Reviews for Unexpected Happenings
GdHpforever chapter 48 . 2/23
The story is great can't wait for the next chapter.
Valou 17 chapter 48 . 2/23
Thanks for fiction.
she's very excellent.
A suite ? Please
Darker Beauty chapter 48 . 2/22
Loved the fic and I hope you love it enough to come back. You are an utterly amazing author.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/20
Please update soon! I have been waiting patiently for this story to be updated for over a year now, and I know that your still active because your posting other stories, so (again) please update! I love this story and need more, I really hope you haven't lost interest in it and update soon.
Guest chapter 48 . 2/20
This is amazing! Please continue
kaitlin2515 chapter 15 . 2/15
I actually kinda ship Rei/Tyler.
Tera21 chapter 48 . 2/12
Can't wait for the next chapter!
You do an awesome job of this story I could'nt put it down
Glueroses chapter 1 . 2/12
I seriously don't know what to do with my time while I wait for you to update this story. Please update soon.
Eric Northman's Angel chapter 48 . 1/30
I seriously love this story, and I cannot wait for the next round of chapters, whenever they start again, hopefully soon? Please, hopefully Soon? I am curious on how Blaise is going to take it that Rei is helping the Original Hybrid with his Hybrid idea, and that Rei will never be Blaise's wife, and that hopefully soon, Rebekah and Rei will start getting along better now, especially after Rei fixes Rebekah's broken ring. Please update soon, I hope
selgomezcsimpsonlover chapter 48 . 1/30
I miss this story so much I kind of wish you would get back to it
lizkeen2003 chapter 48 . 1/29
OMG the most amazing story ever
I am in love with this ship and the fem Harry Potter u portrayed so wonderfully
Please continue writing it!
nyx-p1e chapter 48 . 1/28
Wow, I'm not usually a big Vampire Diaries fan, but this has got me hooked! I love Rei, she's seriously awesome, even while so limited with her magic. The way you've written here and Klaus is brilliant, but it also feels so very tense and ready to snap. How is the fact that Rei can never become a vampire going to affect their relationship? Rei has expressed her confusion and exasperation over vampire/human romances several times in the story, but what will happen when she realises she's cruising towards her own?

From the brief glimpse into the Wizarding World, it seems like Rei is very much needed - how will she deal with the demands of the Wizarding World and her (possible) relationship with Klaus and all the other Mystic Falls residents? As her magic has improved so much, will she be able to make a short appearance to reassure her friends and the Wizarding public?

I really hope you get the time and inspiration to continue this, best of luck with all your writing! :)
DollyDear chapter 48 . 1/26
I have sped-read through this entire fic to the 48th chapter! Only to come up to see the last time you updated. Gosh, I don't want to sound pushy but I sure hope you'll update it sometime. Your portrayals are charming!
Guest chapter 48 . 1/26
Tylar chapter 48 . 1/24
I'm absolutely in love with this story! You've got me so hooked I'm actually gonna be keeping an eye out for the next chapter. Please update soon!
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