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Doomed 2 Die chapter 232 . 1/30
Well then, as TVTropes puts it, "Why Don't You Just Shoot Him"? Although that refers to villains not killing heroes when they can, I like the name as opposed to the actual trope describing the situation laconically described as "The villain is RIGHT THERE! You have a GUN! KILL HIM!" known as "Kill Him Already!"

Eh, I still feel like some of the characters of Bleach could easily massacre people if they didn't hold back for dramatic speeches or get conveniently paired up against people whose skill-sets coincidentally counter theirs. Like Barragan with his decaying powers, Gin with his poisoning, Yamamoto with his fire, Aizen with his illusions, Ichibe with his naming, or the really broken quincy with imagination based reality-writing via Gremmy and Yhwach.

When compared to that, the cast of Fairy Tail has actually been quite lucky! XD :P
Furyofnight02 chapter 231 . 1/23
Is there a pairing for ichigo in this
Kuma Akuma chapter 231 . 1/22
While this is interesting, albeit slightly confusing, you know you created a paradox right? Unless I missed something.
11smash chapter 1 . 1/20
Go kill yourself asshole
dreaddragonknight chapter 231 . 1/20
huh... my guess at what happened was mostly right, in all honesty i forgot Froche died i had thought he wa sin the past like Rouge had been
Archangel Of The Apocalypse chapter 62 . 1/15
Still the best story ever for me. Somehow i finished upto this chapter. Anyway, don't think I can finish the entire story in a week like I had planned beforehand. Keep walking the path of perfection.
Archangel Of The Apocalypse chapter 21 . 1/14
A friend of mine introduced me to this story telling me this was the best thing he ever read in fan-fiction. Let me just say, he was 10000 percent right about that. This story must be what perfection is. I started reading this and just couldn't stop. Hell, I never felt like this ever since I read War and Peace by Tolstoy, which was the only other story I couldn't stop reading.
You are a fantastic author. I really like how you have made the entire Ft-verse your own. Character development is just splendid. This story is like the Fairy Tail I wished I had seen. There is no wasting time over senseless or needless things unlike some stories I've read. Every chapter you make compliments its predecessor. The atmosphere you managed to bring to life is just too good to be true. There is a genuine feeling of tension in many chapters that boosts its effects really well. Power scaling is perfect. Unlike the real thing, there is no nakama bullshit anywhere. there is also clear explanation regarding a a person's strength and weaknesses.I just became a huge fan-girl of yours.
Don't know how I never saw this story earlier. Damn that guy, for not telling me about this story way back.

Man, you deserve every Fav and Follow you have. Actually you deserve more in the range of millions. i believe every one in this site should fav this masterpiece.

PS: Give me a Pm if you are planning to publish a novel. I will surely buy that.

Continue treading through the path of perfection you are on.
Finally chapter 230 . 1/6
HAHA! I’ve been saying it for months, and it’s finally happened! Wooooo!
Guest chapter 230 . 1/6
Rogue's gone rogue (again)!
tanithlipsky chapter 230 . 1/8
very good.
G3r1k chapter 230 . 1/6
Lol. I wonder how people who didn't guess it reacted. Ah well good chapter, I'm a bit sad that this will be ending soonish. But I look forward to reading it through after it is finished.
dreaddragonknight chapter 230 . 1/6
yeah that one was not subtle my friend but still satisfying. Also i got a bad feeling about Zeref and his apparent losing of what little faith in humanity he has left, I honestly thought he would've taken that better than he did, considering this version of Natsu has the best of both previous versions of him (admittedly the whole Natsu sort of disowning him sort of thing didn't help things but still)
Oh my god chapter 229 . 12/30/2017
Acnologia is Rogue.
WATCHER89 chapter 229 . 12/30/2017
Great chapter as always. What I really like the most about your work has to be the importance and screen time you give to each character. It's really great. If you had actually worked together with Mashima, a real masterpiece could have been made.

Then most importantly, it is how you give a lot of importance to Laxus(He is my fav). You can actually connect with his character development unlike in the anime. The same goes for many others too, which I am too lazy to point out.

Anyways keep being awesome.
Sarc chapter 229 . 12/27/2017
This is more my opinion on WATCHER89's comment, but yes, I guess you could write Acnologia as being "gray" as opposed to "dark". I mean all he's advocating for is the virtual genocide of the entire Dragon race, and he only kills the humans that get in his way. Reverse the roles, a dragon who's goal is to kill/genocide all humans whilst only killing some dragons that get in his way is perfectly acceptable. Enjoy your day!
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