Reviews for Protector of the Fairies
EmperorVolt chapter 200 . 5/23
Man, I don't usually post reviews on my phone but I gotta review now. First, congrats on 200 consistent (more or less) chapters yay. Second, this was an amazing chapter, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and was really hoping Shinji didn't die. Unfortunately, he did. But I understand why, this is a very emotional moment for Ichigo (perfect chapter timing by the way) and this will probably further shape his character even more. I look forward to seeing how this affects him in the future. Though I'm looking forward to Braggan's death even more, I really hope Ichigo gets the kill. (Last thing, the whole Mest would probably lose hope if he saw Ichigo's face was very chilling, well done.)
Zangetsu Ossan chapter 200 . 5/23
Great emotional chapter as always! And was that segunda etapa High Lord Wolnir?
Speedyquader chapter 123 . 5/23
Are those bodies Starrk and Lilynette? They're the first people that come to mind.
Guest chapter 200 . 5/23
Sadder than Ichiya's death.
Mugen7 chapter 200 . 5/23
Congrats on making it to 200 chapters.
DanteAl999 chapter 86 . 5/23
Burn the magic council, burn it alive and defecate on its ashes! Great story by the way, can hardly put it down.
Speedyquader chapter 122 . 5/22
this is really cool! I can't wait until you actually reveal what Ichigo's planning, you've got me on tenterhooks! :3 You've been dangling it for so long, hinting at his plans, it's so agonizing!
Speedyquader chapter 120 . 5/19
Wait... in this chapter AN you imply that both Lucys sacrificed themselves. Lucy's dead too now?
Speedyquader chapter 120 . 5/18
so... I forget, what's the difference between Gray's powers here vs canon? It's been awhile since I read.
dreaddragonknight chapter 199 . 5/18
good chapter, i always wanted to read/see Ichigo use his sword as a bow or a slingshot forever now and you are the first person i've found to deliver it, thank you. also yeah thats where i'm thinking FT is going also. I really want the whole E.N.D thing to be expanded on and not just insta solved
Guest chapter 199 . 5/17
Cerrow? Cearrow?
tanithlipsky chapter 199 . 5/17
very good.
TheEnd786 chapter 199 . 5/17
Sorry for the late review, they'll probably be irregular for the next month cos of exams. Don't have much free time.

That cero arrow was utterly magnificent. It's always awesome getting moments where Ichigo uses all three of his powers at once and yeah he's usually doing that all the time but it fades into the background. Turning his sword into a bow was ingenious as well, Fate inspiration?

Holy shit Barragan's gone all out for this. Ensuring Shinji survived Mayuri? Literally going back and watching Ichigo kill his guild? Trapping Ichigo for the exact same amount of time? Man his preparations sure are extreme. Just goes to show how strong his desire for revenge is I suppose. Hopefully, Shinji doesn't dieeeeeee. Super interested in how you use his Bankai, I'm betting the first showing this chapter was completely misleading and it'll actually be a really straightforward close-combat type power!/sarcasm

I... think (?) this chapter gave a bit of support to the theory that Lucy's going to change the body link to her and Natsu.
G3r1k chapter 199 . 5/16
I was enjoying the chapter and was reading through the A/N and nearly choked at that last bit about the manga. Lol.
Anywho, I can't wait for the next chapter as always.
Kenka chapter 26 . 5/12
I was listening to Stand Up Be Strong from Bleach, Ichigo's final fight with Aizen, while reading this and it was brilliant!
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