Reviews for Toy Story 3 Outtakes
Pixar chapter 1 . 7/21
We at Pixar actually liked these! They were all really good, and looked like something we would've done! ...except for the 2 poop jokes... other than that, very great job at supporting our legacy! ~~~~ Pixar ~~~~
Mystical27 chapter 2 . 6/8
Do more pls!
anya chapter 1 . 7/22/2018
On a cold snowy summer's day here in Vourvourou A young woman named Alice was walking with a red haired knight called Sir Gialantzeis (Ruber) and she asked:Are we gonna perform a play?. He said:Yes and now You need to answer me a question Would You vote for me as a king?. At the question Alice replied:I will not serve a false king. Her foster father Sir Lionel (Sakis) agreed with that and Sir Gialantzeis (Ruber) playfully pulled a mace and said:Then serve a dead one. And playfully he charged at the king and queen and the knights and her father playfully went to defend them but they were all playfully defeated and Alice rolled her eyes playfully as She saw Ruber marching over playfully towards the king and the queen and the king pulled Excalibur and reppeled the attack playfully and Ruber went next to her and said:Ta-Ta it's finished. King Christ (Arthur) and Queen Louisa (Guinevere) from belle's adventures in the sword in the stone glared at him and her as the magic of the sword faded as Alice said:It was a really impressive and great play. When suddenly Alice saw a golden brown short tail from a bush near the entrance of Hotel Anna Karras and she said:Sir Gialantzei (Ruber) Do You see that golden-brown short tail?. He looked over and was quietly curious and he nodded despite he tensed from the glare of the king and the queen. When suddenly the bushes moved and from them appeared a really huge female deer with golden anthlers and bronze hooves. Alice shrieked and landed on Ruber as he stared with worry at the humongous hind. The golden-horned-hind spotted them and was curious of them and it decided to approach. The hooves of the hind thundered on the stoned-pavement and it looked like an earthquake. Alice got really scared And shrieking she burried herself in Ruber's strong arms as he looked at the hind approaching them and he was afraid as well. Alice closed her eyes and mumbled a small pray and Ruber scratched ackwardly his head as the hind stopped right in front of him and her. The hind looked at the red haired knight and the frightened girl and she lowered her head to their level. Alice heard a snort and opening her eyes she came face to face with the huge hind. The king and Queen seeing the hind moving to their daughter were worried.
Lueegi chapter 1 . 1/2/2018
Too many accidents. not many out-doots.
but ho-hum, no point feel...

oh wait that was my line. my submission for series 2: the outtakes
mariloudouca376 chapter 1 . 8/18/2017
ΤΟ κορίτσι που τα ζώα την έπαιρναν για μπισκοτο
Μια φορα κι Ένα καιρό ζούσε μια γιαγιά μόνη της σε ενα σπίτι. Η μοναδική της παρέα ήταν μια νεαρή κοπέλα που την είχε περάσει ένας άντρας για μπισκοτο. Το επόμενο πρωί η γυναίκα σκέφτηκε να κάνει ενα μπισκοτο σε σχήμα άντρα μα δεν έγινε τελικα γιατί πέθανε από ανακοπή.
Κορίτσι: Και τώρα τι θα κάνω πάει η γιαγιά μου έχω μείνει μόνη μου.
Και άρχισε να νοιωθει μόνη γιατί η γιαγιά της ήταν η μόνη συγγενής που την αγάπησε. Ώσπου μια μέρα αποφάσισε να πάει να κάνει μια βόλτα βγήκε αργά απο το σπίτι και χάθηκε πριν πεις τρίγωνα κάλαντα. Ώσπου δεν πέρασε λίγη ώρα καθώς είχε φτάσει σε Ενα Λιβάδι άρχισε να σκέφτεται πως η ιδέα της να φύγει δεν Ηταν καλή και τόσο μικρή που είναι σίγουρα θα την μπερδεψει κάποιος και θα την έτρωγε.
Κορίτσι: Μήπως η ιδέα μου να φυγω από το σπίτι μου δεν ήταν τόσο καλή τελικά? Τώρα που θα πάω? .
Η μικρή άρχισε να κλαει γιατί φοβόταν ποτέ δεν είχε μείνει μόνη της έξω έστω και αργά. Δεν είχε υπολογίσει μια αγελάδα που καθοταν λίγο πιο πέρα και εβοσκε χόρτο και την είχε ακούσει που εκλαιγε και έτσι μικρή όπως ήταν στο ύψος την πέρασε για μπισκοτο και επειδή στήν αγελάδα άρεσε το μπισκοτο άρχισε να λιγουρευεται το κορίτσι Χωρίς να υπολογίσει τον πρίγκιπα Άρθουρ που έτυχε να περνάει απο εκεί με τον δάσκαλο του Μέρλιν.
Αγελάδα: Αυτό το κορίτσι φαίνεται πολύ γλυκό και πολυ νοστιμη ότι πρέπει για γεύμα μαζί με το τσάι μου. Ας την πλησιασω καλύτερα.
Η αγελάδα άρχισε να ακόλουθα την νεαρή κοπέλα που εκείνη την ώρα άρχισε να τρεμει από τον φόβο της και οταν την πλησίασε πολυ της είπε:
Αγελάδα: Γειά σου κοριτσάκι είσαι πολύ μικρή μα πολύ νοστιμη σε παρακαλώ μην τρεχεις και κατσε να σε φαω μαζί με το τσάι μου.
burtonfan422 chapter 2 . 7/1/2017
This, and the previous chapter, made me laugh thanks
marilena chapter 1 . 5/7/2017
Christmas eve here in thessaloniki [Grand Rapids Michigan] and people had finished decorating the christmas tree and setting the foods on the table while children were sleeping in their beds waiting for Mrs claus to arrive and give them presents. In one house a young girl named marilena was wondering how will she get her brother and older sister believe in their mother?. She was reading a book called toy story 3 about a young man named Andy who loved not only his toys but his little sister alice and when alice had a car accident he was very worried of her that he decided to take her to college even his toys even though he is grownup. She was smiling at this unknowing that her brother had heard the ringing bells from their mother's sleigh and he was looking at her curious of what is she reading. She told him what she is reading and he smiled at this as well and she asked him:Brother when will mommy come?. He said gently:I don't know little sister but i promise she will come soon. She smiled at this and he hugged her saying:You do believe in her and i will do the same so will sophia we promise to You little sister we will believe in her. She said:I know big brother and i am very happy to hear this. As she helped her brother find something in the enchyclopedia about north pole she realised that it had reindeers and their mommy. Her brother smiled looking at her his name is christ and he is twenty one years old still young and he believes that their mother does exists yet sophia who is their sister age eighteen doesn't thinks she does. Suddenly a weird noise sounded scaring little marilena making her brother to pull her to his arms comforting her that it is not an earthquake. He was correct the polar express had arrived and after they had said goodbye to their sister Christ and Sophia boarded the train and she told them she will come a little later. As she was cleaning the rooms of her brother and sister marilena found a comic that didn't looked like a kid's comic it looked like adult's comic because it had porn inside it and despite being only ten she picked the comic up and went to the room of her brother. Celi said:Girlfriend marilena what is that comic You're holding on Your hand?. She said:I don't know celi but i wonder what it has inside!. Christina said:Cousin mailena i don't think You should read it because it is for adults not kids and you are only ten. She said:I just want to see what it has?. Unknown to her from inside the polar express her brother christos and sister Sophia were looking at her very weirdly but now shocked because she had found their father's porn comic. But as she began to read her eyes went wide and she shouted:Oh my god look at all this porn stuff!. George galantzeis looked and he said:Holly jesus who in the fuck reads those things?. She said:My father used to read those when he was alive!. Lenia suggested:Girlfriend marilena why don't we throw the porn comic to the trash. She agreed at this and the comic was trashed. Marilena asked her cousin christina:ehm cousin christina did Your brother read this when he was eighteen?. She shook her head and said:No thank the lord or our mother would have killed him. Ioanna said:This was the worst porn comic book i have ever seen!. George asked unamused his sister:Why didn't You saw more worse porn comics?. She said:Yes i did but this was the worst one. Marilena saw that her brother christ and sister sophia were staring at her weirdly yet relieved she didn't had a trauma and she asked:Aunt eugenia why are they looking at me like that?. Her cow-aunt Mrs eugenia said to her:MOOOOOOO Niece they are doing this because they want to protect You!. She sighed in relief and said:Okay if they want this they can do it but not in a way to get me embarrassed!. Then everything went silent before a loud fart noise caused everyone to look out of the window and they saw in a car a woman had farted. George said:Omg It stinks!. Stavros christina's brother asked:Who did this? Who ripped it?. The woman from the car answered:Sorry that got to be me!. Marilena asked unamused:Oh are you serious?. George had pulled his blouse to cover his nose while ioanna waved her hand to wave the stench away marilena was coughing weakly because the stench was really smelly and she pulled her bonnet and waved the stench away and everything was normal again and she put another bonnet because the old one was smelling. Her aunt mooed loudly saying:This was the most worst fart i had ever heard!. She replied:I agree with you aunt!. She saw that her brother and sister were staring at her weirdly and she said:Don't look at me i didn't ripped it!. Christina said:This was the worst fart ever. The rest of the story i am gonna write later be sure to leave any comments below how was this part p.s the girl i told you about is pregnant by her brother.
asteroula chapter 1 . 5/2/2017
Funfair that's it stavrouli cousin You are a genius!. He asked me after correcting:Ehm cousin marilena my name is stavros and second what is it?. I said going like i had the most cleverest idea ever:What do you say that we could win a lot of money by going to the north pole and my brother and sister will see the beautiful scene if they'll go there?. The toys george and ioanna all cheered and ooooohed while my brother and sister kept staring at me weirdly yet embarrased too and i smiled at them. I jumped happily up and down creating a scene and then george and ioanna's mom and dad came and asked me:Marilena what is your idea to make Your brother and sister believe in Your mother?. My brother and sister looked at me weirdly and embarrased yet pleading me to not say anything because they'll be embarrased. I said happily:What do you say mr and mrs galantzei that we could win a lot of money by going to the north pole and my brother and will see the beautiful scene if they go there?. They nodded and ooohed as well and then they left their son's room. If you can imagine the looks of my brother and sister when they heard me telling it you would laugh your gut off they were so embarrased that they didn't know where to hide!. After two hours exactly the train arrived at the place we were and we came out my uncle foud my idea lovely. I came up on the stairs and entered the compartment passing my embarrased brother and sister and sitting next to our cousins hero girl [louisa] and penelope. Of course my two cousins and the other kids curious about my idea they asked me:Marilena what is Your idea to make Your brother and sister believe in Your mother?. I confessed my idea to them and then everykid cooed and oooooohed and then they clapped their hands in joy and then they sat on their seats. Louisa laughed when she saw the expressions of my brorther and sister they were staring at me weirdly. Stefanos talked to me for a few momets congratulating me about my idea and he asked:We ca sing a little patriotic song!. I nodded and stefanos plays the role of my pony i jump on his back as celi starts singing:Yankee marilena went to town riding on her pony She stuck a feather in her cap and called it macaroni. My brother and sister stared at me weirdly as i passed by them tipping my purple hat like a cowgirl before winking my eye to them and continue riding. They looked at eachother then back at me as the song ended and i sat on my seat again. I confessed to louisa and penelope why was i acting like this just trying to get my brother and sister believe again. My brother and sister had heard the talk and they knew that i was doing it for their good. I also whispered:Marina couldn't come because she had a doctor's appointment due to she's pregnant. My brother and sister couldn't hear anything i was saying but it looked serious and they knew it was about our middle sister. They decided to stop being doubters and believe again and it made me smile. Yet they were kind of confused and curious what was the thing i whispered to our cousins and why our other sister is not here with us?. Louisa asked my whispering:She's pregnant that's great news yet how months she is?. I said:Six months pregnant imagine the pain she's living having a baby in her belly!. My brother and sister didn't quiete catch the talk we were talking and so they decided to lean closely to hear it. Penelope asked:I don't get it who's pregnant?. I hadn't known my brother and sister were staring at me weirdly and they had leaned to hear what i would say and i whispered:My sister marina is pregnant penelope she's pregnant. Penelope said:Geez what are we gonna do now?. I said worriedly yet tears streamig down my eyes:I don't know i promised to her that i wouldn't tell anything to anyone but it appears that i couldn't even keep my promise and now how can she face our mom or dad or me?. My brother and sister stared at eachother shocked at first yet angry at me for not warning them but they realised how depressed and scared i was their anger melte away ad changed into guilt even sadness cause they knew it wasn't my fault. Billy my best friend said to me: Μην στεναχωριεσαι φιλεναδα ολα θα πανε καλα και θα βρουμε την καμπανουλα σου!. Eua his sister said:I agree with my brother We will fin Your bell back. Ολα τα παιδια προσφερθηκαν να με βοηθησουν και η εκπληξη μου εγινε μεγαλυτερη οταν ακουσα τον στεφανο να λεεϊ:Ναι θα σε βοηθησουμε ολοι μας να την βρουμε και μην πληγονεσαι φιλεναδα η μαμα και ο μπαμπας σου φερθηκαν ετσι πανω στον θυμο τους θα δεις θα ερθουν και θα σου ζητησουν συγνωμμη. Ο αδερφος μου και η αδερφη μου βρηκαν σωστα τα λογια του στεφανου μα με κοιταξαν και το πηραν κατακαρδα που εγω εφαγα χαστουκι απο τον πατερα μας και φαπα απο την μητερα μας γιατι ηξεραν πως εγω δεν εφταιγα και εφταιγε ο ιωανιδης που ηταν κακος μαζι μου και ηθελε να με τιμωρησει. Εγω ομως δεν μπορουσα να ηρεμησω ημουνα πολυ λυπημενη αναστατωμενη απο τα χαστουκια και πληγωμενη απο την συμπεριφορα των γονιων μου. Η πηνελοπη ειπε κοιτωντας με:Ξαδερφη εισαι καλα δεν μοιαζεις και πολυ χαρουμενη που εστω αυτα τα χριστουγεννα δεν καταστραφηκαν. Εγω λεω:Πως να ειμαι χαρουμενη πηνελοπη που με χαστουκισαν η μαμα και ο μπαμπας χωρις λογο εε πως να ειμαι χαρουμενη αυτος ο ιωαννιδης φταιει ευχομαι να πεθανει. Ο θεος που με ακουσε και εβλεπε πως υπεφερα αποφασισε να κανει κατι πηγε και σκοτωσε τον ιωαννιδη που ειχε ηδη μετανοιωσει για το τι ειχε κανει. Εγω κατηγορουσα τον εαυτο μου πως εγω εφταιγα ενω οι αλλοι ηξεραν την αληθεια και προσπαθουσαν να με παρηγορησουν. Ο αδερφος μου και η αδερφη μου ηταν αποκαρδιωμενοι βλεπωντας με να κλαιω λυπημενη γι αυτο και να κατηγορω τον εαυτο μου. Louisa said:Cousin marilena it's okay everything will be fine we will go outside and look for the bell and bring it back to You. I regretted coming there i knew i would be beaten up by mom and dad they have always done that to me but i said:Okay louisa but please hurry the train will start from moment to moment. Mom and dad realised what they had done but god couldn't forgive them for their cruel manner towards me. Τα παιδια ολα ειχανε σηκωθει απο την θεση τους μονο η κελι καθοταν και ο γιωργος και η ιωαννα και ενοιωθαν τοσο μισος για τους γονεις μου που σηκωσαν αδικο χερι πανω μου. Η σιντυ ειπε:Ας παμε γρηγορα εξω να την βρουμε. Και η λουιζα συμφωνησε και οδηγει τα αλλα παιδια ενω ο αδερφος μου με την αδερφη μου πληγωμενοι απο το σπαρακτικο μου κλαμμα με κοιτουσαν οχι μονο περιεργα αλλα και λυπημενα. Ο αδερφος μου ψιθυρισε λυπημενος:Αχ πατερα γιατι επρεπε να σηκωσεις αδικο χερι στην αδερφουλα μας?. Η αδερφη μου λεει:Και εσυ μητερα γιατι επρεπε να της ριξεις φαπα δεν εφταιγε σε τιποτα!. Βλεπετε ο αδερφος μου και η αδερφη μου εδω και πολλα χρονια ειχανε δεθει πολυ μαζι μου και οποτε ετρωγα χαστουκι η φαπα επαιρναν το μερος μου και τωρα το ιδιο κανουν. Τα ονοματα τους ειναι Hero boy και Σαρα και ειναι 21 και 18. But before the kids could climb down the train the train's whistle sounded but to everyone's mood it sounded sad because not only i had lost a bell but i was also beaten by mom and dad and train gave a sudden larch and it started moving away from the north pole and now i knew we were too late and i would never have my magic bell again and this made me feel very sad and i sat woebone trying hard not to cry. Geoorge said:Oh no we are too late the train is on it's way home. Ioanna said unhappily:We know it brother we don't have to be reminded but look at our best friend marilena she's very sad. ο αδερφος μου και η αδερφη μου το ειχανε ηδη παρατηρησει οτι ημουνα λυπημενη και απο τα ματια μου ετρεχαν δακρυα και δεν μπορουσαν να με βλεπουν ετσι στεναχωριοντουσαν πολυ με κοιτουσαν δακρυσμενοι και πληγωμενοι κυριως ο αδερφος μου γιατι ημασταν ζευγαρι εγω και αυτος και ενοιωθε πως η καρδια του απο την συμπονια και τον πονο θα ραγισει και προσπαθουσε να καλμαρει την πονεμενη του καρδια μα κοιτωντας εμενα δεν μπορουσε και δακρυα αρχισαν να κυλανε απο τα ματια του το ιδιο και απο τα ματια της σαρας. Louisa whispered these words which tore my brother and sister into pieces:It's too late now we couln't go out and bring Your bell cousin marilena i am very sorry. Penelope and she hugged me tightly trying to give me some hope that i will find her again but i thought it was useless due to the hit i received by mom and dad. Lenia was seething in anger so was panagiotis she thought that my parents were really inmature dorks and they shouldn't be called my parents due the thing they did to me. Stefanos felt awfull imagine this and he said:Geez that's too bad [sees everybody looking at him weirdly embarrased he said] No really. Billy and eua didn't liked what happened to me and they hoped i would find the bell again and they said to me:We are very sorry best friend we hope you'll find her. i gave a small nod yet continued crying saddened by the loss of my bell and i blame myself for this and i hoped i would die. Ο αδερφος και η αδερφη μου hero boy και σαρα ενοιωσαν πολυ λυπημενοι και αποκαρδιωμενοι οταν με ακουγαν να λεω πως θελω να πεθανω επειση εχασα την καμπανουλα και αισθανθηκα φοβο και ανησυχεια μηπως με χασουν. Ακουσαν την λουιζα να λεει:Ξαδερφη μην κλαις οτι εγινε εγινε εξαιτιας του ιωαννιδη αλλα για την καμπανουλα μην απελπιζεσαι θα την ξαναβρεις. Εγω ρωταω ξεσπωντας σε λυγμους:Μα πως θα την βρω λουιζα ενω οι ιδιοι μου οι γονεις πιστεψαν μια ασχημη οχια σαν εκεινον και οχι την ιδια τους την κορη και την χαστουκισαν κιολας πως μπορω μετα να πιστευω σε αυτους ενω μου φερθηκαν ασχημα. Η πηνελοπη λεει:Ακουσες τι ειπε ο στεφανος οτι μετα θα το ξανασκεφτουν θα μετανιωσουν για αυτο και θα σου ζητησουν συγνωμμη. Μα δεν ξερω αν μπορουσα να την πιστεψω και πληγωμενη βαθια απο την συμπεριφορα του μπαμπα και της μαμας μου βυθιστηκα λυπημενη στη θεση μου και κοιταξα κατω το πατωμα και ξεσπασα σε κλαμματα κατηγοωτας τον ευατο μου. Οι φιλοι μου οι φιλες μου οι ξαδερφες μου ο ξαδερφος μου και η θεια μου ενοιωθαν πολυ ασχημα γι αυτο γιατι ηξερα πως δε
asteroula chapter 2 . 5/2/2017
We were in sid's house but he was not mean or unfair either to us either to his toys either to his sister and either to his dog. He was really kin caring understanding and good with toys and other people's sisters. My cousin stavros my aunt eugenia i my cousin christina thomas and marianna celi and alexia and elena were sitting in his room wondering what are we going to do now. It was twenty-fourth of december night before christmas. I asked unhappy:Why does my brother and oler sister don't believe in our mother i can't understand why?. George said to me:Maybe kids in school bully them for believing in her that's why!. I said:Yeah i know but it is unfair they always destroy my christmas and i was excited. Ioanna said consolingly:Oh girlfriend marilena it's okay but You must understand that Your brother and sister even if they don't believe in her that doesn't mean they are not excited for christmas or they are not sure if she exists and You'll promise to me that You will always be there for them. I nodded my head yet said:You think ioanna they will believe in her again?. She nodds and i said:Yet it is still sad that they are grownups my brother is 21 and my sister 18 and i hope they can believe in her well we have to do something to help them!. Celi shrugged her shoulders asking:But what can we do?. My cousin stavros oinked saying:Oooooh i think we are all for a funfair!. Unknown to us my brother and sister were inside the polar express and they were staring at me weirdly. At the mention of funfair i turned my head and looked at my cousin shocked yet happy cause he said the magic words and everyone were worried but more worried were my brother and sister just as i had grabbed stavro by the face saying:
NeverLander852 chapter 1 . 4/24/2017
Cool! Go outtakes
sherlocklayton chapter 2 . 1/7/2016
LOL omg that was funny :D
asteroula chapter 1 . 9/6/2015
It was a day when rarity died to save the baby but nobody knew how she husband became mute because of rarity's sudden waited till one day he was sitting on a chair looking at my brother spirit and oresti.I was wondering:Huh a flying present to who is said:It's for your husband by mr santa claus(hands it to him).My 20-years-old young husband took it and opened it causing magic dust to fly to him and he looked at my brother and oresti and said:Guys i really love you all(gasps in happiness) I'm talking guys i'm talking.I gasped happily tears forming down my eyes and threatning to spill as i neighed happily:(Neighing) Wooohoo Aunt you heard it you heard it my husband so emotionall that it was the best day ever i sobbed husband looked heartbroken at me and said to my brother:Michali(Σπιριτ) i don't want to see my wife crying it makes me want to cry i want to do sòmething to help her feel brother looked at him and said:If you feel heartbroken about her crying go to hear and start comforting her she'll calm down after husband went to me and hugged me saying:Asteroula sweetheart why are you crying now please don't cry it makes me break apart.I said sniffling:I'm not crying tears of sadness but of happiness hon both hugged eachother.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3/2015
about your wife giving birth and be ill in the same time but all difficult births has their said coming out:Oh dear what will we say to husband said to his mom in the phone:I dòn't know mother asteroula is feeling scared and i'm also she's closes it and then says:Gogo how's my wife is she said:Xristo you'll find out what mrs tasia will say to you.I said screaming on top my lungs could handle it:Aaaaaaaaahhhh God what's taking so long(drinks some water coughs).Billy said looking at tasia:How is he mrs tasia please tell said:The birth has difficulties so it means to save the kid the mom will said:What but mrs tasia when my wife was like that she got saved won't be a chance for asteroula to said:Billy your wife was okay because she has pscychika okay and in body but asteroula is traumatized when her xaderfi hit her and she's not okay in her body temperature so this time it will be hard so the mom will comes out saying:Gather around to hear what tasia will tasia says:My dear young man and everyone here i have bad news because of her iillness mrs asteroula has difficulties in birth and we're gonna save the kid so it's the last time you'll be seeing her gasps tears forming down her eyes:No you don't actually mean that my best friend is gonna... Die.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3/2015
Mrs xaido said:Ouff what don't you understand asteroula is going into exclaims shocked:What thd hell okay i'm wakes her parents:Mom dad wake up asteroula's having the baby right parents quickly get dressed while mr tasos left the shop earlier and went to his home finding his anxious wife while his son was trying to calm me down:Shh girl it's okay dionysis is going to call your said:Eh hi xristo how's things going with you here eh not quiet well your wife's giving birth you have to says:Mom dad did you called mrs tasia,papadia and stauroula for my friend's mom said:We called them and thry're coming oh the little darling i can't imagine how much in pain she will be.I said screaming pushing while grinting my teeth:Gaah what's taking them so long xaido said:Easy now asteroula you don't want to anxious yourself or die on the said to his mom:Mom don't remind me this you remember what happened when gogo was in the condition of her (looks at me) Calm down asteroula my wife's father said:You mean she is running said anxious:How is she xaido said:She is okay but the kid's is stuck ugh i mean it's said:Oh no not on my friend's childbirth the same thingoh dear (hears me screaming) Can i see her .Mrs xaido nodds:Okay but be carefull she's giving birth like you did to our grandson but she's so sick i mean she's got leukemeia a collitic had run inside to dionysi and her husband to sit with me while i scream harder:Gahhh what's taking do long(Sees my friend) Gogo oh please come said:Oh asteroula i'm so sorry that you have 's father said:Not only leukemeia and said:What dad isn't there a way to help tasia comes in:How are you little sunflower.I said:Not good mrs tasia the kid's stuck and i'm really sick my husband is said:Calm down okay billy dionysi and gogo you stay with me oh her husband had came husband said:How is she sir 's dad said:Mrs tasia is helping her deliver your kid but she's very ill she's got leukeameia and my scream was heard echoing to the room while my husband was panicking mrs stavroula ssid:Oh xristo sweetie calm down i know
Guest chapter 1 . 9/3/2015
Years and years passed and billy gogo's husband returned back to his home and found out what was really angry at gogo but i went there confessing to him:It's all rarity's fault she's doing this to everyone because (yelling) she's in love with mr people who were drinking coffee ìty said slamming me in the face in front of my shocked friend and her shocked and angry at her husband:I don't have a xaderfi like you ftousou.I started crying and screaming:MOTHER You Were Right About Rarity She's Really A Mean porni pony Wish you were here to see what she did to your daughter (screams more sobbing and coughing) this time gogo was kneeling next to me while i was sobbing she said shusing me:Shhh asteroula shhh it's gonna be allright.I said:No gogo it won't be allright i just want to says again shusing me:Asteroula don't say words like that we'll find a way I husband also kneeled next to me saying:Asteroula i want to thank you for showing me who really did this to my wife but she hadn't to act like that on you she was a duffus idiot.I said sobbing:She's right i'm horrible i shouldn't even have to be said:Asteroula hear me and my wife she's stupid but one day you'll see she will in a no way of moving because i was crying uncontrollably billy and his wife took me to his parent's explains the story to his mom and daď and his mom said:How horrible treating her xaderfi whose pregnant like she's a servant then went to her house and told the same story to her mom and billy's house his mom tried to serve him cake and juice but he said:Mom you know how hard times asteroula passed with an ungratefull mare like rarity who always cares about fashion iñstead of her mom said:Son i know you're angry but she had the right said to his mom:Paratamas Mama are you taking a low-struck ungratefull careless mare like rarity or a beautifull kind and carefull pregnant mare like mom said:Asteroula's side of course why that dufus she'll get her head chopped if i ever see her again.I said:Billy can you come here for a said:Mom i'll go to asteroula for a little while okay girl what's wrong.I said:Well you promise to me that you won't scream but you have to gather the others cause the baby's coming (receives heart attack faints) He said:Okay wait what oh shit she is going to have the baby xaido said:Who's gonna have the baby right said:Asteroula of cours mom phone gogo,dad,mr leuteris,mrs kanela,dionysi,papadia,tasia and stauroula in the meantime dionysis will try to phone if he ever comes here her husband while i'll prepare everything for the baby oh and we get her to mom said:What tripoli son the toad is not said:You are right we'll take her with a gets the phone and says:Hello oh hello mother how are you doing is asteroula xaido said:Gogo no time for jokes get your father,your mother,tasia,dionysi,mrs stavtoula and my husband here this asks:Why mother what's ß
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