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scorpioneldar chapter 7 . 1/22
very good fic and now the masters distrust in chapter 1 makes sense
we are not dealing with anime or manga ichigo but a native ichigo who grew up in arguably a more bloodthristy world than his was
Sailor Pandabear chapter 130 . 1/21
very good. But... in 129 I didn't understand the mystogan scene? or did i miss something?
scorpioneldar chapter 1 . 1/21
i was really worried that ichigo would crush the potential of the characters in this fic. making him a wanderer like mystogan and guild-arts was an inspired choice. it allows the characters to grow up on their own while letting "him" effect things in minor ways.
i do not know why the Markorov would doubt ichigo though seems to me he would fit right in.
especially when you consider that aside from hollows ichigo kills no one in his much darker series where killing your foes is encouraged
minus the fillers of course
jcampbellohten chapter 130 . 1/20
Hehe, Light (heavens), Dark (underworld), Earth, Water (mist), and Fire (which went untitled, but I know that's what it is); you've got the whole TCG color pie for Zeref's kings. I noticed that subtle nod at Natsu as the perceived king of Zeref's fire demons. Though, with Deliora also counting, it's "the fifth king was not with the yet," not the fourth. (Also, I'm not sure whether those full titles count as proper nouns, but the quoted part definitely isn't.) Why is Bluenote there? Am I forgetting a scene where he joined Zeref? Also, since when is Acologia a servant of Zeref? They're equal opponents, unable to kill each other but wanting to. Though, maybe Zeref's role in anti-Acnologia plans was revealed too recently and you already had these plans for the plot in place. Is that what happened?

" further progress had yet to have been made yet." This is saying that no progress hasn't yet been made; i.e., it's finished. You mean, " further progress had been made yet."
Now that I've started:
"[Your life] is not replaceable. Just inconvenient to do so." You mean, "[Your life] is not irreplaceable, just inconvenient to do so."
"Isn't it oblivious? Complete annihilation of all the entire world." You mean, "Isn't it obvious?" Also, "all the entire world" is redundant; either "all" or "entire" should go.
"Well then, you've waiting long enough Juushirou." It should be either "you've waited long enough" or "you've kept us waiting long enough," whichever you meant.
There are a couple times when either a character or the narrator says "least" where he or she meant to say "lest."
"And God Serena choose to join them?" You mean, "chose."
"...what Gran Doma had down would..." What Gran Doma had "done."
" pick up small pits of magic here and there..." You mean, small "bits" of magic.
Zivyx chapter 130 . 1/20
They're all alive :D
Zero10 chapter 130 . 1/20
Sorry, couldn't able to read any earlier. College sucks. Anyway, nice work and good read. Most thing was expected with how the last chapter was written except Mavis Time Magic part. That's something new to consider and the way you defined Alvarez, it was nice. And, Deliora was a nice touch. I'd always wondered why he was resurrected before. I can already imagine a grand battle brewing up with everyone joining the battle.

God Serena was certainly outstanding, after all he defeated other God of Ishgar and Jura hardly even breaking a sweat. I couldn't even wonder how powerful he must be. Warrod's defeat is understandable since he had mentioned, he had not much experience in fighting but still, it was like he was truly OP. Then, Sabertooth was forced to retreat by one Spriggan 12. However, a little dissapointing that we couldn't know what magic they all uses.

Looking forward to next week update. Until then, enjoy your exam even if, I know its doesn't sound enticing. Consider it a payback, for killing off so many characters.
Guest chapter 130 . 1/19
You are probably the most dedicated writer on ff. Thanks for the great content and dedication!
dreaddragonknight chapter 130 . 1/19
i am pleased by this chapter, i enjoyed zeref's bit. now i will continue 2 lean in my chair with my fingers drumming against each other as i think and try 2 figure out what u r gonna do next. Cause as Vegeta from TBZ abridged would say "the challenge excites me"
RedRightReturn51 chapter 129 . 1/14
So Jellal's back, huh? Funny, I remember you telling me that mystogan wasn't as fast as he used to be. At the time, it was confusing BC I thought" well, he might deny he's Jellal but he is still the same guy, with the power."

Now I see what you did there. Mystogan couldn't use Jellal's power as well BC they are actually separate now. Mystogan, by denying himself so completely, even going so far as too create a new identity, actually caused a split in his personality

Its almost like in Fairy Tail, with (anime) Jellal impersonating Mystogan. While strong, no doubt, it could never match the originals power. Someone who grew up devoted to their magic as opposed to a copy cat.
VariousStories chapter 1 . 1/14
I haven't began reading this story and likely wont for a while because I need to seriously catch up on the fairy tail anime so I don't look like an idiot, but I just wanted to post this view for giving you a pat on the back for spending the time and effort to put ONE MILLION words into your story, seriously its just downright amazing and incredibly rare to see a story that long, dare I say the first on the site (hard to tell though, with so many stories on the site).
Leon Kirigaya chapter 129 . 1/13
I figured that he wasn't dead a few chapters back, when Ichigo and Shunsui were at his house. I knew he wasn't really gone. They saw all the blood and it looked as if there was a struggle but no real solid proof of it.
VergilChan chapter 129 . 1/13
I figured Juushirou wasn't dead, but he decided to just show up out of nowhere to drop ETHERION on nearly every Ouken in existence. Badass entrance but a little over the top.
A number of things:
1. I thought Etherion was broken?
2. Why did the Ywhach and Commissioner Gordon Quincy steal Gildarts?
3. Ichigo had access to a doomsday weapon all this time? Lol it would have been hilarious if everyone at the GMG realised that the "evil mastermind" had access to a WMD though.
4. Is Juushirou actually Mimihagi, related to him or just like Laxus and Levy?

Really looking forward to next week. That and getting more answers than questions in a chapter.

P.S. Not sure what you're into but try out Boku dake ga Inai Machi. Started a little "wtf is this" for me but by the end of the episode I was like "Holy shit this is gonna be awesome". Only 1 episode so far though. Ajin looks pretty good and airs sometime this week. There is already a movie that came out in Nov. The series and film are made by the same people so I don't know if they are tied together. Koutetsujou no Kabaneri looks cool but has no set release date. Tales of Zestiria the X cuz ufotable. Doesn't have a set date either but ... ufotable. And lastly Musaigen no Phantom World. Its fun to watch and the character interactions are pretty funny. Plus the 2nd episode came out today.
jcampbellohten chapter 129 . 1/13
What? I want answers about how he's alive (I don't remember whether or not I thought he was really dead, but I'll assume I did). Also, bringing down Etherion was a badass entering move.
Are they going to be trapped in Fairy Sphere for 7 years again? Why did Juha Bach and "Robert" (whoever that is) want Gildarts? As a lure/bargaining chip?

Magic that developed "consciousness", not conciseness, and "distant" object, not distance object. Also, it reads "the swords at his sides", but Ukitake has one sword when it's sealed; it splits into a pair for shikai.
hisoka's Luver chapter 129 . 1/13
Ah...Juushirou's really back. I'm happy.
But I am also apprehensive about the outcome of Mystogan's decision. I hope he will not completely become another enemy. Same with Gildarts.
Is Uryuu playing his revenge act on Yhwach?
Oh...I thought I'm going to see Ulquiorra and Grimmjow fight... _
Where is Hibiki and his ship?
I really like the Oukens' talk that is just filled with underlying tension...
Also, it just shows that the one person not desiring her power would be the one Mavis will become possessive of..
What is Lumen Histoire?
hisoka's Luver chapter 128 . 1/13
I thought you've killed Gildarts. _
And I was kinda expecting Aizen to appear as the Lord after reading about Kaname in previous chapters.
And I see this was what you meant when you wrote about Doranbolt's way of addressing Ichigo way back then...
(I thought you were taking a break from writing...but when I checked, this fic was removed from my alerts accidentally and I am behind by many chapters... and now I'm wondering what else was missing)
The one who despises him was Zeref? Barragan wants to kill him? and Yhwach wants to recruit him? Those were the only ones mentioned by those future Laxus and Levy...
And about those clues about Mavis...I thought she was like Nabura but I don't know what that entails...I have watched all of Bleach anime and read some of the manga until Nemu's past but the only episodes I've seen of Fairy Tail was until Laxus' hostage of the town and your storyline kinda follows the latter anime so I really have no idea what comes after every chapter...but this makes it more enjoyable for me. _
I've even tried watching an episode of Fairy Tail in animax (it was about the Celestial Spirits)...I got lost. There was a 13th spirit there.
Btw, that was Juushiro right? With the cloak and long hair?
I am excited about the future fights...will all of them be free for all 4sides?
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