Reviews for Protector of the Fairies
Nightfeather of ThunderClan chapter 1 . 9/14
the population o magnolia is actually 6000 and fiore has a population of 70000. not trying to correct you, but I have a bad habit of doing it
THE END786 chapter 164 . 9/14
Holy ****! The old man's THAT GUY?! Wow did NOT see that coming at all. Tbh despite what he did I can't really dislike him cos he was only in the fic for such a short time, wonder if my opinion is gonna change now.

Ok I have absolutely no idea what those words mean lol. Damn feel sorry for Starrk though, I can always emphasise with wanting to sleep haha.

Brandish healed a hole in Mira's heart so unless she's holding the Idiot Ball (which ALL of the Spriggans do TOO DAMN often) I can't see her dying here. I absolutely hate how forced the confrontation between Natsu and Gray that's looming ahead is though. It's like Mashima wanted a Naruto and Sasuke situation in his manga and completely ignored how it wouldn't work.
Gemini The Vengeful One chapter 2 . 9/9
Dear, God, bro this story needs to happen in the series!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 163 . 9/9
THE END786 chapter 163 . 9/7
I really love the way Ichigo fights in this fic and I adore his convos with his spirits and Mavis. I'm just imagining him talking to them in the middle of fights and everyone else thinking he's insane lol.
Eh the Nnoitra situation is sad and all but it's offset by the fact that I find his character shit.
The way you have Wahl's pov right after the someone's spying on Kisuke and Hibiki scene makes me think it's him but I wouldn't rule out it being someone else entirely lol.
Gonna be interesting to see how Zeref takes advantage of this.

Ugh I KNOW RIGHT?! It's completely frustrating. Especially with how convenient it was.
dreaddragonknight chapter 163 . 9/6
loved the fight, it really showed an aspect of ichigo's power that wasn't seen against zeref. also yeah i agree with u on the manga
G3r1k chapter 163 . 9/6
Great chapter. Now about the manga. It's been what the third time some one "died" in Fairy tail then wasn't dead. 1) Gajeel. 2)Mirajane. And 3)Juvia. It will get to the point when some more people will "die" then come back. So eventually everyone will be like 'ok yeah right' and then...someone will die for real and there will be no possible way for return, which will cause people to lose their shit. Also the possibility of Natsu dying then being brought back is high. But he could also be the one who doesn't come back. Or it will end like Rave master and he sacrifices himself and later he is brought back. Anyway sorry for rambling. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
Saru chapter 163 . 9/6
Awesome moment with Shinji, but when will Byakuya, Renji and Kenpachi appear?
Reader chapter 162 . 9/6
You should have Starrk have a second resurrection instead of ceros shooting at it should be Gran Rey Ceros
fuckomg chapter 1 . 8/31
1 million words?
Mondtanz chapter 162 . 8/31
I wonder if Starrk will live longer in this story. I kind of liked his character. If he had survived in canon, he could have been a valuable ally, maybe even a friend. Shunsui and him share some characteristics after all, and the current Head Captain would be strong enough to be in his company for an extended amount of time without dying.
I also wonder, if Mystogan might be able to make peace with his former personality and we could see a merge rather than a hostile takeover...
Well, I'm already looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
Zivyx chapter 162 . 8/31
I hope Starrk lives, he's my favorite Hollow
Sailor Pandabear chapter 162 . 8/31
very good.
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 162 . 8/31
Finally starrk is here! My favourite character among the espada. Keep up the good stuff!
dreaddragonknight chapter 162 . 8/30
yeah great chapter here i always enjoy Starrk, and yeah knowing Fairy Tail it'll likely get reversed, FT is my favorite anime/manga and all but even I'M exasperated by that trend
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