Reviews for Paradox
Goodlife chapter 12 . 4/10
Plz oh plz add some Luke x ahsoka
ThomasEdwinCastello chapter 22 . 3/21
Bloody good stuff right here. Read up to Chapter 21 in an afternoon, and I rarely do that.
Spycyngirl1 chapter 22 . 3/20
A www
Please continue
I had a whole star wars marathon to make sure I remembered everything for this fanfiction so please update!
Becca-bug-01 chapter 22 . 3/13
This is a really great story! I'm excited to see where this is going!
Divine Protector of Skyrim chapter 22 . 3/12
Ok, first you show us what's going on in the current timeline, then you go back in time (it's not possible, but lots of people somehow are doing it) and show us what going on with Cad Bane in prison, and end with a cliffhangers. Great job on this chapter, now where was my bottle of Dragon Mead?
ahsokanerd chapter 22 . 3/12
Oh, Cad Bane is coming into the story! Sweet! I'm really curious where you'll take this plot line. The part where Ahsoka sensed the wrongness of Leia and Luke kissing each other was great.

Thanks for writing!
- AhsokaNerd
Mastermind4892 chapter 22 . 3/11
Welcome back, old friend! As always, it is a true and enrapturing joy each time the story continues forward. The next battle is fast approaching...

Fear not, Ahsoka. In you, the Force sees something truly extraordinary and you will be protected by it's unfathomable will and power. Reality paradox or not, nothing in existence is beyond the reach of the Force. The role you now play is of the utmost importance, for destiny has great plans in store for the galaxy and you have proven yourself to be one of it's most essential and valued contributer. The Force will not allow you to be removed from play prematurely, thus uninvited participants such as Bane will not be welcome at the table and will be dealt with and resolved accordingly as however the Force sees fit.

Past or future, the shroud of the dark side still threatens to destroy us. Past or future, the Sith are closing in. Past or future, the entire galaxy is paralyzed with fear. It needs symbols of hope so that they may always believe that they can still do something. In our darkest hour, one specific band of heroes are fighting for our freedom and for our right to exist, hope and love. Luke and Ahsoka, Han and Leia, you are heroes to these men and women. Don't discount the effect that can have. None of you are in this fight alone. This bond that now ties you together is something that the Sith will never understand. It's more powerful than any weapon, and it can never be taken or destroyed. When the enemy comes, you will face them together... and together, you WILL defeat them! Come together, one and all. Courage may fail you... but friends never will.

To our enemies that cower in the darkest depths of the Empire and Sith, LET THEM COME! Machines or magic, those are mere tools that can never be stronger than those who wield them. When we embraceonwards!ies within, our potential knows no limit. The future is filled with promise. The present, rife with expectation. And the world is at its strongest with dreams and aspirations to drive them onwards And you shall give it to them, and none shall stop you! That is the way of leadership. That is the path laid out before you, the road of glory that invite all to walk by your side not as your subordinates, but as friends! All who stand by you shall be remembered as heroes without peer!

Until the climax in both realities is free to engage and commence, I shall remain in delighted anticipation.
Spycyngirl1 chapter 22 . 3/11
Hahaha that's so cute I have a feeling this is going to be a leia/Han story but can you please make it a Luke/Ahsoka story I think with their level of trust it would be cute

Also can you get to a part where Luke finds out that him and leia are siblings I think that would be cool

Plz update thanks your friend spycyngirl1
Quathis chapter 22 . 3/11
Interesting thought process Ahsoka had there during the kiss. Will be more interesting to see their reaction once the truth comes out. And Cad Bane... lovely. Until next time.
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 22 . 3/10
Nice, the plot thickens, the board is set, and the pieces are starting to move. WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN?! GUH! I want the next chapter already!
AngelDesaray chapter 8 . 3/10
she-she-she called him skyguy and i went "Oh!" in shock and oh the emotional pain!
and then you topped it off with his reaction and i bawled!
"What did you just call me?"
I heard it in Anakin's voice
the pain
marthakun95 chapter 22 . 3/10
I bet the Emperor wants Cad Bane to kidnap Ahsoka, that at least, is predictable.
scottusa1 chapter 22 . 3/10
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Cad bane? He's always up to no good.

Keep it up. Laters.
david.davies.5851 chapter 22 . 3/10
I'm not surprised Ahsoka felt something odd at that moment...hehehe.
Girl-who-lived-in-FAIRYLAND chapter 22 . 3/10
Super duper exited about the update! R u gonna update more often now?
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