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dreaddragonknight chapter 131 . 1/26
damn, so many feels, and ichigo has a guilt complex the size of this magic power
jcampbellohten chapter 131 . 1/26
Not much to say content-wise about this chapter, seeing as it's almost all retelling information.

I just thought of something: With the recent revelation of how Zeref and the kids used Eclipse, it seems clear to me that time doesn't get rewound when someone goes to the past through it. The time traveler starts a new branch of the timeline, but all of time doesn't get pulled back with the traveler the way your explanation for Ichigo coming out of the Holy Palace early relies on. When he came out, a /different/ two years would have happened, but it would still have been two years.

The title of "guild master" is like queen and general: not to be capitalized. Neither is "chairman". (That is, unless someone is using "Master" or "Chairman" in place of a person's name to address him or her directly, like when a guild member addresses the guild master.)
"They must have already been warned of their arrival while they were having chains put on them." All of the "they"s refer to the same group of people. There should be some distinction.
"Is it surprising that I would not be preparing for a situation like this?" I don't think you want "not" there.
"...they will fight in responsible..." They will fight in "response".
"...that not even Byakuya could even match." The second "even" doesn't belong there.
"Being in the presence of one who claimed that name was far more effective when faced with the man's presence rather than merely hearing the name through a second source." You mean, "Someone claiming the name was far more effective when..."
"...if [...] too place." You mean, "took place."
There are other typos that I didn't keep track of.
PapaArima chapter 131 . 1/26
It's bout to go down. In fairy tail they're getting kinda wrecked by Alvarez so Ichigo and co. have a mountain of a task to defend from 4 groups.
Mejciu chapter 131 . 1/26
Not much action in this chapter, but I don't care it still was great. As manga wow, God Serena was awsome but Achnologia? That was Uchiha Madara style of badassery.
Ryujin Zangetsu 17 chapter 131 . 1/26
You have got to one of the most in depth writers I know on this site. It took me more chapters then I thought to figure it out, butbut I finally figured out who the hell Kaname was talking about.

The King of Sriggan is Sosuke Aizen isn't it? Lol not only that he's the final Oken. You slick bastard. I can't wait to see if I'm right lol. Nice chapter man and good luck on the next
Zero10 chapter 131 . 1/26
I would admit, this wasn't the best of your chapter but nicely written one. Understandable why Makarov denied participating in war but I didn't see him weak minded to do such and standback while other fights. He'd even sent FT against Oracion Seis and this decision was unexpected. Still, FT would find a way to join. Afterall, things really are messy.

Finally got to see what God Serena capable of. Man, he's a hybrid Dragon Slayer with experience and 8 DS lacrimas and Acnologia defeated him in one strike. Literally astounding. Also, got to see other God of Ishgars into action. Really glad to finally read all that. Surely, you'd few another battles planned after reading the manga.
fliggy91 chapter 131 . 1/26
Calling it now Aizen is emperor Spriggan lol awesome chapter
Guest chapter 131 . 1/26
Is Emperor Spriggan still Zeref?
scorpioneldar chapter 26 . 1/22
You did such a good job of capturing Laxus and his mental state here in this fic as well as preserving. no Enhacing the power level of the main fairy tale cast of charecters
i think most of them are at or past their Edolas Arc levels already and we are only about half way there.
I'm Glad that this washed over into the enemies as well particularly the followers of Laxus this was super impressive to me.
i was also amused by the concept of Laxus's disciples vs. Ichigo's Trainees those 2 really do overpower everyone they meet. even the people they train are scary without even trying to be
team fairy was op and much like the Sannin of Naruto are as badass at teaching as they are at fighting
scorpioneldar chapter 17 . 1/22
The last is my favorite arrancar cote stark. My auto correct is messing with my spelling.
scorpioneldar chapter 7 . 1/22
very good fic and now the masters distrust in chapter 1 makes sense
we are not dealing with anime or manga ichigo but a native ichigo who grew up in arguably a more bloodthristy world than his was
Sailor Pandabear chapter 130 . 1/21
very good. But... in 129 I didn't understand the mystogan scene? or did i miss something?
scorpioneldar chapter 1 . 1/21
i was really worried that ichigo would crush the potential of the characters in this fic. making him a wanderer like mystogan and guild-arts was an inspired choice. it allows the characters to grow up on their own while letting "him" effect things in minor ways.
i do not know why the Markorov would doubt ichigo though seems to me he would fit right in.
especially when you consider that aside from hollows ichigo kills no one in his much darker series where killing your foes is encouraged
minus the fillers of course
jcampbellohten chapter 130 . 1/20
Hehe, Light (heavens), Dark (underworld), Earth, Water (mist), and Fire (which went untitled, but I know that's what it is); you've got the whole TCG color pie for Zeref's kings. I noticed that subtle nod at Natsu as the perceived king of Zeref's fire demons. Though, with Deliora also counting, it's "the fifth king was not with the yet," not the fourth. (Also, I'm not sure whether those full titles count as proper nouns, but the quoted part definitely isn't.) Why is Bluenote there? Am I forgetting a scene where he joined Zeref? Also, since when is Acologia a servant of Zeref? They're equal opponents, unable to kill each other but wanting to. Though, maybe Zeref's role in anti-Acnologia plans was revealed too recently and you already had these plans for the plot in place. Is that what happened?

" further progress had yet to have been made yet." This is saying that no progress hasn't yet been made; i.e., it's finished. You mean, " further progress had been made yet."
Now that I've started:
"[Your life] is not replaceable. Just inconvenient to do so." You mean, "[Your life] is not irreplaceable, just inconvenient to do so."
"Isn't it oblivious? Complete annihilation of all the entire world." You mean, "Isn't it obvious?" Also, "all the entire world" is redundant; either "all" or "entire" should go.
"Well then, you've waiting long enough Juushirou." It should be either "you've waited long enough" or "you've kept us waiting long enough," whichever you meant.
There are a couple times when either a character or the narrator says "least" where he or she meant to say "lest."
"And God Serena choose to join them?" You mean, "chose."
"...what Gran Doma had down would..." What Gran Doma had "done."
" pick up small pits of magic here and there..." You mean, small "bits" of magic.
Zivyx chapter 130 . 1/20
They're all alive :D
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