Reviews for Protector of the Fairies
Sailor Pandabear chapter 171 . 11/1
fliggy91 chapter 171 . 11/1
The reason for why zerefs son's magic affects some people and not others is because it only works on people who aren't virgins lol at least from wat ive seen people say
THE END786 chapter 171 . 11/1
I don't really have much to say, some very nice moments like the Kisuke and Gildarts bit and the Yhwach talk. Nice for Wendy to reunite with Ichigo and hopefully that solution works with Chelia. Toushiro's ice drive is cool and hopefully Karin doesn't kill herself.

Um ok not to be crass or anything but I think his magic can only affect non virgins. It was mainly the older people that were affected after all, especially Gildarts and Romeo's dad who are parents and have thus um 'fulfilled the criteria'. Still I think there is more to it than that seeing as he's supposed to be a counter to Acnologia.
Guest chapter 170 . 10/30
Loved it keep up the good work
Giggle123 chapter 1 . 10/28
I love this I have read a lot of this but lost my progress opps Love it!
alternate zero chapter 1 . 10/27
Great story as usual. do keep it up,and u make me love bleach so much!
THE END786 chapter 170 . 10/26
Gotta love that Kenpachi and Byakuya interaction. I have absolutely no idea how you're going to handle Yachiru's situation though seeing as Kenpachi doesn't even use Shinigami Magic.

Lol this entire infiltration scene was hilarious from Uryu telling the others to help move the roots to Karin pushing him in. Though I'm lost on the follower, by the Name Drop you put it in I'd assume it's Pepe but with it being female... Bambiette being an ally was really surprising though, curious to see how you handle her.

Ugh Yukino's going to be a big problem, still don't know if you're ever going to do anything to make the Celestial Spirit King reappear. Maybe when you go into the Mimihagi thing?

Not much to say about canon really. Yay they made up. Ooh there's a new mystery about Erza.
Guest chapter 123 . 10/26
too much divergence, story turned crap.
alternate zero chapter 170 . 10/26
Great story as usual. do keep it up,and u make me love bleach so much!
dreaddragonknight chapter 170 . 10/25
excellent chapter, interesting choice 4 a rebel within the Quincy, on the manga i think Gray's berserk mode was an effect of his ice devil magic
Sailor Pandabear chapter 170 . 10/25
very good. Love it
cooolert chapter 170 . 10/25
Well, I dare consider this chapter a rather nice setup for actions/battles to come, so yay another great chapter!
Also I expected Uryuu to have some allies though not Bambietta, more along the lines of Bazz-B (is he even here? it's been quite long but I think he exists in this fic) on the account of him wanting to kill Yhwach in canon... Actually he might want to do so now as well but without Uryuu knowing it.
Yeah, and I'd say its DiMaria following them... I mean Wendy sensed a god and she has a soul of one, female, and unseen/detected which is easily accomplished by moving within her own time. But mostly the god thing points her way.
I feel like I should end this with something positive: Still a great fiction, got something to look forward to every week beside FT now that Bleach is over.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 169 . 10/20
dreaddragonknight chapter 169 . 10/18
a damn fine chapter, excellent development. also i read my hero academia it was pretty good i'll admit
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 169 . 10/18
Amazing as always
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