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Zangetsu Ossan chapter 208 . 7/21
Loving the dialogue between Ichigo and Nozomi and I especially like how she made him see the light by exposing his hypocritical reason. Also let me say this, Ichigo Mavis reminds me of Heracles and Illya, except Ichigo is not a mad berserker.
F/GO can be a bitch. Just last week I told a friend of mine to start playing the game and waddya know? He rolled 2 Gilgamesh in a single roll. Can you believe the luck?
G3r1k chapter 208 . 7/20
It was definitely worth the wait. This chapter was a good turning point and it seems as though things might be ok for a moment...maybe.
TheEnd786 chapter 207 . 7/17
Ok, this was genuinely horrifying to read. Congrats you completely spooked me out. I'm actually completely and utterly speechless. Seeing Ichigo like this... Wow. It perfectly encapsulates everything he's gone through, this is him at the point of no return? I completely believe it. Especially with that heartbreaking chapter title.
And Nozomi is so damn awesome, the way she's utterly refusing to let Ichigo break and the lengths she's going to... It's so damn perfect.
And and Ichigo still doesn't know what's happened to Mystogan :_(

Uggghhh canon though. I literally waited the whole week to read the newest chapter before talking about Acnologia with you to see if things changed but in the end, I'm still crushed by disappointment.
And the thing is I can't truly say that it was a BAD ending to the fight truly. It stayed true to the friendship shounen theme of the manga which yes is annoying but is still consistent I suppose. It was just far far too neat and maybe even short for my liking.
G3r1k chapter 207 . 7/13
This chapter was amazing, it was more than I could have hoped for. And I'm with you on the manga, so much potential, just to kick us in the teeth. Oh well, rave master did a good job for final fight, if you haven't read that I recommend it.
MEXACUTIONER121 chapter 207 . 7/13
Your a brilliant writer in my eyes great story love this week's chapter and look forward to every Tuesday to read the next
dreaddragonknight chapter 207 . 7/12
good chapter,
Zivyx chapter 207 . 7/12
Nozomi is literally the most precious thing
Keelem Awl chapter 207 . 7/11
Bwahahaha! The title of this chapter actually summarizes a select number of peoples' long-held complaints about this story in terms of its seemingly inaccurate title. This, and TheEnd786's review for Chapter 206 stating "[You've] Killed off so many characters you can't even remember which ones are dead now" further cement the point! XD

Still, I suppose this also contrasts with the manga finale which - in your own words - is proving to seem like only villains (even former ones) and immortals ever die in Fairy Tail. Makes me wonder how it will stack up to the letdown of the Bleach manga's ending? I suppose Fairy Tail will at least offer better explanations and character arc resolution, and unlike IchiRuki fans versus Orihime, Natsu x Erza fans should not at all be surprised to find Natsu and Lucy to be the final pairing.

Welp, this is all I gots to say. Good luck for you and fans of Bleach and Fairy Tail alike!
Shadowhawk1388 chapter 207 . 7/11
Oh my fucking God! Just kill him already! Kill Barragan! It's getting fucking annoying with you letting him get away all the fucking time and not only that but every time he meets up with one of the main villains being zeref, ywach, or Barragan who will hopefully die next chapter, you always make them mind fuck ichigo first then proceed to beat the shit out of him or his friends which then proceeds to ichigo being a little bitch and put the blame on himself for no apparent reason other than he couldn't protect them even though he is fighting in a heated battle and can't be in a hundred places all at once

I apologize for my rant but I just had get this off my chest.
I look forward to the next chapter
Zivyx chapter 206 . 7/11
Hmm, I'm not sure what the dagger does. It makes the mist disappear, so does it reverse the time of what it touches?
ortizale317 chapter 207 . 7/11
Oh why do you keep making that guy get away

It's getting repetitive and getting old
dreaddragonknight chapter 206 . 7/6
good chapter, love the subtly of Ichigo's anger, not raging but cold and cruel (its interesting path). Also Future Levy and Laxus continues to intrigue me
TheEnd786 chapter 206 . 7/6
Hahaha. Killed off so many characters you can't even remember which ones are dead now eh? Heh.
Congrats on finishing P5, I'm years away from getting another console to be able to play it though :_(

Okay, the knife is so so cool and in my view entirely worth its drawbacks and price. Not only does it give Ichigo cool new powers which are really useful it also covers the drawbacks of his Bankai. Although why do I get the feeling that he's going to regret trying to draw the fight out?
Also, you may not be doing it on purpose but I find it hilarious that not only has Ichigo lost an eye like Yhwach now he too can see the future even if it's small and limited in scope.

And of course, we have the buildup to Avatar making their move. God, I'm looking forward to and dreading it so so much.

I'm pleasantly surprised, I thought the fight against Acnologia's physical self would be a tad convenient and easy but he shot those thoughts right out of the water (... badumtshh). Also glad to see Levy getting another chance to shine! Hopefully. I completely understand why Lucy was the one fixing the Book of END but it did seem a bit strange to have her doing it.
Nameruki chapter 206 . 7/4
how Lucy trapped acnologia with fairy sphere time with acnologia who can devour time and space. probably Lucy do not acnologia can devour magic.
nanox876 chapter 206 . 7/5
Does the dark future come from Face neutralizing all the magic?
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