Reviews for Protector of the Fairies
dreaddragonknight chapter 173 . 11/15
damn, u caught me off guard a bit with this, i love it though pure brilliance. and with Team Dads my guesses r: somewhere near Quincy land, Hollow World, or Demon Central
Raregroove chapter 173 . 11/15
Byakuya doesn't deserve the stomp that's coming his way.
spoony285 chapter 173 . 11/15
Honestly, I've always thought there would be seven dragon slayers because of all those sevens. Cool name, stigma btw.
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 173 . 11/15
Fantastic fight as always.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/11
I was wondering if you where going to make a
ulquiorra crossover fairy tail because if you did i would read the shit out of it and I'm on chapter
157. I really like your stories I already read the others.
THE END786 chapter 172 . 11/9
DAAAMMMMNNNN! I completely forgot about that little bugger Gremmy. Came straight out of nowhere haha, I really need to go brush up on all the quincies again. Hopefully Kisuke can somehow get back in there. Is this the time for Bankai or are you still saving that?

Damn Kenpachi's going beast mode as always. His strength is really apparent when you compare this to what the guys in canon had to do to push Mard Geer. Really looking forward to the conclusion on the demons!

...what. This is pretty much all the reaction I can muster right now, just what? I really have no idea where you're taking this but I can just tell it's gonna be awesome.

Tbh I have legit lost all hope of keeping track of anything in canon anymore haha.
dreaddragonknight chapter 172 . 11/8
great chapter loved Kenpachi, and i enjoyed Karin's fight. With Masaki i figured that might happen considering Yhwach's words previously, u sir r as good at cliffhangers as Rick Riordan
Kuma Akuma chapter 172 . 11/8
Masaki Ichigo, fight, now.
Leon Kirigaya chapter 172 . 11/8
It is indeed an enigma. I can't fathom Mavis was pregnant with a child. Most likely some sort of creation thing. Where DNA is involved
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 172 . 11/8
Holy fuck... That... I definitely didn't see that one coming. Fantastic work as always!
Guest chapter 22 . 11/6
That last part had me dying bro :-)
Zivyx chapter 171 . 11/3
I hope Karin won't self-destruct
Leon Kirigaya chapter 171 . 11/3
I have a bit of a theory on Rahkied's magic. He said only those which have tasted the forbidden fruit of pleasure or something like that can get affected right? well going by the people who were affected at first, perhaps it has to do with enjoying some sort of passionate pleasure, like in Mavis and Zeref's case: a kiss. Just a possibility I thought of
rinneganbearer1 chapter 171 . 11/2
Great chapter as usual, but about Rahkeids magic they explained that it only effects those who have had sex before, and it affects them in direct proportion to how many times they have had sex. Which is why Gildarts was so affected.
dreaddragonknight chapter 171 . 11/1
great chapter, enjoyed the Gidarts and Kisuke friendship moment, And quite frankly i like your version of Yhwach better than cannon
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