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Chrisfragger chapter 43 . 8/1
Man the old man is treating zangestu like a red headed step child.
G3r1k chapter 210 . 8/1
Ya know, I just reacently finished the flask season 3 and the first part of this chapter reminded me of Barry and savitar, evil clone from the future and all that.
Chrisfragger chapter 21 . 7/31
That death will have consequences.
Chrisfragger chapter 8 . 7/31
Antarctica is considered a desert.
Chrisfragger chapter 2 . 7/30
Ok... I'm VERY confused, I know this is a fused world fic. So Aizen is still here plotting and planning? HOW did Ywach remove her power? This... Makes no sense and feels forced.
Chrisfragger chapter 1 . 7/30
So Ichigo isn't a soul reaper here, and he was born on FT world?
TheEnd786 chapter 209 . 7/27
Cool to see that Ichigo using Mavis' power to get around his Bankai's limitations also has its own advantages. You've really thought out practically every part of Ichigo's arsenal and their drawbacks.
Ichigo also took Jellal better than I thought he would which is good. He acknowledged that if not for Nozomi it would've broken him further and he refused to let him go back to that again.

However, Avatar finally makes their move and it's a big one. Stealing Mavis huh.
A really touching moment between Mavis and Ichigo last chapter... only to have her kidnapped this chapter. *Sigh* Only you Takei, only you. Uggghhhh. Really really hoping they're not gonna use the Magical Barrier Particles to harm her.
And also really interesting is how Barragan died. Full of hate and cursing the world huh? I'm pretty sure I remember you saying an Ouken would join Mimihagi's side. Or I completely imagined it.

But something nearly just as big is Laxus and Levy meeting their future selves. Whew I really can't imagine what that's going to lead to, I'm guessing the Future ones are going to try and turn them against Ichigo? Or maybe they really just want to see the differences between them and just test their power.

And finally canon. Like you said the second time and now final time I'm saying this but... Fairy Tail's finished. I... had fun times, sad times, angry times and a whole host of other emotions with this manga and it had a hell of a lot of problems. But... after everything I truly completely and utterly loved it. Ships sailed (which tbh actually is kind of a big thing for me, is it for you? Or do you just see them as another part of the ending?) and questions were answered (sigh unlike Bleach). And I'm really glad about when the ending was done. Not with over a decade like for Bleach (and Naruto) but just a short enough time after the final battle when repairs and stuff are handled but it's still recent. This way we can just imagine what the characters will experience and do themselves. Above all else what I'm most glad about is that Mashima ended the manga being true to Fairy Tail's themes and story.
Hah, my opinion on the Mavis and Zeref thing is... I don't have an opinion XD
I just acknowledge it as a nice gesture to wrap their story up and try and show them as being happy. It's why I don't really care that the other characters didn't really have a big enough reaction that you'd expect.
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 209 . 7/26
So they took Mavis huh... Damn shame. And it looks like we're getting Laxus vs Laxus, I'm goddamn so excited!
dreaddragonknight chapter 209 . 7/26
Good chapter, glad levy and Laxus finally meet themselves I've been looking forward to it
tanithlipsky chapter 209 . 7/26
very good
G3r1k chapter 209 . 7/25
Well now, avatar is having in digging it grave. Ya know...of course you know you are the author.
Halphas Greed chapter 208 . 7/21
TheEnd786 chapter 208 . 7/21
Oh, that's what happened, we didn't actually talk about what caused the delay I just realised lol. Anyway CONGRATS ON GRADUATING! You're feeling really happy I'm guessing? And good luck finding a place to rent.
Although F/GO, I keep forgetting about that honestly. Did you do the change app region to get it thing? Cos I've been thinking of doing it but I don't know if there are any consequences.

Well, this chapter completely and utterly flipped my emotions from the last chapter. I dunno I'm just having trouble not feeling lighthearted right now... Meaning you're gonna completely flip that to make me miserable next week, aren't you? :_(

Jokes aside though I'm so glad to see Ichigo being pulled back from the brink. And not gonna lie I nearly squeed when Nozomi mentioned Ichigo having the same look as in the dream world. I don't think romance is a high priority for you but you could totally write an awesome final pairing between them.
And I was actually kind of sad while reading Jellal fight despite the epicness. Because for all his effort... there really was a significant gap that's noticeable between Mystogan's and Jellal's capabilities.
Also yay Mavis! It felt really damn good to read her talking about their initial (well the on Ichigo actually knew about I mean) meeting. I dunno it's just really nice to see an affirmation on their partnership. They really will always be together and that's awesome.
However... those guys are making their move huh. Ugh, how hypocritical. Despite my previous statements about looking forward to it I'm actually kinda annoyed at Avatar being in this chapter XD

Well, we've talked about canon so I'll just express my appreciation for the brief show of Igneel too. It's actually kinda cool because I literally just remembered that Fairy Tail started with us (readers) being told that Natsu was looking for him. That's why he and Lucy met. So really nice to see him in the final battle for that reason as well as what you said about the lasting impact I think,
tanithlipsky chapter 208 . 7/21
very, very good.
dreaddragonknight chapter 208 . 7/21
good chapter, and i am just glad something bad didn't happen to you. i also enjoyed how creative with his magic you made Jellal in this situation (people tend to show little thought into HOW his magic works)
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