Reviews for Shoton of Konoha
Morbious20 chapter 29 . 5/22
Awesome chapter and story so far .
Morbious20 chapter 7 . 5/21
Great chapter . I take it you're a fan of S'tarkan's Team 8 considering how much of Kurenai's lecture and thoughts were like they were written from that story only with the inclusion of Sakura.
Whiteknight29 chapter 29 . 5/18
Even though I'm okay with the concept of only pairing with 2 girls and Naruto instead of 4, I feel like having Haku's relationship with him go full stop after over 20 chapters of build up, after which you'll have to spend another 20 chapters building up any kind of relationship with Hinata, is pretty ridiculous. I know you're basically pulling yhis whole thing out of your ass, but blatant stuff like that really makes me want to stop reading. Which I really don't wanna do, because full, deep novel lengtb fanfiction, is pretty rare now a days. I really wanna say this now, because there is still hope for you to change your mind about this. This is kinda like we had this Obama vibe going on, and things were good, but now we've transitioned into the Trump vibe. I hope it gets changed.
KiSwordsman chapter 21 . 5/15
Not only does this need massive editing as far as sentence structure and just outright missing words go, but dragons… Really, dragons... if that isn't the most cliché of the Naruto summoning contract clichés.

Good luck for the rest of this. I'm not trying to be condescending or sarcastic either, I honestly wish you luck but I think I have to put this down.
imgonnadie chapter 29 . 5/14
Excellent chapter
mmat chapter 29 . 5/13
It like Naruto's mother is interesting in other people more than her son?
GrandAssassin chapter 29 . 5/12
I hope you can make a new chapter soon
Spontaneousrebell chapter 29 . 5/12
OMG update update update you have me hooked and I can't wait to read more
Dragon Man 180 chapter 29 . 5/12
Huh... didn't expect Hiruzen to have been mind raped by Danzo, makes sense though. I guess now they have another reason to drag Tsunade back to Konoha if he doesn't wake up.

Very interesting story, I suppose my only complaint is Haku gets quite a bit of romantic build up with Naruto and then steps aside. Don't get me wrong, I'm a diehard NaruHina fan, but it seems a shame to waste that development for Haku and possibly Yugito. I was hoping to see Naruto with Sakura, Hinata, Haku, and Yugito since all four understand him pretty well and can relate to him.

Kushina coming back caught me completely out of the blue and it wasn't with Edo Tensei or anything else seen in the anime or manga, so good job there. The various Uzumaki are very interesting and I'm curious if more of them will show up. I can totally see Lyn going to Demon Country with Naruto as another guard for Shion.
iwish328 chapter 17 . 5/11
Youre telling me kushina had the time to make a blood clone, seal herself in the bullshit immortality scroll, and give the scroll to the third but she didnt have the time to tell the third she was alive. Thats stupid as fuck.
AnonnymA chapter 29 . 5/10
Great chapter. I'm on the edge of my seat!
pawnofriasgremory chapter 21 . 5/9
The saying after the disclaimer, Amen to that
Apedreitor chapter 29 . 5/9
Hohoho dear lord i don't remember any story where Danzo use that genjutsu on Hiruzen and that could actually explain a lot of the sandaime behavior on the canon storyline
Guest chapter 29 . 5/8
Pleasantly surprised to see Kisame working alongside Itachi as a spy! Guess this means that he WILL NOT give away the location of Turtle Island (if it gets to that point)!
Guest chapter 29 . 5/8
OH SNAP! Hiruzen is going to be on the War Path in the next chapter!

Fuck You Danzo!
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