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Dxhologram chapter 236 . 3/15
Hey Ichigo and Mavis are finally reunited!

By the way, Ichigo's bankai with third sword, its still like how his Bankai shown with Gerard except this time with Mavis magic combined? Any other effects I should be aware?
dreaddragonknight chapter 236 . 3/14
Good chapter, and interesting takes on everyone’s way of fighting and thinking in a larger scale
G3r1k chapter 236 . 3/14
Aughghgg! No! Not the cliffhanger!...ok. I can wait, i can do that.
(Deep breath)
Ok. Good chapter, that really was fast. Like surprisingly fast. But thats ok.
Now as for guesstimates, im gonna
Actually I don't know, i have no guess. Unless you pull a barry allen with lumen histori or something to that effect i just don't know.
Quilon chapter 123 . 3/13
I guess that was the resolution of this arc? It's been a long 60ish chapters, and there were a ton of twists everywhere; I admit I had to go back to reread the foreshadowing after the reveals since I repeatedly missed them the first time around.

The Yuzu thing had me slightly shook, and I didn't even fully understand Mimihagi/Pernuda after finishing Bleach so I'm still mildly confused about all that, I have faith that it'll be explained in the story or an AN eventually.

Also it kind of annoyed me that just like in every anime, the tournament got interrupted (something ALWAYS messes up the friendly matches and we never find out who's the best. I mean I knew Ichigo was going to win the battle royale, but still, it's the principle).

My main internal debate though is that I'm wondering whether you're the kind of author to bring characters back to life, but I'll find out soon enough.
Quilon chapter 120 . 3/13
I wasn't planning on reviewing til the end of the arc, but holy shit, you've killed off like ten characters in the past few chapters. Including a couple major ones.

Quilon chapter 62 . 3/12
Well, I've read 500k words in like 4 hours, and now I'm sad that I'm going to have to take a break now. The integration of Fullbring and Edolas with a quite a bit of original work was done extremely well in this arc, and I think that applies to your entire fic (novel? pièce de résistance? tour de force? honestly not sure what to call this massive work). A lot of other crossovers tend to drop in the main character into a different world with some excuse like "experiment gone wrong!" or "reborn into a new universe!" and it's not nearly as immersive. From co-opting the Rune Knights into the Gotei 13, to actually explaining Shinigami magic as combination of the Caster/Holder magics, you've combined everything very seamlessly.

Honestly, I started reading without looking at the word count, got like 4 chapters in, was like "holy shit this is good", looked at the word count, and realized I had two million words to catch up on. Normally I'd say that a fic this long moves slowly, but every single chapter is filled with so much detail that I don't really notice the minutes pass by, which is honestly fantastic and what I want out of any actual book.

As I said in my last review, as a mainly Bleach fan I don't really know much about Fairy Tail, so I have no clue at all what the next arc will be, and I suppose I'll find out tomorrow or the day after when I come back to this fic. Nothing in this fic has been really expected for me, and that makes it all the better.

I know you've already written the next 180 chapters, but I'm hoping to see the introduction of Ichigo's high school friends maybe, the long-awaited meeting between Isshin and Ichigo, the return of Laxus, and just slightly more IchigoxLevy (ok so I only saw it that one time but it's canon in my mind now).

Thank you for putting so much work into a fic so long, and keeping it updated too!
Quilon chapter 43 . 3/12
That was the longest arc yet, I think, was solid the whole way through. Also I dig badass Isshin (and IchigoxLevy if it's turns out to be a thing).

Reading your ANs after the Bleach manga already ended is giving me extreme nostalgia too, haha. And regret about how Bleach actually ended, but that's why I'm reading a fanfic.
Quilon chapter 27 . 3/12
Laxus just nearly went full evil mastermind and you managed to redeem him completely and make me pity him. Wow. Time to read 210 more chapters.
Quilon chapter 15 . 3/12
I don't usually review chapters in the middle of stories, but DAMN was it satisfying to see Laxus go in on everyone lol
Guest chapter 85 . 2/28
I can't help but have an issue with how yoruichi is being handled. Your handling her as though she will just, obey authority. You have also made her a bit of a villain in this, or at least an anti-hero. Following the corrupt council, training Isshins daughters without his permission, and now going out of her way to destroy Fairy Tail when she could have left with her students without anyone, excluding Yajima, knowing. Wouldn't be any harm if she did that.
Guest chapter 75 . 2/26
Uhm... Wendy wasn't around during the Phantom or Fantasia incident... not in this story. So why does the story say she wants to prove herself because she was useless?
HikaruNarukami chapter 235 . 2/26
Finally, I've caught up.
It's been at least 2 months since I started this. I can say that I've dedicated a lot of time to reading this.
And I don't regret it. There are no complaints at all. Your writing style is marvelous.
I liked all the different arcs and didn't actually hate any particular part. I also liked Gray's parts, in all the different arcs. How you depicted him, his psychological problems and everything. Love this version of Gray!
And Ichigo's Bankai too. I felt disappointed by canon but in this I enjoyed it. I was also inspired by it.
And Toshiro, Shinji, Levy and Laxus. I liked all of their parts.
Especially Toshiro's issues with Ichigo, Shinji willing to do anything to protect his family, even use Bankai.
And I liked how you portrayed Levy and Laxus. Laxus actually has a reason for The Battle of Fairy Tail instead of the one in canon. And this Levy is stronger than canon, which I liked very much.
Was a bit sad with Lucy's death but well, it was for a good reason. That's another thing too. You actually kill the characters instead of just letting them live.

Coming to the story, I liked how you have proper exposure to each and every character, which is the best thing of this story. And you paced everything properly in my opinion. No rushed storylines, etc.

And the portrayal of Ichigo after Shinji's death was very appropriate. I almost cried when Shinji died.
And I also liked Jellal/Mystogan. How you redeemed him as very interesting.
And Nozomi's character was very interesting.

Coming to the fights, I really liked all the fights from the first arc. Well, the flashbacks and the Battle of Fairy Tail arc fights combined. Liked how you incorporated Dalk into the story as a Doll of Bickslow.
These fights also proved how badass Laxus really is.
And Oracion Seis was good. In my opinion Shinji Vs Cobra, Gray Vs Midnight and Ichigo Vs Zero were the best fights, though the other fights come in a close second.
Edolas was very satisfying overall. All the fights were enjoyable. Liked how you introduced the Knights and how you redeemed Faust and the others.
Tenroujima Arc was one of the best arcs. Liked all the fights. The heirarchy of the Slayers was a very good concept. And liked Heavenly Flame Dragon mode more than canon's Lightning Flame Dragon.
All the fights were perfect. Not a single complaint.
Also liked Kisuke and Ichigo's talk where Kisuke questions every single decision taken by Ichigo.
The concept of Ouken was interesting. And Ichigo's new Zanpakuto too.
Coming to GMG, it as a good read. The Holy Palace, the Edolas counterpart of Ichigo acting as his substitute, Levy beating Rufus, Toshiro's emotional state due to loss of Hyorinmaru, Toshiro Vs Karin, Wendy Vs Chelia(both fights), Natsu and Gajeel Vs Sting and Rogue(both fights), Erza Vs Kagura, the fights of Gray and his death afterwards, Shinji Vs Raven Tail, Laxus and Orga Vs Kenpachi, Ichigo Vs Kenpachi, and then the mages Vs dragons was the highlight of the arc. Ichigo Vs Future Levy and Laxus was heartbreaking. I didn't expect Ichigo's plan though. And didn't expect the return of Gildarts and Jushiro like that. Also, Nirvana... interesting.
Making Gildarts fight Yhwach was a good way to show how powerful Yhwach was.
The war... this is a long part. There were many shocks for me with that. Gray's revival was unexpected but enjoyed. The true power of the Etherious forms was shown by Bluenote. That was a good fight. And Jellal coming out again was good too.
Really liked how you portrayed Makarov and eventually killed him in a way he didn't regret. And Laxus' part as Guild Master too.
Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail's darkness, as you portrayed accurately.
Hades too was interesting.
Zeref is interesting all the time. And this peek into Zeref's past was truly enjoyable. Gives us some insight into his reasons for fighting. Especially the chapter where Natsu dies.
Coming to the fights in the beginning, Natsu Vs Quilge had me hooked. It was all in the title itself.
And Driscoll Vs Erza,Mira and Gajeel and later Makarov was good too.
Coming to Ichigo's group, the way you handled the Quincy, added Wendy and Chelia into the group and killed off BG9 too.
I had a small suspicion about Uryu and it seems I was right.
The siege of Tartaros was one of the highlights of the war. The demons were removed from the war completely. Ichigo Vs Zeref, Acnologia Vs Laxus and Natsu, Gray (and Lyon) Vs Future Laxus, Bluenote Vs Shinji, Mest and Mystogan (and Jellal) was one of the best fights.
Then we have the village. Ichigo has to face his past. Toshiro's part was good, Ichigo Vs Noitra and Wonderweiss was interesting. Mystogan was packed outclassed by Starrk. Really loved the aftermath, with Ichigo's mental turmoil. I'm inspired by how you show the mental turmoil of the characters.
The Kenpachi part was really good. You killed him off in a honourable way.
The Quincy seige was very interesting. Got a glimpse into Gray's new abilities. Then Ryuken's plan was interesting.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/22
No, Hitsuguya won here. In the end, the knight had to rely on a lacrima to have a chance at winning, and even then he ended up underestimating his opponent. If he hadn't used that lacrima he would have already lost. If anything he was a loser who prolonged his death, getting nothing done except stopping the towers fall.
dreaddragonknight chapter 235 . 2/23
well know, thanks for that because i was worried about being lost about what Ichigo was doing but this chapter helped reorient things
Guest chapter 57 . 2/21
So basically the knights are glass canons? They can dish out a lot of damage, but they can't really take it in return.
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