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THE END786 chapter 184 . 1/31
Man this chapter was simply magnificent from start to finish. I absolutely love how there was no bullshitting on the heroes' side, just a clear and intelligent plan formed. I have to admit Arcadios was really surprising to me but I can certainly see how useful he is here. Nice to have the parallel with canon for Nanao's Zanpakuto as well. Really looking forward to seeing if you'll be throwing any curve-balls about what happens when Toshirou's flowers disappear. Everyone's performance was great here. Excellent description for Orga's God Oversoul. That's some nice development on how Ichigo induced Wendy's Dragon Force and Chelia's God Oversoul back then, I never did realise that he got that air simply from overpowering a wind spell. I had the thought that he may have just gotten it from the air in the Holy Palace. Gray's rage on behalf of Erza was nice too. Also I really love the way you've described the battle throughout, I wasn't lost for a single moment and it's really easy to follow along with the action. Haha I think I've repeated adjectives or phrases several times when describing stuff cos there was simply so much good in here.

Ok for Ichigo here really nice scene with his Bankai, splitting the sky was completely awesome. Why exactly he uses canon Tensa Zangetsu is beyond me but it's a really good touch. For all that I think its showing in canon was really disappointing apart from its hype and that your fic's version is much much better it's always nice to see a nod to the original series. Going back to the why though does it have to do with the loss of Old Man Zangetsu? Or maybe to do with the way in canon when Yhwach shattered it the original blade appeared? A bit confused with the 'not able to sense his magic' bit, pretty sure it's from the Transcendence thing from canon right? So have you just converted it to a Hybrid thing? Though I'm sure the canon Tensa Zangetsu appearing has something to do with it here as during the Grand Magic Games against the dragons and against Zeref later nearly everyone could sense him then. Hell even Arcadios could and he doesn't even have magic. Heh a lot of questions generated today. Oh really nice touch with Ichigo's physical description too, I'd actually had the misconception that Ichigo was simply turning his skin white like described here rather than literally coating them in armour when using the Hollow limbs. Man I really don't say enough just how glad I am for how you write Ichigo's battles, I firmly believe there's not a single other fic author who has a better grasp on the way he fights. Though there are pitifully few fics that are good about the Thousand Year Blood War Arc. I'd go back and re-read the entire fic right now if I had the time to see how he develops. Something to leave to a holiday I suppose.

Canon though... a SMILE?! A BLOODY SMILE?! Sorry about that but REALLY Mashima? Ugh even the only good thing here about Wendy enchanting the sword using Dragon Slayer Magic is ruined by the reasons you've described.
Shattering chapter 184 . 1/31
I have nothing against this story, but when is it going to end D
Leon Kirigaya chapter 183 . 1/30
Hahaha. I totally agree. FT is just... wow
tanithlipsky chapter 183 . 1/29
very, very good
Guest chapter 147 . 1/29
I love this story it's really awesome!
YumiKnowsBest chapter 43 . 1/28
I'm not even close to half way point here and I'm shipping Ichigo/Levy. I have no idea where this story is heading towards and I'm surprised and quite frankly a little happy that there is someone out there has the balls to make so many changes to the fairy tail story line despite being a crossover. I really love this story at this point and can't wait to see what you've got in store in later chapters. I really am worried about who might die in the Tartarus Arc. Also i'm wondering if you're going to do the same thing to Ichigo here that happened to him in Bleach. What I mean by this is if you're going to remove 'Zangetsu' and Ichigo discover his real Shikai and Bankai (even if you change both of their appearance to something different from what is in Bleach) but until then, I've got about 140 chapters left to read!
Zivyx chapter 183 . 1/25
I wish Bambietta didn't warn Ywach before she blew him up
dreaddragonknight chapter 183 . 1/24
i enjoyed the fight, Yamamoto is a kickass old man
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 183 . 1/24
That fight was just magnificent!
Saru chapter 183 . 1/24
Cool fight especially at the end there. Though it's inevitable for Bambietta to die huh? Well now that Ichigo lost his Quincy Zangetsu, what's going to make up for his Quincy powers.
THE END786 chapter 183 . 1/24
Nice scene showing Isshin's care for Ichigo. Interesting to see more uses for Ichigo's Hollow limbs too.

Those two's power though... 24 shots each stronger than the one that took out the Genesis (well after he adjusts)? OUUUCH. And that's not even getting into Gerard. For the lineup to fight them is it just Chelia, Olga with some support like Gray and Lyon?

OK extremely well done fight scene there. You gave Yamamoto a lot of justice. Lol as always Almighty is bullshit. Can't say it wasn't fun to see them get rekt though. Nice to see how Yhwach was smart enough to take measures against things like time stopping. SO SO PISSED at the reminder of the loss of Zangetsu by Yhwach using Ichigo's shtick there though.

CLIIIFFFFHHHHAAANNNGGGEEERRRRRRRR. Hehe. Egh that was cruel. :( Still really, really nice play there by Bambietta.

Ugh the metamorphosis scene was cool but like you said that end scene is so off-putting in comparison. Mashima might ass-pull something entirely different next chapter but I highly doubt it. More and more I begin to appreciate One Piece's Nakamaness which is kept solely to being the character's motive and drive while staying away from their actual powers.
sacke110 chapter 122 . 1/23
Uh oh, didn't think it could get darker after all the previous deaths.. I guess I was wrong..
I'm very interedted to see how Ichigo will act now after he's killed the future versions of his friends, and also to know what will happen with Yuzu.
sacke110 chapter 120 . 1/22
The arc of death...
If I put that aside there is something going on with Yuzu again, so the celestial spirit king were this 'majesty' that all the Quincys talked about...I'm thinking it could be bad.. since I don't trust quincys.. hmm... hmm.. hmm. idk.
YeTianshi chapter 19 . 1/22
I really liked this chapter, especially the interactions between Ichigo and his inner hollow. Though I do wonder why the two stubborn spirits can't just work together... Oh well, I'm sure Ichigo will eventually make them.
YeTianshi chapter 15 . 1/22
YES! So happy! I have been waiting for that revelation to smack Makarov in the face for sooo many chapter snow :D
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