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SonataCantabile chapter 13 . 3/15/2015
Hello! Just swinging by to check up on you and the story again!
You've put so much dimension in the characters and that's one of the many reasons this piece is always on my mind and a favourite on here. I'm always eagerly anticipating more! I hope more people will be able to experience your writing since it seems fire emblem has gotten quite a lot of exposure these recent months.

Till then! Hope you're doing well!
Skarrow chapter 13 . 1/19/2015
Simply beautiful. The descriptions are verbose but it really suits the Owain you write, and Nocht. And I like it. I must have more, good sir/ma'am!
Chasticot chapter 13 . 11/16/2014
Heheh, I'm fine, and you?

Well I'm not really irritated that you were gone because it's your story and your choices come first, but yeah i'm happy to see an update o:
pureshadow013 chapter 13 . 11/16/2014
Yay it's back! I've never really been a fan of MU 2nd gen pairings aside from Lucina which is beginning to grate on me due to its abundance, but I really like the way this is written. Your writing can almost be compared to a longer version Cookiecheeseman's, which is something to be proud of.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 13 . 11/16/2014
One of my main complaints about Awakening was that 99% of the characters were one demensional. But that scene with Inigo sums up why I love fanfiction and how you can show us how the characters can actually be! Best part of the chapter.

I'll admit, it took me some time to remember everything, but now I'm back up to speed! Though I can't recall, does Cordelia know who Severa is yet?

Your Lucina is my favorite of every Lucina I've seen. Not to say I like her at all, but she certainly was much better than she was canonically. I like how much she doesn't get along with Cordelia.

An excellent return chapter! I'm eager for more!
SonataCantabile chapter 1 . 10/14/2014
I'm always anticipating more from you! Hope you're doing well.
nick100 chapter 12 . 6/11/2014
Hello, I just found your story, and read all chapters in one reading session - took me a few hours x'D - because it was SO good and engrossing.
Now, what I wanted to ask is: I saw that you last updated almost half a year ago. Does that mean you stopped writing or can I safely follow this story, assuming you're going to update any time soon? Because I really REALLY liked the story so far, your writing is amazing, and I am SO pumped for how the story is going to continue. :D
SonataCantabile chapter 12 . 4/4/2014
Why is your writing so captivating? Your style is probably one of my favourites on here. Great work with the new chapter. Nice to see new characters and development.
I was rooting for Gaius and Nocht, but seeing the relationship between Owain and her is very genuine. Love it.
I'm also excited for scenes with Chrom and Nocht, because I find their past to be excruciatingly heart breaking and touching. My chest tightened and I teared up when I read the excerpt of when they met again since half a decade ago. The revelation Nocht puts herself through to forget Chrom is very ambitious. Of course, I'm sure her heart is still linked to the man that gave her purpose. AHHH I'm so excited! Oh thank you so much for the shout out. I'm so very glad that my words were able to encourage you!
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 12 . 2/24/2014
Bah, 8k words is nothing. Its when you get above 30k, then I have to take a break.

Sorry it took so long! :/

Thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad I could help! :D

A lotta stuff happened in this chapter! Though while it was all good (Nice to read some high quality fanfiction for once ;) My favorite part was Gaius' interractions with Megan. I'm glad he'll get a chance at happiness with her (We all know what's going to happen between them).

I'm getting into this story now! I hope the next update can be quickened by my enthusiasm!
Cloy552 chapter 12 . 2/23/2014
You literally made a female version of Gaius to give him someone to marry. This is wonderful! I always felt bad when some of the shepherds couldn't get married. It seemed really sad that a bunch never fell in love. I don't care if they wouldn't have kids but still. And now you make a female version of Gaius to give him love advice and possibly love and I am happy! Well done!
Guest chapter 11 . 2/5/2014
SonataCantabile chapter 11 . 11/19/2013
You don't know how happy and how big of a smile that surfaced when I saw an update for this. Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work. You truly do not disappoint.
Cormag Ravenstaff chapter 11 . 11/18/2013
It's Anna time!

Well, this was action packed! Glad you've made a canon character a bad guy! That makes me not the only one!

Interested to see where this is going. Things got a tad bit dull when they were talking about the different lands and stuff, but you fixed it nicely with the fight scene!
AquaticSilver chapter 11 . 11/18/2013
OMG! i...huh...yup, im getting mad at Chrom these days (only in this fic). I just cant still believe he took Cordelia after Robin 'disappeared' for a long-while.

Heh. Pft lol Inigo saying lover-boy to Owan cracked me up XD
Pft omg GAUIS! Stop taking those beehives' honey!
Aww i love you GAUIS! X3 you're my second choice after Chrom!
She's drinking because she's heartbroken! Aww i vote Gauis! Yeah Gaius, take that Chrom-you cheating dastard!

Um what what..uh what now?! Holy Naga! Okay, this is so unexpected!

Hah! Severa! Yeesh, gentle with Severa would ya!?

Sorry dude, i didn't't noticed anything..why? cuz im still confused as beehive swarming around from the newly found characters, another exalt...wooh new characters! Alright!
Milonar chapter 11 . 11/18/2013
Woaaa, so many things happen in one chapter. Yes, so many unexpected events which makes my tiny heart can't take all of this. Still, it is such a shock for me to see our dear tactician changed her way of thought and actions. Well, at some points, I believe it made sense. People's thoughts are coming from their heart. If their heart changed shape, the thought might as well change. Just like the way Radik comments: "I'm sure dying changes you". With Radik and Meridian's appearance in this Chapter... Hmmm... So Notch's soul takes a parellel body from another realm. Oh my... And this means... This parellel form has higher chance to re-married another- Ok, I will stop here :D. However, this indeed reminds me something similar Morgan has said earlier chapter, eh.

Well, I found it funny when you put Chrom and Cordelia are the only one who surprised how Notch has changed. On the other hand, Owain has no comment about it. Love sure make people blind, and I like it. I sure love the moment when Cordelia told Owain that we all knew he loved our tactician, and Owain was like "Oh, wait, what?" Hahaha, you indeed put reference of Owain Support S with the tactician! Hahaha, to some people, they will think Owain so stupid. However, I believe he is very cute. He loves our tactician too much that he is blinded and got no clue that he loves her! Oh my, why don't people realize it? And how Owain risked his safety to fight to Notch is also going well with what he has said in his Support S... It's about whenever he thinks about the tactician, he can lift a wyvern. Well well, sorry for my "fangirling" side. I will not have enough for Owain. He ineed needs more support. Thanks for giving him some action parts in this chapter. Hehehe.

What can I say? I don't really hate Cordelia. I indeed hope she could go with Chrom. She would make a perfect wife, and Chrom is derserved it. Sumia: cute, but too clumsy. I believe she can only bake pies for Chrom to eat everyday. Sully: never trust her cooking or housewife skill. Maribelle: do we even need to say about this? I'm sorry but I have to say Maribelle is in my annoying character list. In the end, in game, my Chrom was married to the village maiden and that's way much better. I was glad to see someone let Cordelia married Chrom, whatever the reason is. And see how Cordelia tries to help her friend in this chapter makes me believe she is derserved more attention, rather than hatred. Still, I will see what you will do next for her fate :D.

And Severa, Severa... At first, I couldn't believe you are Cordelia's daughter. Oh god... Alright, Hmmm... Still, about Inigo... I don't know what it's going to happen next, but... I will feel... that Inigo will stop Owain. I mean, Inigo is a person like that xD. Hahaha, I love the pair Inigo and Owain. In game, they are strong. In your story, they are cute.

Let's move to Gaius's case. I believe many people out there married their Avatar with Gaius. He is indeed popular, isn't he? Hmmm... I'm waiting for some more action between him and his friends, as well as to Notch.

And at last, Virion. Oh my, how you write about Virion and what he says is accurate. Hahaha, Virion is such a fine gentlemen, only if he says less and does more, I suppose. Poor him, though, because Notch always cuts in the middle of what he's trying to say.

Conclusion: I'm waiting for next long Chapter to see what event is happened between Owain and Severa. Well, because you stop at that part.

Naga, please bless this fiction.

PS: now I sound like Libra at some point.
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