm overlooking something obvious) - which makes it interesting at least.

And the Fairy Tail 516, yeah, some interesting stuff went down there.
Corey chapter 180 . 1/5
Is there going to be Rukia in this story or not? Because I actually liked the dynamic of hers and Ichigo's relationship. It's such a shame that she will never make an appearance.

Although the ending Bleach was rather out of nowhere considering how the Final arc was becoming a mess with Yhwach killing the Soul King including the lack of appearances of Uryuu and Ichigo especially Uryuu considering the arc was about Quincy even then I felt like Kubo didn't expanded more on the History of Quincy. Also a flashback of Yamamoto vs Yhwach from their thousand years battle would have been nice.

For FT manga, eh, the flashback didn't last long and it was so sudden with the whole tragic moment with Eileen seemed lackluster. I mean all Hiro showed was her being in despair, then Happiness, then despair again and then insanity. The expressions was good but I just think the timing was too quick.
Saru chapter 180 . 1/3
Okay the way you portrayed Old Man Zangetsu disappearing pretty emotional. I mean damn I thought he would stick around for awhile since well he makes up for Ichigo's Quincy powers. And I thought maybe he and The Hollow Zangetsu would fused together and I don't know teach Ichigo The Final Getsuga Tenshou. So far I was curious to how you would show the Quincy Zangetsu in his "bankai" form. I wanted to see Ichigo's reaction to the younger looking Zangetsu.
sacke110 chapter 43 . 1/5
This chapter... so great. I really felt the emotions in it, great to see Ichigo open up to someone and to get a look at Isshin.
tanithlipsky chapter 180 . 1/5
I like it It is very powerful
TheEnd786 chapter 180 . 1/4
The entire scene with Wendy in was very very cool and a bit freaky all at the same time. Glad to see more of Nirvana's powers explored. Empyrean was really awesome as well.

Ok on to Zangetsu then. What can I say? ...damn. Just damn. The scenes with Zangetsu were just so full of different emotions that I'm nearly speechless. The scenes with all of Ichigo's spirits have been so so awesome throughout the entire fic that they far surpass canon's even excluding Mavis and Edolas Ichigo. Tbh I'm actually having trouble comprehending the fact that he's fading. I really really didn't want to see him go. Just goes to show how well you wrote his character I think.

I was able to read the chapter here, if you haven't read it yet. If you have all I can say is I half expected what happened between Eileen and Wendy and half didn't at the same time. Nicee to finally know what's going on with Natsu too even though there might be more to the explanation left I think.
dreaddragonknight chapter 180 . 1/3
great chapter, robot-mode Wendy i found, though brief, hilarious 4 some reason. Great ending 2 that battle. Zangetsu-Quincy i feel bad for, poor guy does not want, understandably, 2 rejoin the collective. Out of curiosity will Yhatch get his memories?
fliggy91 chapter 180 . 1/3
Did u just make wendy into tsstuya from the irregular at magic high school? Lol if so then she will have to be renamed, something that starts with god lol the fight with gildarts was awesome although im suprise u killed off juguram so soon meh he wss never that interesting until that fight with bazz b in canon wonder how hes gonna react. Bedt part was the flashback with zeref which reminds me what ever happened to rogue he was fighting that dragon in the granx magic games then zeref saved him and he was never seen again. Sting thinks he is dead from wat he was thinking in his fight against kind of thinking that he would have shown up when they were facing zeref and his demons as a demon but ah well lol must be chilling with clestial spirt king. Also wondering how powerful kenpachi was in that demon form compared to ichigos bankai?
sacke110 chapter 30 . 1/3
I can't believe how good this story is, Iv'e spent almost two full days reading it. The fact about Erza losing her arm came as an surprise for me but at the same time it shows that loss usually appear in battles... (unlike in the original fairy tail).

You truly are an amazing authour and I love reading this story. I can't wait to continue reading it. it's only a matter of time before I've read to the latest chapter XD
sacke110 chapter 15 . 1/2
The confrontation was perfect... iv'e been reading your story for 6h straight...
I need to get a life.
Kancolle-Haruna Chan chapter 178 . 12/31/2016
Why not try to use just pure German instead of "Getsuga Pfeil"? Not to be offensive, but saying it is rather...grating to us who ARE German or Japanese.
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